August 13th, 2014


The gets: Card pulls and trades

Once everyone posted about the Pokemon: Furious Fists packs I got hooked and bought me 3.
I got these babies at Target, sadly I couldn't find any at Walmart. So also check your Target everyone~ ^-^
Sadly I opened all 3 to try my luck, sorry my favorite poketuber, I will buy you one. xD
But overall I am so happy with my pulls!~

Oh and before I forget I did a trade with a poketuber along with a get from Glacidea.

Lets open the card packs!
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Now for the community gets~
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Now for the trade!
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Offers on 1st and 2nd gen TOMY figures some small straight sales

Hello all :] Hope everyone is having a good week! I've got some TOMY figures up for straight sale today and also taking offers on a few rarer ones. Also have some other straight sales which include XY die and rubber charms as well as an elusive lunch bag so feel free to check the cut below!

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Thanks for looking!

Busy Klefki! Gets, something Wanted, and Sales

Its been quite a crazy season for klefki as of late, and thankfully I was able to get a few of the things that were just too cute to pass up
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I was also wondering if anyone knew where I could get the MPC Klefki plush for a decent price. I've only seen it going for $25 or so, and I really don't feel its worth that. I thought about going to a middleman site, but when that's really all you want, it's not worth going on there and spending all the extra money on fees and shipping and whatnot.

If anyone has a Klefki MPC plush they're willing to sell for less or know someone who has one that they're selling, I would very much appreciate being thrown in that direction! ^^

Also take a look at my shop! I'm open to fair haggling at the moment! Click the link under the doofy banner to be brought there!


Thank you very much for your time! ^x^

Any interest in splitting this set?

I really want the pichu and the piplup from this set (litterally that's all xD) But I can't justify spending that much to get the whole house, and I'm already getting the treehouse playset so I don't want two houses. I don't really have that much space. But I was wondering if anyone would like to split the set and take the house, I'm looking at different sets to get the best price but i'd be willing to pay shipping plus the amount for the figures if anyone is interested in helping me out.

Thanks guys :D Have a great day!
Froakie ball

Super cheap sales of over 400 items!

Hello there guys!
One more sales post before my huge collection update! I am waiting for one more package to arrive to my home from FJ, so it should arrive to me sometime next week hopefully :D
So for this one, I am coming with some new items and also from old sales posts, all reduced for as cheap as they can go! So 0.50$, 0.75$, the list goes on!

Please read the rules before you decide to buy!

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That is all from me, thank you so much! <3


I find that it'd be rude not to introduce myself so I'm Amanda, 26 and from Belgium.

I used to be a vivid collector when I was younger (those were the days of red and blue I guess we can do the math haha) and simply growing up, moving out, moving and moving again most of what I had collected got lost/donated etc so here I am again beginning anew and hoping to find a lot of fun like minded peiple here along the way.

My current collection is extremely small and I don't even have a combined picture (I shall make one when I'm home to share)
Vulpix is my real weakspot and Ninetales along that but I've already noticed It's hare to find much of them. I dig a lot of fire-types and mostly fox/dog/horse like pokemon.

I'm not sure what else to include here but I also have 4 dachshunds, my real life pokemon so to say. I also collected far too many dachshund related stuff already and tons of games (I may have an collecting issue haha) But I hope to fit in here anyway and grow my collection :)

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Metagross trainer merchandise?

Hello community!

Recently I watched the movie “Destiny Deoxys“ and I thought one character is pretty cool. She’s called Rebecca and has a Metagross. No I wonder if there is some official merchandise of them. I know some of you collect human characters from the anime, so maybe I’m lucky and someone knows about her?


In case anyone is interested, I noticed how different identical figures can be. The example: I own four of same Giratina figures, all of them are legit. None of them is really identical. Each has its own imperfections.

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So I was going to wait until GA items I won came in to do another gets post but that idea lasted all of 5 minutes. I'm just too excited, I have to share this little guy! Follow that cut to find out what it is!

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Thanks for taking the time to read my post! I love it!
Now, the only other main thing I'm after at the moment is a Heracross Combat figure. So again if anyone is offering one let me know. :D Thanks!
Porygon-Z by trainer_irene

XY03 Zukan Final Reminder!

Hi all! To those who have purchased Zukan as of today, I shipped your orders on Monday, August 11th. My apologies for the short delay, but you should be receiving them soon! If you would consider leaving feedback for me here, I would be glad to do the same for you!

With that being said, I still have every Zukan from the latest XY03 set, including Mega Charizard, Mega Venusaur, Litleo Line, and Honedge Line sets! I am giving price breaks for 2, 3, or a full set of these Zukan, so please have a look; follow the fake cut below!

(XY03 Zukan!)




If you know where to find these MEGA BLOKS, PLEASE let me know! :) Just need a few more to complete collection!


- Aipom
- Bidoof **GRAIL**
- Burmy
- Jolteon **GRAIL**
- Mantye **GRAIL**
- Roserade
- Starly
- Wailord **GRAIL**

Check out my MEGA BLOK collection here:

In the process of collecting these bloks, I also picked up the BRICK sets to build POKEMONS!
They are actually very AWESOME! My favorites are the Hoenn Legendaries! #HoennHYPE

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Check out more at:
MEGA BLOK blocks here:

THANKS FOR LOOKING! AND THANKS in advance if you can help with GRAILS!

Reattaching A Hang Tag?

Does anyone have any suggestions for reattaching a hang tag to a plush tush tag without it looking tacky?

I recently had a bit of a mishap with the hang tag of a plush that I bought from someone here on the community. While trying to release the tag from its cardboard protection, I accidentally cut through the plastic string that connected the hang tag to the tush tag. ;_; I was so upset with myself, especially since this plush is incredibly hard to find mint with tag, and I paid for it to be in such condition.

I realize that a simple solution would be to use a rubberband, piece of string, fishing line, or unwaxed floss, but I was hoping to get something more "professional-looking," especially since I can imagine how tacky it will look with a typical rubberband or string. Does anyone know if there are plastic strings similar to the ones that most Japanese Pokemon plushes come with available for purchase somewhere or am I going to have to settle for the simple household stuff?

Thank you! ^^

EDIT (9/13/14): You can read my follow-up post here. Thank you to everyone who helped me out with this! :D

Collection update, very special one involving a YJ box

Well I wasn't expecting to do a collection update so soon.. but something VERY special came up.. And well, this tells the story~!

~ What eevee here looks.. out of place and new~! :D

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ALSO AS NORMAL. My wants are here .. I am also really badly after a AG eevee plush. I've owned one before but when moving I think I've lost it.. Which is horrible ;c; I am in the UK As well so if you offer anything, just letting you know in advanced ^^

Zoroark Pokedoll

Hello everyone! I have a question that I'm hoping one of you can answer for me.

I received this plush today. It's a US Zoroark Pokedoll, but on the tag it says "plush" instead of "Pokedoll". I recall seeing pictures of this same plush with this same kind of tag. I wanted to know if this was a thing for this particular plush or have I been scammed? I bought it from a trusted source, but I guess you never know these days...

Everything about it looks legit, but the non-pokedoll tag is concerning!

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gentleman eevee, eevee

Help! Small pieces on zukans

So I received my first zukan today (the mareep line, gosh it's so cute). It was a bit smaller than I expected, but it's so wee and detailed and I love it even more. I'm just paranoid that I'll lose little mareep. I'm debating if I should glue her down, but I really don't want icky glue globs all over my new piece.

Does anyone have any solutions with the loose zukan pieces? Or do I just need to be extra careful and display it in a safe place.

Even cheaper sales :3

Dropped the prices on most of the items! I'd really like to see them gone :'D

- Sales permission granted on 03/02/11 by dakajojo
- I ship from Finland. Shipping starts from $1.3 for flats (packages up to 3cm thick). For anything thicker than that shipping starts from $8 to Europe and $12.3 outside Europe. Plus possibly $1-2 for a bubble mailer. Most of the items in this sales post can be shipped as flats but there may be a few exceptions.
- Feel free to haggle, especially on bigger purchases.
- Paypal only

Also, I still have this set of BW shiny starter kids. I'm now willing to split the set if you only want a single one :3

I'd like $100 for the set or $35 each, but I'm open to offers. I haven't seen these around for a while so I'm not sure about how much they go for. Shipping will be high if you also want the box, but without it they can be shipped as flats :3

And now to the rest of the items!

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Auction Time! Sylveon, Pokebox & more!

Need to make some money to ship my big box of goodies from Japan and to fund my Sylveon collection so hopefully you will find something that interests you ;3 Will slowly start to weed some of my side collections but for now I have some auctions including the old pokebox tarot cards, Sylveon & Eeveelutions etc...


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I ship from Canada & ship worldwide but shipping might be high depending on where I'm shipping to so please do not bid if this bothers you since I have no control over shipping rates.
Shipping w/fees for non-flats will probably start at around $8 to the U.S. *international might be more* but I will get a more accurate quote from the post office. I generally ship in bubble mailers or a box for added protection.
I accept paypal only
Payment must be made within 48 hrs unless you contact me beforehand but I can definitely give you a bit more time if needed ;) I am not responsible for lost/damaged items so if you want insurance please ask although it will be very expensive from Canada.

Cheers & Happy Bidding!! ^^

Auction will end Thursday August 21st 10pm EST time

Please don't place a bid until I finish making threads BID AWAY!

Going to sleep now but will answer questions/inquiries tomorrow ;3 Cheers!!

Sylveon Furikake Rice Pack lot starts at $15

Pokebox tarot cards ( Each will start at $2)

Leafeon canvas starts at $55  *plush is mint with tag. Tag has a few tiny creases but no rips*

Takara Tomy Diamond/Pearl Leafeon plush starts at $44
*it's from an older series and came out with Glaceon* Plush is mint and tag is slightly curved but intact/good condition

Leafeon/Glaceon zukan & Leafeon chou set starts at $14

Jolteon attack FCS figure starts at $14

Sylveon plush pen starts at $18 (Bought it from a comm member on here. Doesn't have the plastic wrap but in good condition with tush tag. I will protect it with lots of bubble wrap ^^ EDIT: I will reply to everyone shortly ^^ It's been an insane week since I have all these conventions going on so not on the comm much until after the 31st of Aug.
momozono nanami


Hello :3

My name is Liz. I'm a 19 year old university student, and I live in one of the suburbs comprising the Downriver area of southeast Michigan. Besides being a Pokemon fan and an Eevee collector, I'm also a fan/collector of Naruto, Okami, Digimon, Disney, and Studio Ghibli. I found the community some time ago, but...I'm a little shy and quiet.

I've always been a fan of Pokemon since I was little. In grade school, I was never able to watch the show (I couldn't find the channel,) but I played the video games and collected cards. After I tried to steal my rival's in Pokemon Yellow, Eevee has always been my favorite. I love all kinds and types of Pokemon especially the canines, felines, and rodents although I have a soft spot for Pikachu, Arcanine, Absol, and Fennekin.

Besides cards, I never had much of a collection when I was younger. I had few plushies, figures, and some miscellaneous merchandise. Most of these have been lost over the years :( But when I became a freshman in high school, I began my collection with the Eeveelution Pokedolls. And now, six years later, my collection has outgrown my bookcase.
I really hope this cut works and the pictures aren't too big/small or cruddy.

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I have a lot of other figures and plushies hiding throughout my room that aren't pictured. Some got cut out due to a poor photographer, while others are packed away. One day I should have more space for my entire collection.

For now, that's all I have. I can't think of anything else. I apologize in advance for long posts, poor picture quality, and failed LJ cuts.
I look forward to meeting and getting to know everyone.
Thank you for welcoming me into the community.
( ˆ ˘ ˆ) Liz/Kuro