August 14th, 2014

The Two of Us

Clear out! Pokemon sale~

Hey everyone! It's been a while since I checked in, though I do keep up with most of the posts. XD If you all remember, I tried selling off most of my collection back a couple months because I bought a home! Well, renovations are still going on and a little cash wouldn't hurt. So! I've decided to go through all the remaining items from my collections and take new photo's and I even unearthed a few things I didn't post before! I've also lowered prices and there will be some Free Shipping deals going on for those of you who live in the USA if you spend over $20~ There is a BIN price on my entire sales of $200 as well, or best offer on what's left! All plushes have their tags covered with cardboard to make sure they don't get bent. Haggling is more than welcome!

I'm also on vacation this week so anything paid for in the next two days will be sent out by Friday!

Pokemon for sale include the following: Whimiscott, Cottonee, Darumaka, Eeveelutions, Meowth, Persian, Sudowoodo, Bonsly, Chimecho, Chingling, and various other random pokemon!

Onto the sales!

EDIT: I forgot to add this guy!

This is the cushion from last years new years sale!
$40 shipped free in the USA!

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Well, that ends the post. I'm really looking to move these items to feel free to haggle! I'd be more willing to give bigger discounts on the lots than anything else, keep this in mind! Thanks everyone!

espurr pls

Anyone else have a real thing for promos? + TCG trade? + Post your plush collections pls!

Seriously, look at their tags!

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I've also accumulated a couple of other gets which I've stored below the cut...

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This cut is for TCG trades!

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I'll probably be back with another another gets post in September for a super special grail-ish get, so stay tuned! I also have another half promo-half 10thanniversarypokedoll coming up, heheh hope that doesn't give too much away.
Also also looking forward to some stuff from one of happycosmos' older GAs! TOTALLY MY FAULT, NOT HERS - I paid late. But if anyone actually knows her in person, will you please let her know that we are looking for her and hope she's okay? :)

Finally, if you're awake and you're not too busy, why not post a photo or a collage of your plush collection! I love seeing how everyone else displays their goods! Mine used to sit on my bed but now I have too many roly polys that roll right off during the night. I remember a community member asking to see how people displayed their plushes in their colleges/dorms too. So if anyone is still interested, this is my collection right here!

Thanks guys! xx

Looking for the eevee ippai line!

Hey everyone! Sorry about the collection post Im waiting for some stuff in the mail :3 It will be up soon when I get everything. Today I have decided to collect some of the eevee ippai line. I already have eevee but Im looking for more of them cause they are the cutest! Im currently after Jolteon, umbreon,flareon, vaporeon, glaceon, and the laying down sylveon. I don't care if they come with capsules. I'm willing to pay $5 for ones in capsules and $3 for ones with no capsules. I don't want to pay really expensive shipping either. Thanks everyone!
new eeveelutions

Still Plenty Of Bunnies Left and New Lower Prices!

Hey everyone! I just lowered some prices in my storenvy store and there are still lots of little bunnies looking for new homes! ^_^ Now most of my kids/figures are only $1 to $2 each. Come check it out! ^_^


All items purchased today will go out tomorrow- Friday is officially my shipping day now. Shipping is once per week.

To Eeveelu's Treasure Chest!! (Sorry I have no idea how to link a picture to a site) ^_^

A few Pokedolls and Time Plush for Sale

Sales permission granted by allinia on 4/5/14
Please do not ask for a quote since items are listed shipped.
I come from a smoke free home.

_All community rules will apply_

I accept Paypal only
Prices include shipping and paypal fees and are in USD.
Once you are committed please pay within 24 hours or item will be put back for sale.
I do accept reasonable haggling, but no trades at this time. Don't be upset if I decline your offer.
I will leave negative feedback, if you back out of a sale once commited.

I ship from Oahu, HI via USPS
I will try to reuse packaging. Please let me know beforehand if this is an issue.
I won't be responsible for lost mail, once the item leaves my hands. I will try my best to help in the situation. If you want tracking or anything else please ask.
I can be a slow shipper sometimes. It just really depends on my work schedule for that week. Please take this into consideration!

ONLY US BUYERS AT THIS TIME. ADD 1 dollar if you want a Tracking number.

Note: If item is not listed under picture it has been sold. Some items came from lots, so if conditions is a major issue please ask for details or more pictures.

Pancham Pokedoll MWT 20 shipped
Shinx 2007 American Pokedoll MWT w/ S sticker (TAG has minor creases)
Shinx 2007 Japanese Pokedoll Tush Tag

ALL TAGS here are not in mint condition, mostly with minor imperfections ask for pictures if hang tag condition is an issue.

Snover Pokedoll 2007 MWT 35 Shipped
Mismagius Pokedoll 2007 MWT
Duskull Pokedoll 2009 MWT
Weavile Pokedoll 2009 MWT
Budew Pokedoll 2009 MWT
Lickilicky Pokedoll 2007 MWT 32 Shipped


Girantina Pokedoll 2010 American Tush Tag
GIratina Origin Form Pokedoll No Tags
Croagunk Pokedoll 2007 Japanese Tush Tag 25 Shipped

Pachirisu Shimmery Dx Pokedoll 2007 Tush Tag and Sticker inside of tag 70 Shipped OBO

Growlithe Time MWT
Farfetch'd Time MWT 30 Shipped
Dragoinair Time MWT 50 Shipped
Ponyta Time MWT 40 Shipped
Xatu Time MWT 25 Shipped
Pikachu Time MWT
Mawile Time MWT 22 Shipped
Sneasel Time MWT 22 Shipped
Squirtle Time MWT 18 Shipped (has very minor imperfection on left eyepaint, received it that way)

Wanted: Pikachu DX Pokedoll (preferably trade)

Hey all!
A while back I went to Nintendo World and made the mistake of not picking p a DX pikachu pokedoll. Ever since then I've really wanted one and regretted not getting it when I had a chance. Does anyone have one here on the comm they would be willing to part with? Does not need to have tags, but I would like it in nice condition.
I would really prefer to trade since I'm low on cash at the moment though I may be open to buying one depending on the price.
Here is my sales post:
I can do partial trades too.

(If this is your picture and you would like me to take it down please let me know =] I found it on google)

Thanks everyone!

Found one! I am still open to trades for things in my sales post, so feel free to post if you want to trade other plushies though =]

trade plus Look what I finally got

I'm open to any plushes. I mean any plushes.

I will not separate them sorry

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It could be better but it's meh. I got it because I knew it would sell out quickly and I was right. My tag is bent a little but it's fine it can be fixed. This box took 7 day to get to Las Vegas which kinda makes me alil mad. It's cute and will stay in the small plastic bag it came with forever to protect it.

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Final payment is now due for Flygons Lot GA! Apologies for the wait - Flygons told me she was sick so she was not able to ship early in the week, and then I was on vacation until yesterday ^^; Anyway, the box arrived this morning, so I sorted and I've posted totals below.

Click here to see the spreadsheet.
Your final payment total is in the GREEN column.
Please send payments to with your username - FLGA P2 in the memo.
Please send ONLY as goods with your correct address!

I also have a bunch of extras available (to participants only for first 24 hours) and the money will go to supplies~
If you are not a participant and would like an item, feel free to comment. You will get first dibs if the item you wanted didn't sell today :)

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This post concerns:
pokemonpatrol luckymissclover blupanther ghostykins ribbyy technitop cupcakebullets chuchuvee yellowmudkip nysaurus splash tyrumpatumpatum talarus zorafinn collectorlittle usagimakeup pkmnexcavation thedaftlynx thepapayafruit needlehimer okgod haepbrosonearth syminka flammablelizard sui_kune champtastic90 kalakshepherd
Mewtwo and Mew

Gets ad Pokéthon Reminder!

I got some new gets! Also, Pokéthon, the Canadian Pokémon sub-convention I'm hosting, is next week! But first, gets!

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Also, a reminder!
Pokethon v small photo PokethonLogoverysmall_zpsb1bc9e3b.png

Pokéthon is taking place August 22-24 in Montreal! Click the link to check out our Facebook page with info about different events. Along with a gaming tournament, TCG tournament, trivia contest and cosplay photo shoot, we will also have Gym Leaders you can battle all weekend and earn badges from! :D

I'm also hosting a panel on Pokémon collecting on Sunday at 2pm, so I hope to see you guys there!


Pokemon Teams

Has anyone ever make pokemon teams based on their plushies, figures, flats ect> I was talking to a friend of mine who is also into collecting pokemon items and he suggested that I should build a team in my game based on my plushies. I have around 60 plushies (some much bigger/smaller than others) and after deep thought my team I've thought of a team. Collapse )
Pokemon, Me, Kecleon

Rare And Interesting Get...

Just Thought You Guys Might Want To See What I Recently Purchased

They're Small Ceramic Figures Made By A Company Called Wade, They're A UK Based Company And Have Been Making Collectibles For Many Years

They Got A Licence To Make A Few Pokemon Ones Quite Some Time Ago And Are Now VERY Rare :)!

Just Wondered If You Guys Had Any More Info On Them Or Wanted To See What They Looked Like :D

Pic Under The Cut ^_^
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Thanks As Always For Taking The Time To Read :)

Plush, Cards, and More Auction!

It's auction time my lovelies!
I have many items including: 2009 Eeveelu Canvases Mwts, 2006 Eevee canvas TTO, angelberries Sylveon plush, Shiny Gyarados plush TTO,
Pichu plushplush Mwts, Pokedolls Mwts, Various PC plush, Pokemon Character Memory Cards and box, Chopstick rests, and more!

I received sales permission March 2013 from Allinia
My feedback is here.
My auction will be lasting until August 21 at 5 PM pst.
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Please do not comment or bid until this is crossed out!
Bid away!