August 15th, 2014

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Pokemon Center Pickups

First a reminder for the reservation list I have going for Pokemon Petit Large!!! Backpacks -- I've had some good luck with getting them this week, and am making another Pokemon Center trip tomorrow, so please request to be on the list ASAP if you are interested!  They are $76 shipped anywhere.

I am also taking general Pokemon Center pickup requests for this month while Sunyshore is on vacation!  I will pick up Pokemon Petit goods, Pokedolls, Pokemon Time stuff.. basically anything that is on Amazon's Pokemon Store or the Official Pokemon Center Goods Announcements.  I am not sure yet what is popular enough to be worth stocking on Poketopia, so for this Pokemon Center run please put your requests and inquiries in the comments below and I will get you proper price quotes. My pickups information page can be found here.  This Pokemon Center trip will happen TOMORROW (12 hours from now!) so please comment ASAP if you would like to be included. I cannot give you a final total until I see have your pickups in hand, but I will do my best to give you a rough estimate on shipping beforehand.

I will not ask for payment until after I have picked up your items, but please be prepared to pay tomorrow.

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8/15 Pokemon Center Pickup Slots:
9. kaffeina (Pokemon Time Raichu, Furret, and Blaziken Straps, Pokemon Time Raichu, Furret, Scizor and Hoenn Starter Pens) = $94

1. clair2522 (Pikachu Oops Pencil Case) = $21.50 *PAID*
2. coiffwaff (Diancie Pokedoll, Diancie Metal Charm, Furfrou Kids x3) = $42 *PAID*
3. allrealelements (Gengar Petit Plush) = $16.50 *PAID*
4. fokko (Eeveelutions Japanese Style Cloth) = $27.50 *PAID*
5. pandaeatworld (Pancham PitaPoke, Pancham With You) (Alternate: Espurr Pokedoll) = $18.50 *PAID*
6. niraito (Mega Evolution Notebook, Mega Evolution Pencil Board, Garchomp Towel, Garchomp Keychain) = $44 *PAID*
7. sushiibear (Sylveon Pokedoll, Amaura Pokedoll, Inkay Pokedoll, Large Pikachu Tail) = $64 *PAID*
8. kidgengar (Pokemon Time Darkrai Clearfile, Pokemon Time Darkrai Strap, Mega Gengar Dice = $22 *PAID*
10. devi_white (Pokemon Petit Raichu Clearfile Set, Notebook, Notepad, Stickers, Eraser, Pen, Pencil Case, Cloth) = $93 *PAID*
12. quailien (Pokemon Petit Lapras Clearfile Set, Notebook, Notepad, Stickers, Eraser, Pen, Pencil Case, Cloth, Eeveelutions Cloth) = $118 *PAID*
13. pkmnvet (Glimmis Chespin, Froakie and Fennekin) = $37 *PAID*
14. midnitesilven (Pumpkaboo TOMY figure, Kanto Starters Pokedoll Charm, Dragonite Pokemon Time Strap, Gengar Nanoblock) (Combined with backpack) = $117 *PAID*
15. stalkingsuicune (Glimmis Fennekin) = $12.50 *PAID*
16. evilashi (Eeveelutions Japanese Style Cloth, Froakie Japanese Style Cloth, Blaziken, Sceptile, Raichu Pokemon Time Strap) = $88 *PAID*

11. ivyaggron (Mega Aggron & Heracross Dice)

EDIT 8/18: This week's pickups have been shipped!  I will continue to take pickup requests for a future Pokemon Center trip, so please feel free to comment still if you are interested in anything!

If you have a VERY VAGUE pickup request (like "anything with X Pokemon on it") or ask me to take photos of the entire Center stock, unfortunately that's not something I can do :(  For now, please stick to requests where I can confirm the shelf price beforehand (such as what is on the links above).  Thank you for your cooperation ★

A question for the plush experts

I have purchased this old 1:1 Tomy Pichu plush a few weeks ago and have one question:


How do I make him softer?
As soon as I took this unspoken grail out of the shipping box, I gave it a big hug, but he felt a bit too...hard. He wasn't filled with an abundant amount of styrofoam or anything, just something less soft than I'd expect from the average plush.
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Seeking Pkmn Time Suitcase!

Seeking any and all information about this suitcase and how to obtain one! I've been looking around for a while waiting for one to pop up or seeing if anyone would be willing to do a pick up for one (though i'm doubtful the center has any more left ;;). Any helpful info would be wonderful! Thank you!

Some new merch + PKMNCollectors Finland meet-up 2.0?

Hello all! Long time no see, eh? I've been collecting slowly but steadily while I've been away from here but I still haven't got any proper updates or pics of my entire collection yet.  I've been working on a re-introduction for a while, maybe I can get it together at last in some point in the future. :"D

First, I stumbled upon some new merch! Looks like that these are the Electric type collection/MPC things? We have Dedenne, Minun, Plusle, Ampharos, Pachirisu and Shinx! They released the ice and normal-typed ones a while ago, and I haven't seen pics of these yet so here you go. This set also seems to include a DX-size/ bigger Dedenne plush.

Source here, on Gonintendo's website:

Secondly...I have thought about this for a while, and I finally got around to actually do something about it. Ta-daa!~

(Oh my, what a beutiful, 100% MS Paint quality banner!<3)

I had tons of fun on our first meet-up a year ago and so I had some discussion with yumifun,ubi_chan mewstor and dialny ;

"...Why not have another one? "


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need space - icon by eightyfour__

Cool handmade plush for my collection!

Hi, everybody! Today, I am sharing the plush my friend made for me. She wanted to thank me for getting her Pokemon Center goods when I was in Japan for the L'Arc~en~Ciel concerts this past March. She made me Altaria and Natu!

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They're so soft, I can't believe it. She did such a nice job on them.

Also, tonight is the Pokemon: Symphonic Evolutions concert. I hope to see some of you there, at the Pkmncollectors meet-up tonight that midnitesilven set up or throughout the events this weekend! I'll be the girl with the polka dot eyeglasses. I hope to have something special on Saturday for those who find me (didn't have time to do it for the meet-up, unfortunately). :D

I'm from Bethesda, Maryland, by the way. So I'll be taking the Red Line to the Warner Theatre tonight. I'm so excited to attend this as a spectator because I have never gone to a Pokemon tournament before.

If you want to meet up, I can give you my LINE user name, or another method of contact, perhaps?

Auction reminder! And wants!

Hello everyone! This is only a short reminder that my 1$-eevee&sylveon auctions ends in 2 days!
There is free shipping to everywhere and a free eeveelution drawing by me for every winner!

Check it out here! :D --->

Thank you all for looking! :3
And by making this post, I even want to look for some things to expand my collection! Also I look forward to start a ninjatom collection!
I mainly collect some bugs and would love to see if anyone have the following things for sale or trade:

- Swing keychains (these metal keychains) of: Raichu, metapod, butterfree, heracross
- heracross normal pose kid
- any heracross clear kids
- any ledyba clear kids
- butterfree normal kid
- clear kid of caterpie, metapod and/or butterfree

I´m open to see anything of caterpie line, heracross, ledyba&ledian and ninjatom if you have anything for sale/trade!
<3 Thanks a lot! :3 <3

Still accepting trades!

Thank you to everyone who traded with me last time! (^o^) I've updated the things I have up for trade, including a bunch of shogakukan stamps, stickers, and more! So come check it out if you want! I added a few things to my wants list too! Right now, my biggest want is the big 30 cm DX sylveon plush, the super DX sylveon plush, and the sylveon pokemon center metal charm.

My feedback:
- Trades only are preferred, since I have only a little bit of money to spend and I don't have sales permission yet (although I might be able to partial trade with cash if it's something I really want).
- I ship from MI, USA and I am willing to trade internationally, but I would much rather the trade be for more than one thing.
- I will trade with trustworthy people- i.e. those who have sales permission/good feedback.
- Please assume I know the value of my items or I am easily able to look it up because if you try to rip me off, I will probably fall for it haha

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Click the picture to see my wants! But feel free to offer me something you think I might want that's not on here; I'll look at everything! (^o^)

Thanks for looking!
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Wants List

Hello everyone! I hope all of you are having a fantastic day! I'm kind of new here and have only made one purchase so far(Thanks to the lovely ferix8), so I thought now would be a good time to throw together a wants list! I have a pretty limited budget, and I know many of these items are really expensive. I would just like to put this out there in the hopes that one day I might get my grails!! Thanks so much for looking! (I'm also really sorry if I screw the cut up!:(. )
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Jynx Manga

Postcard Auction Reminder and Furious Fists Sales/Trades!

Hello everyone! I'm just posting a friendly reminder that I have some rare Banpresto attack Postcards up for auction ending soon! A few of them have no bids and most of them are at pretty low bids so please take a look! :D Link located below:

I also found a 6 packs of Furious Fists cards at Target today! I was super lucky with my pulls and I've got a few up for sale/trade below the cut including a Seismitoad EX and a full art Lucario EX!
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I also got some really good cards that I kept! My first pack literally made me screetch with joy! Pictures below the cut:
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Thank you so much for reading! I hope everyone has a lovely night/day! :D
Fang Love

Sylveon gets! and a tasty pan review! Card sales!

By chance yesterday, my hobby shop was doing a lottery. I got to play twice for a random card assortment pack and won on my second roll. I picked the Sylveon card pack, but now I'm left with a whole bunch of cards I don't want! I know many comm members are very crafty, and I'm hoping that someone can put these to good use.

Cards are anywhere between .15$-1$, with a several available from the newest release. Shipping starts at 3$, but up to 20 cards can be mailed in a bubble mailer. Any more, and it's an extra 1$ for another 20 cards. Good for artists looking to buy in bulk! I'm willing to give a steep discount for large amounts.

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I pulled an eevee and vaporeon in addition to Sylveon, so I'm quite pleased I was able to win this.

Now for the exciting part! I really wanted to try this bread because I'm generally not a fan of other flavors of the pan, but this sounded right up my alley! I love pineapple upside down cake, so I thought it might be similar to it. I had to run around yesterday for last minute stuff before I go back to work next week, and I had time to go grocery shopping, so i figured why not when I saw these in the aisle of the 3rd grocery store I needed to go to (my milk is cheaper there, lol.)

So, I settled down this morning to get a start on the weekend with my pan. I was a little disappointed because I failed and ripped the packaging instead of making a neat rip. The thing with the pokemon pan is that it does expire quickly. I purchased these the morning of the 15th and they expire the 17th. As I was preparing to eat it, my biggest thought was I hoped it'd taste good and wasn't expired yet. I cut it open, and was mildly disappointed at the lack of fruit chunks. Realize this is pokemon pan, but some other sweet breads I like do this for their pineapple flavors.

It was overall very tasty. A very strong pineapple taste that does remind me of upside down cake.

I have extra pan bread with the promo art on it, if anyone was interested. Please make an offer. I'd be happy to either ship the bread or ship just the wrapper. I do not recommend eating the bread. Shipping would start at 5$ with bread or 3$ without the bread. I'll accept offers until 8/24.

My new place is still waiting on more furniture :( Sorry about how it looks like I'm living off the floor. I only have the basics at the moment.

I also have many of this year's 2014 movie lottery goods up for sale still. Find them here.

Furious Fists - Trades & Sales!

Hi guys! So I finally got my first Furious Fists packs! And I didn't get a single Dragonite :( So I'm here offering up my spares for sale/trade to try and get the Dragonites and the few other cards I want (I'm looking at you Glaceon!)

I'm also selling a Lucario TCG flip coin, 6 FF TCGO codes, the Pangoro deck TCGO code aaaand for Sylveon fans - The Sylveon/Pangoro play mat sheet! Everything in this post is open to offers and haggling, but priority goes to trading for Dragonites and other FF trades!

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Also, last chance to take any cards from my sales post! I'm going to start doing random packs for a set price after this week, so if there's something specific you want now is the time!
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Art Trades!

Hi community!

Seeing as I have 12 feedback, I decided, why not make a trades post?
My feedback can be found here:
I ship from the UK worldwide and have VERY local access to my post office.

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Feel free to offer any merchandise and show examples of your art, but please don't be offended if I decline your offer.

Thank you so much for reading! I hope we can work out some trades!

Edit: My two year anniversary is coming up! (I can't believe it's been that long) So I will be posting a well overdue collection post as well as some recent gets!! :D