August 16th, 2014

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New Merch For Sale!

I recently made some Sylveon pins and charms to sell!

Feedback Link:

~ I was given sales permission by entirelyclichedon Dec 1st,2013

Sylveon Pins 4  backpack
Sylveon Pins 1
syl charm 1

Pins can be bought on my Storenvy here

Charms here

There are more pics in the links provided above + shipping is calculated at the cart.


★ All prices are listed in USD


★I ship from Colorado,USA
★ All items will be mailed within the week


Hi everyone:

My name is James and I'm a pokemon fan from Hong Kong, China :)

I first start to collect pokemon things When I was about 16 when I saw a lot of gorgeous pokemon figures in the toy stores in Hong Kong. And now, I actually collect a lot of them :)

I actually found this community years ago but I was so busy that time ,that I didn’t even post an intro or get to know a lot of fun and new things about pokemon, and here I am now, ready to join the community and to learn and share all the great things about pokemon.

I have been collecting zukans and TFGs for a couple of years and recently I will be start collecting TCGs. Andm……I think got a small collection(compare to other mates in the community) of it ,here's a picture of a part of TFGs I like the most:
(I take some of the plastic base of just in case they don't broke in the figure……)

Well,I will take some pictures of the rest of my collection if I am free.

So,I’m looking forward to know everymate in this community and get more pokemon collectibles into my collection!Cheers!

Shiny, Mega Gardevoir

Launched a collection website & New merchandise arrived!

Mega-Gardevoir here again!
I wanted to post this news here too, it fits with the theme of this group so I figured it'd be okay! :)

I launched a collection website today!
I've uploaded photos of every piece in my collection so far, and I'm pretty proud of the result :D
Do check it out if you're interested!~

Now onto collection update news!
I actually received these items a week ago, but waited to post about them until my website was ready to launch!

Please check under the cut for photos of the new gems!~ <3

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Thanks for reading my post, and I hope you enjoy browsing through my website! :D

- Mega Gardevoir

espurr pls

TCG Trades - show me your EXes pls

Hey guys! Sorry to bother you all again, but I just thought I'd scope out anymore offers before I finalize any trades. Please ignore this if you've already made offers on my previous post, unless you're also interested in a card that I didn't have on my last post!

My feedback can be found here, and these are the cards I have for trade:
White Kyurem EX (The left one is Legendary Treasures 101/113, right is from Boundaries Crossed 103/149. I'm only interested in trading ONE of these, but it can be either one.)

Reshiram EX (Legendary Treasures 29/113)

Shaymin FA EX (Legendary Treasures RC21/RC25)

Jirachi EX (Plasma Storm 60/101)

I also have some holos, reverse-holos and a tonne of regular cards, so just shoot me a wants list and I'll have a skim through!

I'm too tired to take pictures of all of them right now, but here are some of them:

Sorry the quality of these photos are pretty lousy :( I can take better photos or photos of other cards you might be interested in if necessary!!

For the EX cards, I would be interested in EX cards of any Pokemon, NOT trainers or items, EXCEPT the following:
Mew, Reshiram, Darkrai, Tornadus, Yveltal, Shaymin, Blastoise, Victini, Keldeo, Black Kyurem, White Kyurem, regular Kyurem, Emolga and Jirachi.
I also collect holos, but it would take many holos to convince me to part with an EX I'm afraid - I just really like them...

May be willing to do partial trades or even straight buys if the price is right, so please just show me ALL your spare EX cards!

Thanks again everyone!! :D

Wanted: Charizard / Mega Charizard X items

Since it is my birthday on Monday, I would like to get myself a little gift!

I am looking for a few Charizard items.

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If you have any of these items for sale, please let me know. Shipping is to Germany!
Unfortunately, I will have to work on a tight budget, so I don't want to spend much more than 50$. (I am not trying to get all those figures at once)

If you have any other small Charizard (And Mega Charizard X) figures for sale, I might be interested in them as well. (Looking for old, used, cheap figures for a few Dollars)
The Charizard figures I own are the old small Tomy and the old DX Tomy figure. Otherwise I have no Charizard figures yet.

Toys r Us Tomy Super/Hyper-Sized Figure Question

First off, I noticed that the TRU site had a banner with a bunch of Mega figures, including Mewtwo and Blaziken, but only the website listed the Kanto starters. Has anyone else seen the others?

Also, does anyone have a site that has a quick list to the Japanese numbered Super and Hyper-sized figures? I often get the two sizes mixed up, and want to see what's been out and what I'm missing, since not everyone has been localized yet.

get these out of my life- clearence sale!

Recieved sales permission: 19 October 2013 by entirelyclinched
My feedback is here:

New Cheap Stuff + Clearance Sale! Buy one, get everything else half off!
-Free Magnets w/ Purchase! (In the Clearance Link below)
-PLUSHIES ARE AROUND $3 (including ones in the Clearance Link!)

I REALLY have too much random merch and I'd like to lighten up.
FEEL FREE TO HAGGLE! I want this stuff gone!

I do not care if you buy to resell.

#1. Ill ship around once a week.

#2. No international shipping.

#3. I ship from Florida!

#4. PayPal only!

#5. Will haggle if buying more than one item

#6. Maybe trade for: Abra line, Wobbuffet, Inkay line, Subway Bros, and Tentacool line
I also love octopi, Baphomet, and wet specimens.

All books are $2 and the manga is $3

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Buy one item in this link and get every other item half off. This is just for that sale link.
The most expensive item will be considered full price and all lower priced items will be half off.

Exclusive world finals merch 2014!

fresh from the Worlds merchandise store! looking to sell this before possibly picking up more. sales permission from denkimouse in 2009.


I did buy one of everything but only have extras of what I know I can sell. Make committed requests if you like but no promises! There are lanyards, notebooks, DS pouches, screen cleaners and deck boxes.

Pikachu plush - $45 shipped x2
World finals playmat -$65 shipped x3
World finals drawstring bag/backpack (these are SUPER high quality) - $35 shipped x3

Shipping from Canada once I get back from DC. Thanks!

Wanted! Pikachu and Raichu promo cards

I hope I'm doing this right, still new... but I'm looking for these two Pikachu and Raichu cards:

I've been able to find them on eBay a lot but they are very costly... if anyone has them that are willing to sell or even trade, please let me know!
Thank you :)

Im looking for someone

She was selling custom art charms, there was espeon, umbreon, others.. I got an umbreon one from her unfortunatly someone stole it from its package, there was a hole in it and no charm =( i would like to find her to buy a new one, please help?

Huge Ebay Lot!

Hey everyone!

I just posted a huge lot up on ebay with a ton of plush including some big and small customs, pokedolls and a whole bunch of Snivy plush. I'd be willing to take some additional pictures if anyone decided to GA this lot. Thanks!

Looks like there will be a GA for this posted soon!

Granted sales permission by denkimouse on 3/27/2011.
Ginga Gin
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CLOSED :D Jolteon and Ampharos Canvas, Tons of Kids, and Much More!

I'm currently out of work and going into surgery sometime next week. Before I get temp disability it takes awhile for that paperwork to go through. I won't have a lot of money to leave behind for my husband since our savings went into a car repair.

This is my emergency sales  ^o^  I had actually wanted to sell these things anyways as I no longer have space for them. They've been in storage, actually but are clean. They do come from a pet friendly home but everything well be checked carefully regardless.

I don't know when my surgery is--sometime next week. So the auction ends Monday. I imagine by Monday I will find out what the date is. While in the hospital my husband will send the packages for me so there shouldn't be any delay in you getting your pokes :P

If there is a delay, I promise to let anyone know of course!

Rules are as follows:
-Bid increase in increments of a dollar
-Sniping rule applies
-All packages will be shipped in bubble mailers unless requested. All packages come with tracking.
-Tags will be guarded with protectors
-Payment must be made within three (3) business days of auctions end or next bidder may be notified
-I can ship all weekdays, however packages are most likely to go out on Monday Wednesday or Friday
-Paypal only, please!
-I will ship internationally at buyers expense
-Do not bid until all threads are up please :)
-Do not delete a comment without my permission

Phew! All threads are up! Go ahead and bid. Good luck!
+Feedback is Here
+Granted Sales Permission by entirelycliched

Ampharos Canvas Plush Starts @ 1.00 This was bought on the community back in 2011

Jolteon Canvas Starts @ 1.00
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Custom Sculpture Auction Reminder.


Hi everyone. Just posting a reminder for my custom sculpture auction that will be ending Friday the 22nd next week. This will be the only reminder.

I haven't gotten any bids yet so I lowered the starting price a bit. Come and take a look here:

Sales permission by entirelycliched Dec 1, 2013

Thank you :)

Zukan gets from Japan

Hi people, i'd like to share with you my some of the zukan i got from second purchase from Yahoo Japan. I got really cool zukan from there. Unfortunately for me, they sent them in a very huge package, with a lot of filler shipping material (around 900 g), i had to pay $30 extra for overweight :(

Here's a preview


Collapse )

I still need some more zukan, so here are my WANTS, please let me know if you have some of them for sale

And don't forget to check my ZUKAN SALES, i move them to my journal


Yoshi! :)

XY 3DS LL/XL Hard Cover up for sale (And stamp lot)

Hello everyone,

About two days ago I had received my order for an X/Y Hard Cover for my 3DS XL in the mail, but I also have a Yoshi LL cover on the way very soon too that I'll more than likely be using instead. (If anyone's wondering, I had ordered the Pokemon cover a while before the Yoshi one was shown so... yeah.) After putting some thought into it, I decided to let my Pokemon XL/LL cover go. So with that, this cover will be up for sale (Along with a small retsuden stamp lot).

Here's what the cover looks like (Sorry about the weird flash in the pic)

Sales permission was granted by lineaalba on November 24, 2009

Here's my feedback post:

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spiderlizard plushie

Looking for plushies!

I was wondering if anyone here has a slowbro and manitine with remoraid plush they are willing to sell for a low price? If not then don't reply. I am also looking for the porygon2 plush keychain. I can pay today if you are willing to sell your porygon2 plush keychain. Just make an offer. If you are a plush artist, I am interested in a removable mega slowbro plush. Where slowbro can go inside and outside of spiral shellder. Also include a hold for slowbro's tail and a point for spiral shellder when slowbro is not inside of the shell.
new eeveelutions

Look what I made today, new additions to my growing Vulpix collection! ^_^

So I was browsing the internet for Vulpix items when I kept coming across adorable Vulpix customs and got inspired and felt creative so I made my own :)

The first one (the one sitting up) didn't turn out great sadly... I messed the eyes, ears, and paws up... lol so then I decided to do another one in a different pose that I saw someone make a custom necklace out of. That one turned out wonderful! I am so proud!

I ask of you this: should I glaze it or leave it be? I am really thinking I am not going to glaze it- it seems when I do the glaze never dries and then hairs and stuff end up ruining it :(

Faith's Vulpix Scultps

Tomy Figures for trade!!!

I am looking for a lot of pokemon tcg cards from old sets and mostly full arts and in having a hard time finding others to trade with since i dont rlly have anything worth trading for execept this:Collapse )

I want a seismitoad FA for one of the fa lucario
And I want a secret rare mega heracross for the other fa lucario if possible

I have a lot of FA wants so I decided i can trade figures for pokemon cards of my want list:

pokemon cards that I can trade:

Figures I can trade:

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Tomy Eeveelution plushies spotted

Remember how the Eeveelution plushies were supposed to be released in Wal-Mart in the U.S., but for some reason, weren't? Turns out they're at Hot Topic now!
My friend and I went there today and saw them. My local store had Flareon, Glaceon, Leafeon, Espeon and Sylveon. We asked the cashier and he told us that was all they had left. They're $18.50 each and Hot Topic is having a buy one get one 50% sale on everything in store (Idk when the sale ends though). The plushies currently aren't listed on their website.
  • pkmnvet

(no subject)

Hello all,

I am looking for a pokemon center 2012 minccino patchwork plush. (The big one, not the key chain.)

If anyone has it for sale could you please kindly let me know the condition and price (item + shipping)?

I prefer if it has hang tag attached but I will also consider if it does not.

I live in Australia and understand that shipping will be dearer for international buyers.

Thanks again and hope everyone will have a nice day/ night.

  • finniee

Slowpoke madness!!!!

I'm not sure if I'm asleep and dreaming right now but just LOOK at!!

Slowpoke! Everywhere! And a pillow?! Give me that. All of them. Lookit all dat merch. I can't read a word. I love it.
Yadon Paradise for reals.

And... fishing game!! I have no idea how to play it!!! I don't care!!!! If anyone can tell me how on earth I'm meant to catch these fish please tell me! I just love to see him waddle.

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I hope this isn't against the rules! I just love it!!
  • xeeveex

World's Finals Pikachu Plush Want

Figured I'd make a post as so many seem to be attending while I'm so busy working (boo) - was wondering if anyone attending might be picking up a spare and willing to sell? I can pay via paypal invoice and issue payment promptly.

I'm also looking for the World's pikachu plush from a few years ago (the one from vancouver where Pikachu has a headdress)

Thanks a bunch everyone :)