August 17th, 2014

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First Major Collection Update!

Wow, so it's been a little over a month since I was at this point and I'm really happy with how my collection is looking compared to then. Been busy busy getting lots of new things to put in ^^

I try to keep it separated into big stuff on top, miscellaneous side collections in the small compartment and Pokemon collection in the large compartment. I have a lot of fun arranging it all.
Update with larger images and some non-Pokemon content is on my journal, but also there are images here under the cuts.

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Another auction! Raichu mirage plushie! And sales!

Hi everyone! I had started an auction recently (:3) but sorted out more things! So I'm coming now with a new auction for: My beloved raichu mirage plush!!!

And also some small lots for sale includes bulbs&oddish,pichu,pikachu&raichu,bugs&flats.

☆ FREE Shipping to everywhere! ☆

Raichu: "Doesn't I look wonderful on this photo? I'm sure everyone wants me!!"

Check it out under the cut!
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The auction will start now for 1 week and ends on august,24th on midnight time (middle-european time)

- sales permission granted by godudette on may 2012
- my feedback:
shipping is from germany to everywhere
- paypal only
- all prices in USD
- please bid in increments of 1$ or more!
- shipping is free, but without insurance - please tell me if you prefer want insurance. Otherwise I'm not responsible for lost items!
- payment must be done within 72h
- please do not back out of a bid
- all comes from a smokeless home!
- no sniping!

Klick the following link for the countdown-timer:

<iframe src="" frameborder="0" width="576" height="243"></iframe>


♥ Raichu mirage plushie ♥

I decide to give this cute little guy away to earn some money and also buy NEW pokemon stuff! :D Because he is veeeeeeeeery old and much loved. The white points in the eyes are painted on! The fabric looks really loved - but - its a very old mirage plush, so maybe this is ok I think. He comes from germany and as I know from another comm member, he is also known as "germanchu"! :P  I know that denkimousehas a lot of these guys, so they exist in various sizes! This one has a middle size, I would say and he is pretty hard to get!

Raichu: "Awww...I hope I will come in a great home where I will never be used as a pillow anymore!"

Raichu:"Heyyy what are you doing so much photos? Everyone knows I look wonderful!"

Raichu:"Why my fur looks so loved? WHO has used me as a pillow all the time? Who? Ok, I try to keep smiling...!"

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For the rules please look under my first cut :3

All prices are incl. shipping to everywhere!
Everything is in very good or good condition. The wailord and raichu kid have small paint spots.

Plant-Pokemon lot: 15$
Includes bulbasaur,ivysaur,venusaur,oddish,gloom,vileplume,bellsprout

Bug pokemon lot: 15$
Includes weedle,venonat,nincada,paras,caterpie,pineco,spinarak and others.

Pikachu/Raichu lot 15$

3. generation pokemon kids lot 10$

Pichu/Pikachu lot 15$

Thank you all and have a nice day!^^


shadow lugia pokedoll
eevee 2006 canvas plush GRAIL
eevee 2009 canvas plush GRAIL
Any pikachu plush that is fuzzy and looks like pikachu (cause some of them look cute, but they dont look like pikachu, ex pokedoll)
dx pikachu pokedoll (I know I said so but...)
suicune pokedoll
entei pokedoll
raikou pokedoll
shiny suicune pokedoll lottery GRAIL
shiny entei pokedoll lottery GRAIL
shiny raikou pokedoll lottery GRAIL

dialga pokedoll
palkia pokedoll
giratina pokedoll (both forms)
dx pokedoll of dialga and palkia
pikachu canvas
raichu canvas
eeveelution canvases
cherrim canvas
piplup turtwig and chimchar pokedoll (the first release, i think 2006?)

(btw, I'm looking for a cheap offer for these, so I don't expect to get any of the rare ones soon, but I'm okay about having a used on as long as it isn't too damaged, but I do prefer MWT

haha, so many grails, but I'll probably never get them. If you have any of these items, please tell me! Especially the grail status ones. If I like the offer I can pay next month. I'll be updating my wants on my journal whenever I want something more.

A get and a want.

Hey guys, I recently purchased one of the cutest totodile figures I have ever seen from a fellow pkmncollector. I was wondering if any of you knew what line he came from or anything about him. The bottom says 2009 but not much else.

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Also, I have been on the lookout for this hasbro totodile plush. I believe it came out in the early 2000s. I have no idea how much it is worth; I saw someone on here selling the chikorita equivalent for $5. I would like to spend $10 shipped if possible, I don't care if it has the tags or not, if that price is unreasonable, let me know so we can work something out. :) Here is a picture of what I am looking for.
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Thanks for your help!

Updates, purchase and sales.

Hello everyone, how have you guys been?

I've been pretty busy but I'm still lurking a little! with school and it's really insane. ): I totally didn't expect this! I think my lectures have very bad planning skills. Anyway, I would like to update and apologize to the people that is still waiting for a free plush from me here. Due to the current circumstances, I will not be able to do them as quickly as I like. ): I have less than a week to study for 2 major exams (it's this coming thursday and friday) and after that, I will be on practicum (or attachment) for a month DURING my holidays. So yes, no holidays for me. I'm really sorry to those who have been waiting! <3

The good news is, if you're willing to wait till December (a LONG time I know), you can have your free plush shipped via USPS! It would be much cheaper than international shipping from Singapore. (: The reason why is because my fiancé is coming to visit me and he will only go back to the states on 14 December. So, if you're still waiting for the free plush, and would prefer to wait for cheaper shipping, please let me know or if you're tired of waiting and would like to skip on your free plush, please let me know too! :D

I'd like to personally apologise to: spiritbomb92, christabel93, latias_latios_7, kurukimi, riolu -- I'm so so so sorry!

Here's a peek at what you'd get if you're expecting a plush from me, this sableye belongs to spiritbomb92 it is NOT for sale:
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Also, I have a few rare/ unique items up for offers! (:
Please take a look!
Here's a sneak peek:

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Thank you! :D

Partial Collection~!

So this is delayed more than I wanted it to be, but I do have a (partial) set of photos for my collection to show off, finally! :D

Unfortunately my collection is not all displayed at the moment, and I'm actually in the middle of reworking my organization. (Also some things are a bit dusty, and there are plenty of non-Pokemon items that show up in the photos.)

Anyway, on to the collection! (Warning, lots of images!)

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New Pokemon merchandise resources?

Hello all!

I always try to keep up with upcoming Pokemon merchandise. I used to check AAPF religiously, but the site hasn't updated since the very end of the XY mega evolution hype. There was also another great merch blog, Charizard Rainbows, which if I remember correctly was run by a community member, but it is sadly no longer up and running. :( Is there another blog or website that posts new Pokemon merchandise news regularly?

A Package arrived!

Hey Guys! So yesterday I got a package from my friend pikafreakrachel and Eevee and I deiced to open it up!


[The Surprise]

She made me a tail!!! WAHHH It's so fluffy I'm going to DIE!  she put 38 hours into this too ;-; so much love <3
It's made out of yarn!!! 
I took a quick picture of it on, i made myself a eevee tail 4 years ago and i always hated the pins hurting my butt D:
So i'm very happy to replace my tail ^-^ thank you so much Rachel!

Also here's a picture of me and Pikafreakrachel! C:
This was at Indy pop con where we met!
even though we been friends for only 3 months I feel like she's been my friend forever!
I also asked her to be my maid of honor in my wedding ^_^ and her and Pikabug3 are coming!!!

welll that's all for now but thanks for reading C: