August 19th, 2014

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Wiley Gets! Plus looking for a US middleman!

Hi everyone! I've been away from the community for a couple of months to participate in a study abroad program, but I've been back for the past month or so and have since picked up some of the pokemerch I've missed, especially of the -wiley variety. :D Most of these items are from the some recent mega evo promos, but some aren't including a very special custom. More pictures come after the preview and cut!


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I still have some more things coming in the mail! My next gets post will bring updates to my human collections and the beginnings of a new sub collection! c:

I also have a bit of an odd request for a US middleman, since I do live in the US, although in one of its territories/Guam. I've found one of my biggest(literally haha) wants within the community, and while the seller does ship worldwide, their post office (located in HK) does not ship to my location via the standard air parcel option for large packages but they would ship to an actual US state without any problems. I'm asking for a US middleman to help keep shipping costs down. I believe it is alright in the rules to ask for a middleman service here besides Japan, but in case this isn't allowed or if anything please tell me and I'll fix it up asap! Thank you~ :D
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Japan Pokemon Center Pickups Round Two

SHIPPING UPDATE!!!:  Unless you have asked me to hold your package, everything has been shipped :)


Thank you to all of the AWESOME participants in my last Pokemon Center run!!  I was a little hesitant about opening a "request whatever you want" style pickup but everything went super smoothly and all paid for packages have been sent already :D

I will be doing another Pokemon Center pickup this week!  I'm going to a different Center than I did last week, so hopefully I will be able to get the things that were out of stock before.

Same rules as before -- please only request specific items so I can confirm the shelf price beforehand (searching Amazon's Pokemon Store is a good starting point) and no vague requests like "anything with X Pokemon on it."  The Center is way too crowded for me to search through the entire stock for something non-specific, I'm sorry :( My general pickups information page can be found here. Just comment below with your requests and I will get you a price quote + shipping estimate. I cannot give you a final total until I have your pickups in hand, but I will do my best to give you a rough estimate on shipping beforehand.


- Be prepared to pay within 24 hours of receiving a total! Do not request a spot unless you can pay right away.
- You are responsible for the remaining items in your order even if some items are out of stock.
- Do not change your order after committing to a slot (but adding additional items is fine!)

Week of 8/18 Pokemon Center Pickup Slots:
1. ivyaggron (Mega Aggron & Heracross Dice) = $16 *PAID*
2. kidgengar (Pokemon Time Darkrai Strap) (+Tyrunt & Darkrai Movie Figure Set) = $23 *PAID*
3. coiffwaff (Diancie Metal Charm, Diancie With You Badge) = $19 *PAID*
6. fokko (Large Petit Backpack, Fennekin Japanese Style Cloth, Froakie Japanese Style Cloth) = $56 *PAID*
7. jadekitty777 (Kalos Starters Pokedoll Metal Charm Set, Sylveon Pokedoll Metal Charm Set, Arcanine Petit Plush, Fennekin Pokedoll Keychain, Pikachu Mug Keychain) = $70 *PAID*
8. baconscreation (Tyrunt Pokedoll, Japanese Design Ceramic Cup x2) = $81 *PAID*
9. kyogres (Mega Evolutions Pencil Board, Bulbasaur PitaPoke, Legendaries Clearfile Holder) (+Mega Charizard Pencil Board) = $58 *PAID*
10. gleameyesluxray (Pancham PitaPoke) = $18.50 *PAID*
11. prawnographer (Japanese Design Shoulder Bag, Honedge TOMY, Mega Mawile TOMY, Super Size Deoxys TOMY, Mega Evolution Tin) (+ EMS shipping) = $109 *PAID*
12. dragonrider49 (Goomy With You Badge, Dragonite Pokemon Time Clearfile) = $22 *PAID*
13. acidmimi (Fennekin/Swirlix PitaPoke Playset, Froakie/Fletchling PitaPoke Playset) = $68 *PAID*
15. pikabulbachu (Dedenne Petit Plush, Dragonite Pokemon Time Strap) = $28.50 *PAID*
16. sleep_is_god (Eeveelution Japanese Style Cloth, Fennekin Japanese Style Cloth, Vulpix Peeking Mascot Plush, Eevee Peeking Mascot Plush) = $84 *PAID*
18. classypersian (Charizard With You Badge) = $9 *PAID*
19. jpanization (DX Pikachu Pokedoll)(+EMS shipping) = $70 *PAID*
21. poptart_pixels (Espurr Pokedoll, Espurr Pokepuff Plush) = $50 *PAID*
22. dreamaria (Charizard & Sylveon With You Badges, Mega Charizard X Towel) = $25 *PAID*
23. opossumpanda (Pancham PitaPoke) = $18.50 *PAID*
24. midnitesilven (Balloons Cookie Tin, White Microfiber Phone Pouch) = $38 *PAID*
26. queensylveon (Diancie Pokemon Center Plush, Swirlix Pokedoll, Pichu Petit Plush = $71 *PAID*
27. toukos (Dot Sprite Girl Shirt (size small), Dot Sprite Boy Shirt (size large), Dot Sprite Tote Bag, Game Dot shirt (size small)) = $197 *PAID*
28. tofughost (TOMY Swirlix Plush, Fennekin/Swirlix PitaPoke Playset) = $65 *PAID*
29. pkmnvet (Pikachu Sparkle Keychain, Tokyo Tower Pikachu Headphone Jack, Charizard With You Badge) = $22.50 *PAID*
31. hawlucha (Movie Sticker Sheet) = $12 *PAID*
32. lovedbyahero (Pokemon Time 3DS LL Cover, Blastoise Pokemon Time Strap) = $43 *PAID*
33. pokemontrader (Diancie Movie Blister x6, Yveltal Movie Blister x2, Xerneas Movie Blister x2) *PAID*
34. charizard (Mega Charizard X TOMY Figure, Mega Charizard Y TOMY Figure, Charizard With You Badge, Mega Charizard X Towel) = $49 *PAID*
35. _melee_ (Lapras Petit Notebook x2, Lapras Petit Pencil Case, Japanese Design Cookie Tin, Sylveon TOMY MC, Sylveon Metal Charm, Phantump/Trevenant Metal Charm Set) (no cookies) = $100 *PAID*
36. sui_kune (Movie Medallion, Movie Legendaries Keyring, Movie Xerneas/Yveltal Straps) = $49 *PAID*
37. pokedoll701 (Fennekin/Swirlix PitaPoke Playset) = $38 *PAID*

4. pandaeatworld (Pancham With You Badge)
5. sushiibear (Large Pikachu Tail)
14. selwylde (Pokemon Petit Kids Shirt) (Size 150)
30. samo22 (Swirlix With You Badge)

KLEFKI LIST (to be picked up after):
17. flamewalls (Klefki Keyring x2, Raichu Pokemon Time Pen) *PAID*
20. meowthcollector (Klefki Keyring x2) *PAID*
25. toda (Klefki Keyring) *PAID*

I won't require payment until I have your items in hand, but please be prepared to pay as soon as totals come in this week.

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Legend of Korra: The Last Pokemon Master (BLOCKS COLLECTION)


Not sure if there is any LEGEND OF KORRA (WIKI) fans [Spin-off to AVATAR: THE LAST AIRBENDER] - but the SEASON FINALE is this FRIDAY, and thought to do a collection photo with Avatar Lego and POKEMON blocks.

My Pokemon block collection can be seen here, as always, still looking for some BLOCKS, so please help if you know how or have them. THANKS!
MEGA BLOK WANTS: Wailord, Bidoof, Jolteon, Mantyke, Aipom, etc.


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Here is my #KorraHype #HoennHype #PokemonHype

Picture: Avatar Azula shooting lightning at Katara / Aang facing-off with Zuko / Korra trying to reach Amon / Sokka with a Fire Nation soldier / Meowth chilling with Momo
Pokes included: Magmar, Electrabuzz. Natu, Staravia, Chimchar, Graveler, Vaporeon, Tailow, Poliwhirl, Cubone, Psyduck, Mewtwo
& Kyogre and Torterra sets

THANKS for taking this time for #KorraHype #HoennHype and #BrickHYPE !


New to the community!

Hi everyone! I just became a member here at pkmncollectors! I already have a decent sized collection of pikachus (my favorite pokemon! <3) but I have tons of room to expand and hope to do so!

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I also have several shirts, a jacket and some christmas ornaments not pictured and a bunch of other pokemon (not pikachu) cards, figurines, etc...

P.S. I only just joined live journal so hopefully this cut worked.

Having trouble getting all the picture up. It's only letting me do 3 (if have 4) so I can't show them all =(

Wants and Questions

Hey! i just moved all my stuff back into my dorm, i left a lot of my collection at home and brought mostly my swirlixs, so i will take pictures when i get them set up since i got a few new items added too it. that being said i made a want graphic a few weeks ago, if i used your picture and you want it removed please let me know i have no problem removing it! i normal keep picture for reference for myself so i remember what merch is out there ^^' that being said here is that
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I also have a few questions about this plush
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Right now i can only find it on ebay and ive only seen stock photos. most people selling are from hong kong and i know there are pokemon stores there, and then some people from cali and a few from japan but my question is has this plush been bootleged and should i get it from the hong kong seller or should i buy from the cali or japan?
if you know somewhere besides ebay please let me know id like to look at other sites too!

Second question is does anyone know when this is suppose to come out
Collapse )I havent seen it on any site so im wondering if its even out or where i can get it? i kind of also want the tree one from this line too and i have seen that one on ebay which is why im unsure if this one was out yet? I dont use fromjapan or those so if you know an amarican site or something please let me know!

If you have any of my wants and want to give me a quote i live in us 34234
Thank you so much for any help!

Editsomeone posted but deleted a link to yesasia and they have both the items im looking for. ive never ordered from them does anyone know if yesaisa is a reliable site? Thank you!

New Items (Sort of) Listed on!

I get that they are new, but it seems like they still need to... perfect the site. They have the "new release" segment on the front page, but they don't list all these extra things that have been just appearing. Like that luxury Pikachu pen, which I don't recall seeing when the store launched. (EDIT: Ok, so NOW they actually add it in, but it is shown after the Special Delivery set). They just repeat the same stuff on that list rather than actual NEW items -_- Hope that gets ironed out...

Anyways, my point is I was browsing today to see if anything new popped up, and looks like they are prepping for new stuff. New PokeCen plush like Inkay and Dedenne are listed on the last page of plush, some new charms, new iPhone case, and a couple other things. However, they are listed as "sold out" even they aren't really OUT yet >_>

I figured I should point this out so people can keep an eye out for whenever they actually get put up for sale.
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Petit plushes

Hi everyone! I hope you all are doing well. I have another silly question for you today. :/ I have seen pictures of the petit series plush, and they're absolutely adorable. I was just wondering what kind of material they are made out of. I tried to do a little research but came up with very little info. Thanks for reading, and happy collecting!

Searching for BK Magikarp + 2014 Worlds/Symphony merch

Hello! I'm desperately searching for the BK Magikarp.
With or without bagging or keychain clip, but in a fair condition if possible.

。:゚(。ノω\。)゚・。 Thank you!

(Image found on google. I'm happy to remove it if this is anyone's in particular)

Also I hope everyone who attended the Poke'mon Symphony and World Championships had just as fun as I did!

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