August 20th, 2014

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Middle man from Germany needed. Help please :(

Hey guys! I was wondering if someone could get a cheap item for me off of ebay? It is Eevee related! They only ship to Germany though :(
Let me know your commission. I have the link ready! Thanks in advance. *fingers crossed*

Oh, I am in the US if you need to know <3

Anybody watch the Worlds finals? Pachirisu <3
I want that Pikachu trophy so bad!!!

Also, so this post isn't so meowstic items!


I have some sales left. Just click my name and you can see them all! Lots of cards!

kirsty I'll be visiting your sales again in a week or 2! <3

New Store Envy Shop Opened!

Hey guys! I havent been around much to post collection updates but I have accumulated a ton of goodies that I would like to sell or even trade! I am looking for many Saur, Poli, and Porygon line items including flats that I may not have. I currently do not have a wants list but am always curious to see what you guys have!
"EDIT" Payment problems and shipping should be all fixed! Thank you guys for the heads up!Collapse )

hiii im new!

Hellloo! I've recently become a member of this lovely community :)
I'm gin and I hail from canada, land of the igloos. I adore umbreon and ampharos.

My hobbies include the art of spending lots of moneys at the pokemon center in japan ¦D

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Here's my little army of umbreons so far :D a big thank you to a certain member of this community for getting them for me ♡

I'm also on the lookout for a reasonably priced umbreon canvas plushie! Lemme know if you have one for sale please :D

Sprite art frames - any interest?

Hello all - long time no see! I'm much more of a lurker these days but still collect Pokedolls!


My husband and I have been producing art frames based on sprites for friends recently, and I wondered if there would be any interest in them here. The sprites are 3D printed to give them depth, then hand painted and set against a 2D background and framed :) This Charizard is our most recent one:


There are some more examples under the cut :)


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If people were interested we could take commissions for them - I've got sales permission and can do any Pokemon sprite/background combination. Price wise they would be $35 each without shipping (although we may be able to look into doing a slightly cheaper version without glass in the frame).


Let me know what you think! :)



Show me your Furrets!

I would love to see what Furret merchandise anyone has for sale right now! I would like to get a gift for my brother. His Ferret Fiz, passed away last night and I would like to try to cheer him up a bit with a gift. So if anyone has anything related to Furret please let me know :) I am defiantly interested in the most recent Poketime merch and the new MPC as well.
Fennel&amp;Juniper// &lt;3

Pokemon Petit Backpack! <3

I have eagerly been waiting my backpack to get here, and it did today!! Many, many thanks to allinia for doing pick ups for them!!

I thought I would do a little review of mine so others will have a better idea of how big they are.

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Overall, I could not be happier with this. It is one of my favorite items in my collection, and even better, I can take it with me everywhere!!! Some spots are a lighter color, so I do worry about it getting dirty, but since it's a canvas material it will probably clean up just fine without much effort. I can't wait to get more charms and things to decorate it with. I wish there were more zippers on it for that, but oh well XD; Plenty of room for pins and stuff though.

Not to mention, I love that no two are exactly alike. Every pattern on them is different! They all have the same pokemon and pattern of course, but the pattern is spread differently on all of them. I highly recommend it <3

Collection update & legitimacy check!

I'm here to update you all on my Pokedoll collection. It has grown quite a bit, and I'm sure you all would like to see! I think since last time, I've acquired 7 more Pokedolls (plus a Substitute), which you can all see under the cut below. The last picture includes the shiny Ditto I caught two days ago as filler.

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I'm also here to show you some pictures of a Munchlax Pokedoll I have ordered off of eBay. This seller is located in Washington and had stated that they have a connection with a distributor of the Pokemon Center kiosks. I was skeptical, but decided to go ahead and see what would happen because it was less than ordering from! I think it looks pretty real to me, but let me know what you guys think.

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*Umbreon and Piplup came from neeko48
*Shinx came from kongorn
*Substitute came from helloskitty
*Litwick and Celebi came from the Pokemon Center kiosk at Northgate Mall
*Treecko came from the Pokemon Center kiosk at Southcenter Mall
*All other Pokedolls came from various trusted sources
Aegi love &lt;3
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It is time!!! Honedge line collection!

Hello there guys!
There is one thing I have been waiting for really long...


...and that is finally showing off my absolute favourite line from Generation 6, which is Honedge line! After being able to find so many items and having to wait for my items to arrive to me, here it is finally!

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Also, I need help with this and translate something:

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That is all from me, thank you so very much for taking a look at my collection! It's actually thanks to this community that I could expand my collection this much, so thank you so very much! <33

i want pink, pink and more pink!

 just a couple of wants for today, if anybody has any of these for sale please let me know!
Shipping would be to the UK

i havent had any new mew merch since its petit mew plush was released so I'd love to get one of these guys
bowling pin mew

pokemon center mew plush

lickylicky pokedoll, audino pokedoll, cresselia pokedoll and corsola pokedoll

download (22)download (24)
images (7)download (17)

Last Chance Plush Sales!

Hi all! I'll be moving for graduate school in a couple weeks and unfortunately most of my collection will be staying here. That being said I won't be having another sales for quite some time so if you see something you want snap it up now because there isn't going to be another chance anytime soon. I feel the items are priced to move, but haggling will be accepted.

Biodew28 sales policies:
-Granted sales permission by entirelycliched on 7/27/13
-I ship from UT, USA
-International Buyers: Must pay difference between USA and international shipping
-Paypal buyers only
-Feel free to haggle, but don’t be offended if I decline your offer
-Please pay within 24hrs of commitment
-First person to commit has priority on the item
-Tag protection upon request
-I am not responsible for an item after it has left my hands at the post office
-My house does have cats. They don’t touch my collection, but those with severe allergies be warned.

The Items:

Gallade UFO MWT: $22 Shipped
Politoed Jakks MWT: $26 Shipped
Snivy PBP MWT + Keychain: $9 Shipped
Helioptile PC Plush MWT: $14 Shipped
Froakie Tomy Plush MWT: $12 Shipped

Charizard Cuddle Pillow Tush Tag Only: $35 Shipped

Thanks for your interest!
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new XL accessories for november

I found some upcoming 3DS XL accessories on rakuten so i thought i'd post them!

Larger images under the cut!

Collapse )

i'm not 100% sure but i believe the release date is in November.

I am looking for Blastoise plush + figures. My cousin is turning 10, he is currently obsessed with pokemon and he always tells me that he generally loves water type starters (specifically Blastoise and Greninja) so i would love to get a plush for him and possibly figures.
Some things though: item must be in good to MINT condition (tags, boxes not needed), and i'd prefer the seller to be in the US.
I'd also be interested in getting some cheap pokemon cards for him in BULK only. (Please don't include energies and trainers!)
If you guys could help me out i'd really appreciate it!

Finally, needlehimer I STILL NEED FINALLY PAYMENT FROM YOU FOR FLYGONS LOT GA. please contact me as soon as possible so i can get this GA over with :(

New merch

So I bought some Figures from dezi_kitsune and They came in a couple of days ago but I havent gotten time to post it xD


[The Figures!]
Of course I had to get these! I mean how could I not!? UGH so cute!
Here's a picture of them all together!


I'm Pretty sure she gave me a few freebies cause i dont remember wanting these many pikachus
So Thank you Dezi! They are cute C:
She also gave me a stamp! i didnt know they had to different sides till I kept playing with it

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Some gets :D

Hee my animal plush pile grew a bit this week :D

The Osaka Anniversary Pikachu was in the lot with the additional legendaries, oh gosh it's such a great big nice quality Pikachu ahhh I love it........ XD~ But debating whether to keep him or not.

Some day I will organize my Weebly legendaries page much better, right now it's just a hodgepodge of random pics XD;

I did end up with a pretty big haul of gets this week, including a whole ton of Pichu items like this music box and mystery action TOMY figure:

Anybody have more information about these? I found this video of the music box playing that matches the one I have. And even though I can read Japanese, I couldn't really figure out the Pichu after reading the instructions lol. But it's really cute.

Once again my Wants list has been updated a bit and I've added a ton of items for trade while I'm at it!! Please check it out :D

PKMN Custom Keychain Commissions + New product!

Hi! I'm back for the first sales post of this month! I have the big goal to clear all the current commissions before the end of this month, including any who may come up now! Then feel free to check out what I have to offer!

I make custom keychains of ANY pokemon or ANY character of ANY franchise of your choice, including original characters of your own! The sky is the limit! Every custom keychain is unique and won't ever be duplicated as I offer the original sketches to the buyer, in another words, your commission is guaranteed to be an unique example!

I have three variation of keychains to suggest:
(all the photos are from past commissions to serve as example!)

1) Regular Keychain:


- Cheapest variation!
- Simple and small design, ideal for chibis.
- The buyer can pick between 2 optional sketches as models.
- Those 2 original sketches of the keychain are a free offer, delivered within the package!
Price per keychain: 12 USD (plus 3 USD for shipping fees)
SHIPPING OFFER: If you order 3 or more regular keychains, the shipping fee is reduced to 2 USD each!

2) Sturdy Keychain:


- Dynamic and creative poses!
- Sturdy wooden base, good for personal use!
- Slightly bigger model so allows more details!
- The buyer can pick between 3 optional sketches as models.
- Those 3 original sketches of the keychain are a free offer, delivered within the package!
Price per keychain: 20.5 USD (plus 3 USD for shipping fees)
SHIPPING OFFER: If you order 3 or more sturdy keychains, the shipping fee is reduced to 2 USD each!

3) Double Team Keychain:


- It includes 2 characters at once!
- Sturdy wooden base, good for personal use!
- Pretty detailed, even more than the sturdy keychains!
- The buyer can pick between 3 optional sketches as models, all very detailed!
- Those 3 original sketches of the keychain are a free offer, delivered within the package!
Price per keychain: 29.5 USD (plus 3 USD for shipping fees)
SHIPPING OFFER: IF you order 2 or more double team keychains, the shipping fee IS ON THE HOUSE!


So far I made keychains but in near future I will offer other kind of goods, still as custom and sometimes, as limited editions of special themes! Meanwhile I have something brand new to suggest all buyers:

3D Illustration!

As the name suggests, it's an illustration which works as a kind of sculpture! It uses the same materials as the keychain, except the base is not wood but a sturdy sponge. It includes a small structure to allow the illustration stand firmly without the need of laying against a wall! Just as the keychains, it's open for ANY character of your choice!


- It's A5 sized, roughly 210 x 148 mm (8.27 x 5.83 inches)
- Bigger sizes can be suggested, feel free to ask!
- It can conclude one or two characters as above demonstrated, or even more, like a full team!
- The buyer gets one sketch but it's in real size, and is free to suggest the pose exactly as visioned and can ask for changes until be completely satisfied! The same sketch is offer for free within the package.
1 character: 35 USD (plus 5 USD for shipping fees)
2 characters: 42.5 USD (plus 5 USD for shipping fees)
Extra character: + 7 USD each

I received sales permission on 12 January 2013 by entirelycliched
Feedback page goes here!

And that's all! Feel free to place your orders! ;)