August 21st, 2014

new eeveelutions

Partial Collection Update, GRAIL and Updated Sales from Japan!

Hey guys! I am super excited because I got a package from FromJapan the other day and got more Vulpix/Ninetales goodies! Yay! Now I am waiting to get some more Delcatty goods in my next batch as well.


I do not believe I showed my grail I got the other day! I haven't seen one being sold nor really in anyone's collection but maybe one member and all of a sudden it pops up on storenvy and I almost died! If who sold me the grail is apart of the comm and sees this, I'd like to thank you so so much!! You have made me the happiest person in the world!!

Beautiful, clear Espeon Kid!!  Ahhhhhh!! (Feel free to use any of my images for your personal wants lists btw!)

I thought I would never own this!! Still can't believe it!


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More goods from Japan means more sales for awesome things I get in the lots! I have loaded my store with about 40-50 more items! I've got stampers, full color stadium figures, kids and more!! Come check it out! Most things are $1- $3 each

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"Where has chocolate_chip been the last few days?" you almost certainly haven't been asking yourself. Well, I've been here!

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All in all, it was a ridiculously fun event that must have involved a massive amount of collaboration between Nintendo and local civic authorities and businesses. Unfortunately, noticeably absent were the Pikachu goods which were supposed to have been created for the event. I know that at least some of the goods were made available at Pokémon Centers before the event, so they may have sold out before the event even started. It's yet another in a recent series of demand being severely underestimated. Hopefully they'll be restocked, because I want those ears!
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Looking for a 3-ring binder or 2 :)

So I recently decided to go ahead and do something with the large amount of Pokemon cards I had. I decided to make myself a pokedex from cards :) I have the Eevee collections 3-ring binder that I am currently using and so far it looks like it's only going to fit Kanto and Johto. Therefore I'm on the hunt for another 3-ring binder (or two). I found some pictures of binders that I may be interested in buying. Let me know if you have any of the following and are selling them or you know of other 3-ring binders (besides the Kalos starters one).

To make this less boring, here's a preview of some incoming gets :>
1_zps0520e0d2 - Copy

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Wants List

My last wants post was super successful (well, for my and my siblings collections, not so much my wallet!) so I'm hoping to have similar luck with this slightly more specific one.

I'm looking for Jigglypuff with microphone items. I recently missed out on one in a sales post (was way too late to that post!) and I'm hoping someone else might be selling either that kid figure or a similar item (if they make other items with Jigglypuff with a microphone).

Additionally, I'd be super interested in any in case diorama figures (although if the clear case is missing that wouldn't bother me), mystery dungeon playset houses, and small (preferably inexpensive but willing to look at prices) items from the following: togepi, cleffa, squirtle line, charmander, eevee/ eeveelutions, pachirisu, vulpix, growlithe line, mew, psyduck, and chikorita. Also looking for a Vulpix friends plush and a Cleffa terrycloth plush (as my little sister wandered off with the other one I bought here). Priority right now, however, is Jigglypuff with microphone (unless someone happens to have the elusive Espeon and Umbreon promotion teacup or charm for sale; can always hope!) Thanks!
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New additions + Show off my plushies

So today the mailman sure made me a happy camper, I got 2 packages in the mail both from the UK, what could they have been... Well I'm going unveil the secret after the cut ;)

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Then I also felt like it would be fun to show off my collection this far :)
I'll put that under a cut aswell just because I like big pictures and opening a cut just seems like unpacking something and I enjoy that very much (Anyone else have that?)

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I hope you guys like my post and if I messed it up also tell me so I can edit it and do it better next time!
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Charmander Plush Weeding Sales, and a few other plush.

Sales permission granted by allinia on 4/5/14
Please do not ask for a quote since items are listed shipped.
I come from a smoke free home.

_All community rules will apply_

I accept Paypal only
Prices include shipping and paypal fees and are in USD.
Once you are committed please pay within 24 hours or item will be put back for sale.
I do accept reasonable haggling, but no trades at this time. Don't be upset if I decline your offer.
I will leave negative feedback, if you back out of a sale once committed.
First to commit will get priority over those just inquiring.

I ship from Oahu, HI via USPS
I will try to reuse packaging. Please let me know beforehand if this is an issue.
I won't be responsible for lost mail, once the item leaves my hands. I will try my best to help in the situation. If you want tracking or anything else please ask.
I can be a slow shipper sometimes. It just really depends on my work schedule for that week. Please take this into consideration!

ONLY US BUYERS AT THIS TIME. ADD 1 dollar if you want a Tracking number.

[Sales Here]
Note: I will try to identify each plush as best as possible/as much as I know about them.
For exact plush condition, please inquire. Some are used and came from lots, etc. More pictures upon request.
Everything is from Left to Right

Mirage? Similar to Tomy Fuzzy Plush (Tush Tag Faded/ Shredding)
Tomy Fuzzy Charmander (Tush Tag) 12$ Shipped
Charmander Canvas Legit (Tush Tag - Detached Hang Tag) Tail Flame is a little loved on one side 18$ Shipped
Charmander MPC XY (MWT) 15$ Shipped
Top Insight Plush Keychain (Tush Tag) 12$ Shipped

Hasbro Charmander (Tush Tag) 12$ Shipped
Charmander Petit Plush (MWT) 15$ Shipped
Banpresto Small UFO Charmander (MWT)
Charmander Bandai Friends (Tush Tag) 10$ Shipped
Charmander Reversible (Tush Tag) 8$ Shipped
Charmander Bandai Friends (Tush Tag) 10$ Shipped
Tiny Banpresto Keychain Plush (Tush Tag) 8$ Shipped

Banpresto Prize B Charmander (MIB) 22$ Shipped
Charmander Mini Purse/Keychain? 15$ Shipped
Media Link Charmander (MIP) 15$ Shipped
Small PBP Charmander (Both Tags) 12$ Shipped
Old Banpresto Charmander (Tush Tag) 14$ Shipped

McDonald's Light Up Charmander 2001 (Tush Tag) 20$ Shipped
McDonald's Non Light Up Charmander *Rarer Version 2002 (Tush Tag) 30$ Shipped
Banpresto Terry Cloth Charmander (MWT) 18$ Shipped
XY Pokemon Center Charmander (MWT) 23$ Shipped
Banpresto Charmander 2004 (MWT) 22$ Shipped

Banpresto UFO Charmander (MWT)
Old Banpresto Charmander 1998 Used (Tush Tag) 12$ Shipped
Big Headed Banpresto Charmander (Tush Tag) 22$ Shipped
Taffetta Charmander (MWT) 20$ Shipped
Yawarakai Banpresto plush (MWT) 22$ Shipped

Green Eyed Charmander (Tush Tag) 12$ Shipped
Charmander Bath Buddy (Tush Tag) 15$ Shipped
Pokemon Center Charmander Hand Puppet (Both Tags) 45$ OBO Shipped

Mystery Dungeon Pre-Order Only Pokemon Center Charmander *no bandana (Tush Tag) 60$ Shipped OBO
Toy Factory Charmander * a little dirty (Tush tag) 9$ Shipped
Lying Charmander Banpresto (MWT) 30$ Shipped

Charmander Backpack (Tush Tag)
Tomy Charmander (MIP) 26$ Shipped

Croagunk Pokedoll 20$ Shipped
Snover Pokedoll *tag has minor creases (MWT)
Ambipom Pokedoll (No Tags) 25$ Shipped

Looking for Pokedolls!

Hey everyone. I am back from my trip to the USA and I have some money left to spend. So I am looking for a whole bunch of Pokedolls. If you do have any of those and are willing to sell please let me know. Please note that I am from Austria so I would prefer if you could include the shipping costs in your offers.

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Thanks for reading and have a nice day!

Charrrrrific Gets Post!

Hello all! Hope everyone is enjoying the last few weeks of summer!
I recently got soooo many packages of figures and plushies from literally all over in the past month or so! I'm really friggin happy that my Char-line collection is growing faster than I expected since I joined the comm xD

Anyways, ON TO THE GETS :D

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Ash and Serena
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Reminder! + XY Uno cards, Diancie and Sylveon/Genesect movie flats etc sales!

Hello there again!
First, I wanted to remind you of my over 400 cheap items for sale, I still have a bunch of them left:

Please CLICK HERE or the banner to go to the sales!

The package from yesterday I have been waiting for didn't only include some things for my collection, but also a bunch of extra items I didn't need. The UNO deck I have gotten had Honedge on it, but it has a bunch of XY Pokemon on it and Mega evolutions too! So I wanted to offer these to the community! Otherwise I have gotten a bunch of extra pan stickers, Amada stickers with some very nice and unique poses and of course Diancie movie merchandise, like extra clearfile and pencil boards with all XY Pokemon, sticker sheets and of course, some extra non flats, like kids, Movie figures and others!

(LJ is not acting nice and makes the picture look blurry for some reason)

Please read my rules before you decide to buy!

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That is all from me, thank you for looking! <3

3 boxes of stuff for sale!

Many many things for sale. So many things. Omg.
50 plush! 35 stamps! 65 Kids! Many figures! Around 225 Amada stickers! Metal figures! & MORE! Something from every gen!
I put the names of everything (except the stamps) so you can search. You may have to search for multiple instances, since one character might show up in different places.

Little preview of select items.

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First Lot Gets Post

After promising splash that I'd post about my first lot get, here it is! Woot woot! ^3^

The lot actually arrived last Thursday, but I was too lazy to post about it then, so I'm posting about it now. XD Click the cut to see the unwrapping of all my new goodies. It's pretty image-heavy, so... You have been warned!

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Thanks for reading! :D

Everything is two dollars + New items!

Warning- doing college classes so I will have delayed responses and I will have to pick some more supplies Also no international people. Sorry!
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everything in this post is 2 dollars plus shipping till aug 25! More pictures under the cut!

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