August 23rd, 2014

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2 Year Anniversary + Collection Update + Gets + Art Trade Reminder

Hi PKMNcollectors!

As you can probably tell from the title, today is a very special day for me, it's my two year Anniversary on the comm! Yay! Therefore, this is gonna be a long post. XD
Seeing as I missed my first year anniversary, today's is extra special!
So first, I guess I'll do a reintroduction.

My name's Megan and I'm from the United Kingdom. I collect Growlithe and Arcanine, and the Eeveelutions as my main collections whilst my side collections consist of anything that catches my eye. I'm a writer in my free time (school takes up a lot of that haha) and also have a love for art and music. Especially My Chemical Romance who I am still mourning over
I've loved pokemon ever since I was around 5-6 years old and was introduced to it thanks to my older brother. My first game was Pokemon Red and it has become a childhood favorite of mine since then. (Fire trainer forever~)

To start off with, I'll begin with my recent gets:

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Aaand that's it for gets! :D
Now, let's move on to the good stuff. Collection update time!

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Also, just as a reminder, I am still accepting art trades! I absolutely adore every and all custom art of my beloved Growly line so I'm always after some new pieces! I'm also after any Growlithe and Arcanine mercandise! Here's the link to my original page where you can find examples of my work :D I hope we can work something out!

Thank you for reading! I hope to carry on making friends on this community and buying some more pokemon merchandise! :)

Offers and sales reminder

Hi guys!

I'm finally done with my examinations~ :D Anyway, here's a reminder for my offers and sales post.
All (but one) doesn't have a bid yet. D:
I've lowered the offer prices~ I may consider lower offers as well but please do not expect like a $5 discount or something.
I've reduced the price of the sales items too!

Free tracking for orders above $30~
Click on any picture to be transported! :D

Vulpix PD

Re-Introduction, Collection Update, and Sales!

Hi my fellow collectors! Some of you know me by now, some of you may not. Anyway, I have been a member of the community now for over a year and my collection has grown exponentially since joining. =) It has been great! I love you folks. You're all made of awesome. I love chatting with you and seeing your awesome collections.

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I updated my sales with some lower prices. I lowered the minimum purchase to $2 and I now accept haggling on orders of multiple items for items in my sales post!

Also majority of my sales will now only be available through my Storenvy account:
I will combine shipping, please place your order through storenvy first and then let me know what you want to be shipped with your order!

Long Time No Post! Gets/Collection Update And An Audino Want! :3

It's been a busy summer for this Chu. I've been getting new things, and lurking the community as usual, but i haven't had any time to actually make a post!

I've gotten so many new things lately, that i decided to just go through, reorganize my entire collection, and add all the newbies in. C:

First, here is a photo of a pika statue and i at Nintendo World NYC!
I went a couple weeks ago, and they didn't have very much at all. I expected to get a whole list of things and only ended up with chesnaught and quilladin. A little disappointing, but this pika statue was there and he never fails to bring a smile! :D

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Thank you all for looking! <3 :D
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Grail Sales! Absol I<3Gothic, Goomy Pokecen, Lucario Full Art, Banpresto Postcards, Etc!

Hey everyone! It's me again! So I recently won a huge grail off of Noppin and the opposing bidders ran me up to my very limit. So that means I need to do some sales and collection weeding to compensate! XD I've got A LOT of really cool stuff for sale below the cut including an Absol I <3 Gothic plush, a Goomy Pokecen Pluch, a Furious Fists Full Art Lucario, a Holo Slurpuff Promo, a few Reverse Holo Furious Fists cards, Banpresto Attack Postcards, and a few Type Focus Promotional Items! Sales Rules and lots of pictures below the cut;

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Also I have a shipping update! Anyone who has bought something either in my Postcard auction, Card Sales, or Type Focus sales; your package will be shipped out Monday! I've got everything together to send these packages out! Also anybody who buys something from this sales post before midnight on Sunday will also be shipped out on Monday!

Thanks for looking at my sales everyone! It really means a lot to me! I'll be back soon with a collection update, a photostory of a super freaking awesome package from my good friend, and finally my grail gets post when it comes in! Have a wonderful day everyone!

Looking For!: Glaceon Canvas!

Hey guys! I'm looking for a bit of an out of the ordinary thing (for me anyway) here today to gift my friend as a very belated birthday gift! And as you can probably guess by the title, it's a Glaceon Canvas plush! I'm looking for it to be MWT, and IDEALLY around $80 with shipping (to 85295)??? Of course, I do have a bit of wiggle room here as far as price goes, I'm not really the most familiar with Eeveelution merch, I'm not going to lie.

I'd really like to purchase this bugger off the comm, I'd rather my money to go to one of you guys. So let's see what you guys have got!


Thank you for reading~!

Mini wants <3

Hello again!

Today I'm on the hunt to complete a set of mine.


I have Mini Squirtle and Bulbasaur, and now to complete my set, I'm looking to buy a Mini Charmander Pokedoll!

(I cannot remember who posted this image originally, but credit goes to them, since I need this as a ref. I'll remove it if they ask.)

In a minor note, I'm also looking to buy a Mini Mudkip Pokedoll as well <3 (Image from bevisfreak)



SALES AGAIN :added a few items~ ^-^

Hello everyone so I have some items up for sale.
All items will be shipped out on Tuesday if you are buying up till then~

If you feel an item(s) is too much let me know and I will haggle, just ask! (:

I was granted sales permission by: entirelycliched on 8/7/2013.
My feedback is located: HERE

and without further ado, lets go to the rules:
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Now onto the small sales~
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tags exposure to sun?

just a quick question here, but has anyone ever had problems with tags fading from sunlight (like through windows of course)? i've had posters ruined that way before, and im just concerned about if i should be worried about that with my pokedolls in long term, since i've moved them into a spot where they'd probably get a lot of it.

are there tag protectors at all that can help prevent that and not cause any other damage at all that anyone knows of?? thanks!
pokemon: mamo POKEDOLL

Spooky Party stuff on Sunyshore!

Hi guys! Spooky Party is on Sunyshore!

Also, Sunyshore will be doing pick ups for the light up Pumpkaboo Lamp!

They are $55 ea. with $22 shipping. The lamp can be combined with Spooky Party stuff. Payment will be due when the lamps have been secured, which means they may be picked up past the September 6th release date.
Check out Sunyshore's store info for all the essential info!

Just leave a comment if you want to be added to the list!
Striked out people have paid!

1. puyro
2. midnitesilven
3. tagami_yami
4. nicolarbear
5. vulpeslagopus
6. twinseeds
7. lovelychu

8. shinyvaporeonn
9. evilashi
10. fabledkizmet
11. tewzi
12. pkmnmaster1


Thanks guys! :3
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Info on New Years cushions?

Does anybody know how much these cushions retailed for? I know they were only available on New Years Day, so I assume they're rare? Does anybody have more info? I tried Google, but I can't find anything. Thank you! :3

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Ponyta Plush

At the beginning of the summer, I learned how to knit a pony. After successfully playing around with the pattern a few times and making five ponies of varying size and a lion... I of course went the nerdy route.

Since I don't really have anyone that appreciates this IRL, I thought people here might like to see my labor of love.

Here's the Ponyta I knitted. She's about 10" tall or so, and is stuffed pleasantly enough that she can even stand on her hind legs.

I had a lot of fun making this Ponyta, and just wanted to share with people who might also enjoy looking at her. Thanks for looking! ^^