August 25th, 2014


New electric-type Qwertee shirt!

I hope this kind of post is okay, though I think it is. it was someone else posting a cool Umbreon shirt here way back (that I still love to bits) that introduced me to Qwertee in the first place!

They're putting up some new Pokemon tees now, and this one's electric themed! Thought it might interest fans of the Pikachu line and the others? There's a Charmander/Charizard one too, but I like this one a lot. It's kind of different from most of the Pokemon tees they've had previously, mainly by having pokemon other than the first 151 on it for a change. :D

Hot Topic Gets

So as I heard on the community Hot Topic is now carrying the Tomy Eeveelution plushes. I had to go to 2 stores to find any. The first didn't have them go figure, but sure enough the 2nd store which is in a not so good mall saved the day and they had them. They were out of Leafeon, Glaceon & Sylveon, but the other 5 were there, So I splurged and bought them all. They are very well made plush and my favorites of what Tomy US has put out so far. I'm so glad I am not stuck with the bootleg sets from China & Hong Kong that are all over ebay. They have a good home now.

Robin and Batgirl

GA Lost

Hey all.

Just wanted to update you, the Hoenn Pokedoll GA was lost. :( Even with baconscreation's higher claim on Spheal, it went way over the combined bids. There's just a lot of competition for those dolls sadly!

I'm still accepting offers on my Christmas mug until Thursday!

Also! I have a few wanted items. :)

(*) Cyndaquil, Quilava, and Totodile Chibi Figure Stampers.

(*) Noctowl and Umbreon Stampers.

(*) Dex Charms for: Weezing set, Noctowl Set, and Sentret Set

(*) All the Vulpix things I'm always looking for. :)

Not really my gets, ebay adventure

Hello everyone!

You know those terror stories of eBay sellers accidentally shipping the wrong package to you... well... it's happened! XD
Last week I won this cool lot, the seller sent it accordingly... until the seller listed another lot with the same photos as mine (thanks to agui_chan for seeing it). So I sent them a PM asking whether those were duplicates or... you know... my plushes; and it turned out those were my plushes! They sent me a different lot (which was won by someone else) and today it reached my place (while mine is currently flying here XD; ).

I'll be shipping it to the rightful owner once the seller provides me with the address (seller just provided the address), in the cut below you can check the pictures of the lot (I had to open it anyways to remove weight so the seller won't have to sell a leg to pay for the shipping). I asked the seller to ask the owner if they're comm members, so if it's one of you (someone in Cumming, GA) don't worry about your plushes, they're safe and they'll get to you soon... they are just taking a short vacation in Spain XD

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Thanks for reading! On the next update... you'll get to see my rightful eBay lot gets XD
Porygon-Z by trainer_irene

Collection Update/Reintroduction (It's been a while!)

Hi, everyone! While I haven't made a non-sales related post on this community in a while, I am still very much into collecting Pokémon and whatnot. I've just had several other things over the last couple of years that have really prevented me from taking the time to organize/photograph all my collections. That being said, this post consists of a collection update as well as a small introduction about myself! As I said, many newer members may not know me for anything other than kids and Zukan sales, so I'd like to change that. Enjoy!

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Since I'm off to college in a month, I've already packed away my collections in boxes :( (safely and securely though!). Before I did, however, I took all of these pictures. Please enjoy!

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Thanks for looking! Sorry if it ended up being way too long, but it's been a while since I've done one of these.

In the next few weeks, as I get ready to move out for college, I'm going to be posting a *huge* sales post of all of my leftover inventory from sales posts (as in, my kids/zukan/plush/more runs) from the last couple of years. I will be making lots of price cuts, so please stay tuned and look out for that next week.

Thanks for reading my collection updates, and have a good week!
  • pkmnvet

Mega charizard X keychain?

Hello all :) I collect pokemon center mega charizard X & Y plushes and key chains/charms. Just a quick question....

This type of clear keychain, does it come in mega charizard Y as well? I have never seen any photos of it but just wondering since they have mega charizard X.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

  • herar

collection site is a go! plus want things!

I have had a collection site for a while now - though it was incredibly boring looking and really outdated. I finally managed to re-photograph my Groudon collection as well as my photo my new collections and I think it's -mostly- complete now.

So without further ado!

Welcome to Sootopolis City!

edit: Link changed. I'm not sure if i'm having problems with my domain so it's just a weebly for now i guess :(

Named for my beloved Hoenn (Favorite city as well as the player's meeting place for Groudon in Ruby) *^*

I am still in the process of adding item info for my Groudon items (might take a while - i have 250 items now!) and making it look a -bit- better but it's mostly all right for now.

(Also I have added a 'links' page, if anyone would like me to add their site banner/link please let me know, i'd love to be connected to other sites ^w^)

Aaaaaaaand finally, I am looking for things on my wants list as well as anything NOT on my wants list I don't have of the pokemon i collect. Seriously, I will take anything that has any of my collections on it. even custom items (i love customs pleasethankyou <3)
I am mostly looking for Pokedoll figures and charms atm ;u;

(PS - All items from my sales have been shipped. If you bought something from me or participated in a GA or something PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF YOU NEED FEEDBACK. I am super lazy about this so please leave a link so I know to get to you asap!

Diancie Movie Sticker Sheet Auctions

Greetings, fellow collectors! Today I'm auctioning off 22 sticker sheets featuring characters from the newest Pokémon movie, Diancie and the Cocoon of Destruction, and its short film, Pikachu, What Key is This?

Each sticker sheet starts at $1. I ship worldwide!

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raichu, vulpix

Shelving Help!

Hi everyone! I hope everybody's Monday went well. I recently got some new shelves for my Pokes and I'm super happy! I just realized there was one small problem. When I get more pokedolls or plush in, I will have to put new plush in front of the old ones. If I do that, the old plush won't be able to be seen. Is there any way to fix that? Thanks! There are pictures of what I'm talking about under the cut. Also, here's the link to my wants list. I only have about $14 to spend right now, but I should be getting more money soon. Please let me know if you have any of these items and maybe we can work something out!
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Thanks so much for reading everyone!