August 26th, 2014

Fake cinccino??

I'm adding to my collection, but I need some help. Is this a fake cinccino? The real pokedoll seems to have the fur off to the side not down the middle. Does anyone know why they would look so similar? The one with the fur going down the middle also has no tag in the picture on the website it is being sold on. I also need help distinguishing between these two clipping figures. The one I think is fake seems to not be painted correctly. Any help is greatly appreciated. Also, if you are selling any of these I am looking to buy, thanks!

cin (fake?)clipp(fake?)
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Halloween promotion POKÉMON Spooky Party 9/6 Full item line up with pictures

So as someone had posted the Halloween promo has been announced to be released for 9/6 - The Pokemon website now has some new pictures up online for us!

Click the cut to see all the new photographed merch or the banner to be transported to the Pokemon website  for the original pictures and descriptions!

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Pumpkaboos adorable face could break hearts ;-;

Trade me your Pokemon games?

Hello everyone so I will be getting a Nintendo 3ds soon and will be in need of some games, haha.
I am looking for:
-Pokemon HeartGold
-Pokemon Soulsilver
-Pokemon X
Oh and I would like the american version of it.

I was granted sales permission by: entirelycliched on 8/7/2013.
My feedback is located: HERE
I would like the game itself to be in great condition, I'm fine if they are only cartridge.
If you would like a little cash along with a plush please let me know as well~

I can offer items located in my sales post from before located: HERE
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Pokkén Tournament Announcement / Discussion

What is this?! Pokkén Tournament?! That's right! Now you can kick butt and chew bubblegum as your favorite Pokemon! What little information we have right now is it's a fighting game similar to Tekken. It will most likely show up in arcades first in Japan before getting ported to a console (though we can only hope it gets a port asap for all of us outside Japan).

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Young Justice Robin

Vulpix Collection Photos

I took better pictures of my entire Vulpix collection (except TCG, which I'm still working on, haha!) the other day, and thought I'd share! :) I have all the images under the cut for easy viewing, but you can also view them in the Photobucket album. I put some descriptions in the Photobucket.

Also, here's a question for the community: I just found out the Vulpix was featured on the Christmas 2012 Pokemon Center art (the one with Keldeo) and the Pokemon Little Tales art! O_O I can't believe I missed those. I've decided to just get the clear file for each one, so I have something inexpensive for the collection that features the artwork. I also only got 2 of the pass case/wallets from another promotion earlier this summer, even though Vulpix was on a third type of holder, as well. I figure it's the same art, and I don't really have the same "hardcore" mentality as I do the individual plush or figures. How do you collect items that feature your favorite Pokemon when they're part of art that may be on many items? o.o

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Looking for some customs!

Hello everyone :3
I´m just looking for custom jewelry and accessories like earrings or bracelets but I would also be interested in purses, phonecases, shirts or others like that with a specific design I like. For jewelry I only like the pokemon as a metalcharm (I mean no pearler sprites or laminated paper please).

I wonder if there is anyone who could make such customs for me? Would be happy to see some examples from you!

My location is germany (please no monster-shippingcosts! :-o)

Thanks so much for your help! <3 ^^

And here is a cute pic of Raichu: xD


Guardians of the Pokeman!

This week... I bring you some MARVEL ACTION with GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY and POKEMON!
For those just joining me, I am DUCKO your POKEMON BLOCK HEAD :)
Almost done collecting and building my MEGA BLOK collection; THANKS COMMUNITY! Still missing some, but have hope. Can't wait to make more post with my collection!
I do have many extra BLOCKS, so if you are collecting too - maybe I can help, trade or work something out. Hoping to get sales permission to sale to you all too. LOVE THE COMMUNITY!

Check out more pictures after the jump:
Careful for spoilers if you have not seen the Guardian of the Galaxy movie

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Thank you for looking :)

As always; looking for some POKEMON MEGA BLOK GRAILS; please help if you know or have :)
Collection here:
pika cap2

Small sales

Greetings all well I have a payment to make so I have a few items up for sell and offers so come check em out

Paypal only
I ship from the US
I can hold up to 48 hours but can hold longer if needed

Sales permission granted by denkimouse in 09

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Latest gets! Two mini-collections completed + so many Kyogres + more!

Hello everyone! I figured I'd post my latest gets since I've been gathering up lots of stuff.

But before the gets, I would like to show you a custom piggy that I got from remderosier:
2014-08-14 12.57.33
She made him as a partial trade for a 1:1 Zigzagoon plush I made for her, and he's so huge! Since he was too big to fit my small shelves I decided to tie him to my plush net next to the rest of the piggies. She also sent me the white Grumpig sticker you can see at the top right of the picture :D

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And that's all my gets so far! I'm waiting for something from a GA and also another FromJapan shipment, so I'll update soon.
Meanwhile, I made a small to-trade list since I already have the required 10 feedback, so if somebody has something from my wants list let me know.

Thank you for reading!
Sylveon Shiny Pokedoll

~Sylveon Collection Update and Custom Holy Grail~

Hey all! It's finally time for a very special collection update! I've been waiting for this package for quite some time now. Too bad for me, I had to wait a little longer since it arrived while I was out of town for vacation. I just got back from New York where I visited the Nintendo Store and then onward to Florida to have a fun trip to Disney World. I decided to stop by the Japan Epcot store for Poke-Goods. I've been out of commission for two weeks. I have a lot of PMs and comments to go through. So my apologies in advance to everyone waiting on me! I'm slowly getting to everyone. Feel free to get back to me here too. I know a lot of my messages got pushed down my inbox.

Anyway, Come check out my newest Sylveon gets along with a special custom holy grail of mine! What's in the box?! WHATS IN THE BOX!?!!!!

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Next up! A grail of all holy grails!!! Here's a hint. This has been on my list since Sylveon was announced and even before that if you consider the artist!

So, today (actually a couple weeks ago since I got home after it arrived at my doorstep) I got the greatest package EVER! I still can't believe it. I really cant.  Just.....LOOK!!!!

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That's all I have for now, next post will be a Hawlucha update and a group photo of all my customs thus far. Just waiting on a couple to get to me. Thanks so much to everyone who decided to read this whole post. XD You are a brave soul to get through all my ramblings.

I also have a few Sylveon/Hawlucha wants over on my collection website. I'm looking for anything Hawlucha right now. Be it flats, movie merch or Furious Fist merchandise. I'll take em'. Let me know if you have anything that isn't pictured. I'm also still on the search for the last remaining Sylveon items. The list is getting smaller but I know there is more out there! Give me a comment!


I frequently update my site so please give it a look.

Till next time!

Animeraro order question and wants

I was hoping someone could help me out.
I ordered (well technically pre-ordered) the MPC Charizard plush and the Banpresto movie froakie plush from I went on YahooJapan this morning and saw a bunch of MPC Chars and the froakie plush as well, but on Anime Raro is says that froakie's pre order was for August and Charizard's was for September. I assumed that's when they would be released. Since august is almost over, I thought that anime raro would have sent out the movie plushies already.
I haven't received any info on these guys since the day I ordered them and got the confirmation on my payment processing. I was wondering if anyone else ordered these (or something else from the same line) and has any info on this.

Also, I made a permanent wants post on my Journal, which is here so check it out if you like :3

Thanks in advance for all the help, everyone!!

Sales and Trades


Hello, I have updated my sales below:
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I would also like to trade cards if anyone is up for it. Here is a list of what I am looking for: These are not in any kind of order. I should mention that I don't card about holo vs. nonholo vs. reverse holo when it comes to cards I want. : ) Holo is just an added bonus for me.

I mostly have common/uncommon/rares for trade (see sales above) but let me know what you are looking for and I can delve into my binder and see if I would be willing to trade it (I have many many more cards there!). : ) 
Natsume Yuujinchou - Nyanko-sensei Roly
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Gets + Obscure gets - identification help! XD

First, a happy little personal get :D Kuji Charizard pen holder. It really functions as a pen holder, even with the pen being so much taller than the figure! XD;

I've got a few extras of these up for trade~

I had some pretty interesting gets from a recent lot I'll share more about later, but I was wondering if I could get any help identifying these! XD
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Perler Sprite Sales

Hi guys! I haven't posted perler sprite sales since June, so I think now is a good time :3 These are my regular sales, not the 5 dollars for a team sales!

I'm almost done with my June 1st perler sales, I literally have a few people left. I've been slow on updates, but I'll try to get everything uploaded this week for the people who commented there <3

Anyway, here's the link:

Please comment there if you're interested ^^ I'll start on them within two weeks.

Also, two things! If I'm currently in the middle of a conversation with you, I'll reply tomorrow (the internet in my hotel is very iffy and I don't want to write a long thing only to lose it xD). Second, I'll be shipping off things this week if you bought from me!

And here are just a few pics for examples, there are more on the post-

Thanks <3