August 28th, 2014

Helping a few friends out.

Hey guys.  I have some friends who have been searching for a couple pokemon items.  I decided to be awesome and try to get them some gifts.  I really would like to stay on the cheaper side, but price isn't that huge of an issue.  I am looking for a Charmander plush [any sort.  He just wants a regular size range charmander plush], and I am looking for any other cool charmander or lucario collectables.  My friend wasn't too sure what he wanted for his newly budding collection, but he seemed interested in some of the figures, plush, and pins that I had showed him.  He doesn't really like too small of things though.  I am thinking about getting him the Lucario Figuarts, but wanted to see if I could find anything here that was better.  Thanks for helping me be an awesome friend guys!
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Panda Collection Update, and panda wants

I've been meaning to put all of my pandas back into formation for a long time (I took them all down to make room for a new rat cage, but then the next day found a new spot for them. >.>), and I've been meaning to post here too 'cause I feel bad being such a lurker. ;; this summer has unfortunately been full of just... family issues, sickness, etc. for me, so I haven't been into too much of anything, let alone collecting Pokemon...

But I'm pretty happy with how my pandas look now :) and wanted to share! They have a surprising amount of merchandise so far, compared to some other Pokemon. I'm pretty proud of my collection. I'm missing obscure items here and there still though, which I'll list later...

My latest get was the Dark Hammer deck box... I have no interest in the cards besides the Pangoro "broken ice holo" promo card, I basically just bought it for the OMGGORGEOUS ARTWORK OF PANGORO LOOKING LIKE AN ABSOLUTE BOSS. Can't believe I paid $15 at WalMart for, essentially, a BOX. lol


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+ Pancham flat plastic "figures", there was a green one and a black one. (there was someone selling a bunch of these a while back but they were way too expensive with the shipping for me, there were ones made of sparkly plastic of different gen 6 pkmn and etc... no idea what to call 'em really...)

What's new: Latest gets and collection update

Hello everyone!
I've had some great new items arrive in the mail during the last weeks :D
And since I've finally found the time to take photos of everything, here we go!

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I also took my time to arrange things a bit. And I'd like to show how my Rattata/Ratticate, Mew, Rayquaza and Salamence collections have grown since I entered this community :3 Of course, they're not really big yet, but I love everything I found.

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Grand Opening of My Store, Storenvy Hype, Possible Workaround for Shipping Small Items at Low Cost

After many all nighters and extremely painful math problems, I'm so proud to finally have my small Pokemon goods store running. ಥ_ಥ Like some others, I decided to move everything to Storenvy for a more organized and easier way to do sales. After spending almost A WEEK fiddling around with Storenvy, it has its pros and cons. (the worse part is ogre now)

But before I give you a run down of some stuff and a rather obvious(but risky and annoying) way to ship multiple small items (keychains,charms) that I somehow didn't realize, here's the banner to my store. The mascot is a gijinka Gothorita! I actually can't draw Pokemon, ftl. I felt it was appropriate since Gothorita has many bows and the store's name is Mystery Gift. Gifts=bows, haha. This was my second time coloring something in Photoshop.


regular gengar I was granted sales permission on 6/11/14 by allinia.
My feedback is here:

I can ship erryday. Oh yeah, I do ship internationally.

Some of the highlights are a Top Insight Munchlax plush, detailed keychains, and various MiP figurines. It is mostly small things but they are in mint condition. Almost the whole store is also "search" friendly. I think I fixed the issue with checking out through Paypal; if anyone has issues, let me know asap and the item will be put on hold for you if you like.

The only thing I was not able to put into my store was this N and Darumaka figure.

Storenvy is not very good when it comes to Priority Mail unless you use flat rate boxes or can afford to set a flat shipping rate... but I will get to that later.

I am throwing this MiB guy here for $17 before shipping and fees. Shipping will vary depending on your location as it is over 13 ounces;inquire for a quote. I also offer to pay half the blasted Paypal fees.Sold.

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That's most of the stuff that I really liked or just plain aggravated me. Setting up a Storenvy takes TIME and effort if you want a bit of customization. Also, pictures are extremely time consuming. I almost gave up but now I'm glad that it's set up all nicely and organized. I hope that run down helps you decide if you would be a good candidate to open up a Storenvy for your Pokemon sales. It is ultimately up to you.

Small sales, decent prices = Good to go.
Bigger sales, expensive prices = Maximum profit wise - Bad ; Don't mind losing a few cents or a buck - Good
Smaller sales, expensive prices = Good to go.

Small sales, cheap prices = Good as long as you can confidently say that your shipping rates will stay steady.
Big sales, cheap prices = You will have more control over shipping and maximizing profit leaving your sales here.

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There you go, informative walls of text. I hope this information was useful. Now that I have a steady place to put all my extra stuff for sale, I plan to work on my Flickr album to upload newer pics of my collection. Soon.™ I want my own site but that will come with time. I'm currently trying to fit 30 hours into a 24 hour day. xD If you have any questions about anything in my store, don't hesitate to reply here or contact me.

Quicksale and seeking items!

I was granted sales permission by on 8/8/12 by allinia. My feedback is here.
All pkmncollectors rules apply to my sales (ex: committing has priority over asking for a quote.)
All items come from a smoke-free home with a hypoallergenic dog, but all items are stored away.
I ship from the US and will ship internationally. I will be using the USPS online calculator for shipping prices. I also charge paypal fees.
Payment is due within 24 hours of invoice. Payment plans and delayed payments (holds) can be discussed.
I will keep proof of shipment, but I can not refund or replace mail that has been lost or damaged.

Hello~ I'm still selling my MWT walky mew tote! I'm lowering it to $25.

I'm also looking for the Sylveon MPC or Happy Party Time mascot plush! Preferably without tags and the condition doesn't matter because I'm going to put it on my purse. ;u;

Baby Plush?

Hey there, everyone! My current focus on Pokemon collections have been baby Pokemon. I already have plush of Togepi, Happiny, Pichu, Igglybuff, Bonsly, Mantyke, Azurill and Mime Jr. My payday is today and I like having one or two things arrive in the mail each fortnight (helps my mental health), so I've decided to take the opportunity to buy a couple of plush of baby Pokemon.

My main target is a Cleffa and Chingling, though any of the Pokemon I'm after would be a nice addition. I'm hoping to get one for under $20 before shipping and I live in Australia so, just to let you international sellers who prefer selling in your own countries for the moment.

Thank you.
Jynx Bubblebeam

Clear Kids Figure Auction & Straight Sales!

Hi everyone! It's me again! :D Sorry to be posting a lot lately but I've got a lot of school stuff starting up so I wanna get some sales up before I have to go into hardcore study mode. Today I am bringing you some Fabulous, Rare Clear Kids Figures up for auction and some other more common ones for straight sale! I've got some really cool ones in here like Kecleon, Rapidash, Sableye, an attacking Altria, and many more! I've also got a couple Clipping Figures, Banpresto Postcards, a Full Art Furious Fist Lucario and Korrina, a Goomy Pokecen Plush, and some Type Focus items that keep lingering in my room at some really low prices. Anyway all the rules and pictures are below the cut: (Very image heavy!)

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Thanks for looking! Please do not comment until I get all of the threads up! All threads are up! Bid away! Good luck!~ :D

Eeveelution Canvas fakes Confirmation?

Just a note before we start: I dont believe i was conned by the seller we had long talks before agreeing on a deal and they generally believed they are all to be real and got them off yahoo japan bit by bit.

Hey everyone, i come today to seek poke knowledge preferably from those that know they have 100% legitimate eeveelution canvas aka got them themselves in japan ect.. So i had a package arrive saturday and while i was super excited as after a long payment plan i finally got my grails.  Though tonight i have actually had some time to really look at them, some i believe are legitimate..others i have a feeling are fake and Vaporeon im 100% sure is fake due tot he tail position that or the stitch has been cut out to open the tail fins. But this will eat at me if i dont get conformation so please wise people HELP MEEEEEEEEEE. Also on the back of all their tush tags is  K0209 which makes me more suspicious they could all be fake? to save on the images i have only taken one picture of this side and its on umbreon but the rest are the same.

Thanks for looking.

p.s This will be image heavy!

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I got some gets (+ I'm not dead!)

Hello everyone! I know I've been missing since around X-mas and I'm sorry for that. (To put it simply: OMG! So much personal issue!) I've really missed the community in general, so I decided it was time to come back.

I'm gonna just post all my new stuff (even though most of it was X-mas/B-day stuff). I know that some of this stuff was bought from comm members and I'm not sure if I've given all of them feedback. If I did forget to give anyone feedback, please give me a heads up.

Warning: Pic Heavy

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Ok, before I return to lurker mode, a few questions. I'd like to know if any of the items here are bootlegs, especially the TOMYs. I plan on getting legit versions of them if any of them are bootlegs. Also, does anyone have a spare flame charge thing for the right wing (Look at the pic of the wings to see what I'm talking about) of the Hasbro Moltres. I was lucky to track this one down and it's missing it's right flame charge thing. I normally wouldn't care, but the wings look funky without them. Also, I checked and only the charge for that wing will work. I checked using the charge I have.

Lastly, I'm not used to posting on here anymore, so if I did something wrong, give me a heads up.

Klefki Keyring (+ general question)

Hello everyone! I have a question about the Klefki keyring (if you don't know what I'm talking about! it'll be pictured below in a cut). Is it just a solid ring or does it come apart, so you'll be able to attach it to a belt loop? I've been wanting to get one for my keys, but I'm not sure that I'd be able to actually utilize it unless it comes apart.


Am I allowed to ask about eBay stores on here as far as it's legitimacy? I understand that I can't advertise them or myself (unless I have sales permission). I've been finding various stores that I'd like to get things from, but I'm afraid the things they sell might not be real.