August 31st, 2014

Urgent question: 3 Kutakuta-type collections?

Hey guys,

As far as I'm aware, there's two Kutakuta-type collections- the original 2001 one:

63703_original 2

And the terrycloth button beanies:
232681_600 2

But I recently found a few plushies that look similar in style and material to them, that are supposedly from 2008:
I believe there might also be a Cyndaquil in this 2008 collection as well.

I'm not entirely sure about the Glaceon and whether it's the same towel material, but the Totodile is definitely a beanie made of terrycloth. However it's definitely different from the 2001 Kutakuta Totodile because the spikes on its back are made of a stiff material vs. the original Kutakuta whose spikes were made of terrycloth.

At first I thought it might have been a bootleg, but turns out they're legit, so I'm very confused!

Can anybody enlighten me? If anyone knows the "official" name for the 2008 collection, or what other pokemon are in this collection, I'd love to hear from you.

Also if there are yet more Kutakuta-type collections that I haven't mentioned here, please let me know! I'm crazy about them lol.
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Horsey gets, help ID'ing and my wanted list ^^


I'm a tad late on posting the gets as they arrived earlier this week thanks to the kind at_the_porno and another late post on my new pkmntime ds case I bought from regen right after my last DS met a horrible fate at the hands of the floor leaving it in ruins and me to buy a new one now determined it needed some extra protection =)

Next to my ovbious love for the foxlike pokemon I have a hughe weakspot for horselike pokemon, especially now my own horse suddenly died at the start of august =( I've been filling the void a bit by treating myself to some cute plushies and that's where these cuties came in. So not to make this a whole sad post let's CUT to the chase (sorry about that horrible pun)

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Another question for you guys who know stuff a whole lot better than me, is this a play by play Sandshrew or something else? it has no tags so that's no help at all I guess but I took some pictures that hope help...

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I've also started to put together a wants list, if anyone happens to have any of this and is willing to part with it let me know. I'm located in Belgium and I know shipping isn't cheap so that isn't an issue but I'd prefer ths smalls like figures as a bunch to save on shipping a bit :)


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Thanks for reading!
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Gets and Wants

First of all, hooray! I've pretty much completed my charizard Pokémon time collection! All I needed was the candy tin, and after over a year of searching for one for sale by itself, one finally popped up on eBay for a decent price - in fact it was newly listed and deciding to check was a completely random decision so super lucky for me :D

Here is a picture of everything + charizard pokedoll stuff

Now on to my wants, I would love to do a trade or partial trade if possible:

- 2013 movie banpresto vaporeon UFO plush
- 2010 charizard pokedoll
- heliolisk pokedex charm
- AEON archen can badge

To see the items I have for trade, click here

hello everyone, new member!

hello, my name is brett! I just joined this community yesterday. I'm 26 years old and I'm secretly somewhat of a nerd lol. I used to be into Pokemon when I was younger and first bought pokemon yellow and collected a few pokemon cards.. I have always loved slowpoke, so he's got to be my favourite. my other favorites are snorlax, arcanine, and ditto [first gen ftw! ] I play the older games every now and then for nostalgic purposes and bought Pokemon Y a few weeks ago. I just recently got into pokemon merchandise after looking up slowpoke plushys on google. I found this site through there! my 'collection' is very small - here is a picture..

so far I only have games. but i am hoping to collect a more with the help of this community !

its nice to meet everyone!

(p.s. i'm new to live journal, so i'm sorry if there is an error in this post!)

Handmade Keychains + 3D Ilustrations + New product and offer!

Hi! I'm here to grant the second and last sales post for this month with the usual keychain offers plus some new features for past buyers in special! This is the last time I will give main focus to this custom keychains, starting next month I will grant brand new merchandising with OmegaRuby/AlphaSapphire as theme!

So meanwhile:

I make custom keychains, which can be of any characters as you would like! Such as:
- Any pokemon, characters from any different franchise (digimon, attack on Titan, Kingdom Hearts, Super Mario, Sailor Moon, ect, any!) and Original characters of your own!

For each keychain the buyer has the following rights:
- To add accessories or clothing.
- To suggest a theme or particular poses.
- To alter the sketch with minor modifications like head's position or so.

Now to the keychains themselves! There's now 4 variations, one brand new! Please pick the one of your liking and name a character! The following examples are the orders I worked for this month!

1) Regular keychains


- Cheapest variation!
- Simple and small design, ideal for chibis.
- The buyer can pick between 2 optional sketches as models.
- Those 2 original sketches of the keychain are a free offer, delivered within the package!
Price per keychain: 12 USD (plus 3 USD for shipping fees)
SHIPPING OFFER: If you order 3 or more regular keychains, the shipping fee is reduced to 2 USD each!

2) Sturdy keychains


- Dynamic and creative poses!
- Sturdy wooden base, good for personal use!
- Slightly bigger model so allows more details!
- The buyer can pick between 3 optional sketches as models.
- Those 3 original sketches of the keychain are a free offer, delivered within the package!
Price per keychain: 20.5 USD (plus 3 USD for shipping fees)
SHIPPING OFFER: If you order 3 or more sturdy keychains, the shipping fee is reduced to 2 USD each!

3) Double Team keychains

- It includes 2 characters at once!
- Sturdy wooden base, good for personal use!
- Pretty detailed, even more than the sturdy keychains!
- The buyer can pick between 3 optional sketches as models, all very detailed!
- Those 3 original sketches of the keychain are a free offer, delivered within the package!
Price per keychain: 29.5 USD (plus 3 USD for shipping fees)
SHIPPING OFFER: IF you order 2 or more double team keychains, the shipping fee IS ON THE HOUSE!

*NEW! 4) Forever Yours keychain

- It includes 2 characters, it's like the double team keychain except both characters are detachable from each the other, working together or as solo!
- Perfect to give to someone who lives far from you or simply as symbol of a bond with someone special!
- As it requires a complex design, the buyer can pick between 2 optional sketches with both work just fine!
- Those 2 original skeches of the keychain are a free offer, delivered within the package!
Price per keychain: 29.5 USD (together are like a double team but separated as in the size of a regular)

3D Illustration!

As the name suggests, it's an illustration which works as a kind of sculpture! It uses the same materials as the keychain, except the base is not wood but a sturdy sponge. It includes a small structure to allow the illustration stand firmly without the need of laying against a wall! Just as the keychains, it's open for ANY character of your choice!

- It's A5 sized, roughly 210 x 148 mm (8.27 x 5.83 inches)
- Bigger sizes can be suggested, feel free to ask!
- It can conclude one or two characters as above demonstrated, or even more, like a full team!
- The buyer gets one sketch but it's in real size, and is free to suggest the pose exactly as visioned and can ask for changes until be completely satisfied! The same sketch is offer for free within the package.
1 character: 35 USD (plus 5 USD for shipping fees)
2 characters: 42.5 USD (plus 5 USD for shipping fees)
Extra character: + 7 USD each

I received sales permission on 12 January 2013 by entirelycliched
Feedback page goes here!

*SPECIAL OFFER!* Buyers who ordered a keychain from me in the past, if place a new order now, get FREE SHIPPING if buy 2 or more keychains!!! (I remember everyone!)

And that's all! Feel free to place your orders! ;)

Reintroduction and whatever

Sup. I made an intro thread or somefin a whole ago, I think it was a few years ago or some shit. I honestly do not give enough of a shit to go read it and I'm sure it was terrible anyway. But whatever.

I'm Neosquid, and I am a Pokeholic. Firstly, I am rather obsessed with the games. I started with Pokemon Gold and have been a fan since, I know a lot about competitive Pokemon but I hardly ever play it because Karenism, among other things. My favorite Pokemon is Sableye, followed closely by stuff such as Sharpedo, Diggersby, Stunfisk, Gourgest, Diancie, Omastar, Hydreigon, Swalot, Mawile, Magcargo and etc.

I am also obsessed with Pokemon merchandise, which should really be no fucking surprise considering I have an account here and am bothering to post this re-introduction thread. In particular I'm a fan of plushies (I have somefin like 75 atm), but I collect other stuff too, like figures.

If you post/lurk on the Bulbagarden Forums you might recognize me as the most fabulous moderator there. I have a thread on said forums where I have my entire collection posted. Here it is, if you wish to view said collection:

If I said I would be active in my last intro thread, then I was lying or somefin, but my interest in merch has been picking up and I think I will actually try to be at least somewhat active on here.

Recent gets ! Tomy figures for trade reminder

Hey guys just wanted to show my new gets ! I am missing the mega blastoise figure and mega charizard x. Unfortunaky my toyrus around me never have stock so this is all I was able to find! );


Reminder: I am trading my pokemon cards for some of my wants + I am willing to trade pokemon figures (tomys) for cards of my wants as well check below for want post and trade post :)

Want list:
Tcg for trade:
Figures for trade:

<3 <3

Tomy Figures Auctions

This is my first auction so if I made any mistakes, please let me know :)

I have some rare Tomy figures that are looking for a new home.
All are 100% authentic. I checked them.

Nidoran female starts at $14
Nidorina starts at $15
Nidoqueen starts at $50
Nidoran male starts at $14
Nidorino starts at $40
Nidoking starts at $3
Lanturn starts at $25
Porygon2 starts at $25
Mightyena starts at $50
Beautifly starts at $30

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I decided to make a want list and share it with everyone in hopes of finding my wants! So if anyone knows where I can buy these plush or are selling them, themselves I'd love to know!!! :)
I should add that I only buy MWT and I like the Japan plushies better then the American ones. I live in Canada so everything will most likely be international shipping but I'm ok with that!

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Little update and one question!

Hi community!

I'm sorry about not posting my collection, but school starts soon and I'm back home in a week. And I've got A LOT to update! I'm visiting my boyfriend for four weeks and came here with like three plushes and will leave with more than... 15? :D I hope the little cuties don't get hurt on my way back home. D: Oh, btw: when I'm back home some new friends are waiting for me, too! a.e. an UFO Roserade plush from 2010 <3 or the Pansage Doll I bought from iconraven (thanks again! :3) So yeah, it'll be a BIG update.

And the question... I'm planning on collecting some ghosts, especially the Pumpkaboo line and Banette. Unfortunately the I<3Gothic Banette from eBay I bought more than a month ago got lost during shipping, I assume. I got full refund, so I don't worry, but my absolute grail has to wait. ;_; So my question is: Is there someone here who feels like selling his I<3Gothic Banette plush? It should be in good condition, not MWT if that's not possible, but the fabric should be fine. I would pay around 50$ including shipping since that's the price I had to pay on eBay, but only for one in very good shape.

// edit: same thing with the Rotom-Wash Pokedoll please! Any offer would be great :)

Happy collecting and thanks helping me (and Banette) out! :)

Smash Bros./ Pokemon merchandise update

I wanted to post this sometime, but had a bunch of stuff going on right now since college is going to start by the end of August.  Right now I'm living in Southern California so I'm able to go to a lot of events that Nintendo has hosted for the last several months like Smash Bros. Invitational, Smash-fest at Best Buy and Nintendo at Comic-Con.  During the events they gave away free stuff and some of them are Pokemon related!Collapse )
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