September 1st, 2014

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US ORAS Pre-Order Bonus from Toy-R-Us (in store only) Charizard Plush!

Hey everyone! I haven't seen mention of this anywhere yet in the community so I thought I would bring it up. Apparently it was announced a few days ago that if you Pre-Order Omega Ruby AND Alpha Sapphire (you need to pre-order both for this bonus) you will get a bonus of a Charizard Plush (valued at $22.99)! There was no picture provided in the ad. I'm really excited for this! All I got for my X&Y was the stinking poster, and Gamestop didn't even give me the timeline. What do you all think? Are you going to order both? And why Charizard? Its curious! I was going to anyways so this is perfect! You get the plush when you pick up your copies of the games, not before apparently, so you need to go to a physical store. It's not an online promotion which kinda stinks.

Here is a pokebeach link talking about it:

Wants List

First of all, I'd like to thank the PkmnCollectors community for helping my collection grow--I would not have the collection I have today without you. (I should do a collection update one of these days…at least for my Litwicks…)

Anway, I have finally compiled a wants list and posted it in my journal:

I am currently mostly looking for Litwick line items and Subway Masters items.

Thanks and happy collecting to everyone!
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Looking for wings

Hello all.

First I would like to say thank you for the few members on instagram who convinced me to join.

Now to my search. I have a clear Jakk Latias and Latios. I am looking for the wings for them. The Latias I just need the left and the Latios I need both. Does anyone know where I could find these wings?


introduction + some gets!

hello fellow collectors! it's nice to meet everyone. my name is shan, but you can also call me triple if you'd like. i've been collecting pokemon since...well, since i was a little kid mostly, but i started seriously collecting plushes again in 2012! i have a lot of different plushes in general, but i also have quite the sizable pokemon collection. not as big as some of your's obviously, but i decided to stop lurking and start talking to the wonderful people here!

anyhow, i live near seattle (and also near the pokemon center machine in south center mall!), but i plan on moving to california someday. in fact, one of my friends from down there suggested i join a few months ago, the awesome slothyshroom! her collections blew me away, and still do.

i collect plushes of all sorts of pokemon, but my top favorites are goomy, ditto, raichu, oshawott, pumpkaboo, drifloon, and many others. i hope to have a really nice goomy collection someday, once they release more products. here's hoping!

anyway, let me show you guys some gets i snagged recently, and then my whole collection! if you want to cheat and see what i have early, here's the pokemon section of my collection site!

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as a side note, i do have a wants page on my site, but the one want i am currently seeking is a frost rotom pokedoll. if there's any way you guys can help, let me know! thank you in advance, and i'm glad to meet all of you!
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A small get and something I'm looking for !

Hello everyone !

I received my first Pokedoll today ! It's a Sylveon one ! I must say I'm very surprised about its quality, it's really soft and great. But I tought it was going to be much bigger. Let's just hope she won't be covered in cat hair on her first day at home. ;^;


Here she is, bothering my Paris Pokecen Braixen by standing on her head, along with the grumpy Reshiram who gave up trying to remove the cat hair on himself and the Hurr Durr European Fennekin.

Also, I'm looking for a Standing Sylveon Plush ! The one I was about to buy was taken to someone else, and the others on Ebay are pretty pricey... Do you know any website who sells them ? Or do you sell one ? I'll ask my father if I can buy on the community. They can be American or Japanese, without or with hang tag, but one with the tush tag remaining would be better. ( I believe American ones were sold in toy stores... France, Y U NO SELL POKEMON STUFF ? )

Thank you !



Hello everybody, I hope you are doing well! <3 Today I am after a few things. :)

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Any help with these is very appreciated! I cannot use Noppin at the moment because my mum wont let me purchase from there...yet. The joys of being a young collector. :'D If you have any other Absol things for sale, feel free to drop a comment- I may be interested. ^^ Thanks so much!
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Quick TCG auctions

Hi community,
I have a couple of Japanese TCG's to auction off!

I was granted sales permission on 4/5/14 by allinia. and my feedback is

sale rules:

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Each card will be auctioned off separately and not in pairs so if you want the whole art piece then you have to bid for both....

photo 2-1 copy

Each card will start @ 2 dollars!
AND this auction will end September 7th 2014 at 11:00 PM Pacific Time!

thank you!!!