September 2nd, 2014

Wanted Pokemon Game

I am trying to find a copy of pokemon yellow, fire red, or emerald. As of right now I can only buy one of them that's in decent working condition. If i have to change the batteries thats fine, but I prefer one that already has had or still has a good battery.

New Charizard plush and cool card pulls

Luck must have been by my side recently. I was searching for the Charizard pillow plush for a long time, but whenever it turned up somewhere, I was either to slow or it was too expensive. So when I saw this Charizard (in perfect condition!) for just 10€, I freaked.
He’s awesome :3 The wings are attached to the arms so they can't hang down. Here he is:


He came together with a Dragonite pillow plush that I already have. Time for a group photo! Though I don’t plan on keeping the new Dragonite which is the one on the right side.


In my opinion, Charizard is the better cuddle pillow because it's broader than the Dragonites. Charizard can also stand easily on his own when you lean him against the wall. The Dragonites have some problems there because their tails are in the way. Also, there are no poles in the wings and horns of the Charizard plush so there's no danger of harming those. Did anybody experience it differently?

Also found some older tcg booster packs in a local store. Bought three different ones, this is what I liked best of what I pulled:

P1180657 P1180658

That Espeon… so beautiful XD I’m mostly keen on the artwork on tcg cards, so I’m no expert… Does that silver star mean it’s rarer than cards with black stars?

Have a good day everybody!

Collection pics!!

I finally received all my Pokemon stuff in the mail! here's some pics under the cut! Or click on the name of this post... The pictures look better that way.
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Currently working on my wants list. It's not going to be the biggest due to my Digimon side XD
Thanks for looking!

Intro post

Hello:D Long time lurker, first time poster here. My name is Jess, or just ChibiTigre, and I've been collecting since I was like 6 and pokemon red first came out:D I only just started seriously collecting (mostly pokedolls atm) this year since I actually have the money to afford them now. My collection is small at the moment but slowly growing!

A bit about me: I'm 23 years old and live in Australia. I'm an amateur plushie maker and I'm currently studying for my Bachelor of Science in Animal Science at uni:)

My favourite pokemon is Zoroark and Noivern but I also like dragon pokemon and the Chandelure line.

My biggest want at the moment would have to be a japanese zorua and zoroark pokedoll:D

Here are some images of my current collection so far. (Hopefully I did the cut thing right on the journal entry, I've never done this beforeXD)

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wants post

with hang tag
im looking for

Japanese foongus pokedoll(highest)
piplup pokedoll(high)
Togepi Pokedoll(high)
magikarp pokedoll(medium) or any thing magikarp
cresselia pokedoll(medium)
giant gold magikarp(medium)

LF Co-host (GA)

Hello! Somebody posted this a little bit ago but never ended up GAing this. I was wondering if anybody would like to co-host this GA with me? I'd be comfortable doing threads - I'm probably not qualified yet for shipping part. Let me know through PM or a comment if you'd be interested! As you can see, it has some pretty nice stuff like a MWT raichu pokedoll, a subbie, a pikachu plush, and 2012 eevee collection goodies. :)

It still has a few days on it, so we still have a good shot at it! :D

Also I got a ton of stuff over the summer and haven't done a collection update in a while, so I'll be posting one of those soon since I have a ton of stuff still coming in. :'3c Still searching for an authentic eevee pokedoll (does not have to be MWT or new, it can also be any year and any version, USA or not)!

Thank you!

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New flat sales!

Hello, today i bring you some flats from yahoo japan lot. If you have any interest in these or questions, please comment below! We can discuss prices! Because i have no clue how these should be priced.
There are more items under the cut!!

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if anyone likes any of my sales from previous sales posts let me know because soon i will be putting all of these on ebay or something

Thank you for reading!

Clear out sales NOW CLOSED!

Ok so ive started to expand my collections and instead of collection just two pokemon im now collecting five and trainer N as well as some other randome stuff. my bank account is suffering and i have decided if i want to buy more pokemon stuff i have to sell some stuff first so i have been super crule on myself and decided to get rid of most of my stuff other than the few pokemon i collect (ok that a bit of a lie, im keeping a lot of non-related pokemon stuff but i have been tough on myself)
I will except trades of most jirachi, bellossom,vivillon,chattot, falbee or N items or cutoms (love cutoms).
Im unsure on prices so im leaving this for offers i will leave a coment at the bottom and you can leave your corasponing offers there (like an auction) I will leave ALL items open for offers until there are no more offers for at least 24 hours
Ok so on to the sales

photo 10Scan 10photo 15photo 13
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Auction Reminder/Continued Weeding + Newly Added items to sales post!

Just a reminder that my auctions for my super rare pokedolls are still going on until this thursday!
Auctions include 8 RARE DX POKEDOLLS and some regular rare pokedolls including a very rare black and white tagged shadow lugia pokedoll ! and 2 RARE PLUSHPLUSH Click the picture to be transported!


Newly added items in my sales!

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Also, I have a huge flats sales! 99% of stickers are under $1!
Click for flats

Also, I will be shipping out items after auction ends in batches. Batches will be according to who paid first, so you can still combine items to your current package! Thank you for being patient :)

final notice: I'm looking for eeveez I pm'ed you twice >__< please get back to me asap!

DX plush?

Anyone have a dx Turtwig doll? or a japanese turtwig pokedoll? For the pokedoll I'm looking to spend around 10 dollars plus shipping, but we if not, plz still tell! I may be able to work something out. for dx I'm thinking around 20 dollars with shipping? thx guys! (Also looking for chimchar and piplup japanese pokedolls, but turtwig's my number one since he was my first starter)

Also, I want the first release specifically (which I believe is 2006, but I could be wrong)

edit: I don't mind american releases as long as they're minky...idk if they are

Site Renaming + Recent Get!

Hi everyone! ^^ I just wanted to announce that I've renamed my shopping site to Pik N' Chus! I am still working on the front page and blog portions, but you can go ahead and check out the shopping section! I've added items like the Worlds 2014 Pikachu plush, Pokemon Time Plush, Gen 1 starter evo pokedolls, and more!

Click the image to go to the shopping section!~

(Sales permission granted on March 2nd, 2012 by entirelycliched. My feedback can be viewed here.)

I am also trying to update as much of my collection site as possible within this week before I start school. You can look at the progress so far, but please note that there are still a lot of blanks and info/images missing. (Will my site ever be up-to-date with my collection? The world may never know...)

Click on the little banner to go to my collection site! I have a links page, so if anyone would like to trade links, I would be more than happy to list your collection site on mine! :)

Anddd one fun little get, with good 'ol Chubs! I've wanted this pokedoll for a really long time, so I thought that it should have its own gets post. <3

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That's all for today! Thank you everyone for reading <3

September: Art Commissions

Hi! I'm back on september with new art commissions! I'm making a few Pokemon Time Bookmarks lately so if you want any of the ones I made or some customs made just for you, just let me know and it will be a pleasure!! :D I have bookmarks, stickers and folders on this post but if you're interested on traditional art or non-pokemon, just ask me on my art commissions post!
You can follow me as always on Instagram or DeviantART

  • I made this designs and they were printed and laminated. On one side you have the Pokemon and, on the other side it's black. You can decide if you prefer them with a hole and a ribbon or without it. They are 12cm x 5.5cm.

  • I can make any Pokemon/Human/Non-Pokemon character

  • I can do them shiny/different colour/with items...

  • I can do a pattern background for the same price.

  • I can sell the designs I have already printed (if they aren't OOAK) for 4$ or reprint them for the same price!!

  • One regular character would be 5$ and you can choose if you want a ribbon or not

  • One complex character and/or OOAK + avatar would be 7$

  • If you want a pattern bookmark I can do it but it would be 8$ for three pokemon on the pattern

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I have some of the designs you can see on the preview made too so I can sell directly some of them for 1$ or I can sell 20 stickers for 8$ -you can have a custom of them and the others can be or copies of your custom or reprints of the ones I made.
They are 5x5 cm (like an amada).


And finally, I'm also open for traditional art, you can see for example my custom pokemon team! Or find more information and examples on my art commissions post HERE
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And of, course, you can combine anything with my sales post and I'm open for trades of my wants post!

Flat Custom Wants Post

Hey everyone! I got a little cash to spend, so I'm looking for an artist or two willing to do human OC's and other human characters.
If I bought from you before, please comment since I'll likely be wanting more xD
And I'm up for perler sprite trades as long as you don't mind waiting a bit, I have a few commissions I have to get through first <3 Here's a few examples of the kind of thing I'm looking for:

So yeah, please comment if you take commissions or have someone to recommend. Thank you x3