September 3rd, 2014

Item Question and Noppin Help!

Hey guys, I just purchased a pokemon center charm from noppin and I was wondering if anyone had any info about it. The seller said it was not sold in stores and came from 2009. I was too intrigued to pass it up and would like to know more about it.


Also, to anyone who has every used noppin before. I deposited 2000 yen when I first signed up and assumed that my first purchase would be taken out of that money. However, I bought something for 1987 yen recently from them and it all came out of my paypal. What happened to that money, can I use it or get it back from them? Also, about how long does it take the item to reach me. I tried digging around on there site, but couldn't find anything, and thought that people who have actually used this service would be a better source. Thanks for all of your help!
Porygon-Z by trainer_irene


Hey, everyone! As you may have read last week in my most recent collection update, I'm moving away to college in less than three weeks. I had originally intended to post my remaining sales items as individuals/small lots, but on Tuesday night, I just found out that I'm going to have the unexpected opportuinity to travel out of the country for a week, from September 6th-14th. As such, I will be losing a lot of my last few weeks at home, so I no longer have time to post my sales individually. After taking a full inventory last night, I realized just how massive my inventory is, so putting it up as one lot isn't what I'm doing. Now, let me say that I have *hundreds* of new-in-package items for sale that have been left over time after time from sales. I'm basically selling these for as cheap as I can. I've got 200+ kids, 150+ Zukan, and MORE, so take a look.

(Sales permission granted 2009 by denkimouse)

I've essentially broken down my sales into SIX (6) different lots. Let me preface the finer details by saying again that these lots are *HUGE*! Even when split up, each lot is massive. These are great candidates to be split up and sold individually eventually. As I said above, I very much wanted to sell these items individually (I actually quite like packing orders and whatnot! it's been a staple of my weekends for years, haha), but unfortunately, I just didn't have the time. For those of you who want to make a small investment and have more time than I do, I can assure you that these are great Pokemon items. Okay, sorry for the blabber...!


1. PayPal only, no eCheck. Depending on feedback, I'm willing to do payment plans under certain circumstances. Not responsible for duty fees.
2. I'll ship these lots anywhere, but anywhere outside of the USA will be a pretty large shipping cost. I'm willing to discount lots, though, so we can work this out.
3. Local pickup available if you happen to be near Los Angeles, CA, USA, but I'll ask for PayPal payment first (feedback is here).

Here are the lots (the picture shows basically all I have. click the cut for hyperlinks to the item lists and pricing, which is totally negociable; however, I will not split up the lots due to a lack of time/resources. price breaks for multiple lots/everything are also highly encouraged):

photo 1-17
photo 2-16

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I understand that these may not generate interest, and yes, I know eBay is a thing, but I really wanted to go to you guys first. So much of this stuff can be sold individually with adequate time, and it pains me that, at the moment, I can't be the one to find them new, loving homes. :( Whether you're interested in the lot(s) for personal enjoyment or eventually splitting them up, thanks for looking, and comment below to negociate/ask for a quote based on ZIP/country.

Thanks for tuning in, talk soon!
Alfred and Arthur.

ISO Kalos Badge Set

Hello everyone!

I've been away for a few months due to personal reasons but now I'm popping back in to ask the community for help.

I'm looking for a set of the official Kalos badges (the ones that come individually). I have Sylveon stuff for trade (including but not limited to the bus pass, the boston bag, the boston bag pouch, standing posable figure, etc. etc. just ask me if you're looking for something in particular!), or my ideal price would be $100 shipped, but since they're pretty rare I could probably go up to $125 shipped at most for the whole set of 8. The most I'm willing to pay for one is $15.

I'm particularly fond of Lumiose and Laverre but I'm really looking for the whole set!

Please help me!

A tiny find and fuzzy figures?

I've just got back from a long birthday weekend away, people waiting on glass paintings; i'm adding final touches and putting them all together asap have no fear! ;)

On my travels though I found some generic Pokemon toys, one of them stood out the most... or well hardly it was so difficult to find LOL.
It's a tiny tiny Glaceon. What on earth is this? It's really nicely made and painted, looks official for sure, but I've never seen one so tiny.
I'm just curious!

20140903_141348 20140903_141403

And secondly, FUZZY FIGURES!
(Google image)

I saw someones post recently with fuzzy figures in, some I had never seen before, and It got me thinking. Does anyone know if Zubat and Golbat were ever made? I have no idea the extent of how many Kento Pokemon were made for the Fuzzy Figures, any help on this would be super awesome 0: <3

Anyway bye for now :D
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Japanese Traditional Design Pins for Trade!

Hi, all! Today I'm looking to trade my spare Japanese Traditional Design pins! I am looking for the Venusaur pin in particular but also wouldn't mind Staryu, Ninetales and Ho-oh. The others I already have or am not interested in. Will entertain buy offers as well. Thanks!

You can click the pic for a bigger version to get a better look. All MIP. :D

FYI I'm in Australia so would be shipping to/from Aus. I'll ship anywhere. Pins will be shipped in a cardboard sleeve in an envelope (maybe small bubble mailer?) in order to fit in the "flat" postage category.

Long time no post! I promise I'll post a collection update soon. :V
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Eevee and Lucario plush collection~

Did a little re-organizing of my crowded bookshelf of eeveelus today so I took a shot of the majority of my Eevee plush and started up an Eevee page on my Weebly~ Some day I'll have the space to let these guys have... space instead of crowding into my bookshelf XD;;;

Mostly wanted to say LOL I love putting Greninja on the lying Eevee plush... It's such a perfect fit.

Also my much smaller Lucario plush collection. Haven't had time to organize the figures for these too as well, and also since I'm waiting for the Mega Shinka figure to ship over later down the line~

I am super hyped for Super Smash Brothers on 3DS, which comes out in Japan in less than 2 weeks!!! I'll be playing the Japanese version and also the US version when it comes out!

Still looking for things on my Wants list! :D I have lots of extra eeveelu and other things up for offer~
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September Weeding sales and collection update

Hello Everyone!

After a summertime of hiatus (due to my job at Disneyland Paris) I returned with some refreshed sales and a big collection update.

So first off the Weeding Sales.

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And nooww the collection update. Well I couldn't really much restrict myself from getting anything pokemon related, especially to the fact of having a pokemon center opening in Paris. :D

Bigger pic under the cut ^^

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  Thank you so much for reading :)

Jynx loves you!~

Clear Kids Figure Auction Reminder & Photostory!

Hello, hello, hello! How is everybody doin? Today I wanted to give you all a reminder that I'm running a auction for some pretty rare Clear Kids Figures and there is a little over 24 hours until its over! A lot of these guys don't have ANY bids on them and the rest are still at their starting bid! I've also got a bunch of more common clears and some other items for sale. Click the link below to be transported, there is also a preview pic of some that are pretty sought after with no bids:

ALSO! I made a Photostory of a package I got from my good friend Mimi, or as you probably know her, pkmnexcavation! We did a trade a while back and what I recieved was one of the coolest packages ever! Mimi makes the raddest youtube videos and because I can't do that I decided to do a long photostory to show everything! Click below the cut to view the photostory with your host Duchess the Jynx! :D WARNING: LOTS OF PICTURES BELOW THE CUT!
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That's all for today everyone! See ya soon!~
Kittay752~ <3