September 4th, 2014

Epcot Stock As Of Now

I went to Epcot today with my boyfriend. And I saw that Mitsukoshi's stock has changed since March.

PokeCenter single packs: Chingling, Munna & Pidove
Double packs: Pikachu VS Riolu, Piplup VS Meloetta (Aria), Cubchoo VS Emolga, Espeon VS Umbreon, Escavalier VS Accelgor, Chespin VS Wobbuffet, Fennekin VS Meowth, Froakie VS Eevee & Helioptile VS Vaporeon
Triple packs: Venusaur line, Charizard line, Raichu line, Chesnaught line, Delphox line & Greninja line
Quadruple packs: White Kyurem pack, Mewtwo pack (XY Version) & Venusaur pack
Clip N Carry PokeBall: Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, Fletchling, Gogoat, Inkay & Deoxys
Super Size figures: Deoxys, Mewtwo & Lucario
Catch N Return PokeBall: Flareon, Espeon, Umbreon, Helioptile & Bunnelby
Those new launcher things that Toys R Us has: Chespin, Fennekin & Froakie
RC Figures: Pikachu, Oshawott & Emolga
Legendary 2 packs: Pikachu & Xerneas & Pikachu & Yveltal
Vinyl figures: Xerneas & Yveltal
Trainer's Choice single: Pikachu, Charmander, Squirtle, Torchic & Snivy
Trainer's Choice Triple packs: Venusaur line, Meganium line, Sceptile line & Torterra line


Regular: Pikachu, Chespin, Fennekin, Froakie & Helioptile (which I bought)
Big: Pikachu (2 versions), Chespin, Froakie & TC Piplup
They also had the Pikachu plush that talks when you shake it.
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good night friends figures part 2?

Not sure if this news has been posted yet (if it has, or if there's any issue with me posting this here, please do let me know and I'll go ahead and delete this), but I recently came upon this sell sheet featuring what appears to be a second part of the Pokemon XY Good Night Friends figure collection, featuring the gen3 starters, Pikachu, Lucario, and Goomy.
If I'm reading it correctly, apparently this will be released late November?
The poses look adorable (I especially love Goomy here). Any thoughts?

Special Delivery Pikachu Payments-3 Left + XY MIP Zukan for Sale

Hey guys! Special Delivery Pikachu has arrived! I have 3 left!

He is $35 shipped International and $20 shipped US (slightly cheaper than buying direct from $20.11) Please take these 3 extras home!

1.nasija: Germany PAID & SHIPPED
2.chromapika: France--> paying the 10th-ish
3.mandamaeh: Germany PAID & SHIPPED
4.moonliteumbreon: Australia--> paying the 10th
5.sushirisu: Canada PAID & SHIPPED
6.dragonrider49: UK
7.jaydee93: Canada PAID & SHIPPED

Pika packaged up comes to 4.3 oz total so I have to round up to 5 :C that means his shipping is the $13 one *le sigh* Those who claimed slots, please send $35 to

I also have some leftover XY Zukan, the megas are $13 shipped and the Honedge line is $11 shipped (US prices only!)

Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire Pre-order Questions + Possible UK middleman needed!

Hi everyone! I know we are all pumped up for the released for the new Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, however, I am more excited about the bonuses from pre-ordering both copies of the game!!! I seen many people post about the UK pre-order bonuses with steel cases and figures.


Does anyone know if pre-ordering from Japan will also be receiving the steel cases? I know they are giving out these awesome figures as bonuses!!! Does anyone else know what other bonuses Japan will be receiving as well?

If it happens that Japan won't be getting the steel cases, can anyone middleman for me and pre-order both copies for me?


Thanks for looking!!! :D
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Huge GA with customs - Final payment!

Hey everyone! Sorry for the delay, the boxes arrived while I was out of town and it's been hectic since I got back.. And it took a lot longer than I thought to get everything ready!

But your final shipping totals are ready, so just check out the handy spreadsheet! The total you need to send is in the greyed column :3

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Is this legit? n-n"

EDIT: I guess shadow lugia here is a bootie ): Oh well, thanks everybody!
Hi everybody, recently I bought a pokedoll from somebody that was selling a ton of plushes they didn't want (many of them were Mario, etc.) but this little guy caught my eye for around $10. I like lugia a lot and I also like the DX Gale of Darkness series, so I decided to give it a go. He looks like he was in a home where he was picked up a lot since I notice some strands of fur and stuff - I guess he could use a bit of some TLC and maybe a little wash.. But anyways, I took some photos, I'm not really too good at knowing which pokedolls are bootlegs or not, but I was hoping if some community members who had Shadow Lugia could help me out by identifying if he's the real deal? n_n
photo 1

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EDIT: Searching for a CO-HOST!! Some new gets, some wants and looking for trade some pan stickers

Hello community! Today I'm here to show you some gets, do some trades and.... cry a bit. First of all the story... I bought an Arcanine Banpresto figure to a friend of mine on Spain and it should have arrived on two days but... it got lost.. I have been a month and I don't expect it will arrive... I paid tracking so I should get back at least a part of the money I paid but... well if someone have one for a fair price, please let me know... I know it is a LONG shot but I'm kinda depressed for that stuff.... You can see the photo here:
And if someone is selling a Meganium UFO for a cool price, please let me know (I was expecting something around 20 for him) :3 I'd love to get the three starters! ^^

Now, a lot of gets! I got the package with the GA I made with ballerbandgeek thank you very much!!! I took some photos of my Typhlosion and Dragonite UFOs with their bootleg brothers... And some pan stickers, DX plushies, electronic Heracross and A LOT MORE under the cut!!! :D
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I have some pan stickers that I'd like to trade, please!! If you want to trade them for something please let me know. I would prefer Politoed, Poochyena, Ninetales line, Luxray line, Growlithe line.... things but I'm open for other things! >.< You can click on them to see them bigger, please notice that some of them are broken or they can be on bad condition!

I also have a electronic Rhydon available (it came with Totodile and Heracross) so if someone would be interested on it, let me know but the shipping could be pretty pricey! It works and it's on great condition, you can see him over HERE on action
Finally! I'm still open for ART COMMISIONS over HERE so if you want anything, please let me know!


EDIT: Would someone be interested on do this GA with me? I need a bidder/shipper! I'd claim the Vulpix UFO!
You can see a Vulpix canvas, some walkys, the tuffy Eevee, Dialga, Riolu and a ton more!


Pokemon VS Holders - the GA!

I've gotten enough interest in the lot so here's a nice group auction for everyone!

These rare "Pokémon VS Holders" (basically charms on a keychain) from the Diamond and Pearl era could be yours!

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Please do not comment or bid until this is crossed out! Bid bid bid!

Furret plush

I bought a furret plush but he doesn't stand up because one of his legs is thin, weak and wobbly. Is this normal for the ball chain plush, or should I purchase a second plush? Does anyone have any for sale?

Thank you!


Birthday gets etc!


Yesterday was my 18th birthday, so I thought it'd be a good opportunity to post on the community and show you what I got (well, Pokemon related anyway). ;3;


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Also, I tried a new style of photographing my charms which I'd like your opinions on - instead of one high quality view on a clearfile background, they show four different angles and have various borders in relation to the charm. I would like to add a 'Customer Review' section to my journal as well, so if you're one of my customers I would be extremely grateful for a little review of your commission.

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Thanks for reading, enjoy some substitutes I recently made!
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Aaaaaaaand they're back!!

Have you guys watched the recent trailer for Pokemon OmegaRuby and AlphaSapphire? They didn't show anything new about the games but the last part really caught my attention!

It's something I have been longing to happen again! Pre-order bonus figures!! I'm not sure if this is by Kaiyodo but man am I so psyched!!

Here's the glorious pic!! (courtesy of

Not sure if this has been posted but if it was I apologize. Just too much excitement here. What do you guys think about them?
Robin and Batgirl

Looking for Shiny Roselia Kid

Anyone have or know where I might find a shiny Roselia kid figure for sale? :o She was the first shiny Pokemon I ever caught, so it would be fun to own the shiny kid!

All my eBay lots shipped out last week except a few straglers/ones that didn't pay right away, which will go out tomorrow, along with any recent (in the past week) community purchases from me. :) Everything else was mailed out last week.