September 5th, 2014

Jolteon Pokedoll

Hello community!

I received this Pokedoll in the mail today and wanted to know if anyone has seen any like it.

Click to see a bigger image.

I believe that there were 2010 Pokedolls at Nintendo World that were being sold with the original Pokedoll tags, but do those look like how this tag is? It has a sticker that says "Nintendo World" on it, but the thing that concerns me the most is where it says it's made. It's very specific where in China, and I've never seen that before. Help!

An odd question :P

Hi all!

I'm planning on purchasing a 1:1 Froakie Fennekin soon for a gift, and I want to get a custom made bandana thing for it with their name on :)

Could someone that has one give me a rough idea of his neck size, so I can work out how big it needs to be?

Also, if anyone knows of where to pick up the Fennekin for a fair price, that'd be handy too. Everyone seems to be adding 100%+ commissions on them =/ Shipping to Ireland, and would prefer a JP version.

Wants and gets

Hello everyone ^__^  There's some collections I'd love to get ahead on and I was wondering if anyone had any of this for sale :D
And for last I added a few pics of my newest gets that came with the FJ box I just opened to reward you for looking at my boring wants posts haha :)
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Thanks so much for looking <3 Have a great day/evening everyone! :)

Looking for different language Furfrou cards!

I haven't posted in a while I just noticed, I'll be making one of those enormous collection update posts in the future after some more packages arrive but until then I here is a wants post. This might be rather text heavy so forgive me!
I just recently discovered Portuguese Pokémon cards is a thing that actually excist and would love to get my hands on a whole XY or Flashfire booster box (Or just the four seperate Furfrou cards that can be found in them.) if any of those have been released yet. I'd either be looking to get information about any Portuguese auction site that could possible have them or just find a person that could get me some.
I'm also looking for any Spanish cards released since they all just disappeard one day (Before I had a chance to get them!!) and now I only ever see Italian cards on the sites I used to look at. Really want to get my hands on all of these before the new Russian cards are released, so I am willing to pay around 8 to 10 dollars each for the separate cards and at least 70 for a whole booster box.

Spanish card
Picture of the Spanish XY card found on Ebay a long time ago.

Hey everyone! I have some ebay sales!!

Hey everyone!
After moving in with my boyfriend... I need to weed through my collection!!
I need these guys to go! I have put up some random lots on ebay at what I believe to be VERY reasonable starting prices
All lots are free shipping for USA and Canada. Outside of those I will need to calculate shipping :)
Yes I combine shipping too.

Almost all items were bought on here or reliable sellers on ebay.
they all were either kept in a box or on my shelf.

My Ebay Sales

Sales info...

gothitaI was granted sales permission on 9/24/13 by allinia
gothitaMy Feedback is located HERE

I am hoping to set up my pokemon collections soon so I can finally do an update haha

Quest for Holy Grails!

Hello everyone!

So, I have an especially decided burning itch for Pokemon purchases lately leading me to decide 'Why not try and hunt down my biggest grails of my Hydreigon line collection?'!
This entails two items:

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Thank you in advance for any and all help in acquiring these items and thank you for reading~!

All Moved In Sales!

I found out on Wednesday that I need to take the train to get to the post office, so I wanted to see if I couldn't mail a few more things while I'm there. So, if you pay today, your item(s) will be shipped tomorrow! (Otherwise, my next planned shipping day is Tuesday or Friday, just so you know.) Here's a preview:

Follow the cut for info and items!

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Also, now that I'm (mostly) moved in to my new place, collection pictures will (hopefully) be coming soon. You can also see some on my twitter @gildedghoti

Mini Sales! (not so mini items) + Lucario EX trade?

Hey everyone! :D I have two (large plush) items up for sale today, since I realized that I need some mad money for my upcoming convention next week, and simply more room to expand my main collections.

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And finally, I have a quick TCG trade request.
I'm looking to build a fighting deck around the Furious Fist Lucario EX. I'm mainly looking to trade for about 3 of the full arts, since I'm not a fan of having to buy single cards online, when I could easily just trade.

What I can offer:

Empoleon Lv. X
Shaymin Lv. X
Palkia Lv. X
Honchkrow Lv. X
Ho-Oh Legend top half
Reshiram FA from Legendary Treasures
Keldeo EX
Kyurem EX
Black Kyurem EX
Metagross Plasma Freeze Pre-release promo
Darkrai FA promo
Giratina FA promo
Mismagius GL Lv. X
Vaporeon EX
Thunderus EX FA

That's all for now! <3

Kittypillar Pile!

I just got my box from SMJ yesterday, and I have a new wiggleworm!

The Banpresto Taffeta Caterpie I've coveted for years finally joins my bell plush and Friends plush. He's even mint with tag! The BK plush is from poliwhirl, and is also a new addition. Thanks, again!

I obviously really love Caterpie plush, and there's one more I'm hoping to add to the gang: the Applause plush. Does anyone happen to have one for sale?

(image taken from Pokémon Plush Project)

Sales! now with new Kids, new design and lower shipping!

I have accumulated a ton of goodies that I would like to sell or even trade! I am looking for many Saur, Poli, and Porygon line items including flats that I may not have. My wants are located here on my collection site
I am always curious to see what you guys have!

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Yama icon 2

Bootleg canvas charmander comparison. ( A guide for newer plush)

Hey guys I come to you with i hope a handy guide in identifying fake plushes ( that aren't pokedolls)  There are a few tutoials here on finding a fake pokedoll. To summerise you look at the tag. - Genrally look for the shadow under the pikachu and the pokedoll letters. However, sadly the bootleggers are getting better at imitating legit plush. So I decided to conduct an experiment. I bought a fake charmander plush from a local game store for a mere £5 ($10ish) and I will compare with my legit one.  Hopefully you can see the differences between the two,

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Hello everyone!!
I am back with a few figures to auction off because I need the money haha
today I am auctioning off pokedoll figures and kyun chara figures and other things as well for cheap prices!!!!
Hope alot of collectors take part in this auction :)))

I was granted sales permission on 4/5/14 by allinia. and my feedback is

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(but with no boxes)

PIC # 1

PIC # 2


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This auction will end September 13th EDIT: 14TH (I AM SO SORRY! I THOUGHT I PUT THE 14TH AS THE END DATE) at 11:00 PM Pacific time!

Please do not bid until thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiissssssssss thread is finished and THIS SENTENCCCCEEE IS CROSSSSSSED OOFFFFFFFF!


Thank You! and enjoy!
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Misdreavus Wants Help!

Hi Pokémon Collectors! I joined this community a while ago and I've bought a couple things, but this is actually my first time posting to the group so I would really appreciate if you could take a moment to help me with some wants. ^^

A friend of mine is a huge fan of Misdreavus and Mismagius, and I would love to surprise him with a little something of his favourite Pokémon for his birthday. It's not until next month, but I figured I would start searching early just in case my plan doesn't go accordingly haha!

I'm interested in buying any of the following, so I would appreciate if you would be willing to sell or know anyone who may be selling. Shipping would be to Australia; I would prefer not to pay more than $50 shipped [per item], but depending on the rarity of the item I may consider paying more:

  • 2009 Pokémon Time Misdreavus Strap

  • 2009 Misdreavus Halloween Plush Keychain

  • Misdreavus/Mismagius Metal Charm Set

  • Mismagius Pokédoll

Of course this isn't an extensive list, so if you have any other Misdreavus/Mismagius items on offer please let me know. Thank you for your time!

The Secret Base!!!

Hello everyone!! I've got a super exciting project that I would love to share with you all, with major updates/additions to my collection! I've recently cleaned up a room in the third floor of the house ('attic' really), and decided to make a portion there a gaming collection room. My friends and boyfriend decided to call it "The Secret Base." Now, let me be like a mii in Tomodachi Life and say: "Would you like the grand tour?"

Note: I also plan to make a video tour of the collection room in a couple of days. I tried today, but I ran out of video space on my phone. If you're interested in viewing it, I'll link you here after it's posted. Just leave me a message!! :3



And major updates on my collection site!!

Collection Site:

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