September 8th, 2014

A Fun Fire Lion Collection Update!

Hey there! I've been acquiring quite a few fire lions, and I have 2 more items on their way! :) So on to the collection update! I decided to do it a fun new way ;) ALL pictures can be clicked and enlarged! Enjoy!

Welcome to Dory's Fire Lion Collection update!

Litleo as our Guest!


Link as our guide!
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Well that just about does it! I hope you enjoyed this way of showing off my new found litleo collection! :D Sorry my pictures aren't the best :/ I use my phone and they look better on the phone xD

I'll end it on this, as it's Poke related:
She's been named Misty!

Lastly, I have 1 last litleo want: his candy figure and all my other wants can be found on my journal c: Thanks for looking!

It's my birthday and I'll sale if I want to

I'm having a special promotion at my store for community members! For the next day (ends at 12 noon on 09 Sept, EST), receive 50% off your order of $10+ with code Bday50. (Put code in at checkout, there is a space to put promo codes.)
(Pokemon Panya sells... Pan stickers!) Here's the link:

425 drifloon 2

Also, to anyone who has outstanding questions from my last sale, I'll be getting to you today.

Sales permission granted 19 FEB 2013 by entirelycliched.

Possible eBay fake (Edited: 2:36PM PST)

Hello everyone! I'm wanting to get a quick opinion here, though I think I know what the answer might be.

(Click to make the picture bigger!)

There's an S sticker! Does this mean it's legit?

It's real!

My younger brother decided to purchase this Mime Jr. Pokedoll from a seller on eBay (minors6). I read a post from a couple years ago on here saying that this seller has legit stuff, but I'm doubting it now based on these pictures I took. The tag is a lighter shade than normal and the back is missing the barcode, among other small details. I'm certain this is fake, but I'd like a confirmation before I break the news.

With getting fake plushies, is there something that can be done where you don't need to ship it back, but you get back the amount you paid? I guess I should look that up on eBay.
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Sales and Auctions. Torchic Oversized Pokedoll, Taiwanese Mirage Machop, MinisBee Discs, and More.



I opened a bunch of Tomy Mini Pokemon Frizbees (a little smaller that a half dollar and are made of a hard plastic) the other day and just kept what I wanted. Just in case you guys were interested, the rest are for sale. The "rares" and more popular pokemon will be auctioned the others are just straight sale.

Sales permission granted by allinia on 4/5/14
At this time I am only shipping to the US.
If the item you want is not a plush just add 3$ to your item/item(s) total for paypal/shipping fees/material costs. If its a plush, then you can ask for a quote.
I come from a smoke free home.

_All community rules will apply_

I accept Paypal only
Prices do not include shipping or paypal fees and are in USD.
Once you are committed please pay within 24 hours or item will be put back for sale.
I do accept reasonable haggling, but no trades at this time. Don't be upset if I decline your offer.
I will leave negative feedback, if you back out of a sale once committed.
First to commit will get priority over those just inquiring.

I ship from Oahu, HI via USPS
I will try to reuse packaging. Please let me know beforehand if this is an issue.
I won't be responsible for lost mail, once the item leaves my hands. I will try my best to help in the situation. If you want tracking or anything else please ask.
I can be a slow shipper sometimes. It just really depends on my work schedule for that week. Please take this into consideration!

Auctions will end on Sunday, September 14 @ 12:00pm Hawaii Time:

Also, a link to my ebay my ebay Sales:


2004 Torchic Terrycloth Oversized Pokedoll. Starts@35


Taiwanese Mirage Machop No tags starts@35

Mini Pokemon Frisbee Auctions

All starts@3

All starts@3

All Starts@3

[Straight Sales]
MInisBees Mini Pokemon Frizbees
All 2$ each
Sold: Exeggcute, Ivysaur, both Glooms, Weepinbell

All 2$ each
Sold: Dugtrio

All 2$ each

All 2$ each
Sold: Farfetch'd, Poliwag

All 2$ each

All 2$ each
Sold: Abra

Roselia Banpresto UFO MWT  30$
Torterra Tush Tag 20$
Turtwig Banpresto UFO MWT 10$
Celebi Terrycloth Banpresto UFO MWT 15$
Halloween Chimchar Tush Tag 10$
Vileplume Banpresto MWT 25$

Clefairy and Chansey Card Holders? 4$
Meowth Treat Keeper 3$
Poliwhirl Reversible MWT 3$
Gyarados Burgerking 5$
Pikachu Applause 3$

Mewtwo on the far left MIP 8$
Larger Mewtwo with arms crossed MIP 8$
Mew Bell Keychain MIP 10$
Mewtwo Roller Stamper 10$
Mew Strap in center (Nose is scuffed from the tablet inside) 7$
Mew and Mewto Keychain 7$

Keychains all MIP. Hoenn Starters are 5$ each, the rest are 4$ each.

Legendary birds ALL MIP 4$ each.
Bell Keychains MIP 10$ each.

Attack Pencil Covers MIP.
Roseila 3$, Plusle 3$, Minum 3$, Walrein 3$, Dugtrio 3$, Rayquaza 7$, Absol 12$.

Banpresto Attack Keychains 5$ each.

All MIP 4$ Each.
SOLD: Charizard, and Sableye

Full Color Stadium
All MIP 3$ Each, Lugia is 4$
SOLD: Blastoise, Venusaur, Both Bulbasaurs, Charizard

Dex Figures
All MIP 3$ Each
Sold: Charizard Line. Breloom, Shroomish

Large Pumpkaboo plush- is there a difference?

Hi again comm, I've got a Pumpkaboo sizing problem. There are two large Pumpkaboo plush that look VERY similar, and before preordering the other one I'd like to know if anyone has an idea if it's actually new, or just a copy.

The first is the "We Are team Rocket" Pumpkaboo plush.
WATR Pumpkaboo
Now I have this one, and it measures (from the top of its horns to the feetsies) roughly 9.5" tall.
The second one, the Xy one that I was considering pre-ordering,
XY Pumpkaboo
This says 27 cm, which goes to around 10.5". Is a single inch the only big difference, or are they just remarketing the Pumpkaboo from the Team Rocket promotion with a different tag? Both plush look basically the same to me.
Miranda + Andrea // lasamy

Spooky Party Pumpkaboo Keychain vs Pokemon Center Pumpkaboo Plush

Hi everyone! So I know the new Spooky Party goods were released this past Saturday and I'm trying to decide which items to order. I'm a big fan of Pumpkaboo (so cute!) and I know they have a keychain plush from the Spooky Party line and a regular plush. I was wondering if anyone got either (or both)?

I'm trying to really cut down on my purchases (due to limited space) so I'm just wondering which of the two I should get.

I want to know the quality and sizes of the keychain vs the plush and what people thought of them.


Pumpkaboo Keychain from Spooky Party that I'm talking about.

Here's a bigger picture of the keychain plush from the Spooky Party line.

Spooky Party Plushes

I wasn't able to find the Pumpkaboo plush from the Pokemon Center though >_<

I found the images on tumblr (thanks to Google Images).

Thanks in advance for your valuable input!
Fang Love

2$ Sales! Looking for any eeveelution TCG!

From my unpacking over the past week, these are the odds and ends I found that should probably be relocated before I lose them all over again :3 Each item pictured is 2$. Buy 5 items, get one for free of your choice! I have kids, soap figures, movie swings, stickers, pose figures, stamps, etc. Please remember shipping is not included and starts at 3$
Collapse )My phone was run over by a car this weekend and it's all smashed up. Since I use it to comment/internet, please be patient with me asI reply to comments. I also take pictures with my phone...which is probably why some of them are really blurry but I tried my best :)

I'm curently hunting down any eeveelution TCG cards! Especially in other languages and primarily Flareon is my highest priority. I got these super nice frames the other day and I want to start putting my TCG Eeveelus in them but I know I'm still missing a bunch. Please make an offer or direct me to any sales posts =3

MAJOR WANT: UFO Catcher Spiritomb Plush!

Hello everyone. I bought one of my ultimate holy grail plush here last year and was hoping to get my next holy grail plush...the UFO Catcher Spiritomb plush. I didn't get to buy it when I saw it on ebay due to me looking for a job. Now that I work, those listings have unfortunately sold : ( So I was hoping if anyone was selling theirs, that is in great condition. I don't care if it has tags or not either. I just want it to be a great condition. I already have the Pokedoll Spiritomb plush but if anyone knows of any other official Spiritomb plush in existence, also let me know about it. Message/comment me here!

Thank you : )

This is what the plush I am looking for looks like btw

this is a 'wants' post

hello everyone ! hope you all had a great weekend, i know i did.

so i've seen members make this type of post.. so here is mine

i have been doing a little bit of research and my wallet is ready lol.

these images were taken from google images..

this huge cyndaquil !! ( this is my 'grail' right now ! )

i have decided to collect kuta plush !
marill , cleffa , poliwhirl , ditto , elekid , sentret , jigglypuff
slowpoke , mew , wooper , togepi , snubbull , chikorita , quagsire , bulbasaur , squirtle
totodile , cyndaquil , miltank , smeargle , eevee , meowth , squirtle
lapras , charmander , pikachu , pichu , sleeping pikachu , psyduck

am i missing some ? please let me know !!!

because slowpoke is my favorite lol!

this 'stamp' . i noticed these come in different colors. i'd like one that is not pink , if that exist?

suicune, entei, raikou tomy plush

if you have any of these items, please let me know. we can work out a deal !!

here's to the first chunk of money leaving my pocket! haha

thanks everyone !

short, to the point

I want to first and foremost apologize to everyone on here whom has been waiting for packages or attempting to get ahold of me. I understand your frustration and know that an apology alone does not make up for the time lost and items that never showed.

Without going into very much detail I have been unable to process ANYTHING due to personal reasons. I've been dealing with issues in my marriage that have completely drained me. And of course when it rains it pours and I became very ill and now injured. I have not been to work in several weeks and the medical debt is piling up. My injury makes it difficult to lift, move and otherwise have any mobility in my left shoulder.

With all of this said, I DO want to make things right. With my injury limiting my mobility and the other taxing events going on in my life/health I do not believe I will be able to get out the packages without wasting more of our time. I offer you this in exchange (BOLDED FOR TLDR OF ALL PREVIOUS INFO):

If you are still missing your GA package please provide me with the total amount paid so that I may refund you (this means please provide me with transaction ID's, screencaps or spreadsheets that show your payment as I no longer have access to the email connected to paypal as this was shared by my husband and I; he no longer allows me access to the email so I cannot easily look this up myself; otherwise I will be unable to honor refund requests)! A refund is the only solution I am able to come up with that does not entail waiting any longer. DO NOT PM ME!!! Please leave all records public so that everything is grouped and easier to manage. THE ONLY PM YOU SHOULD SEND IS ONCE IVE CONFIRMED YOUR REFUND AND ASKED YOU TO SEND ME YOUR PAYPAL ADDRESS!!! This is to ensure that everything is easier to manage and less overwhelming that it already is

For those of you whom have figures with me for custom repainting I offer you a similar solution. I still have ALL figures and will happily return them to you plus the commission fee. Please comment here with which figures you sent and how much you paid (in general it was 2-5$ a figure I believe). With the exception of 1 figure which was completed in which case it will be shipped out for free and considered done (Sylveon TFG) and 1 other which was started and not completed that I will return as-is with a refund (paint can be removed or used as a base for another re-painter). Once I have responded to your comment and confirmed I will ask you to please PM your address and/or paypal for the return of the figures and commission fee.

Please help me make things right! Remember DO NOT PM ME unless I have confirmed and ask you to do so as I will NOT respond to unsolicited PM's. Keeping everything organized will greatly help fix this mess and if I have a flood of PM's or half in comments and half in PM's it will only slow down the reparation process.

Thank you

A Mug That Everyone Wants :c

I went to visit my folks in Japan a few months ago and since I still have a bit of my stuff there, I brought a few things back. Notably, these two mugs

The mug on the left is a Monthly Pikachu mug for May. This was something the Japanese online Pokemon Center ran in 2004 I believe. The one on the right is obviously a Mew mug, with its tail as the handle! There are other pictures of Mew on the mug as well. And that's the mug the title's referring to. From what I recall, it was a promotional item for the Lucario movie back in 2005 and it appears to be a really rare item (I'm sure the other mug is too). It's also kind of small. I think it holds about 300mL.

(Also I may have been posting this accidentally as a comment because I haven't been on LJ in forever)

Plush & Figure sales!

Hi guys :) I've done a little more collection weeding in preparation for my holiday in a couple of weeks! So today we have eeveelution plushes and a few others, plus various figures! :) I also still have the Sylveon play mat!

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As always I also still have plenty of TCG to trade/sell (ignore the listed prices!) here!

bulbasaur figure identification help

hi, i got this figure, and i though it was one of the zukans, but its bigger, on the left is the original zukan, in the middle the unknown figure and on the right the new xy zukan, it doesn't have marks from company or holes for a base so really don't know what it is.
sorry for the bad lighting, its night here.
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let me know if you have any idea. Thanks for your help!!

Auctions Reminder + Growlithe Want

I wanted to remind you guys that my auction for the Ditto, Suicune, and custom Ninetales plushies ends Tuesday, September 9th at 11:59:59 PM EST (New York time).
Click here for the countdown timer!

Click here or the pictures to be transported.

Also, I was wondering if any of you had seen a clear Growlithe kid figure recently.Collapse )
If you see one for sale ANYWHERE (eBay, Y!J, amazon, etc.) let me know! Even if it's a part of a super expensive figure lot or something. Please don't be afraid to tell me.

I even received the clear Arcanine kid a few days ago. I'm willing to trade it for Growlithe.
I also have around 1000 or so kid figures that you can pick from to trade for Growlithe, and I'm open to trades/partial trades with anything in my permant sales post.