September 9th, 2014

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2 simple questions


I have 2 small questions for you today.

1- DX Pikachu Pokedoll from Nintendo world: made of minky or velboa?

2- I read somewhere that there are 2 differentent version of the Salamence UFO plush. One is bigger than the other? is it true? If yes, which one is the bigest version? Thanks for the link :D it helped me a lot!

Thank you ^-^ 

A Question For My Fellow TCG Collectors ...

So recently, I learned that there are two cards missing from the Black & White Promo set that were scheduled to be released with a certain collectors' box, but then the box was recalled before it hit the shelves and was never released stateside. The two promo cards in question were never reassigned, meaning that the English BW Promo set skips over numbers 77 and 78 because no other cards were ever reassigned to fill the gap.

However, has recently added english scans of these two cards to their online database, which fills me with hope that I might be able to get my hands on English printings of them after all.

SO MY QUESTION IS: Does anybody know if these two cards (seen below) were actually ever printed in English, and if they were, could anybody help me track them down? I would be eternally grateful :)

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I've got some sales today to help save up for the International Red Panda Day celebration at my local zoo! There's a raffle to win a behind the scenes tour with the red pandas! And, the money raised gets donated to the Red Panda Network! Win-win!

Check out the goods!

sales banner

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Im not really familiar with any of the websites that sell pokemon Center merch overseas but Im in search of this bookbag

And I was wondering if anyone knows a good reputable place I could get it, thanks for the help! ^_^

SALES pokemon sticker ring and dessert sets for sale


.i was granted sales permission on 07/02/11 by dakajojo044

Price of this?

So christmas is months away, I know, but I do have something I want for my self for christmas. Snowman pikachu/oshawott/torchic plush. I tried to look for them online,but...nothing. are they rare? how much do they usually go for? also, anyone on here have one to sell theirs to me in December? (well, I may buy it earlier cause I'm impatient, but I really want to wait until December)

edit: whimsicott too, but a cheap one, so I'm okay with tush tag only

Dragonite Wants Help! + Trades

So, I told myself I will only stick to my main collection, but can't help myself to collect Dragonite merchandise, it is just too cute to resist~~!! So here's are a few things I am looking for:

Dragonite Pillow:

Dragonite Plush 2013 Release:

Dragonite Zukan:

Dragonite Zukan?/Model kit:

Dragonite Messenger Kid:

**Please let me know the conditions of each one you have to offer, and the price for them. For the Pillow, since it is too big, it will have to ship directly to Canada. For others, it will be shipped to US. Other Dragonite merchandises are welcomed, but I have to take a look at it to see if I want it.**

Things I am willing to do a full trade or partial trade for my wants:

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*Forgot to take a picture of the Oshawott Canvas without paper tag*
Thank you for looking! :D
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Belated Plushie Update!!

Hello~ Long time no post! ^^; As you could tell by the title, I have an overdue plushie update! The last time I posted here, I asked if anyone knew anyplace to find merch in Hawaii, and I really appreciate the answers I got! And although I didn't end up buying and merch there (Pokémon related anyways XD) I did order some plushies from the new Pokémon Center site, and they came two weeks ago. However, I had procrastinated on posting them until now :3

So, without further ado, let's meet the new members of my collection~

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Pokemon - Chika Love


Hello collectors!

I keep disappearing off this community, but get drawn back by Slowpoke (my main collection).

I saw last month the site featuring all the Slowpoke info past and current and new...

Wondering if that Slow pillow has been and gone? Or still due to happen... plus will it be super rare and hard to get? I'm afraid I don't understand anything on the site except the pictures haha

Also, does anyone have the Slowpoke MPC for sale? :) Bought one, yay!

Thanks! Alice :) (I'll try to be more active eek!)