September 11th, 2014


Super Small Sales

I was granted sales permission by: entirelycliched on 8/7/2013.
My feedback is located: HERE

and without further ado, lets go to the rules:
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Now onto the small sales~
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Click the image to be transported to my weebly page, if anyone wants to check it out?
I added a few new items, but I will re-take all pictures of my collection sometime tomorrow. x3

Pokemon center iphone question

Okay I know this is gonna sound silly, but I'm going to be buying the iphone 6 plus at Xmas and I was wondering if you guys will think they will have new pokemon center cases to fit it. Also do you think they will have more cases for the 6 or 6 plus? I just want a cute case for my future iphone >.

Awesome plush and more added to sales, Sylveon cookie badge auction, and price reductions

***Sales now closed! Please contact me after 01 Oct if you are interested in any of the remaining items.***

I'm doing one last clear out before I go to Japan :)  So any items you'd like MUST be paid for by Monday (15 Sept) because this is the last day I can ship until I get back.

Added a ton more plush, including Pokecen plush large Charizard & Zekrom and reg Sandile & Musharna, as well as some Pokedolls (Umbreon, Raikou, Shaymin, Groudon, Cyndaquil). More new items were added in every category :) Most items left from previous sales have been reduced. I also have a custom needle felted Mareep.

Here's a little preview of some things...

2014-07-11 12.27.36
2014-09-10 20.49.12
Sylveon cookie badge. New in package. Starts at $10.

2014-09-10 20.42.112014-09-10 20.42.23
Cookie foil pouch. No cookies inside! Pouch only. Starts at $2.

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Straight sales:
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Figure Auctions, ebay and updated sales :)

It's been awhile! I'm clearing out my sales post and this time it's focused on figures!


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Finally got around to putting the leftover plush from the last autions on my ebay, blazekin, HQ eevee, rotom pokedolls and several others are available HERE

Also updated my sales, mostly just charms, pins and keychains now :)

Looking for Card Binders

Hi, Everyone!

My Eeveelution collection is quickly taking up the number of slots my two binders have. So, I'm looking to purchase a card binder. I did some searching online and found a few I'm interested in, but I was hoping to purchase from within the community. I'd like the binder to feature Houndoom, Houndour, Mew, the Eeveelutions, or some other feline or canine Pokemon. Preferably a 9-sleeve one. It can be one of the set number of sleeve binders, though one that I can add sleeves too would be better. I'd prefer to spend around $15, but I know that might not be possible. Here's a few I found that I like but I'd be interested in seeing others if you have suggestions.

Binder 1
Binder 2
Leafeon Glaceon binder
Eeveelution Binder2
(for this one, I already have everything that comes with the binder, so I'd only want the binder. But I think even that is still expensive)

Eeveelution binder
This one is my favorite of the ones I've found so far. I've only seen it mentioned as a 4-sleeve paged binder though. Did it come in a larger 9-sleeve version?

I'm considering ordering some custom dice of Houndoom (and possibly of Houndour and Mew too), but I have to order a set of 10. Would anyone be interested in purchasing some of the extras if I order? They'd look like this - Link but with Houndoom, probably in this pose - Link or maybe this one Link Not sure what color the dice would be yet, I'm thinking blue.

Also interested in seeing single TCG sleeves if anyone has them for sale/trade.

AND I'm always looking for Houndoom and Houndour items. :D And non-English TCG cards. ^^ So if you have anything for trade or sale, please feel free to link me.

Some of my high wants right now are The French McDonald's Eeveelution cards

This sticker -

the foil version of this card -

this booster wrapper -

And the Mirror/Reverse Holo versions of Houndoom and Houndour from the Japanese Reviving Legends TCG set (and possibly other mirror/reverse Japanese cards).

And any Vivillion cards that aren't in English. ...And any Base, Jungle, and Fossil cards that aren't English. ^^;

Auctions - Hoenn Pokemon and more!

Hi everyone! I come to you today with a round of auctions. Many of them happen to be for items of Hoenn Pokemon, but there's plenty from other gens too! Click the link or teaser image below to check them out.

Happyjolteon's Pokemon Items for Auction

Also, I've still got a bunch of items left from my previous sales, and I'm willing to haggle on them a bit more. So if there's anything you had your eye on, feel free to make an offer!
Previous Sales

Just in case - I was grandfathered into sales permission back in 2007 by denkimouse.

Thanks guys!

I came up with something new~

While I was working on my commissions yesterday I took a break and made something for me, a team magma perler of myself! So then I got the idea to offer to make people's OC's in bad guy uniforms :3 This is something I'm just trying out, but I figured I might as well see if it gets any interest.

Here's how mine turned out:

I think I'll offer these for 7 shipped anywhere! I'll take me a few weeks to get to any new commissions, but if you're interested feel free to leave a comment here x3

OC Commission List:


Sales rules here (ignore the approx. time to make rule):
This will be my last commission related post for September, but keep in mind that I'm almost always open unless I develop a backlog so feel free to drop me a comment anytime <3

Updated sales with tons of kids!

Hello community! I'm here with some new sales, some eeveelutions plushies, an articuno stamper and a bunch of new kids. You can click HERE or on the picture to see the sales post :)


A now some gets I got these days with some grails :)

Ninetales and the other bunch of kids came from lots *^* Ninetales is the second version clear kid, the first clear I have from him so I'm still missing the others. Fennekin TFG and Vulpix amada came from hebilea <3 The new grabbys and Poliwarth came from a trade with lady_supergirl THEY ARE SO AMAZING *^* And the Ninetales and Growlithe stamper and the flats are from yahoo

*fangirling* An AWESOME package from salamence646 I can't believe I won a Poochyena retsuden stamper and the Quilava stamp :_____ I'm so amazed with them... Quilava is one of my favorite Pokemon but he has very few merch and kinda rare but I'm still searching more of him! I love to see him without the fire <3
Shaymin Sky

My Pokemon Collection + Advice

So the time has come for me post post some of my Pokemon collection. I really like the electric types (mostly the Pika line) and Eeveelutions. I have been thinking of eventually selling my non electrics/non pika/eevee stuff at some point in order to fund more Pika stuff. (This is by no means to drum interest, this is what i'm proposing and would like people's thoughts as I keep umming and ahhing.) *also sidenote, waves hi to the people she knows*

The newest thing that will be coming to my collection will be the running Pikachu from the Pokemon Centre online store (thanks pikachux) It's at times like this I wish I didn't live in the UK!

I also have a selection of Pokemon games and phone charms that are not pictured. I buy most of my plush at Comic Cons in the UK. I know some are fakes (which is a little annoying) but that's the risk I guess >_>

Anyhow I shouldn't waffle on too much more. I do hope to eventually get sales permission at some point *the easy part of that is I have good feedback on a certain Digimon forum and Ebay!* I have posted here in the past - it has been a while mind you.

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New gets + collection update and questions about Gengar and Lugia pokedolls

Hello everyone ^-^ It's been a long time since my last post, and finally my new room is complete! I really really love it now and I hope you'll like it, even though I still need to display my Pokedoll collection better >.<

I have decided that I'm gonna sell a huge part of my Eeveelution collection and focus more on my Pokedoll collection, but I still need to plan the details (.. and trying to decide if I should sell it as a big lot on eBay or if I should try to sell each item here individually.. decisions! If anyone had to take this decision before I'd love to hear your opinion on this, thank you @.@).

But, on the bright side I really love my Eeveelutions shelf now and this is how I decided to display the items I kept (under the cut! Very image heavy)

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Then I took a few pictures of my side collections (Vulpix/Ninetales and Serperior), I am satisfied with them even though I suspect I'm gonna need a new shelf for the fire foxes.. :/

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Lastly, here's a picture of my under costruction Pokedoll collection and one of the guardians that tower over my desk:
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And now my questions about Pokedolls.. Is it normal for a Lugia minky Pokedoll to be kind of.. light bluish? It's not really noticeable and it looks much whiter in pictures, I was just wondering if it might be a bootleg.
And second question: I have two Gengar Pokedolls, both tush tag only, but they look rather different from each other and I was wondering if this is normal or if one's a bootleg. Pictures under the cut again.
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Whew, that was long! Sorry for the very image heavy post but I hope you enjoyed it!

New Kid and Choco Egg Figure Sales, Toys R Us Pickups and a few Gets!

I have accumulated a ton of goodies that I would like to sell or even trade! I am looking for many Saur, Poli, and Porygon line items including flats that I may not have. My wants are located here on my collection site


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ORAS Japanese Preorder figures

Hey, I'm really interested in obtaining both of these gems:

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Any middleman (or middlewoman) out there that can help a guy out? I don't want to pay out of my butt in the forseeable scalping future (on ebay), and I'm pretty sure the community is more reasonable than most of the scalpers out there ;). Us American's don't get nice things like these...

Anyway, I'll just leave these here.
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Sales reminder and a few questions

Good evening everyone.^^ Just wanted to let you know that I've lowered the prices on my sales(though I'm still open to small haggles) and thought I should let you know :)

click the banner to be transported. :)

Sooo what I wanted to ask, what version of the remakes is everyone getting? And are you getting the normal or steelbook edition? I for my part was lucky enough to get a pre-order on Amazon for the AlphaSapphire Steelbook Edition :) Also what's your favorite newly revealed Mega thus far? Besides that, anyone else excited to see how contests play out in the new versions? :o

Last but not least, I'm wondering if I should get a Pirouette Meloetta Pokedoll... If anyone has a MWT one for sale for good price, I might be interested. :)

Thanks for your attention and I wish you an awesome evening!
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Graily Wants!

Hello peoples! I hope you all are doing well! ^^

I just come with some wants of the grail-variety. I do have some money to spend so lets see if I can find what I'm looking for.

I also have other items I want so here's my wishlist:

The main top want I'm looking for is a Japanese Emerald cartridge with the Pokemon Festa 2005 Old Sea Map/Chart event still active. I want a chance to try and catch that event Mew shiny and then transfer it all the way to my Y game so I can love it forever and ever. =3

Example pic:

Willing to spend $50-70 on this.

Next want is a new want for me. An official Shiny Lucario Tomy Monster Collection figure!

I use an actual shiny Lucario that I bred myself named Gold Fighter in my Y game, and owning this figure for myself would be pretty awesome. ^__^
Willing to spend $60-$70 on this.

And the last graily want is a clear Farfetch'd figure. Two versions exist, so I want both versions. XD

Willing to spend $10+ on this.

And that's it! Thanks for viewing! =3

Looking for....

This is a crazy longshot but I'm going to try anyway! I'm looking for this bad boy~
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I updated sales and added a couple of things including a eevee chupa~ I'm willing to ship flats internationally now, just to get some practice ^^
I also added a new rule and a minor rule change about holds no big woop but please read!! =0
And I did get a small grail~
Persian charm yeah!!
Now I can blog in style :3