September 13th, 2014

Looking for some Raichus!

Hey Everybody!

I'm looking to buy the Raichu Pokedoll and the Raichu pokemon petit plush at a reasonable price.

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If anybody has them for sale or could point me in the right direction, I'd really appreciate it!

Also, looking for the slowpoke pokedoll aswell, just as a side note. :)
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Looking for Australian Middleman. :)

Hi guys, I'm looking for someone who can middleman a couple of small delicate items from Australia to the UK for my boyfriend and me.
I realise Australian postage is quite expensive, so I am looking for someone who has shipped abroad before if possible.
Both items would involve you buying from a webstore and getting them shipped to you, they are not eBay items. :)

As it's not an auction ending soon there's no first-come-first-serve on this. If someone's replied but you think you'd like to help. I can either do you a favor in kind from the UK, pay you a commission or make you some patches. Just let me know if you can do it and what you'd fancy in return.
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Introduction post!

Hi pkmncollectors! My name is sophied90 and i'm from the UK! :) I've been collecting since I was a child but have only started properly collecting since last year, And my collection has grown a lot since then! Don't really have a favourite pokemon, I like pretty much all of them :) I've also started making my own plushies quite recently, but I'll show them of later :)

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I'm looking forward to adding more to my collection with you guys ^_^ Thanks!

The 1st of the superchus!

Finished making the 1st of the superchus last night! Hoping some of you in the community can give me some advice on how to improve the pattern. I already know the ears need to be shorter (and maybe less pointy).

Please ignore the fact that his nose and mouth are crooked. I hurt my finger quite badly and it made sewing VERY hard. =(

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Tomy figures for sale, $3 each

Rules, please read them!:
·         I received sales permission from entirelycliched in 2013.
·         Here is my feedback:
·         I ship from the Netherlands and will ship internationally. Shipping starts at $2.60 for one (small) figure. Shipping for a heavier figure or two figures will be $3.10. Shipping for more figures will be $4.46 or more. You can ask if you want a precise quote.
·         I accept PayPal only. Please include your username and what you bought in the note. And don’t forget your address.
·         I am not responsible for items lost in the mail.
·         I will let you know when I shipped your figure(s).
·         Please, let me know if you are committed in buying or if you’re just asking for a quote. People who say they’re committed will get my priority.
·         I don’t accept haggling at the moment, sorry.

All figures will be $3 each
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Authenticity of Item

Hey guys! So I've bought this Charmander wallet from eBay, at the time it was the only one on eBay and said it was new with tag, it arrived as described and has the tag and Nintendo copy write ect but I really just want to make sure this is an officially licensed product and not in any way bootleg, I know its only a wallet but I worry about unofficial merch containing hazardous materials that could smudge off onto my skin or whatever. The wallet came from Hawaii. I haven't really seen another like it except a similar Pikachu wallet being sold at hot topic.

If anyone could ease my paranoia I'd be very appreciative, thank you!


Follow Up On Reattaching A Hang Tag + Some Petit Gets

Hey Everyone! :D

I thought that I should make a follow-up post to my "Reattaching A Hang Tag?" post back in August. For those who are unaware, I had a bit of a mishap with the hang tag of a plush that I bought here on the community. I accidentally cut it off while unpacking it. ;_; So... I reached out to the community asking for suggestions on how to fix it. Everyone was so nice and helpful. :) It basically came down to purchasing some plastic snap-on loops from Amazon.

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Thank you to everyone who helped me out with this. I really appreciate it! :3

And on a side note... My petit plushes (Pikachu, Raichu, and Ampharos) arrived in the mail Thursday, and it wasn't until I lined them all up that I realized that they were all electric-types. XD I put them with my Galvantula because he was getting lonely all by himself (and he's electric too). I absolutely adore the Ampharos. :3

I hope to get some collection posts up real soon. But until then, thank you for reading! :D
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Okay, I'm a noob. + Get !

Hello everyone !

I very often look for things to buy on the comm, and sometimes I see " First to commit to an item will get it ".

English not being my natal language, I don't know what it means... Could someone please tell me ? Thank you !

Also, I got this yesterday, it came from Hong Kong and is totally legit ! Maybe an old leftover from a factory or something ?

2014-09-13 11.00.07

Mirage Plush from Around the World Gets & Sales

How is it almost fall already!? XD
So after some intense searching and help from some awesome community members, I have some exciting new Mirage plush and a Mystery Plush too!
Some of these Mirages will be added to my collection, some will be going to homes within the community and a few will be up for grabs!

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Small Want: Lucario Bottlecap Figure!

Hey everybody! ^_^ I'm just curious, does anyone have a Lucario bottlecap figure they'd be willing to sell for around $5+shipping to the US? Errr....or okay now I'm confused because that's what I paid for mine but I'm seeing like $50 shipped? Has he gone up or is that Ebay being ridiculous again? I'm in the middle of repainting mine as a shiny and my cat carried off the base somewhere. T^T So now I literally have a bottle cap and half a painted shiny Lucario and that does not make a good custom!

So, if anyone has one, or could explain to me the price situation of this little guy so I can re-evaluate here, I would be appreciative! :)

EDIT: I'm doing a repaint, so if your figure has paint issues it's no big deal, everything is getting repainted from the moon to the grass. :) Just putting that out there for those who may have gotten one with crappy paint apps and be unhappy with their figure (mine came that way OTL).
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Intro, Most Recent Buys, and Did I get Bootied?

Hello pkmncollectors community! This is my first post here and my first post on LJ in a long time. I'll take some time to show off my most recent buys as I've just gotten back into Pokemon over the past months. Most of my old stuff is still packed away in boxes from when Pokemon first came to the states. I was big into the card game back then and have a ton of cards from the first few sets. While I still like TCG, I'm not going to get into collecting the cards anymore. I'm mostly going for figures and plush now.

My reignited Pokemon craze started when I played an Emulator of Black and then, within a day, ran out and bought a 3DS and X. Shortly after... Y. Eventually Black 2 and then came the merchandise.

I will eventually make a wish list on my main journal of the things I am in search of, then maybe link it in my posts here like a "sig" after I make an actual "wants" post.

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