September 14th, 2014

by pikabulbachu

New gets (Hoenn, Pikas and more) + Framing

Everyone is excited by ORAS approach ? ^^

Before the gets I'd like to show you some new framings.

First, the Kanto Hanafuda cards (don't pay attention to the Dragonite/Gyarados misplaced card, I fixed it). They are so beautiful that I didn't want to keep them in their box.

Then my Black Dragons diptych . I finally bought a red background to frame my Charizard bag like I had done with Rayquaza a few months ago.

And now let's see my new gets o/

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Take a look at my collection website for more pictures:

I also have a Fb collection page (don't hesitate to like it and comment ^^):

And don't forget to check my sales o/
(lots of dicounts)
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Hey guys! I am about $35 short for bills this month. So please feel free to offer whatever you want in my sales! Any offer will help!
On to some good news...I got a new job! I have to move for it, but am really excited! So no more posts like this <3 Just now in catch up mode! I hate moving tho. UUUGGGH! xD
Thanks everyone. Have a great weekend!

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Inkay/Pikachu sticker- $1
Meditite spin figure- $1

Hawlucha charm new- $4

New Holographic Heracross ex- $8
New holographic Charizard promo-$3

New reverse holo cards- $2 for both
Pokemon - Growlithe/Arcanine Love
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Did you win this lot?

Did you just win this cel lot on Y!J? If so, I wanna talk business!
I was bidding on it too. If you're not completely married to the Arcanine cel, I would like to buy it from you or trade you my framed Chikorita cel (WITH original matching painted background!)
Please drop me a line here in comments or at :)

My Custom Pokemon Sculptures

Hey guys, sorry I had to delete my previous posts because rules are rules, I didn't know I was breaking the community rules but I was, so yeah. Anyhow, I just wanna show you guys my custom Pokemon sculptures collection. I'm more into realistic sculpting like the human face and superhero figures, but once in a while I still do Pokemon. I'll be adding more to my collection when I have the time. Mewtwo was my first Pokemon sculpt. The Snivy is for my little cousin, it's his favorite Pokemon and the Mega Houndoom based on a real dog was just so random. I was like... why not make a realistic Pokemon? Mega Houndoom has red eyes and when pictured with proper light, it looks so evil. All I ever wanted to sculpt before I got into sculpting was Angewomon, but since this isn't a Digimon community, I won't be posting it. I was so not satisfied with my first Angewomon, so I made a second one, a realistic one, not the Anime version. It's not much but definitely 100% better than the first one, in my opinion :)


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My TCG extras!

Sales permission from allinia on June 10th, 2014

- All community rules apply
- I ship from TX, USA
- I do not ship internationally
- I will not trade with banned or non-members
- Shipping will slow since I started student teaching
- Only rares will be shipped in top loaders (I'm running low at the moment)
- Commons/uncommons will be shipped in sleeves
- Photos will be given if requested, so feel free to ask

It's been too long! I finally got around to putting together a masterpost of my TCG extras so I'm pretty excited. I'm only trading my extras away at the moment because I really want to complete some sets. So click the banner or click here if interested. :)

Edit: I also forgot to mention I did my first TCG opening on my YouTube channel, so if you want to check that out click here! There's plenty more to come!