September 16th, 2014

Robin and Batgirl

Rare Sales and Vulpix Trading Post

It's time for another batch of rare sales from SK! :D

And more under the cut! ^_^

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Also, introducing, The Vulpix Trading Post! In my quest to find the elusive Vulpix items that I need for my collection, I've amassed quite a few duplicates of rare Vulpix items. The idea here is to hopefully find some people who would like to trade one rare item for another. Here's are the items I currently have for trade ONLY for items on my Vulpix wants list. Click on the image for a bigger view. :)

Vulpix Chibi Stampers (teal and blue)
Vulpix Stamp Badge
Vulpix Chibi Pokemodel x2
Vulpix metal swing (gold)
Vulpix Brock's Pokemon Set Charm
Vulpix and Brock Badges from the Brock's Gym Set
Vulpix Grabby Figure
Vulpix and Ninetales Mini Models (teal and pink)
Vulpix Peeking Wood Clip

And here's what I'm looking for!


Collection Update, Sales, and Wants!

So I got a little package in the mail the other day :D

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And I made a permantent sales post! You can check it out by clicking


So my birthday is coming up in a month and I'm hoping you guys might be able to help me find these items for it <3

Fuzzy Tomy Latias plush

Latias Bell Keychain


Latias TFG
Princess Chika

Wants post!

Hey, I haven't had any luck tracking down a few pokedolls so I thought I'd make a wants post. I'm looking for Minky pokedoll versions of the Johto starters: Totodile, Chikorita, and Cyndaquil. From what I understand, only the 10th Anniversary versions are minky? Correct me if I am wrong. I prefer if they do not have hang tags because I would rather not pay for MWT price, but let me know if you have them for sale and what you are looking for them either way.

I wanted to wait until I got my Rare Stairs GA items from happycosmos before making a collection update, but not sure if that will ever happen now :( Hopefully they will be shipped out soon.

I thought I'd add this gif to make this post more interesting!

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Is this real? :<

Sorry for posting again so soon!

I just got my Mightyena zukan in the mail and... the base looks wrong. It has no peg holes, and it has this weird grainy texture - all my others have been the same smooth shiny plastic. Also if you tap it against the table it sounds more rubbery... if that makes sense. I'm really hoping the figures are real, and they look pretty good, but I'm worrying. ;A; Pictures online seem to show both this base and then normal, larger bases, so I have no idea. Seems they're legit!

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Introduction and Please Help in my Search for the Elusive Reshiram Pokedoll!

Hello! I am relatively new to the community but I have loved Pokemon for a very long time. I decided that I would like to start collecting even more merchandise and that this would be a good place to start :) I would post a picture of my collection thus far, but it is scattered and disorganized at the moment ^^; I collect all kinds of Pokemon with a slight focus on plushes and my favorites such as Reshiram and Zoroark, which brings me to the thing I have been desperately searching for, the Reshiram Pokedoll. I missed out on it, and I cannot for the life of me find one for sale! I am also on the lookout for a Lucario Pokedoll! I usually prefer US Pokedolls just because they tend to be cheaper and I do not have much spending money thanks to college and buying a car but I'm fine with Japanese ones as well :) I am willing to pay a nice price for the Reshiram one!

I think that's all for now? ^^;

What shipping method should I choose?? + Wants

Hi guys! I have a question about the shipping methods that I can choose from. I won an (expansive) lot on Yahoo Japan. As middleman I use FromJapan. But the problem is, I have no idea what the best shipping method is in this case. I was thinking about Fedex, but reviews I've found say it's not very good. I don't want my package to get lost. Surface Mail will take very long. I'd like to receive my package within 2 weeks, if that is possible. Here is a printscreen from my charge 2 payment:

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So my question is: what shipping method would you choose?

Here are my most wanted TOMY figures:
Charmander sugimori pose
Shiny Noctowl
Any sleeping pokemon
Any clear/pearly or alternate pose figures

UPDATE: Thanks for all the advice guys! I needed it :)
I chose EMS to ship my package. I didn't want to take any risks. It was really a choice between FedEx and EMS. I might try FedEx another time, but I wanted to play save this time ;)

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Pokedoll Magikarp!

Hey everyone! This is my first actual post on here, so hello! I am a big fan of Magikarp and am wondering if anyone has the Pokedoll for sale (mint with tag.) Also, I am wondering what price they regularly go for.

Additionally, if someone has the giant shiny Magikarp plush I may be interested as well depending on price (and I know shipping to Canada will be crazy time).

All the Magikarps! <3 Thank you in advance, just putting feelers out right now to see how hard these ones are to get.

Hello everyone! some VERY exciting gets :3


As you can see my twin brother bought both of the games!
He will be getting Omega Ruby while I'll be getting Alpha sapphire; and we preorder the games at Toys R Us, so, we will *hopefully* be getting one of the plushies. We both agreed on Charizard X -Wootwoot! x3

So let us continue on with the FF pulls!
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And then the grail get!
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Along with another is my pokedoll legit?:
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Taking custom pouch commissions for mid October FULL THANKS ♥

Hi everyone! Some unexpected medical expenses have came up so I am taking some custom pouch commissions now to be done in mid/late October. If you don't mind waiting, please read on under the cut c:

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I have two commissions left to do from the community and those will be done as soon as possible. I also have two pouch trades to do as well which will be done as soon as I can (latias_latios_7 winter_snowdust) I apologize for taking so long with them but bills have to come first right now since sewing is my only means of income. I hope you understand!

Quick Sales + Personality Game!

Hey guys!

I have a few quick sales here, just from stuff I found around the house xD

These are all extra perler sprites that were made by mistake or made for a transaction that didn't go through. 3 shipped each OBO, each additional is 1.50~

extra perler

And this I found on top of a vending machine, it's currently on hold but will be either sold or back for sale later today so I'll put it here anyway. It is slightly beat up and missing the thing that holds the card, but it's not in terrible condition or anything. It has several small scratches and a visible smudge on the side. I'm looking for 7 shipped OBO.

Rules here:

And to make this post more fun and to give me an excuse for not writing an essay, I came up with a little personality game. Comment with some info about you- likes/dislikes, the kind of person you are, interests, etc. Using only that info, I'll come up with a trainer card for you! Then you can tell me how accurate it is, and if I got some of your pokemon right xD Just don't say things like your favorite type or pokemon in the info thingy. And if you could list your gender that'd be helpful xD

Here's the card I made for myself~


(I'm also up for custom trades right now, comment if interested)
And lastly, I'm so sorry for taking so long to reply to your message aki199257, I haven't had much time to sit down and read it over the past few days. I'll make sure to reply today or tomorrow <3

Thanks <3

Here are everyone's cards~

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It's that time again!

Hi everyone! EEEEEEE :D

I'm off to San Diego next week so I come to you asking for places to visit in San Diego/LA area that are good for Pokemon merch and generic nerdery. Aside from Japan Video Games that is :P We most likely won't be able to go in to LA so anything super central might be out, but I remember people mentioning other places on the outskirts before! Suggestions for San Diego also really wanted as that's where we're staying :D

Some gets and BIG discount sales!

Hi guys! I finally got a package that I bought on Taobao with a friend... Mightyena TFG and Vulpix zukan piece! Mightyena is really awesome, I have two of this groundbreakers and it's a pity that they were never released. And now I have all the pieces of the Ninetales zukan :____ I'm not really worry about not having the base so it's okay, they are with the Arcanine zukan now <3
The pan stickers I bought with the mintmittins promo, thanks a bunch! I love all the Polis :___) And if someone has more Politoed/Poochyenas pan stickers/amadas/vs cards for sale let me know!
Weavile, Squirtle and the Lugia DX are from yahoo and they are for my boyfriend. The Lugia is really amazing!

Btw, I have reduced almost all the prices on my sales post. I have cut the 50% of the price of the clearfiles, flats, some plushies, figures so please take a look! We need to clean our room and money to buy more Nintendo games #Drama Or I'm always open for trades! Thank you very much ^^

♥ Halloween Auction Reminder ♥

Auction 3

♥ Just a quick reminder for my Halloween custom auction! It's ending tomorrow evening and Litwick is still unclaimed! Follow the link below for more details. ♥

Customs 2

♥ I also still have one custom slot up for grabs if anyone is interested! Follow the same link for details. Thank you for taking a look! ♥

Cresent Moon Bakery

Let's get rid of these few last things. :3 And fun times x3

Welp just a small and boring post, but maybe this will be the last one of this kind.^^ Only have 3 more items left (technically speaking) so I wanted to put em up here.

I was granted sales permission by Dakajojo on 09/25/11

Dedenne DX Pokedoll MWT 51,80$ shipped anywhere in the world

clear view of the hang-tag :)

Raichu Pokedoll with detached hang-tag 65$ shipped to anywhere in the world. SOLD

All these charm sets (Johto Dex Teddiursa line, Carbink, Castforms, and Wurmple line) for 15,76$ shipped anywhere in the world.

Sorry to bug you guys with my sales all the time recently, just thought it would be nice to clear out now that so little is left.^^"

To make up for it, I got a fun little question for all of you! Well actually two, but one is off-topic so I won't count it. :)

Firstly, which Pokedolls would you like to be released for the OR/AS line of merchandise? Easy one for me, mine would definately be Lotad, Whismur and Snorunt. :) Those 3 actually already have artwork and just are all around really adorable Hoenn-mon :O

Second question is, what kind of gym leader would you like to be? Normal-type here, my reason might be a little odd though. I feel like I'm really average overall and that nothing really stands off about me, but on the other hand I tend to be pretty reliable and at least try to be nice (yeah my temper gets in way of that at times though. xD). Soo what about you? Wish you all a fun evening or whatever time it is at your place. ^-^

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Quilava themed wants!

Hi again everyone :3 I'm back for more Pokemon (seriously, at this rate I'm gonna need more shelves!). Please note that I'm in the UK

Firstly, I'm still searching for a Magikarp pokedoll. I'd prefer TTO at this point, and I'm not bothered about which release it is :) There have been a few on Y!J but I seem to have missed out on all of them ^^;

Then, I'm looking to expand one of my collections. I already collect Typhlosion, but I'm looking to add in Quilava too since he's so cute :D So, if anyone has Quilava pan stickers, stamps or dex charms, let me know! :D I'd also love the Quilava bell keychain, but they seem to be super hard to find!

Finally, I'm also looking for any gengar kid figures, preferably the shadow ball attack kid, and also altaria kid figures :)

thanks for reading everyone and I promise I'll have a slightly more interesteting collection update post to come soon :D <3