September 19th, 2014

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In which I sell TCG and TCG accessories.

Hi all! I've got a bunch of cards and other TCG accessories (Worlds mats/boxes, other playmats, Japanese boxes and sleeves) for sale today. Be careful, this post is very image-heavy; I've shrunk them but they'll still take a while to load on slow Internet. Here's a teaser with bonus cat-tail-photobomb:

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Thank you for your interest!

Please help me find a few wants! Pikachu + Bulbasaur + Shinx + Dragonite

I am looking for a few items. I am current out and using my phone so I will be adding more items and pictures later when I have access to a computer. For now, if you have the plush below, please let me know the conditions and price!

Pikachu laying plush from a lottery prize A *HIGH WANT*: Found it, thanks to kurokotetsuya <3

Bulbasaur keychain *HIGH WANT*:

Bulbasaur Charm *HIGH WANT*:

Bulbasaur Action/Attack Toy *HIGH WANT*:

Dragonite Zukan *HIGH WANT* (but want to find a reasonable price):

Bulbasaur Slider/Roller:

Bulbasaur in a bottle:

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Houses:

Talking Shinx:

Please let me know the price and the conditions of each. And if any pictures are yours and you want them to be removed, please let me know!
Thanks for looking! :)

Shiny Mega Gengar and Mega Gengar giveaway

Hi Everyone. Ive taken a long break from collecting and Im back. I just saw this video on youtube. Did anyone else see it? They are giving away a Shiny Mega Gengar and Mega Gengar plushie.

OMG. I just have to have these. I have been out of Pokemon for a over a year. I didnt even know that they made Mega plushies. I feel rather stupid, but Im so excited!!!!! These would look so cool on my Pokemon shelf.

$50 Canvas Eeevee/Glaceon/Leafeon plushies- too good to be true?

Hey guys,

So I've always been after most of the Canvas Eeveelutions, but have been put off by the high price tags ranging from $80 to over a hundred, but I recently found Canvas Eevee, Glaceon and Leafeon plush auctions on eBay with a starting price of $50, and BIN prices of $90.

I figured I probably wouldn't win them, but put in maximum bids for each of them for $60, and won all three at $50.

I'm ecstatic, but I'm wondering if perhaps I got too good a deal for them. Prior to bidding I had asked the seller if he (money-back) guarantees that they are genuine, and he asserted that they are real.

They are all in mint condition but without their hangtags, which I'm completely fine with since I plan on keeping them for love and snuggles (versus collecting them and keeping them in perfect condition with their tags on).

So I was wondering if perhaps I paid for bootlegs, or are hangtags worth that much?! o.o

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Thanks so much for reading!

Also, I've updated my wants list, if anyone happens to have anything on it please comment on it! :D

showing off my collection site :3

Hey collectors!
I dedicated my first own website to my collection and after some work on photography and editing and stuff like grammar I made it! Well, it's a few days online now and I'm planning on add some stuff like charms when the next bunch of orders arrive, but I decided to show it to you guys, even if it's not done yet!
click me, I'm transporting you!

Thanks for looking! :3

Oh, and I got one more question! Does someone from outside the US got experience with delayed shipping? My package from polahbear is on it's way from the post office to the sorting facility for exactly two weeks now and I'm a bit worried now... I never had any problems like that. Could it be the tracking number wasn't updated correctly? I would be glad for every help or suggestions! Since USPS doesn't have an international customer support I'll think about asking polahbear to investigate this, but I don't want to bother him...

Thanks! :)
Pokemon - Mudkip Bubbles

sales reminder!

Just a quick reminder for my sales! Lots still left and if you can pay tonight I am shipping tomorrow morning :)

( Sales! )

Also no-one has pan stickers? :( Noivern, Noibat or Litleo pan stickers? I would love to buy some (or rather lots!)
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Let's get a little meta: when is "enough" enough?

Hey fellow Pokemon collectors.

I thought it would be fun and quite enlightening to get a little meta-collecting from time to time.

Seeing how we are all collectors, I still notice how everyone of us has different collecting habits. Some members only keep small collections, and some collections are almost bursting whole rooms.
I guess we have more or less all come to the point at one time in our "careers" when we looked at our collection while holding yet another package filled with new items in our hands, asking ourselves where the hell to put this now.

So, I'd like to ask around, where do you personally see the limits of your collections?
I guess we have a huge variety of members here, some very young who have only a room within their parents' houses, some students who only have small rooms in a dorm or people who live in small apartments, but also people who work full-time and got a house where they either live alone or together with their partners.
So I am really interested in how you personally handle things. When do you consider your collection "enough"? Do you fill whole rooms with it or do you just keep a little collection or some small items as decoration? Have you ever come to a point when you were worried that your collection habits might run out of hand?
Do you have a collection goal when you say, the day I got this specific item I will stop collecting?

For me personally, it's hard to imagine to ever stop collecting because in a way, searching for and getting new stuff is what's basically the fun of collecting, and that's also what basically enables us to constantly share our collection with others. So it's really hard for me to imagine how one day, I will have "completed" my collection and stop sharing new stuff with others. At the same time, I know that I will not have room for much more at the moment seeing that I only live in a two-room apartment with my partner.

The second thing I'd like to hear your opinions about and experiences with is how other people see your collecting habits, or how you'd personally define "healthy" collecting habits? Have you ever come across people who gave you the look because "your whole room full of Pokemon was really strange"? Or have you ever looked at a collection of someone else (maybe also someone who collects other things than Pokemon) and thought omg I'd never collect that much?

I have the feeling that collectors, or generally people who are very passionate about a specific thing in their life, and thus dedicating great amounts of time to their favorite hobbies get stigmatized easily. It's comparable to the idea that when you play video games for 1-2 hours a day, you are okay, but when it exceeds the 4 hour mark, you are a weirdo, a basement-dweller, and "you should get your life straight and do something productive." I have the feeling society sees things as positive as long as they are mediocre, neither too much nor too little. People who are extensively passionate about things are often regarded as the weird kids: the nerds, the geeks, the eager beavers, the queer artists or intellectuals, and last but not less unsettling for society's mediocre brain: the hoarders, the strange hobbyists.
I for myself have the feeling that there can be something like "hoarding", when it becomes an illness, and when the person loses control over what they collect. However, I also think that much of the stigmatization of collectors has its roots in uneducated prejudices about collecting behaviors, and, as I said, in the general idea that things become weird when they transgress the border of the mediocre. Personally, I hate when people try to prescribe what a reasonable life means. In my view, as long as you don't hurt others, meaning as long as you don't depend on others (and even here, one has to differentiate further) at what you do, you're the one to decide what to do with your life, and, most importantly, what to do with your free-time.

What do you think? Please make the comment section burst with your ideas and thoughts on that topic. :)

parting with custom furret plush + other sales

Hello community! After some deep thought, I have decided to part with my custom Furret plush by Bubble-Rhapsody. It is quite a bit bigger than my other customs, and I am running out of room on my newly built four-foot-long display shelf! So, I think it is in my best interest to re-home it. I have also decided to offer up some newer merch that I am willing to part with, mostly due to doubles in my collection.

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That's it for now! Thanks for looking!
Noivern Nom

My Wants Post!

It's still not finished, or near finished.. but I have quite a decent chunk on it. This is hard work. I'm trying to link pictures to each item to help in showing what I want on top of having to research items/product lines, and decide just what Pokemon I want to focus on over others. There are some things outside of what I listed that I'd like, but they'll come after I get the ones I really want.

Anywho, it's pay day! I want to buy a few more things, but with so many things I want it's been so hard to decide. Thought maybe if I post this link and get some offers maybe that would help me in deciding what to buy.

I'm also up to any help or suggestions on my list. Being out of the Pokemon collecting scene for so long, I've missed a LOT of merchandise. I'm sure you'll see a theme with my list, so if you think I might like an item not shown there, feel free to reply with it or offer it for sale.

Without further ado...
 photo WantsPost_zpsdd0351a6.jpg

Alola Vulpix
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Last Minute Pokemon Center Pickup Slots

EDIT:  All paid for packages have been sent!  Thank you all for your fast payment!


I am heading to the Pokemon Center tomorrow morning and thought I would offer a few pickup slots!

Please feel free to request any goods at the Center -- I will do my best to try and meet as many requests as possible.  However, I ask that you refrain from requesting items that are easily available at Sunyshore or other sites as the point of these "free for all" style slots is to help people get items that are harder to secure pickups for :)

Please only request specific items so I can confirm the shelf price beforehand (searching Amazon's Pokemon Store is a good starting point) and no vague requests like "anything with X Pokemon on it."  The Center is way too crowded for me to search through the entire stock for something non-specific, I'm sorry :( My general pickups information page can be found here. Just comment below with your requests and I will get you a price quote + shipping estimate. I cannot give you a final total until I have your pickups in hand, but I will do my best to give you a rough estimate on shipping beforehand.

- Be prepared to pay when you receive a total TOMORROW! Do not request a spot unless you can pay right away.
- You are responsible for the remaining items in your order even if some items are out of stock.
- Do not change your order after committing to a slot (but adding additional items is fine!)

ALSO! Please check Poketopia before requesting certain items as I have updated with various pickup goods :) PitaPoke playsets, Petit plush, Klefki keychains, Eeveelution planners can all be found there:

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The above items are just examples of available items!  Please feel free to request other things :)

9/20 Pokemon Center Pickup Slots *ALL PICKED UP!*
1. rykerr1 (Treecko 1:1 Plush, Sceptile Pokemon Time Strap, Clearfile, Hoenn Starters Pokemon Time Notebook, Hand Towel) *PAID*
2. jaydee93 (Amaura Pokedoll, Espurr Pokedoll, Meowstic Pokedoll Male & Female, Canvas Stunfisk, Gengar Petit, Arcanine Petit, Farfetch'd Petit, Ampharos Petit, Lapras Petit, Mew Petit) *PAID*
3. coiffwaff (Kalos Ice Cream Tin) *PAID*
4. otterette (Serperior TOMY MC+ Figure) *PAID*
5. xxlatiosxx (Fennekin Japanese Design Cloth, Fennekin PitaPoke, Fennekin Disc, TOMY Meowstic Plush) *PAID*
7. themessyness (Espurr Wanted Mug, Sylveon/Espurr Line Keychain) *PAID*
6. fueki (Blind Packaged Pokeball Stamps x5) *PAID*
8. stalkingsuicune (Fennekin Japanese Design Cloth, Fennekin Disc, Fennekin Embroidered Sticker) *PAID*
9. suzanneespeon (Mudkip 1:1 Plush) *PAID*
10. kitbug (Arcanine Petit Plush, Pancham Pokedoll, Japanese Promotion Tenugui) *PAID*
11. splash (Bulbasaur Pitapoke) *PAID*
12. evilashi (Greninja Japanese cloth, Fennekin Japanese cloth, Swampert Pokemon Time strap, Zangoose Pokemon Time strap, Japanese Promotion Socks (size 25-27)) *PAID*

On a final note!! I am considering opening Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire pre-order slots for those people interested in the Pokemon Center pre-order bonuses.  I will work out the details tomorrow and post to the community if I do open slots :)
arcanine and zorua, growlithe

Art Trades (Round 3)

Hi PKMNcollectors!!

It's that time again! Art traaaaades!!
I've been having loads of fun with these so far, so I'm looking forward to some more commissions :3

I ship from the UK to anywhere in the world!
My feedback can be located here:

I draw on high quality cartridge paper and prefer to draw in sizes around A5.

I can draw anything you would like, whether it be a pokemon, a chibi, an OC or a human. I use pencils and charcoal.

In return, I am looking for ANY Growlithe and Arcanine merch (within reason) as well as anything on my wants list:
As well as the fire pups, I also collect the Eeveelutions and ghost pokemon (anything Halloween themed is a HUGE priority!)

I'm also looking for customs! I'm desperate for art, charms and especially plushies. Of course, I will do multiple drawings for plushies/charms/etc. :3

Now onto examples!!

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I'm really excited for this so I hope we can work out some trades!! :D

P.s. plushlosophy , I've finished your drawing so all I need is your address please and I'll send you mine :3 (it's actually the last example on this post haha)

~Pupstergirl <3
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Buying on ?

Hello everyone.

Is this happening to any of you ? One item I was VERY interested in suddenly became unavailable to view and buy from The item is still available on - And still ships worldwide !

My problem is that the Country-restriction-trick which consisted to change Chrome's language to see worldwide offers doesn't work anymore, and it worked two days ago...

Am I allowed to buy from if the seller ships the item to France ? This is one of my grails and it worries me a lot...

Thank you.
Pokemon - Lucario nod
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After a good 3 month wait, I finally have sales permission (THANK YOU SO MUCH!!), so let the sales begin! :D yahhhhhh excite hype

- I was granted Sales Permission on 9/19/14 by entirelycliched. Feedback here.

Click here or the image below to go to the sales page!

Small dabbling of my stuff~

rules and SALES! )

Mm, I have a lot of stuff and a long list of rules, so please read them before commenting there! XD