September 22nd, 2014

Pokemon that have official Pokedoll art but no actual plush

With the upcoming release of ORAS, I'm hoping that they rerelease certain Hoenn Pokedolls. They're bound to rerelease at least the starters, but hopefully they'll also release some new ones.

I had remembered all of the Pokedolls that you collected through the online Dream World in Black & White and wondered if there were any that had official art, but never actually was made into an actual plush. I actually found quite a few... 19 to be specific (not all are found through the DW)!

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I would love for them to release all of these in physical form at some point. The majority of these are gen 3 specific, so now seems like a perfect time! I know I would love a Gardevoir Pokedoll... If you aren't a fan of any of these though, what Pokemon would you like to see as an actual Pokedoll?
Noivern time

Pikadoll/Rush GA Payment 2 (finally) & Nintendo World Pickups!

Last night when I was getting this pickup posts together the unthinkable happened. Noppin FINALLY gave me the invoice for shiping!

a_flockofmarins doryphish333 elianti espurrkat jen81489 kwingette normandyai nysaurus pocketmonstrmeg rokeby thedaftlynx

altair_420 awill00 cipt clair2522 classypersian elianti espurrkat gundamshenlong marphoria munchcollector nessicrust normandyai omgitslph pachirichu pkmnexcavation queensylveon syminka starpurrloin zetsukitty4302

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Now onto the original purpose of this post!

I'll be going to NYC on Wednesday to visit my Dad and going to Nintendo World for the first time! Thus I will be opening up some slots for pickups! My friend and I will be travelling by bus to NYC so the amount of pick up slots depends on how much I can carry and bring home by bus!

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***When I visit on Wednesday I am going to take a picture of everything Pokemon they have in stock. I may or may not go back to NW again on Thursday before I leave NYC. If you're possibly interested in something at Nintendo World that's not plush (or non pokemons) let me know so I can look for it, find the price, and make time to go back on Thurs!

They said they will be getting in a new shipment in October so I might come back again for my birthday in a couple weeks :>

All items from my previous sales posts (here and here) can be combined with GA Payment 3 or with pickups~
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Mew Plushies in a Row!

Hello comm! I hope everyone is doing dandy! <3

I just wanted to post about all (or most at least) of the Mew plushies that I own! Who knows, you may even find one you want in the future if you're a Mew collector! And you're free to use my photos! Just make sure to credit me. ^^;

And if you need better pics of certain Mew plushies for a wants list, just ask! ^^

I also feel the need to say that none of the plushies seen here are for sale/trade. Sorry! ^^;

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AND that's that! Oh! I also have an announcement! I got a grail arriving in my deputy service's warehouse and will request shipping asap, eeeeeeeeee, so excited!!! 83

Thanks for looking! <3

Sinnoh Rainbow GA payment 1 +GA Extras+ quick sales!

Hello community, we won the Sinnoh Rainbow with a nice discount so it's time to fo the first payment!! And we got plenty of extras so if you're interested on any, let us know! It's open for participant and no-participant! Each extra is 2$, you can find the full list on the spreadsheet and look at more photos in the original GA post. Participants have preference for 24 hours.

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Thanks for making this possible!!! If I lose Arcanine this time too I'll burn the post office And now I got a package with some plushies for sale!! Each MPC is 8$ OBO (Shaymin and Herdier are not available!) As always you can combine anything with my sales post :)

An also each VS Card is 3$ (Treecko not available)


Hello and My Pokemon Wants

Hey, new to the community but so happy to be here! I love collecting Pokemon Plush. I have a lot already but I'm always looking for more!

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Currently I am only looking for the Banpresto UFO Meganium Plush
Please let me know if you have one or know where I can get one! Thank you

Also, here is a picture of all my Grass starter plush with my plants :)
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Pokemon Transformation disc - photo and quick sale

Hi all!
I was quite curious about these and I thought some people would be too, so here are some photos (:


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After some photo taking, these are going on quick sale (:

Garchomp is already opened and assemble for the photos below the cut.
Fennekin is new (I only opened the box to check, but there's slight damage to the box when I open it :/)

They are $6 + shipping/ fees each ($2.7 to anywhere in the world with box flattened in bubble mailer)
or take both for $12.5 shipped.
Please find the usual rules at my sales page as link below!

Lastly, a sales plug, please check out my sales, plenty of items left and feel free to combine (:


Thanks all!

Trades and figure/plush identification help :)

Ok I'm gonna try one more time for my grail. I really need a Psyduck plush plush in my life because he's just so freaking cute! :D (Also looking for a cyndaquil to help me towards getting psyduck)

Look at this! He's adorable!

I have these pokedolls/plushplush that I would be willing to trade for him. Seriously, I am at the point where all these pokedolls will be traded for Psyduck. (Celebi and pichu are the plushplush btw)

Pikachu, Charizard, Pichu

Have both tags but not mint:
Girantia, Weavle

Corsola, Blaziken, Corphish, Mantyke, Bidoof, Celebi, Lucario, Absol, Whiscash, Magikarp, spheal

Shiny Raikou and shiny Entei are MWTS but are not part of the full trade of pokedolls. They are separate but can be included with other pokedolls from my pile o' pokedolls.

Now onto the figures I have no idea what they are and the plush I'm certain is a mirage but I need to double check :3 Found out eevee hails from South America :D


I can add bigger pics in the comments for anyone who needs them :3

(I have sales perm from Allinia on March 2013 and more than 10 feedback)

Thanks a bundle! :D Have a great night/morning!
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Question about TCG Booster Boxes

So I'm a big fan of opening booster boxes but they are usually very expensive. There are some people that I have seen that can get them super insane cheap.

UnlistedLeaf on his youtube channel said he was able to get his Phantom Gate box for $25!

So my question is, does anyone know how to get cheaper booster boxes? I would be very interested in buying them. The absolute cheapest I can find for something like a Japanese booster is $40+ or $60+ for an English booster.