September 24th, 2014

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Rotom Pokedoll Wants

Hi, I have recently fallen in love with the Rotoms and I'm looking for Rotom and Heat Rotom Pokedolls for sale (as well as Wash, but he's lower priority).  So if anyone has one for sale (with tags preferred) or knows where to snag one please let me know!

1. Heat Rotom
2. Rotom
3. Wash Rotom
4. Frost

Thanks so much!

custom plush auction!

Hi friends! I come to you today bearing a small auction. I could really use some extra space in my room, and so I desperately need to downsize. Please see the details below!

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I could really use the extra space, so if you could spread the word, that would be much appreciated!

On a related note, you can view my permanent straight sales here!

Thanks everyone!

A Pilot Pika Flies In!

Today my Pilot Pikachu came (really fast delivery from )

I was pleased to have a couple of free Pika bags as well! Those are soooo going to get used! I do love how smart the little guy looks and he's a very nice addition to my Pika collection.

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He's adorable sat there with his other Pika Friends!

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Pokedoll Wants and Pokemon Oops! Question

Hey Guys
I am looking for the following Pokedolls. I do not really care if they are japanese or USA release and they do not need to have their hang tags, but they have to have their Plush tags. Please note that I am from Austria.

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And I also have a question about the new Pokemon Oops! Key Chain Plushies. I am looking for a picture of one of those taken from the side. The one's I was able to find online have all been from the front and the back. But they kind of look really thin to me, so that's why I was wondering if anyone of you has one of those and would be willing to take a picture from the side.
Thanks for the information.

Greetings and have a nice day!

Tomy XY Series 2 Figures Spotted At Epcot + Sales Plug

I went to Epcot yesterday with my BF, and went into Mitsukoshi, and low and behold Series 2 is officially out. All the figures that have showed up on Toywiz recently were all there. I grabbed for myself the Mega Mewtwo Y 4 pack for Kirlia as I had the rest. The other 3 figures (Mega Mewtwo &, Male Meowstic & Pangoro) are for sale for anyone who wants them. I also got the Mega Blastoise figure.

The rest of my sales are here

Sales Permission given by dakajojo on 9/03/11

Small gamescom gets!

Hi guys!

So it's been quite a while since my last post. Now I have something to share with you. :D

About six weeks ago there was gamescom, an annual video games convention in Cologne, Germany. They also had a merchandise area, and there was Pokemon plushies, figures, hats, and so on. Mostly fake. ._. I saw, of course, loads of bootie Eeeveelutions, many other fake pokedolls Tomy plushes and figures. Some even with correct tags, some with obviously fake tags, some without any. It was kind of a colorful mixture.^^

But I managed to snatch at least a couple of cool (and legit!!) things. :D

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Apart from the merchandise, there was a very special guest at gamescom from Game Freak. He was/is one of the leading developers of the Pokemon fighting system. Quite a big cheese. ;)

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Thanks so much for reading! <3

Next post will finally be a collection update. :D
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New gets and Noivern cutsom PT figure!

It's time for geeets again *excited* :D

This time, most of my gets are from my trusted European figure supplier agui_chan :D
But what's even betterrrr, she did a certain certain custom for me! Here's a preview!

(This now also officially represents my collector's hell sprial of spending too much money xD)

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I also bought a few colors of Fimo clay two days ago and made a Pokemon Time Noivern figure for my collection. It was actually the first time for me making a figure with colored clay instead of white clay and painting the figure after baking it. It was very complicated imo because the clay got dirty in some places. The figure is not perfect, but I love him nevertheless. ^^
Here's what he looks like :)


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arcanine and zorua, growlithe

Custom Art Commissions!

Hi everyone,

I'm especially excited to start drawing because I was granted sales permission!! :D
So I'm now taking commissions! I am always after trades as well! My trades list can be found here:

I was granted sales permission by entirelycliched on 22 September 2014 and my feedback can be found here:


~My mother and I ship from the UK and am happy to ship worldwide
~All PKMNcollectors rules apply
~I come from a pet friendly home with two dogs and a kitten but they don't come near my stuff
~I am not responsible for any lost or damaged packages but proof of shipment will be provided
~Please send payment within 24 hours (PayPal only please)
~Prices do not include shipping, please ask for quotes :3

I'm happy to answer any further questions :D

(If I'm in the middle of an art trade with you, don't worry, your drawings have priority :3)

Now onto examples:

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I can draw pokemon, chibis, trainers, OCs, etc. You can choose from charcoal, pencil and coloured pencils for your drawing :3.

Price List:
These are trial prices to see how things go
~For an ACEO, it would be $3
~For an A5 drawing, it would be $5

1. Shuckle and Torkoal

Thank you for reading! I look forward to sharing my art with you guys!
Realistic White Kyurem

Diamond & Pearl Zukan Set 04 GB has arrived!! Payment 2 Post

Hi everyone, to the ones that participated in my Diamond and Pearl Zukan set 04 GB the zukans have finally arrived! Sorry for the delay, they actually have arrived last week, but I started clases again and I've been super busy lately >.<'
Well, here's a picture so you can see them (sorry if the picture is a bit dark, it's already night time here) ^^
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So now payment 2 is due! Payment 2 includes: FromJapan fees, domestic shipping from the Japanese seller to FromJapan, the shipping from FromJapan to me and the shipping from me to you ^^
Here are the totals with your shipping quotes included! Since all of you are from the US your quotes are the same, payment will be to, please write your zukan in the memo (please let me know if you would like shipping with tracking, it would add $3.45 to the total):

neko_dono250 Magmortar Line -> $17.78 after PP fees PAID
animecatmew Luxray Line -> $17.78 after PP fees PAID
sketchies Drifloon and Drifblim -> $17.78 after PP fees PAID

Heatran $15.97 -> AVAILABLE FOR SALE!! (doesn't include shipping)

Azelf, Mesprit and Uxie $19.94 -> AVAILABLE FOR SALE!! (doesn't include shipping)

Aaand to end the post here is a quick reminder of my sales post, there's lots of I love eevee products, pokédolls, canvas plushes, books, games and other Pokémon Center stuff!

Thanks everyone, I hope all of you that are studying are having a good start! =)

High Random Want! Banpresto Giratina!

So I love Pokedolls as much as the next person, but they're so small! I luuuv bigger plushes! I was searching for larger Giratina plushes (cuz I have NO Giratina merchandise and he's one of my favorites. HOW!?) when I stumbled upon pics of this beauty!

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If anyone is selling one or something, I would be HIGHLY interested! I'm also interested in getting the Altered Forme Pokedoll, but not as much so because the only ones I can find are a tad too pricey for me and for the extraordinarily small size it is. I'm also open to more Giratina plush merchandise!

Also! looking for a Lucario Pokedoll I think? I am, but it's an incredibly small want compared to Giratina. And while I'm at it, I'm also in search for the posable Reshiram plush. I think that's all for now? haha!