September 27th, 2014


What sort of Trainer statue would you like to see?

Hey everyone, I hope this post is okay to make here! I'm asking for some suggestions! :) I sculpt/repaint/customize action figures, clay figures, all that sort of stuff, and I really wanted to do a resculpt of a trainer statue. I found a cheap Cilan statue on Y!J for $8 (can't beat that price! oO), and now I'm curious as to what trainer/Gym Leader/etc I should turn him into! At first I was thinking Professor Sycamore, most definitely, but now I'm not so sure.

Taking into account his pose (everything else can be changed, but I want this to be a relatively(it's all a real pain in the behind to do!) simple resculpt so I'm keeping the pose the same), does anyone have any ideas for what trainer I should do? Daigo? Roark? Someone else?

Any suggestions would be really appreciated! I'm really interested to see what sort of trainer stuff people would like to see! :3

(Just to get this out of the way, this isn't a sales post or a commission post of any kind, I don't have sales permission yet and have no intention of breaking the rules, I'm simply working on this for myself as a test of skill and I'm super curious what sort of trainer figures people are into.)
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Pokemon Time 2013 Case

Hey everyone!
This is just a quick reminder that I'm still searching high and low for this case (the 3ds, NOT the 3dsLL):

I will pay $55 for a lightly used one or $75 for a new one. I want it Bad.

EDIT: Thanks so much for the interest everyone! I've finally found what I was looking so hard for. <3

The Wild New Get Attacked!

I've been waiting months for this doll to arrive. I initially asked Sovriin way back in June if they would be willing to make it, and they were super excited to get started because it's one of their favorite Pokemon too.

What Pokemon is it? Have a teaser pic!

I think it's pretty obvious...

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I've also noticed nobody mention the upcoming changes to Paypal's User Agreement. They come into effect mid-November and are pretty substancial for buyers, sellers, and custom makers.

From Paypal's email regarding the changes:
• We're increasing the time for buyers to file merchandise disputes (Item Not Received and Significantly Not as Described) from 45 days to 180 days.
• We're extending buyer protection to include item not received claims for custom made products.
• Because PayPal Seller Protection and Buyer Protection policies may vary from country to country, we're adding language to clarify which country's policy applies when a seller makes a sale to a buyer outside of the U.S.

Also shameless sales plug:
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Looking for oversized reshiram doll

Hello everybody!
I'm in desperate search for oversized reshiram doll
I'm a big reshiram fan and I'm surprised I wasn't able to find this beauty earlier...

If anybody is willing for sale of this plush, it would be very nice to hear from you.
I'm willing to pay for extras, especially if it's MWT. Thank you so much!

Looking for Pokemon Time bookmarks

Hey guys! I haven't been posting lately cause I have been having my exams. But now I'm back with some wants! I'm looking for the official pokemon time bookmarks. I'm actually just want to buy one. I'm fine with any design but I would definitely prefer a Lapras design. Well that's all for now! Any help is appreciated! Thanks guys!
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Beams 1/1 Life size Pikachu going on sale!

Haven't seen a post about this yet and was pretty excited so i thought id share :)
So Japanese clothing chain Beams is offering a life-sized stuffed Pikachu.
According to Beams, the size (40cm high) and the weight (6kg) are official, making this a actual one-to-one scale Pikachu, even if it is the first gen and a little chubby compares to later pikachus
its going to be Priced at 18,360 yen ($170), and pre-orders for the plush are available for a November release. It comes with an original tote bag, because first gen Pikachu is big and heavy.
heres the site for anyone, who can somehow get it from japan
(if you can, maybe we can organize a middle man so i can get one, i need this plush hehe, inbox me?)
look how big it is :)

Little Lot Up for Sale~

Hi all! Just letting you know that I've got a little lot of miscellanous stuff up for sale starting SUPER DUPER cheap --

Triple this image, and you have roughly the amount of stuff available.
With this and a bunch more stuff including Pokemon Rumble U figures, a huge back of assorted keychains, and a load of flats.

Here's the link for more info and ~10 more pictures:
(I almost forgot! Sales Permission granted 8/8/2012 by allinia. Feedback is HERE)
Thanks for reading, all, and let me know if you have any questions. :)
Mega Houndoom

First Community Gets!

I bought quite a bit from sales posts here on the community over the past week. I wanted to wait until it all arrived to post. So click the cut for pictures!

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I'd leave a plug for my wants post, but I can't buy anything until next pay check.. maybe. My oil change for my car turned into an 80$ visit. >
Hawlucha Dance

Hawlucha Collection Update, Oops!, Collection site Update and Wants

After a long while of just checking in on the comm I finally have a mini collection update. I got a huge box of OOPS! items. This promotion I really, really dig. I loved it the first time I saw it but it was just Pikachu who was featured but now we have a whole lineup of new Pokemon screaming their heads off. I just see this set and say "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!" XD I had to get that Pikachu cushion. The only thing I bought last oops promo was the Pika plush but now I have a MEGA chu that is always shouting at me. "PIIIIIIIIKAAAAAAA!!!!"

Screen Shot 2014-09-26 at 8.04.01 PM
[Cick the image to be transported]
I've updated a whole new Hawlucha tag just for the "Oops!!!" Promotion. I've added almost all the items featured with a little commentary on each item. If you were curious about a certain item or you're having trouble deciding to get something from the line this might help you decide. Not only that but I've updated my whole Hawlucha collection. :D I acummulated quite a bit since I first started collecting this lucha bird, so much he deserved multiple site tabs. I update this very frequently. Please give it a look!
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image copy
I also wanted to show off my recent custom get with some of my shiny Hawlucha items. (I accidently forgot to put my trozei embroidery patch and bell plush in the pic, oops.) The newest is my "derp" lucha made by bubble_rhapsody. I love their plush and the derp style is so funny and chibi. I had to get something made by this artist. I'm very pleased with it and now that I've seen both variants of him I kiiiiiinda want the normal color version they made. *U* Chillin' and being awesome is my shiny Hawlucha pokedoll by D215LAB. I also had fun painting my own shiny kid and shiny tomy figure. I'm really happy with how they both came out. I need more purple lucha's in my life I love this shiny so much. :D You can check them out in detail on my colelction site.

Right now, I'm looking for anything and everything HAWLUCHA that I don't already posess. Show me if you have anything I don't. I'm also always on the hunt for my last remaining Sylveon items I need. Please check out my want page! c:
Does anyone know how you get this Battle festa card? When it comes out? How much you think it will go for? How rare?
I know its a promo but I just have to have it for the new Sylveon art. Any help?


Sorry I didn't get into too much detail this update but my time has been tight these past couple months due work and family matters. I promise to have more soon!
Have a great weekend!
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Update - Gift Time, arty goods and karpyaki

Is what you will probably be saying to me. Hi there! I've been a member of this community for --- oh god -- five years. Five! As with many longtime collectors, I find I've become less active as my collection increased and space decreased. I'm more of a lurker these days. But recently I helped dear slothyshroom out with some japanese items, and she kindly sent me a big box of gifts as a thank you! And lemmie tell ya, I was really surprised with what was inside...


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Aside from the AWESOME BOX OF AWESOME from shroom, I also picked up some other classy little items...

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Aaaand lastly! This awesome, awesome plush by the cool and talented mamath


Magikarp taiyaki plush! Taiyaki is a street food, being a fish-shaped cake usually filled with red bean. AND NOW IT'S PLUSH.
Pikachu ; PikaBolt

Been a long time... Wanted: Espurr Can Badge

Hello hello, it's been a long time. I'm not a very active member, since I haven't had the money to actively search for items.

I'm mostly a Pikachu collector, but I also collect Oshawott, Joltik, and beginning to collect Espurr.
I've been collecting since 2008. Not an active collector, due to money being a problem lately. But, I collect when I can!
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I'm looking for the Espurr With You Can Badge.

I recently bought it off eBay, but it arrived smashed... I can't fix it without damaging it more. I'm quite upset about it so I want to try to buy it here. I should have in the first place since the members here take pride in keeping items safe.

I live in the USA, 13601.
Thank you!

Help with finding Posable Reshiram plush

So, my Reshiram Pokedoll just arrived today and I would take pics of him along with all of my other Reshis except…my collection feels incomplete… I have been searching for the Posable Reshiram plush for awhile now, but now I'm hardcore trying to get one. I can only find them for $99+ though. Does anyone know where I could get one for a more…affordable price..? or is anyone on here selling one? Here's a pic for reference

Posable Reshi

I could really use some help in my search for this beauty :) Thanks guys

closed eyed pikachu + pichu auction/BIN

Greetings fellow community members,
I have a couple of figures to auction off because I need to start saving up for my birthday party :)

I was granted sales permission on 4/5/14 by allinia. and my feedback is

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I am auctioning off this rare sleeping pikachu tomy from 2007 for 40 and any can BIN @ 60.
It is in very very very good condition!

IMG_9668Collapse )

And I am Auctioning off these two closed eyed pokemons :)
They will NOT be separated and they will start at 9 and anyone can BIN at 15!

IMG_9672Collapse )

This auction will end on Friday @ 11:00 PM OR ANYONE CAN BIN AT ANYTIME :)