September 28th, 2014

More Hot Topic Gets

So 2 days ago thanks to a tip from kuro_kage_kun that the Tomy Eeveelution plushes finally made it to Hot Topic's website I went and ordered the last 3 I needed which were Leafeon, Glaceon & Sylveon. They arrived today, and I am satisfied with them. I love Leafeon's tag artwork. It is very adorable. Of these 3 Sylveon is my favorite of the plush though. I am not a fan of this hard fabric that's on the 3 of them though. Poor Leafeon has it the worst of them. They could have done the hard fabric parts in Minky for him. I am just glad that I own all the Eveelutions in plush form that are from 1 brand as I have an incomplete Pokedoll set (missing Vaporeon, Espeon & Sylveon there). I can't wait to find the next set of Tomy plush (the one with Pancham, Tyrunt, Bunnelby, Amaura & Litleo) though i still haven't found the Dedenne plush from Tomy that is out supposedly and has been for a while, but anyways here's a couple pictures. The first is of Leafeon, Glaceon & Sylveon while the other is all 9 together (note that the Eevee is the earlier BW Series 2 release, but is similar to the one out now. I think the only difference is that the fur is more like Flareon's now. Anyone with this Eevee feel free to correct me.)

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If anyone wants to see more pictures of any of them. I'd be glad to take them.
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Hi all! I've updated my sales again, I went through storage and decided to part with a bunch of things I was keeping, and I also weeded through my clearfiles and pencilboards. I've decided to stop collecting those for the most part, so I have some quite rare ones up as well as full sets from some promos, and most of them are my last copies of those so I won't have them for sale again. I also lowered prices on some items, and made some OBO.

I also have EXCITING NEWS!!! I investigated ways to post and I am now offering a cheaper economy airmail service for international parcels! That means instead of postage starting from about $14 to the US (for example), it can start at about $6-7 depending on weight, and it's available to almost all countries! It is slower but so much cheaper, and it's still faster and more reliable than seamail (which Australia doesn't have anymore). All the details for this are in my sales post, so please read carefully :)

Head over to my sales for details and all the new stuff! As usual, it's late at night here and I'll likely respond to comments (particularly for parcels that require weighing - I also have a spiffy new scale yay) in the morning my time.

And I'm after a Carbink kid, and any other Carbink merch I missed, if someone has them cheap (with shipping quoted to Australia)? Mayyybe a Mega Ampharos kid too, since I was getting one from happycosmos... Oh, and I don't think I ever got a Cottonee kid! I need a Cottonee kid! If I did get one then I want another one anyway.

My Pokemon TCG Collection + Some Wants

Woohoo! I finally finished scanning all of my cards into my computer, so here's to my first collection post! XD

( Click here to see my entire collection! Warning: Very Image Heavy )

I decided that it would be best to post all my collections in sections. I started with the TCG because that is where everything started for me. :) Back in the late 1990s (when I was still in elementary school), my cousin gave me a Rattata card, and I loved it so much that I just had to collect more. XP Admittedly, I stopped collecting after I got at least one of every Pokemon from the first two generations, but I will buy a few newer cards every now and then. :)

I very much prefer Japanese cards to English ones, hence why most of my collection is comprised of Japanese cards. And this is where my wants come in...

I was wondering if anyone had Japanese versions of the following cards that they would be willing to sell me:


I am hoping to get these for $1-5 each shipped to the US (hope that's not being too cheap). I would like them in mint condition, but I can tolerate some slight edge wear. Please no played condition ones--I don't want creases, bends, edge splitting, scratches, markings, stains, etc. >.< Thank you for your time! :D

EDIT (9/29/14): I found a Japanese version of Sabrina's Venomoth, so I no longer need that one. Still looking for the others though. :3
EDIT (10/1/14): I managed to snag a Japanese base Pidgeotto and a Japanese base Dragonair on ebay, so I don't need those anymore either. Despite being a common card, that Nidoran (male) sure is hard to find in Japanese. @_@
EDIT (12/16/14): No longer looking for Nidoran.

Sales Update + Looking for Mawile Plush

Hi everyone! First off, I'm looking for this Mawile Pokemon Time plush (I think this is the only official Mawile plush?). I'd prefer MWT if possible~ Just let me know if you have one available and how much you're asking!

Also, I just got a few Halloween promo items! They've been added to my webstore. Click the image to go!

Next update will be fun, I promise. XD I want to go out and take photos with my pokedolls~

Thank you! <3
Noivern time

Pikadoll and Rush GA Payment 3!!

Package is in! I picked it up at the post office yesterday during my lunch break at work. I didn't want to wait until Monday to go pick it up x3 Package was gigantic! It did not fit into the trunk of my car.

a_flockofmarins doryphish333 elianti espurrkat jen81489 kwingette normandyai nysaurus pocketmonstrmeg rokeby thedaftlynx

altair_420 awill00 clair2522 classypersian elianti espurrkat gundamshenlong marphoria mnchcollector nessicrust normandyai omgitslph pachirichu pkmnexcavation queensylveon syminka starpurrloin zetsukitty4302

Car and Lord Doge for size reference


Spreadsheet found here!

Please send all payment to and put "Rush GA Payment 3 - username" or "Pikadoll GA Payment 3 - username" in the memo. PLEASE don't forget the username part. Otherwise I won't be able to tell who the payment is from!

In order to save on costs all items were packaged in poly mailers along with bubble wrap unless otherwise specified! If you would like a different method of shipping please note that it will take me time to get the materials and it will cost you more!

Make sure to check the "Alternate shipping options" cut for your username. Specifically if you won a lot of items or you won large items!

I took pictures of all of the plush :) Almost everything is in very good/minty condition
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Poor Munna from the Pikadoll GA is unclaimed! Please take it to a loving home :) It's available for $1 and is open to ALL participants of both GAs. It will be available to other members of the community after 24 hours. Money will be used to go towards shipping supplies.

I am missing ALL your payments. I have attempted contacting you four different times now and will be taking action that was stated in my last attempt to contact you.

jen81489 thedaftlynx
I'm missing your Payment 2. Your total for Payment 2 & 3 have been combined in the Payment 3 column

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Sizzling Cutsom/TFG Sales!

Hey guys! I have a few things for sale! Most are customs that I hope some of you might enjoy! And of course, there's a few TFGs! If you like what I make and you're interested in a commission, let me know, and we'll see if we can work something out. :) Also, I'm open to haggling, so feel free to make reasonable offers! :D

*Commission slots are full for now, thank you.

Commission Slots:

1. agentgoldfish done
2. jen81489 done
3. mizunosakura done
4. latios_latias_7 done
5. 12mermaid done

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Here's a peek of my work...

 photo b861088d-f7fa-4c2a-94ae-c92d749878b2_zps7d96eecc.jpg

More under the cut!

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collection update

I apologize because I post way too many of these, but this isn't about me for a change!

I thought you guys might like to see what my brother's collection looks like. It's not as extensive as mine, but it's looking pretty good! The shelving units were inspired by another user on here.


The Mew is unfortunately a bootleg, but we got that before the collecting bug bit us. ;)
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If any of you are interested in finding me outside of LJ, I do have Instagram and Twitter. My username is the same as it is on here. I post pictures of my collection, among other things, on Instagram periodically and I complain about life on Twitter. LOL.

Bootleg Check and Looking to Buy- Pikachu Solar Bobblehead

Hi all. I'm looking to buy a Pikachu Solar Bobblehead - however I know the berry ones cost a small fortune on Ebay.

I have seen a Christmas Pikachu Solar Bobblehead as well, but not sure if it is genuine or not (hence the bootleg check). Below are the two pictures. If anyone has either for sale, for a reasonable price, inc shipping to the UK. I would love to hear from you.

Edit: I got the Christmas Pika Solar (since confirmed not bootleg), looking for the berry one.

Thanks in advance :)

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Long time no see~

Hey guys, I wanted to update you guys on my recent get.

I finally got a mewtwo pokedoll, a pikachu pokemon time doll-- and on it's way there's a raichu pokemon time plush <3

I kind of have concerns of the bootlegs on ebay... More so the pokedolls... Does anyone know a way to quickly spot a bootie?



I've been swarming ebay and I've been seeing new stuff appears.. Can someone tell me all the new pokemon stuff they've added (mainly the plushies)?

I just saw a huge  hoenn starter plush set and .... a rayquaza which I am not sure if its a bootleg or not since I didnt even know they made those. It appears to come from japan but you guys are like the pokegods of merchandise and stuff.

Any new games since the x y series come out?



I just wanted to add that after searching for hours on ebay and constantly finding people that claim to be shipping from the u.s.(you set the thing to U.S. only) it turns out most of them tend to be from china so basically anything cheaper than a certain amount is automatically a bootleg... Most claim they ship from the u.s. and then they have an american flag as their photo(which I highly found offensive lol) and then when you check their profile they're actually based on china. If you read their reviews-- and the few bad feedback you can tell that some customers claim they're counterfeit.

Is there an easy way to access pokedolls without risking getting a bootleg...?
C&amp;H Autumn
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Sales (New and Old stuff and cheaper shipping rates!) + DX Mew Pokedoll Offers + A Want

Hello PC comm!

It's been a while since I last posted anything. To those on the comm's Facebook counterpart, I know I said that I would post about a certain get, but I'd like to make a collection update with it instead. This means that for the time being, it won't really be properly introduced to here until I get everything from my Japanese middleman and the other comm members I still need to pay. In the meantime, I have some stuff that I'd like out of my house right now.

Sales Policy

  • Sales permission granted by entirelycliched on April 2013.

  • Feedback is here.

  • Shipping is from Australia. International shipping is available but can be high. UPDATE: Thanks to tortoises, I am able to access cheaper shipping rates so I will give you that and the standard rate that you can choose from.

  • Allergy info: 1 dog, no smokers, lots of dust.

  • A deal can be made for multiple purchases in one transaction.

  • Payment plans are welcome.

  • Trades only for things on my wish list or a Nendoroid Red figure set.

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Also, I am putting up both of my DX Mew Pokedolls (both TTO) for offers. It really kills me to let them go, but I need the money and space. The first one was put up for offers back in May, but I strangely forgot about it until last week.
Offers for each start at $200.
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For my want, I am looking for the newly released Nendoroid Red figure.

Ebay has already marked it up to about double the retail price sadly. My current budget is around $80-85 shipped to Australia, and I really want to get one in new condition if possible. Any help would be greatly appreciated :)

Grail get!, a missing box found, and one gone missing.

Hi everyone! I'm not dead; there has just been a lot of stuff going on (classes, work, some living/relationship situation issues) and I haven't been around.

There were two bright spots in this, the big one being that I found one of my grails, on eBay no less. It's a commonly bootlegged plush, so I was a little skeptical, but took a chance anyway. I had Umbreon help out with the unpacking...

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I ordered from Hobby Japan back in July, and it seemed to take forever to get here. I was going to contact the seller, and the same day I got a call from the office that I had a package that had been there for weeks, and would I pick it up please? Turns out it had gotten shoved behind a bunch of other boxes. Against my better judgment, I had Big Grumpy Umbreon (BGU) help me with this one, since it's a bigger box...

"You're just using me to cover up your address, aren't you?"
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Finally: Has anyone had to deal with's customer service? My order never arrived (and it's been >1 month since it was supposed to be delivered), and they've been stonewalling me since the beginning of September.

collection/sales update!

Hi everyone! Sorry for posting again so soon, but I just wanted to share a few new things I got from the community and post a sale update! I've added a few things and an option to buy everything listed as a lot! I'll be moving soon so I'd like to get all of this stuff out of here as soon as possible ^^

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Aaand while I'm at it, I'd like to throw out there that I'm still currently on the hunt for a TOMY DX Vulpix figure if anyone has one and wouldn't mind parting with it! ^^

Thank you all for looking and happy collecting!
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Plush sale and wants

Hello! I came across this guy here, so I though I should offer him to the comm: Banpresto Metagross!


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And now for a couple of wants: Does anyone happen to have Jakks Throw Plush Ralts (with or without the ball) or any Cubone plush? (I know there's like 2 official Cubone plush and both are tiny, but oh well...) Not sure how much they go for, but I hope they're not super expensive. :'D
Pics from PokePlushProject.

introduction & pokedoll wants!

Hello everyone, i joined this community about a month ago and finally had the time to put my introduction to show you guys my collection. :3 i just started collecting a few months ago, I collect just about any pokemon. But i am looking for a few of these pokedolls:

Girantina origin
Vaporeon (2007 velboa and 2008 minky)

Doesn't matter what condition they are in just not if they are too damaged, if you have any of them let me know please. c:

megablocks, stickers and kids oh my! sales and specials!

hey comm! I still have the special going on that is buy one kid get one free! I am in need of space so I am having yet another special, Stickers are buy one get one free as well!! Feel free to make me offers on anything, esp on cards!

Thank you so much comm :)

I am also looking for vaporeon flats and a vaporeon sparkle keychain from 2013!

just a preview :)

here is the link for my permanent sales post!