September 29th, 2014

Looking for a GA co-host!

Hello Everybody! I'm looking for a co-host for a lot of metal figures

As I do not yet have sales permission, I'd be doing the post/organizing, and would need somebody to do the bidding/shipping/payment receiving portions. Please let me know if anybody is interested! I would be claiming the bronze machamp for 5$ and would also bid on some others aswell for my collection.

Thanks guys! And hopefully we can get this GA up and running :)

fist pump!

Pokedoll Wants

Long time, no post!  Since classes started up last month, I've reverted back to my lurking.  However, I'm here with an updated Wants List.  Right now my high priorities are:


- MWT Jigglypuff pokedoll
- MWT Diancie pokedoll (I know some places are still doing pickups, but I figured I'd ask here first just in case there was a member that decided against keeping theirs/ didn't like it)


- MWT Darkrai pokedoll - I'm looking for the older version without all the felt
- MWT Giritina pokedoll - I can't remember if he came in minky, but if it did I'm after that one.
[Please note that the images were googled -- if any of these are yours and you'd like credit/ have them removed, please let me know]

I'm also interested in eventually getting:

- MWT Marill pokedoll
- MWT Teddiursa pokedoll
- MWT Turtwig pokedoll
- MWT Magikarp pokedoll

Selling any pokedolls not mentioned that are minky and MWTs?  Let me know!  I know I'm interested in others, but I just can't think of them off the top of my head.  You can check here for a complete list of the pokedolls that I've already got.
noot noot


I visited Texas a few weeks ago and came across part of my collection (mostly rares+ sets I favored lol) and I'm pretty excited to see they're still in really good shape! Good on me for bein' a careful kid haha.

It's funny thinking I have cards older than some siblings I have -u-; COUGH15yearsCOUGH
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I mixed in few newer rares in my brand-spanking new card binder *q* thank you,patagonias~~ I have a Japanese holo Lugia beneath the US holo btw

I remember getting this in that fancy folder set

poke4 Jungle set eeveelutions ~u~ I actually have 2 holo Flareons so if anyone has a bast set holo Jolteon,it's the last holo of them that I need ;u;
and I LOVED the Neo Genesis/Discovery sets...the art was always so cool.

Speakin' of base set holos...oops,mostly Jungle and a couple base set 2

Jungle + Fossil set pokes!

I'm gonna be real though...Rocket set was probably my favorite set

I have waaaaaaay more and I hope I can find 'em again the next time I return to TX!
I might try to sell the holo Charizard and promo Mews sometime later.

Question about chunichi comics

Hi guys! :)

I was wondering if someone has already dealt with chunichi comics before.
It's a spanish online store for lots of merchandise from Japan and they also seem to have a shop in Barcelona.

They've got an item I really want, sadly they're only using stock photos.

Does anyone have an idea if they're trustworthy?

Thanks in advance! :)

Custom Keychain sales!

I make custom keychains of any character, any franchise, even your own original characters!
The shipment is available everywhere which fee is low and the the same for everyone! I have 4 different kinds of keychains to offer, plus now a brand new option, so feel free to pick the one/s who fit best your liking!

The process is simple, I grant you sketches for two or three optional models (depending of the kind of keychain you would like) which you may pick your favorite one for the keychain itself. Those same sketches are a free offer and will come among the keychain/s in the package. Usually I come up with the poses by myself but you can suggest an already existing pose (like from an official artwork or made by yourself) if you wish!

1) Regular Keychains:
- Cheapest variation!
- Simple and small design, ideal for chibis.
- The buyer can pick between 2 optional sketches as models.
- Those 2 original sketches of the keychain are a free offer, delivered within the package!
Price per keychain: 12 USD (plus 3 USD for shipping fees)
SHIPPING OFFER: If you order 2 or more regular keychains, the shipping fee is reduced to 2 USD each!

2) Sturdy Keychains:
- Dynamic and creative poses!
- Sturdy wooden base, good for personal use!
- Slightly bigger model so allows more details!
- The buyer can pick between 3 optional sketches as models.
- Those 3 original sketches of the keychain are a free offer, delivered within the package!
Price per keychain: 20.5 USD (plus 3 USD for shipping fees)
SHIPPING OFFER: If you order 2 or more sturdy keychains, the shipping fee is reduced to 2 USD each!

3) Double Team Keychains:
- It includes 2 characters at once!
- Sturdy wooden base, good for personal use!
- Pretty detailed, even more than the sturdy keychains!
- The buyer can pick between 3 optional sketches as models, all very detailed!
- Those 3 original sketches of the keychain are a free offer, delivered within the package!
Price per keychain: 29.5 USD (plus 3 USD for shipping fees)
SHIPPING OFFER: IF you order 2 or more double team keychains, the shipping fee IS ON THE HOUSE!

4) Forever Yours Keychains:
- It includes 2 characters, it's like the double team keychain except both characters are detachable
from each the other, working together or as solo!
- Perfect to give to someone who lives far from you or simply as symbol of a bond with someone special!
- As it requires a complex design, the buyer can pick between 2 optional sketches with both work just fine!
- Those 2 original skeches of the keychain are a free offer, delivered within the package!
Price per keychain: 29.5 USD (plus 3 USD for shipping fees)
SHIPPING OFFER: If you order 2 or more sturdy keychains, the shipping fee is reduced to 2 USD each!

*NEW!* Front + Back Keychains:
- Usually the keychains just have front view but now you can request the back view as well!
- The price is just the normal price for each kind, plus a small addiction:
---- in Sturdy keychains -> + 7 USD
---- in DoubleTeam /Forever Yours keychains -> + 10 USD

Due to sturdiness, this option is not possible in Regular keychains.

If interested please comment below or send an email to
Payment via paypal only!

I received sales permission on 12 January 2013 by entirelycliched

*SPECIAL OFFER!* Buyers who ordered a keychain from me in the past, if place a new order now, get FREE SHIPPING if buy 2 or more keychains!!!

Wants Post

I figured it's time that I finally made a wants post. Just somethings I'm on the search for that I haven't come across yet in the community but if anyone has one or know of someone that has one or a place to look, let me know please. Now onto the list

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quicky tcg sale

I was granted sales permish on 1/18/14 by entirelycliched, under my former username, "soulsalight".
My current feedback can be found here:

A quote is just that- a quote. It doesn't give you priority over the next buyer at all.
If someone comes along and says they're committed before I can get back to you, welp... D:

I ship using usps most days of the week, except for Mondays and Fridays, unless I can stick it in my mailbox.
Prices are without shipping, paypal fees- which starts at about 3 dollars, depending on where you're at-
USA AND CANADA SHOPPERS ONLY THO. I'm barely getting used to customs forms. >_______<
(I ship tcg cards and other flats, depending on size and sturdiness, in cardboard document mailers, thus the price!)

So today, we have a freshly pulled, Mega Lucario EX- the secret rare edition, from Furious Fists.
I'd like to ask 18 for it, plus shipping and fees. I'll haggle a lil bit, but don't get too bold. ;3
continuity--by me

A face from the past comes with a question

Hey sorry it's been so long. My sales are still down for recataloging and I apologize for that deeply.

What I want to ask is something that will serve me greatly during that process. See, I have several thousand extra cards, from the first set up to around HGSS, and I want to sell them. This includes many promos, vending sheet cards, movie exclusives, jumbos, and so on.

Should I sell them individually or auction them as a group? If the latter, would it behoove me to sell them as a full lot or break them up? Or should I sell as a flat rate to someone else who would split them into a group auction (something I have no experience with and really haven't the organizational skills for)?

Also, just as a fun question, anyone think that there'll be a plush of Pikachu's Kyaru Pamy Pamy outfit?

Seeking Treecko plush!


With ORAS approaching (just before my first finals in law school start to churn out :[ ) I'm scared to say that I've been bitten by the hype bug!!
That being said, does anyone one here have a used or discarded Treecko Plush for sale??? Preferrably something big enough to snuggle with <3 A low price is preferred since I don't care about its condition and plan for it to be a snuggle buddy, lol

To up the excitement of my amazingly entertaining post,
Have you decided on your ORAS starter yet??? Which one?? Why??? Will you be starting a collection in their honor?
I always chose Torchic because of Blaziken and her beauty and badassery, but Treeko and his final mega he's so cool. Definitely tempting for me to get some of his figures (especially the TFG!)

Hop on the hype train, errybody
Slowpoke is happy

Collection weeding ebay lot!

I desperately needed to do some collection weeding (being a ghost-type collector means you get hit hard every fall XD), so I just posted this lot on ebay!  Everything that's in the lot is listed in the item description.  Some noteworthy items include first edition PokeBox Eeveelution metal charms, a large custom Umbreon by rens-twin, some clearfiles, a complete set of first edition PokeBox major arcana tarot cards, Tomy Shaymin and Togekiss plush, a Pokemon Time laptop bag, a Beams shiny Pikachu mascot plush, Slowpoke and Golduck 151 pins, pins from the recent kokeshi/Japanese style promotion, and some stuff from the Gothic Pattern/Haunted Night promotion from last Halloween.

My feed back is here, and I was granted sales permission by denkimouse in October 2009.  Click the image to go to the auction!

Pokemon - Starters

Sales update!! :D

Hi everyone~ The start date for my new job got pushed back a week so I've got more time to dedicate on sales! XD And it's great cuz I just got new load of stuff in! I was surprised I had to pay a massive load for shipping on these guys and now I see why...

Super DX Pikachu, Plusle, Minun trio in brand new condition-- they are so beautiful, soft and HUGE (almost as big as lifesize Fennekin...!) hnngghhh but I need space XD;; So they are up in my plush listings now...

I'd also really like to shrink down on my mass of plush before my parents visit in a few weeks!! I have so many electric mice who need new homes especially... (these aren't even all of them lol)

Some other additions!:

Click here or the image below to go to the sales page!

rules and SALES! )

Thanks for looking!! :)

An introduction of sorts!

Hi there, pkmncollectors community! I'm crystalcrossing, but you can call me Rainbow or Crystal or pretty much anything else! I did join this community about a year ago as the_lone_helio, though I kinda disappeared and forgot about the place for a while. Then I got back into collecting, but I couldn't remember the password to the other account, so I made a new one! So, poof! Here I am!

My favorite Pokemon are the Lake Trio (Uxie, Mesprit, Azelf), Helioptile and Heliolisk, and Flygon! But I like a few others like the Starly line, Suicune, and Greninja. I have a BIG collection of plushies, and this is the photo of them, plus some games and figures, under the cut!
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So, yes! I hope I can be friends with you all! Thanks for having an awesome community!

It's Commision Time Again!

Well it's that time again! the time for commissions!
Before you get to excited please be sure to read my rules and check out my pricing guidelines :)

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Collapse )Collapse )Okay gang! I'm sure y'all are excited to ask for quotes or ask me questions so ask away!

Slots Available
Traditional/Other Style Plush Slots (still Available)
Slot 1

Simplified Plush Slots (full if you don't mind your plush taking awhile ask about being put on the waiting list)
Slot 1 hawlucha Hawlucha plush Finished
Slot 2tdotakichan Shiny Glaceon plush Finished

Simplified Plush Waiting list
1latias_latios_7 Simplified Phantump Finished
2syminka Simplified Houndour Finished

new(ish) gets and question

alright so I wasted more money on this stuff recently. (like plushies are actually a waste of money) A lot of it is from other pkmncollectors people, which are baconscreation, pachirisu, polahbear, mintmittins, and agui_chan. Probably. To be honest I am only like 74% sure that is everyone, and I sort of forgot who I bought what from for the most part. Sorry. Going through posts is a hassle, I should probs write this down in the future. If I bought somefin from you (that is on here) and did not mention it do not hesitate to yell at me.

I am certain it is all real, as I was careful who I bought from. Though, if for some reason you notice anyfin fishy, do tell. I hope you don't...

Sableye Halloween UFO plush


I actually do not like this plush very much, but Sableye is my favorite Pokemon so I was quite literally obligated to add it to my horde. oras sableye merch pls

Edit: oh wow, I'm sorry for not inserting a cut here, I am very new to this format, I am used to some sort of cut being added automatically

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new gets and being excited / wants

hi again ! i got very excited when i saw this package in the community mailbox today (for a second i thought it was my Aoba nendoroid haha ;; my girlfriend and other friend got excited because they thought that aswell). i'm veeery close to completing one of my collections and it's making me want to jump trough the roof.

here's a tiny sneak peek, as usual~


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ORAS Super Music Collection

I'm not sure if anyone is aware of this because I haven't seen anyone post about it, but the soundtrack for ORAS is available for preorder right now in Japan with its release date being on December 3. Maybe no one here is a music lover, but enjoy having soundtracks to my favorite games. Unfortunately, the U.S. doesn't always get these kind of things (for example, Club Nintendo). I preordered the soundtrack from Play-Asia and they had a bit of information listed about it. I'm posting a poorly translated version of the information I found about the soundtrack in a cut below.


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Latest gets

Hi there! Just wanted to share my latest finds with you.

I'm back from a vacation to France. You just have to love the supermarkets there - they sell plushies and figures XD I like the Tomy Dedenne plush and the Noivern figure best! These are my fist merchandise items of these two characters. And I picked Froakie because it was my starter in Pokemon Y.


I noticed one thing there: Torn up figure and booster packages with the figure/cards stolen. Alright, they are a bit pricey and kids probably can't afford them easily with their pocket money, but still... This is just doing as much damage as buying booties :(

At least, there are more agreeable things to continue with XD
I thought I might try and take some pictures of figures in France with the different vegetation there. I like these best:
A Treecko, apparently in his natural habit. And a Rattata, caught hoarding some pine nuts.



Oh, and some things have arrived while I was away!

First of all, a huge Bandai Salamence figure. It's poseable and can roar when you press a button! :3 The smaller Tomy Salamence figure is for size reference only XD I'd greatly appreciate any further infos on this one. I wonder if there are similar figures of that era, maybe a Rayquaza...?


I also tried out Hobby Japan as I kept seeing the community members referring to it as trustworthy. I got everything I ordered safely, but it took four weeks instead of ten days, as they said ^^ Anyway, these charms are so adorable :D And the price was good.


Drum roll... What's last? The newly released Rayquaza plush! I ordered it via Sunyshore, sooo happy with this guy (and with the shop)! It's very soft and long (almost as long as the Recall Tomy Rayquaza plush) and... the body is poseable! I didn't know about that when I ordered him, so it's a huge surprise!


Have a good week, everyone! And good luck to everybody who's back to school / university!