September 30th, 2014

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Hello eveyone, for a long time now I've wanted to get my collection together and post it up.

Finally after forever I'm able to get all the Pokemon stuff together and take pictures of it all. And some stuff is still missing. Yet I still want more~

But here it is, mine and my boyfriends collection. :'D

Here is the link to the album as the images are huge~

Click on a photo then click the gear in the corner to view full resolution for a good zoom x3

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Hi all!

Just a quick one, still looking for a MWT Pikachu pokedoll, and Raichu as well :) Also looking for Full Art cards so show me whatcha got!

Also wanted to mention, was in TRU yesterday and they were offering buy one get one 40% off on all Pokémon TCG packs/tins/folders :)
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Last chance for cheap shipping!

UHHHH after I got all excited about the cheaper shipping rates... The economy carrier I found is changing its rates and implementing a 500g minimum charge from October 12. So the prices will still be cheaper than Australia Post, but barely. So I'm holding a "last chance for cheap shipping" sale! Also I added a couple of things I found in my room and lowered a couple of prices. I still have a lot of items including rare Pokedolls and plush (many at OBO) and sought-after items from older Pokemon Center promos.

From now till Sunday Australian time, I'm having a sale on all new orders! 5% off orders under $20, 10% off orders $20-$50, and 15% off orders over $50! (This is for prices before shipping, shipping costs still apply, does not stack with clearfile volume discounts, limited exclusions apply and are marked in the sales post.) Shipping for parcels starts at around $5-6 to most countries and increases according to weight. I still require tracking on orders over $70 (after discount). Unfortunately this does not apply to orders already placed/inquired about, but if you want to add things to an existing order and combine shipping (I haven't packed anything up yet), the new items will qualify for discounts!

Sales here! As usual, please read the rules carefully before commenting.

I am shipping to the carrier on Monday (it was going to be Friday, but decided to delay it by a day so everyone can have a chance at cheap shipping), so there are no extensions on the sale. After this sale shipping will start at $12 to most places, so take advantage while you can! I looked everywhere for a different cheap carrier but no cigar... And joy of joys, Australia Post is also raising prices next week. YAY. I will ship things going via Australia Post (letters/tracked) by Saturday to avoid the price rise, so get in before then if you want something that's not a regular parcel.
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I got a Substitute plush!

I got the substitute plush in the mail. I commissioned thedaftlynx to make it for me. It is the substitute from pokemon stadium. I always wanted a plush like it since I played the game. I like how it looks like a mini rhydon. I also have a picture of the substitute plush from the fifth generation to compare it to. Look how much substitute changed over the years.

[Click to see pictures]
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custom plush auction reminder!!

Hi friends! I'm just posting a reminder that my custom plush auction ends tomorrow at 8 pm EST!

Click on the image below to be transported to the auction!

There are currently no bids, and I've just chopped a large chunk off of its starting price, so you can nab it at its lowered starting bid!

If you still think I'm asking too much, please feel free to let me know! I'm willing to slash the price some more to sell. I could desperately use the extra space, and I'm also a wee bit short on cash because my university has not given me my financial aid yet. And its already one third into the semester...

Any and all traffic sent my way would be very much appreciated!

Thanks everyone!

Updated Sales

Hello all,
I've been pretty busy in preparation for my upcoming wedding so sorry for such a long wait for a collection update! I'm also trying to figure out the best way to display everything because I have a limited amount of space, and collections from other series (HTTYD and One Piece, to name the big ones).

That said, does anyone have a recommendation for a cheap (under $100 with shipping, or available in a store in VA, USA) large stand-alone display case?

Thanks! I also plan on getting back into the plush-making swing of things once this wedding craziness is over!

For now, here is a sales update. I need space! xD


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A horde of packages have appeared (new gets) + a want

2014-09-29 16.14.22

What ever shall we do?
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Also if someone is selling a Jakks Togekiss, I'd be willing to buy it. This little guy has escaped me multiple times for the passed few days D: it doesn't have to be MWT since most of my plushes only have tush tags.

But thanks again!

Unexpected Walmart Get, HappyCosmos' GA, Online TCG Code Question, and Japanese Language Question!

Hello everyone! :D
I haven't posted in a while! I've been a busy potato, but i've had a few things on my mind recently and thought i'd make a nice post to address them!

****Im sorry ahead of time for late replies ! Ive been non stop working and sleeping, but i will reply as soon as i can! ****

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Thank you for looking! And Happy October! I can't wait for Halloween! To make this post a tad less boring, here is a photo of a pumpkin i carved about... 4-5 years ago or so? (It isn't as good as i thought it was then, now that i look at it again! xD)

Introduction and collection!

Ok so. Ive been a member since 2010 but decided to leave in 2012 because I had a spending problem ahah. For the first time in a long while I bought some pokemon plushies. I missed collecting so I came back to the community with a new account. I want to complete my Sharpedo collection and add on to my Raichu one. Im also looking for a few Arceus and Absol things for my boyfriend whenever they pop up. But thats for another time, Im not looking to buy anything out of my budget right now.

Now to my collection. I realized Ive never shown my collection on here, not even on my old account. So here it is :D

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Quick Want- Kyogre Pokedoll

Hello community, it's been a while! ^^'
I'm quite overdue for a collection update, but I've been extremely busy. Making this post is pushing my time limits a bit but oh well!

Today, I'm looking for a Kyogre Pokedoll!
*Picture belongs to Japan Video Games and will be removed if asked*

I need this guy for a Team Aqua cosplay. My friend and I will be dressing up as Team Magma/Aqua grunts dorks in anticipation for ORAS, and we both agreed that having the legendary duo Pokedolls would be a fun addition. I managed to already find a Groudon Pokedoll for my friend, so all that's left is Kyogre!

I am aware that there is a GA below that has a Kyogre Pokedoll, but since the seller is from Australia, I'm not completely sure that it would arrive by the end of October. I'd prefer to buy directly, anyways.

The condition of Kyogre doesn't matter too much to me! I'm fine with any version, and it's okay if it's used, as long as there are no stains, rips, smells, etc.

For a used Pokedoll, I'm looking to spend $10-15 before shipping (to the US). But please, comment if you have one in a better condition for a little more! :)

Thank you everyone! I'll try to leave positive feedback on recent (as in the past month or two) transactions when I find the time. And if anyone needs to contact me for any reason, direct messages work the best for me!
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Ebay sales and gets

I've decided to collect mostly charms and keychains now, so most of my plush and figures are now up on ebay: here
I still have more figures to add to the mix over the coming days

Did want to share a few gets, to make this less boring :)
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As for new merch coming out I'm most excited for goomys! A candy figure, sleepy figure and a kid! I'm also hoping for some ORAS May merch! Have a good day!

More Fall Cleaning + Shipping Update

Hello everyone!

Just a little note that everything from my Christmas Auctions has been shipped and I'll be PM'ing tracking numbers to everyone later today. Also I've gone ahead and listed another big lot on ebay. I'm still doing more collection weeding, this lot including some more plush including pokedolls, custom plush and even a full set of the UFO legendary birds!

This lot is being GA'd! Click the banner to be magically transported to the group auction~

Granted sales permission by denkimouse on 3/27/2011.

Quick Sale!

Hi everyone! I have this beauty that I am posting for sale on the comm before listing it on my site. I bought him thinking I would want to start shiny collecting, and then I thought about the shiny plush available and realized that it's not the best idea for me to begin a new collection like that... XD So my loss is your gain!

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I'm selling this Shiny Oshawott Lottery plush for $130 before shipping and fees. He doesn't have a tush tag. He's totally clean, no stains or marks as far as I can tell. Give this beauty a home! <3

Thanks everyone!~

Sales post

Hey all! It's been a while. Long story short, I got big into collecting a few years back and then cooled down due to money and real life. I'm at a transitioning point and realized that I just have too much that I don't want, so I'd rather it go to a good home than continue to take up space here. Also, I'm rusty on they are negotiable within reason!

Lots of plush, some little things, and my (small) Weavile collection up for grabs!

Sales permission granted by denkimouse on 4/24/2011

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Oh look, NEW! Any idea how to get this?

October Gym Challenge Pack Promos have been released.

The 12-card Pokémon Card Gym promotional pack for October-November has now started to be handed out to players. This pack is now known to contain 7 Pokémon cards (Litleo, Heliolisk, Zubat, Gallade-EX, Zweilous, Swirlix, and Blissey), a Mirror Foil Trevor Supporter card, a new Tool named Healing Raiment, and 3 Mirror Foil Unnumbered basic Energy: Water, Metal, and Fairy.

The Litleo, Zubat, Zweilous, and Swirlix are reprints with alternate artwork of their Phantom Gate counterparts. Heliolisk, Blissey, and Gallade-EX are brand new cards; however, complete images of all the cards have not yet appeared online.