October 1st, 2014

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Question About Sunbleaching

Hi all, how're you? I just got the two cute Raichu and Arcanine petite plush today <3 I was thinking of hanging Arcanine on the mirror of my car, but I'm concerned about sunbleaching!

Can anyone tell me, is certain fabric effected by sun, or is it all fabrics? Would minky/the fabric n the petite plush be effected?

I also have a minky Pikachu I was thinking to put in my rear window, but again I'm worried about sun

Thanks so much!
espurr pls

Teeny Pokedoll Gets, Question and a Grail!!! Plus the McDonald's Chubbychu from my first wants post!

I was going to wait until my package from happycosmos arrived, if it even arrives :'( but it's been months now, and I can't keep all these delicious gets to myself any longer!
I have other packages coming in the next couple of weeks too so I was going to wait until then at least, but then these guys arrived from korth this morning (Thanks so much to both you and noonowl for hosting such a fantastic GA!):

Anyway, more individual collages of all my other gets, with their names and thank yous (and very minimal text I promise! At least until my grail) underneath the cut!

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That's it for today! But I have many more gets coming up in the near future, including new additions to my poor dwindling Espurr collection!

Shameless sales plug (TCG ONLY)

OH! And here are the questions:
1) Are there any minky editions of Ho-oh? And do they all have plastic tips on their tail and wings? (Refer to picture)
2) I heard the new Oops! mascot keychain plushes squeak...do they squeak??

aaaaand until next time, fellow collectors xx

info on this plush? :)

I saw this adorable guy on eBay lastnight, and I'm wondering if he's part of a line of plushies or something. I haven't seen a post about plushies similar to this one, maybe I just missed it.

Won't be released until next month, just curious if there's any other cute plushies like this being made of different pokemon. Looks like it's fashion-show themed? :D The stock images on the listing show that the sunglasses are detachable with velcro.

also as far as collecting goes, I've been a total lurker for the past while. No new panda stuff has become available recently so I've barely bought anything.

I have my own scale now though so I'm thinking of starting selling my extra stuff laying around soon, I have bags of it. XD Just intimidated by getting quotes...
Vulpix PD

Pokemon Battle Trozei Set 2 Stickers and other Sales, Wants, and Question!

Hello lovely people! Happy Wednesday! I come to you with Stickers and stuffs oh my!

Firstly here is a preview/link to my eBay sales! Tons of stuff some of it is not pictured here:


I'll also be adding some card lots soon. The DX Vulpix is not the one I recently bought from Razeasha if anyone is wondering. As well, the Hasbro Vulpix is not the one I won in SerenitySama's auction a while back. Just in case anyone was wondering.

Second, a preview of the new Trozei stickers I have for sale as well as the remaining stickers from the last set:
The 1st set stickers are actually available on my storenvy, there is a link in my sales.

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Lastly, I am looking for someone to do shiny repaints on these three cuties. I want someone experienced. If you are handy with paints, or know someone who is please let me know! Must have some form of positive feedback and no negatives.

Oh right and my wants can be found HERE! Any help finding these items would be appreciated.


I've been saving up money & recently got a new job :p so Ive been wanting to get some figures or phone charms :)

I really want cute phone charms & I'm kinda looking for uh pidgeotto,butterfree,goldeen,starmie,froakie,fletching,vivilion, :p

What other pokedolls do you think we can expects
for the Oras saga :3 ?
Jynx kiss

Rare Mirror Auctions, Amada Sales, and Noppin Extra Sales!

Hi everyone! I've got something super exciting for you all today! Some extremely rare Pokemon Mirrors up for auction, some beautiful rare "Special" Amadas, and a bunch of other items that were in my most recent Noppin boxes! I've got TONS Of the Rare Amada stickers so that everyone has a fair shot at getting the ones they want! I've also got three completely unopened packs with some very popular Pokemon on the front. Below is a preview picture of the Auctions and beneath that is the link to the Auctions and Sales:
Auction and Sales Link: http://kittay752.livejournal.com/1745.html

I'm gonna be doing a collection update soon with a bunch of exciting things I won from Noppin later when I do an auction reminder including a super mega grail of mine! So stay tuned for that.~
I also have a quick want:

I'm looking for this Silver Lazer Holo Vileplume Amada Sticker! If anybody has one they would be willing to sell PLEASE let me know! I'll pay around $10.00 for him.
Thank you for your time everyone and please check out my auctions/sales! :D
Kittay752!~ <3

Gets and HUGE sales

Hi guys! My package from Japan arrived last week, but I didn't have time to post about it until now. I'm also selling of all my double figures and other merch that I don't need in my collection. But first my latest additions:

What will it be??
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Thank you for watching :)
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Wants Post

Hello! I have been buying on Pokemon Collectors for a while, and am finally posting my wants:

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Diglett TFG figure
Water Museum with Diglett
Diglett with snow Dugtrio in case figure
Diglett with Santa hat in case figure
Scraggy Poke Doll Stamp pin - shiny/holo version
Diglett swing plush
Diglett and Dugtrio Pokecenter charm set (no pic)
Vaporeon finger snowboard
Vaporeon metal figures - I need all colors

My main collection is Vaporeon, but I also have an Exeggutor and Diglett/Dugtrio section. I will post collection pictures soon!

New wants!

Hello all!! I am moving towards vaporeon flats now :) and if anyone has any of these , please let me know!! Also any other random vaporeon flats I would love to see!! Collapse )

Thank you for looking!
Any help on finding vaporeon flats is much appreciated!
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New Pokemon Planners ! + Sylveon petit merch ?!

Hello everyone ! The Pokemon Centers are soon releasing new planners !

There's five kinds of them :

• Pokemon Little Tales
• Pokemon time
• Pokemon Oops ! Promotion
• An Eevee Collection one, including Sylveon.
• And a Pokémon Petit one... Also including Sylveon ! Does that mean we'll see a Sylveon petit soon ?!

They contain :

○ A calendar from october 2014 to december 2016,
○ A monthly planner section,
○ 28 pages for notes.

Do you like them ? I think I won't be able to resist to the Eeveelution one !

Source : Tumblr.
Fang Love

Extras from Pokepuff Charms and Fairy Ippai Collection Pickup

I recently just grabbed a couple of the newest gatcha gatcha charms and figures for members who made a request! It was a bit of madness getting everything home, but I've gone through and packaged. Please check the spreadsheet for payment info.


You can find the extras from the pickup for sale, on my personal journal. All prices include shipping and paypal fees.


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I had a lot of fun doing this!