October 2nd, 2014

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New Gets and First Sales!

I received some cool new items over the past few weeks!

I purchased the Shiny Mega Gengar and Pumpkaboo lamp from denkimouse. The Gengar is probably my favorite thing. It has a cool ombre effect on the body.

I purchased the towels from allinia. The patterns are great! Once I saw the Eeveelution one, I went out to see what other ones were out there. I discovered that they put out an entire set for the summer (the remaining two are Pikachu and Rayquaza). Besides Eeveelution, I have the Fennekin, Greninja and Froakie towels. The Froakie one is probably my favorite, because of the pattern surrounding Froakie.

I have other towels too. When I was in Japan this past March, I purchased an Inkay one, and it has a really fun pattern.

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I also have my first sales on this post too! Please check them out.
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Wants Post

Hey homies! It has been a VERY long time since I've posted to the main page here. I wanted to publicly advertise my wants list on here at least once before the holiday season kicks off next month.
I'll hopefully be posting a reintroduction post at some point, as we're nearing on my 3 Year anniversary of being a member of this community. It's been a long time, and I'd love to share my collection with you!
That being said, around that time I am expecting to post a BIG sales post on here. SO BIG that it contains every item I have ever planned to sell here... wait.. does that even explain how big it is? Guess not. But I hope you all will look forward to that. Can you believe I got sales permission 2.5 years ago and haven't even posted my first sales post yet? Silly me.

Anyway... on to the point of this post:

(If any of the following images are yours and you would like them taken down, let me know!)
High priority= **

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Post office adventures with a happy ending!

I guess this story might sound familiar to anyone who gets a lot of packages but I've never had it happen to me before, I always considered the postoffice gods to really like me... Today they just showed me to be more gratefull for every package that makes it without any hiccups on the way (not considering customs clearance because those gods just have it in for me)

(I wrote it a bit exsessivly I hope that's ok If you're not in for a read just skip to the pictures :D)

So I find the usual note you get when you're not home when the postman comes ringing, my postman is not an early bird so often I've already left for work by the time he makes his round here so nothing exciting there... I take it to the post office all excited because I just knew what was coming in and it was something I was looking forward to badly!

The usual busyness is going on and when it's my turn I hand over the paper, the clerc goes out back and looks for my package, comes back with a small package I know isn't mine, he compares it to my paper and goes back without saying anything, I'm getting a tad nervous here, he looks around, I see him walk back and forth, my stomach starts to tie a tiny knot in itself... He goes and checks his pc... He looks a bit puzzled and mumbles something like it's probably still in Overpelt (the city next to where I live) Goes out back one more time and comes back empty handed, the people behind me in line seem to be getting a bit upset with me soaking up their time as I looked behind me.

And then he came with some somewhat disturbing news... It's not here... I knew it was a big package so overlooking it wouldn't be easy so all I could do is accept my fate for now. He noted my number down and would look for it later when it was less busy and call me if it turned up.

Fast forward to this afternoon... Ring ring goes my phone a blocked numer, I pick up and the great news came, they had found my package! It had been misplaced but I could come pick it up now. That was a very happy moment, I was already dreading it may not be found but things turned out for the best.

So I went to pick it up asap and thanked the post people for finding my package, he was sorta curious what it could be as it was from outside the country I told him it was a present from a friend from the us (pfew never be to carefull with those customs gods lurking around the corner ;))

And when I got my package my heart sorta got another hit as I noticed it was somewhat 'open' being happy it had been found I didn't say much of it and prayed what was inside survived the trip.

This is how I got it:


I know I can't be alone on being a bit scared when you see your package like this right? Or am I being a bit overconcerned?

But now to the best part... Unboxing!

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All in all a happy ending to this all I hope you guys enjoyed my rambelings :D

New Tomy Plush Spotted At Target

So I went to Target today, and went to the cards, and low and behold the new set of Tomy plush was right in front of me well 4 of the 6. I got Pikachu, Bunnelby, Pancham & Tyrunt. There was no Litleo & Amaura. I did see 2 Pancham though.

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Then I got the Tomy Dedenne plush on Amazon today as well.

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Here's some comparisons between the Tomy & PC plushes for Dedenne, Bunnelby & Tyrunt.

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Overall I prefer the PC plushes because of the Minky material, but the Tomy plushes are thicker.
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Darkrai get! + help? + questions

Hello everyone! Today while walking around the mall searching for a birthday present for my friend, I visit a game shop and they happened to have a...



Now, I told myself I won't get him because I really don't like this plush. I prefer the 2007 version but he's just there, in the shop, staring at me so I had to take him home. I'll probably get the older version some day.

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First question:
I have trouble deciding if I want to buy a plush or not. Sometimes, I don't know much about a pokemon but I want the plush because it's well-made. Sometimes, I like the pokemon but I don't like how the plush was made. So I want to know how you guys go about before buying a plush. Do you go for quality or do you go for something you like?

Another important question. Let's say I bought something from someone here and they weren't partially ban before but after transaction or whatsoever, I found out they were partially banned. If let's say I get the items, will they still be able to exchange feedbacks with me? Thing is, I didn't know they were banned so I'm not too sure if I broke the rules. If I am, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to. I hope someone can help me out. Thanks!
Pokemon - Rayquaza Flowers
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That latest ORAS announcement hnggg + sales XD

So how about that latest ORAS announcement, guys 8D;;
If you haven't seen it yet...
Wonder how they'll make merch for those details... (I want to snip them off with a pair of scissors LOL)

Inspired me to finally take a shot of my Rayquaza collection! It's actually a lot smaller than I thought hahaha... although I wanted to save this for later because the collection is going to be multiplying within the next month and I should be getting the new PC Rayquaza by like... tomorrow or next week. XD But at least I'll get to compare then :3c

I like how this one fits right on top of Lotad w

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Also, plug for my sales! Would love your help in clearing out more inventory before I get really busy in a couple weeks with my parents visiting... lol~
Click here or the image below to go to the sales page!

rules and SALES! )
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Question, what is the longest you ever had to wait for a package to arrive? I bought something from Japan that was shipped 6 weeks ago and it hasn't arrived yet. I'm getting worried, and I didn't get Track and Trace. Silly me >.<" The listing said it might take up till two months to arrive but I'm worried nonetheless. Because I ordered something else, also from Japan, a week ago and it arrived today.


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Plush Auctions - Hasbros Pokedolls Shadow Lugia

Hey guys, if it's not noticable I've been weeding out my collection of cards, especially. After griping for years about 'where did my pokedolls go', I found them. Since all I can find on eBay are the booties, I'm not totally sure what to list them as.

Which means, Auction time!

Picture heavy below!

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looking for stamps or stickers

Hi guys!!!
Im going to be sending out my save the dates to my wedding soon! (Did I tell you im having a pokemon themed wedding!?)
Anyways if any of you are selling stamps or stickers please let me know! I need it by October 11! So no international just USA please c:

Thank you!