October 4th, 2014

Wants post

Hey guys! This is my first wants post. I'm currently looking for Helioptile/Heliolisk items!

Things I am looking for include..

-Helioptile pitapoke
-Helioptile charm (The one that came bundled with Gogoat and Froakie)
-Helioptile and Heliolisk pokemon center charms
-Helioptile washcloth
-Helioptile sequin keyring
-Helioptile patch (Both the stick and iron-on ones)
-Helioptile Dydo Drinco can
-Helioptile stamps (There have been quite a few made!)
-Helioptile metal coins (Both gold and silver versions)
-Helioptile and Heliolisk tretta
-Helioptile Ponjan tiles
-Helioptile and Heliolisk dice
-Non-tcg Helioptile and Heliolisk flats (Stickers, magnets, clearfiles, wrappers, etc..)


Show me your Skitties! <3

My first post here. If I messed up please let me know. ^^;

I have a $35 limit this time, but I have some Skitty wants that need to be fulfilled.

I am especially looking for the official Pokédoll plush.

I am always looking for Skitty stuff at the beginning of the month when I get my paycheck. I am buying from the U.S.

Thank you for reading.:x
Link hella cute

Well hey who's that kid with sales puns

Hey community goers! It seems that I am a few monies short of being able to buy the new poke center Rayquaza plush, so a sales post it is! (Also gotta save for the possible Rayquaza and Aggron coming out ouo; The next few months might be a struggle)

Click on that attractive pun banner or here and be whisked away on a magical ride

Oh and did you hear that a certain sideburn icetable got new merch

He dID <3
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Anywho, that's all for today! Going to do a re-intro for my comm anniversary in November, so that's gonna happen~ (Can't believe it'll be four years, can I tell kids to get off my lawn) Thanks guys and have a sweet weekend!

Gamestop Kanto Starters

I was discussing with a friend how Gamestop had got XY plushes for the starters during the release of XY so we could probably expect Hoenn staters as well, but going onto the site I stumbled across the entire Kanto line instead.

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I was really surprised to see that these guys are coming and their set released date are October 15th. I'm rather excited because I think these are also the ones from the Trainer's Choice selection, but they're cheaper than Toysrus which caught my attention even more. What do you guys think about these little guys?
Rotom attack
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Sales update!

Long time no updates! But yeah finally got the motivation because I gotta save up for ORAS >w<\
Added new items down below (most are MIP!), including Mega Evolution straps, rare MTR beanies (that were only released in HK I think), squishy toys and Screen cleaners! Also lowered the price of almost everything else in the shop @u@/

Click on the previews above or here to the sales post \>w</

I ship from Hong Kong (no worries, our post offices aren't being attecked by mobs yet -w-) so the shipping cost+fees usually starts at around $2.5-3 for small purchases! (There has been a fee increase around the post office and paypal >w>) I can't ship too speedy because the post office is almost always closed when I'm off from work, but then I will always try to ship items within 1-2 weeks >w<
Please allow around 2-3 weeks' time for the items to reach your place if you aren't living in somewhere near Asia!

Also a quick question, does anyone here uses storenvy and have good ideas on how to set up the shipping fee there for mixed purchases? I have been thinking about moving my sales post there, but then the postage rate here sorta have a base price for each postage, and I have no idea how to add that in storenvy @u@\

Getting sharpie off of tush tags

My little brother recently picked up this Weavile Pokedoll from ebay, BUT there happens to be sharpie on the tush tag. Does anyone know of a way to remove this or is it stuck there forever? I was thinking of using rubbing alcohol, but that might damage the tush tag altogether. Thanks!



Hello everyone and welcome to my sales post! (:
Just click the image to be transported to my sales post which you will find on my journal.
I was granted sales permission by: entirelycliched on 8/7/2013.
My feedback is located: HERE

So I have been slowly updating my weebly page and now I will have to re-take pictures of my Dragonite and Ampharos collection and I shall be complete! x3

I will not be able to ship anything till Tuesday, Wednesdays, or Thursday.
I will be going to work soon so I cannot be able to reply till early in the morning maybe 1-4 am. /shivers.
Charizard Statue

Collection Site!

Hey everybody, long time no post! I've been lurking around to comment and buy things of course, but I have not officially posted in a while!

I suppose a sort of re-introduction is in order! My username here is FlammableLizard, but most people know me as PineappleTart on other sites. My main collection is Charizard, but I have a wide variety of Pokémon that I love to collect as side collections! I have been a member of this community since October 2011 and have been collecting Pokémon things since its early days in the US.

Hopefully I can post a more proper collection update in the near future, but for now I really wanted to share my collection site with you all! I published it in August after working on it for most of the summer and I've slowly been updating it with more things as time goes on! I think its development right now makes it pretty fun to look at, so I figured I'd post the progress I've made! Most of my main Charizard shelf is uploaded on there, but I am certainly not done by a long shot haha. Every page does have something on it though!

Please click this banner to be transported!

I also need my Links page to be filled with you guys' awesome collection sites, so please comment if any of you want to exchange links and buttons!

Thanks for reading especially when you could be playing Smash! Please don't hesitate to tell me of any bugs or weirdness you may see on the site haha. I hope you all are having a great October so far!

Collection Update - New Plush and Figures

Today I was out with a friend. We went to Toys R Us and Forbidden Planet. Glad we did. I got the Pikachu/Vivillon figures from TRU and the Pikachu Plush from Forbidden Planet. I forgot I didn't have the X/Y Pika Plush so that had to be got when I saw it!

I do love that Pika figure and the Vivillon is rather cute.

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Hawlucha Faint

I need this off my want list! Please help!

image copy 2
Ever since the Diancie movie came out in the summer I've been looking nonstop for these battle strike wheel 711 blind toys. They were sold at 711 during the movie. BUT! for some reason they are so hard to find. I've checked everywhere constantly on the hunt but can never find a case let alone any from the set. After going though multiple people and middlemen I found someone who got me 7 blind pokeballs. I was hoping and praying a Hawlucha would be in there. It cost me a bit for the middleman to pick these up and there are 12 in total and they got me 7 so I thought I had a "fair" chance of finding my lucha bird.

Unfortunately for me.....no bird..... AUGH!!! What a punch in the face!
I come to the community hoping someone has a Hawlucha they would like to trade? Here's my pulls. These are soooo rare so hopefully someone who collects these will want to trade. If no one can trade will someone please help me find a case? Any leads to get a hold of more of these? Or just the Hawlucha piece. ;A; I would really love to get this off my want list.

Please check my want page for all other Hawlucha and Sylveon items.

[Click the image to be transported]

Any help would be appreciated!
Mega Houndoom

Spending Money Time!

Instead of posting my wants list, buying random stuff from my wants list or from random auctions, I'm going to search for particular items. I'll give it a day or so to see if I get any replies/offers and if not I'll probably just go buy a bunch of stuff from people's sales threads, or order it elsewhere. I want to buy stuff, but want to see if I can get the things I really want before buying other things I would like.

I don't know what certain things go for price wise, so please don't be offended if you have something I'm looking for and I go "lskdjgalskdjg holy crap sorry too much!" That's just me not knowing and having to rethink how much I want it.

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I also got my Mega Lucario TCG figure in the mail today. USPS screwed up while shipping it and sent it to the wrong facility yesterday, so I didn't get it when I should have. I love it. The TCG figures are such great quality in a little figure. I had seen it earlier in the week in person at a card store that had the collection box on sale, then I went home and HAD to find one online. Bought one on Ebay for 8.95$ with free shipping.

Pics under the cut.
Pardon the baindaid(s). Took a chunk off my finger with a litter box at work today (don't ask how, I'm still unsure how)... and got bit by a cat. Not the best day at work. ~_~
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Chillin Quag Beach
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I love Quagsire!

It's been a while since I was really on the hunt for my 'wanted' Quagsire items so I figured it was time for a post incase somthing has turned up!

1) Quagsire Coin! ~ Holy Grail <3
2) Metal Quagsires ~ Any color
3) Chop stick rest
4) 'Soft Touch' Quagsire (this is not a kid figure)
5) Quagsire Marble
6) Quagsire Foam Stamp

If you have any of these for sale I'm intrested :)
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ebay pokemon lot & sales

hey guys, I've been doing some collection weeding and just threw a lot up on ebay. it's got a flats, customs, figures, and plush! you can check it out here: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Pokemon-Lot-Plush-Figures-Flats-Customs-Giratina-Sylveon-Reshiram-Umbreon-/111478976755?

-Sales permission granted by dakajojo on 5.21.11
-My feedback is located here and here
-I ship from a pet friendly home in California, USA using USPS.
-I am not responsible for any damages, loss, etc. once the package has been shipped.
-You can use either a Paypal account OR a credit card to pay through storenvy!
-Because my sales are going through storenvy now, there will be no haggling and no holds.

due to the number of items and my personal schedule, i will NOT be taking individual photos of items and i will NOT be selling things individually. all items are listed in the ebay description. you can find the rest of my sales here!

also, my LJ is kind of bad at notifying me so if you don't receive a reply to your comment here, feel free to leave another one! the best way to reach me would probably be through the 'help' option on storenvy because that goes straight to my email. 

So Close: Kyun Chara Figure Collection Nearly Complete!

I am excited to announce that my Kyun Chara figure collection is nearly complete. :D

Through some rather interesting circumstances, I managed to get Jessie and James, which were the only figures I needed to complete the "human" portion of my collection. :3

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To my knowledge, I am missing only one: the 2012 Pearly Pikachu, which is currently one of my grails. I'm sure it's a long shot, but if anyone has this lovely figure and is willing to part with it, I would be VERY interested in purchasing it. Here is a picture of it courtesy of spideyroxas:
The pearly one is on the left. MIP would be nice, but it doesn't have to be since I plan to take all my figures out of the original packaging anyway. XP

If anyone knows of any other Kyun Chara figures that I am missing, please let me know. I would really like to have them all~ :3

Oh! And in other news... I received my Japanese Pidgeotto, Dragonair, and Venomoth in the mail this past week.
I didn't realize that they were all rare cards (as indicated by the black star in the bottom right corner). No wonder I never got any of them before. XP

EDIT (1/13/15): Found my Kyun Chara grail. My collection is now complete! Oh happy day! XD