October 6th, 2014

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Halloween- pokemoncenter.com style!

It looks like the Pokemon Center site is getting ready for Halloween!
No prices on these guys yet, but following their new item release pattern, they should be on sale by Wednesday:)

Pikachu Halloween Poké Plush (Standard Size) - 6Dedenne Halloween Poké Plush (Standard Size) - 7
Pumpkaboo Halloween Poké Plush (Standard Size) - 6 1/4Gourgeist Halloween Poké Plush (Large Size) - 14 1/4

Are there any upcoming promos that you hope pokemoncenter.com stocks items from? 
Noivern time

Collection update, gets, and small wants :)

Hello everyone! I've been super busy over the past couple weeks (I GOT A NEW JOB FJKLSJD:FD more money for pokemonz) and finally have the time to post a collection update :) I think all of my recent posts were either sales or GA related posts so its time for a change of pace :)

I apologize in advance, this is super image heavy :>

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Thanks for looking <3    
Larvitar, tyranitar


Hi all!!

Sooo happy i got accepted into the community :D Very new to this so i hope the pictures are within the limits, please let me know if they arent...

I will make a wants post later on, but here is my current collection (: although some might be missing as im mainly going off memory (:

I first started my pokemon collection in 1998 when my mum brought home a Hasbro bean pikachu... in my lifetime (I am now 19) i have owned 4 of these gorgeous plushies which is a long story :D

Raichus <3

My first ever raichu, was actually what i assume to be the top off of a Raichu '151 stamp' produced by Gachapon! Followed by the pokemon pizza hut tazo square thing....*rants*
I'll list them now...kay...
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Hopefully more to be joining the rat pack soon!!

Tyranitar Line!!
Well we all know how rare Tyranitar goods can be!! well i certainly do.... This part of my collection is one of the newly budding parts...as i havent been able to collect as much as i would like to up until now!

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If anyone has a 2001 UFO Smiling Larvitar...id would be very happy to throw all my money at you..just saying...

Moving on....

Ampharos and Dragonite!

Decided to group these two as there isnt much yet... like i stated above.... silly not being able to collect things!! hsgjghsldkf

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Yeah not much so far but.. there will be O.O


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well there we go.. will update the list as things arrive!!!
Not even going to go into my other collections at the moment.

PocketMonstrMeg's First Ever Potato Sales!!! (✿◠‿◠)

Hello everyone!

I finally got around to making an official sales post! Please check it out and let me know here if i am missing anything in my sales rules or if anything should be changed!

Right now i only have Online TCG Codes to sell. I will be adding some regular cards later this week(maybe even today) once i go through them all. I am still waiting to buy a scale before i add any plush or figures to the post so that i can calculate the correct shipping costs for everyone.

I will be selling each for .40 cents, and private messaging the codes to the buyer. If this is the wrong way to do it or the price is unfair, PLEASE correct me.

Anyhoo, please click here or on the photo below to check it out!

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Thank you for looking! <3 :D

Collection Update

I wasn't expecting all my packages to come in today, but low and behold it happened ^_^ I'm so ecstatic to finally own these guys as they add onto both my starters collection and my Togepi line :D So welcome my new Takara Tomy Turtwig, Friends Togepi, Togekiss kid and Togekiss Jakks. I really have to thank users poliwhirl and kyogres
2014-10-06 12.29.03 (ignore my frog lap photobombing in the back)

But I'm even more excited to have the Jakks line completed for these two. I mean how can you not love them? <3 I just wish Togetic got some love because then I'd really be satisfied.
2014-10-06 12.30.23

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Christmas Bobblechu and Berrychu - new gets!

It's throwing it down with rain but I no longer care. Because I got new Pika stuff in the mail!

A Berry Pikachu that I bought from splash and the Christmas Bobblehead Pikachu I got on Ebay. Both are now out of the wrapping and in their places on my shelves. The bobblechu is happily bobbing away and Berrychu is trying to keep her little berry safe from those other Pika!

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Hi all, havent been here in a long time but was wondering if anyone had  or know of a place where i can get these last few tomy figures for gen 3

Still need:
and Meditite

Also ive got a nice side collection of froakie going along ^^

PokemonTrader:// Japanese Card Emporium!

Hey all!
I have a bit of overstock from my XY4 preorders + sales, so I've decided to make a few bundle deals, etc. to try and move this stuff!
I also have a set of the Ichiban Kuji Pokedoll Figures in here, and their price is SHIPPED anywhere in the world, so hopefully there is interest in those. Inside includes cards like... Charizard EX FA, Gengar EX, Mega Charizards, Mega Gengars... So hopefully you decide to click and check it out! My shipping days for this post is going to be within 48 hours of receiving payment. :)

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Its about time I made an introduction post!! My name is Wednesday (like I was born on a Wednesday and named after the day so like if you were speaking German i would be Mittwock!).

I've been collecting pretty much all my life; stuff like shiny paper and marbles, books, here and there stuff and I've been collecting Pokemon like whatever catches my eye! But I'm moving soon and now that I'm adult-y, I've decided to mature my collecting skills up!

I decided that I'm collecting meowths! Deciding was REALLy hard cause I love sooo many newer Pokemon but meowth was always my first fave and it ticks off so many of what I wanted in a pkmn collection like its first gen so it has a lot of wonky weird merch, its first gen so its included in a lot of celebration series, its in the anime so it has toooons of unique items but unlike pikachu the amount of items aren't overwhelming but because it is a semi-mascot it'll continue to get items! It has things in my fave merch series plus i absolutely love beckoning cats! Anyway I'll post up my collection stuff soon! Until then enjoy this meowth!


To celebrate my collection goals I'm starting a 100 meowth series! (I also collect furbies and ill probs extend my collection to other pkmn i like but you know main cat!! top cat!)
[Peekaboo Sylveon]

Hello Friends I am Here [Sylveon Collection Update]

HELLO EVERYONE, another long time no post geeeez, I need to stop doing that. I have been very sick lately actually so I haven't been up to updating or doing much so that's my excuse. I'm actually sick right now haha but I was bored and instead of laying in bed I decided to finally update my Collection Site ! I got a lot of nice goodies from late August til now so let's get to it ~

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Furious Fist Singles

Hi all! I have a lot of cards from the lastest tcg set. No EX's or FA I'm afraid.
Prices don't include shipping.
I ship worldwide
Minimum purchase of $5

Sales Plug
-My existing feedback can be found here
-Granted sales permission by denkimouse 6/7/2011
-ALL items are negotiable. If you think something is priced to high let me know and maybe we can negotiate on a price :)

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