October 7th, 2014

Super Heavy Metal GA - Payment 1 + EXTRAS!!

Hey Everybody!

So as you all know we won the Super Heavy Metal GA, and we got a fairly decent discount as well! :D
pokemon GA

All information will be located underneath the cut!

Package is on its way to o_0digitizdx_x 's residence!
Payments 2 and 3 will be combined into one!

This post concerns: fueki , icyshadowblades , jamplex , kassia9 , katielegends , kidgengar , kittay752 , leafyoddish98 , lone_enigma , moonlightpkmn , nicolarbear , orangey_blue , pikabulbachu , ribbyy , sabbolt , selwylde , shinyvaporeonn , solishark , ssjvap

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Looking for a/some custom artists :3

Hey everyone!

Its my Birthday so Im looking for a few custom plush to be made :3

I'm hoping for an Oversized Spheal pokedoll and a Psyduck plushplush.
I would love if psyduck were the same size as his official counterpart but if thats too hard to do, I'm okay with an oversized or bigger but I'm looking for an exact replica with similar fabric.

I can pay, trade, and partial trade for these plush to be made!
I have these for trades.

I also have quite a bit of plush to add to my sales so I can trade plush from there as well. Just ask and I'll upload the pics early so you can see them.

I really love how these turned out and would love to talk to the artist who did these:
(picture belongs to denkimouse :3)

I hope everyone has a good day/night!
Larvitar, tyranitar

Todays Gets wants and a random question :D

Yay So today my Mcdonalds Larvitar and Petit ampharos FINALLYYY got here!!!


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Soo if any of you have any of those!!!!!!! let me know (: as id rather be buying from the comminity than off of ebay :D

and my random question is!

Does anyone know if there will be any mega tyranitar or normal tyranitar stuff released this november with the games!!???

because i am terrible at finding out about new releases!!

Absol sales and regluar sales!! Everything is buy one get one free

Hello everyone! I have decided to sell some of my absol stuff, I do not know why really but I am. Don't worry though, certainly keeping my vaporeon stuff! My true love ahaha. Everything is buy one get one free except on offers. Would love to give these lovely items to new good homes.
Sales permission allinia 4/5/14!

Here is the sales link!! no international people unless have a us middleman!

Thank you for looking and here are some of my vaporeon wants!
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Thank you for looking!

Short Weekend Gets!

Hey everyone! I wanted to share my first Gets post. I haven't shared my collection yet (because all of my plushes are packed in my closet and my tomy figures are still back in Ireland...) but here's some stuff I got over the week/weekend!

Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 16.32.49

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Altogether, I'm very pleased with my gets (even if Garchomp is a bootie, there isn't an official plush of him I don't think?) But here's what I got:

Pokemon Time Furret
Pokemon Center Dedenne
Pokemon Trainer's Choice Charmander/Squirtle
Banpresto Bulbasaur
DX Banpresto Zorua from splash
Bootie 12" Garchomp
Jakks Pacific reverse pokeball Pansage
Jakks Pacific Leafeon/Pichu from creampuffoholic
ballroom of memories

wanted: Gastly Japanese style pin

Hello! I'm looking for a Gastly pin from the Pokémon x Japanese style gachapon collection to complete my set, because I'm getting really sick of putting my money in the machine and getting Darumaka every single time. I'm hoping that a fellow Japan-residing comm member has an extra they'd be willing to sell me. I can pay by U.S. paypal or by sending yen in the mail. Thanks!

New gets :D

Hello community! I'm here today just to show you some gets I got these weeks *^* I have a lot of packages shipped from Japan but they'll take some weeks to arrive :'(  You can see all of them under this cut!
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As usual,I have a lot of items on my store so if you want to check, be free to make offers! I want all of them gone ^^ Or if you're interested on art commissions or you're selling something I'm searching for, let me know!!! Thank you very much :3

scrafty pixel

Introduction and Collection post!

Hey there! I'm Moo, also known as ShinyScrafty. I'm usually on the drawing side of things (I've made all of my icons /o/) so hopefully I'll be able to learn things about crafting! I've been lurking this community for about two years now, but finally decided it was time to start posting here. Despite my lurking, I have little knowledge on what brand is what for Pokemon merch. Bear with me, I've got lots to learn on here.

Now, onto the collection pictures! This post is super image heavy so please be warned! (Oh lord I hope these are an okay size, please let me know if they need resizing ;__; I was having trouble figuring out the size in general and it SAYS they're like 900x900 on my computer but I don't know. They look really big...)

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So that's about it for my collection. Now, onto some of my wants!

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I'm currently going to be hunting for Scrafty merchandise. It's too bad he's not as popular as his prevo, it's practically impossible to find anything on him. Anyone have anything they know of that's Scrafty related? I'm not a huge fan of the MPC plush but if that's all there is... I'll hafta just live with it ;; v ;;''

I'm also looking around for stuff of Scyther and Ash Ketchum! Again, I'm not at all familiar with merch in general, so it's hard to say what I'm even looking for when I don't even know what's available QuQ. If these questions aren't allowed, or anything else I've posted on this page, please let me know and I'll take it down immediately.


Wants, gets and questions.

Okay guys, so let's start with my wants list...

1)Old fuzzy nurse chansey-- had a hat and i think it may have been from banpresto.
2)Bandai Clefairy plushplush(pokedoll-- 1998 I think)
3)Any kind of handmade/custom made pokemon plush(just looking around I guess?)
4)Roserade or roselia plushies
5)Raichu pokedoll(or anything raichu related)
6)Hasbro Pokemon beanbags: Koffing, pidgeotto
7)Clefairy plushies that are not play-by-plays (I kind of don't like play-by-play stuff anymore).
8)Teddiursa pokedoll
9)Large hoppip plush(Idk anything bigger than palm size?)
10)I hear they have different types of 1:1 pichu plushies-- I only have the one with the green tag in front. I wonder if they have the one with spikey ears?
11)Pokedolls of the following: Corsola, Natu
12)Any of the pokemon time related plushies.
13)Any of the hasbro beanies: Snorlax, Jigglypuff, Koffing, Another two pikachus, Meowth, Psyduck, Mew, Mewtwo, etc.

Basically all the little hasbro bean bags, the pokedoll, the pokemon times have their tags. The only thing that doesn't have it's original tags was that bellossom.

On it's way:
Hasbro beanies of bellossom and clefairy, also the pokemon time plushies of zangoose and xatu. All I need now is

Also wondering-- is this mewtwo pokedoll a legit one or is it a bootleg? I mean I kinda don't care as much because it only cost me 25 dollars shipped-- but I don't think it was from china(forgot to read it) but because of the price I wasn't really sure... So I posted a ton of pics under the cut so you guys can help me ID it.

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♥ Crescent Moon Bakery Customs/Pumpkaboo Plush Auction ♥

Auction 4

♥ So I love Halloween so much I had to do another special auction inspired by it. I thought why not Pumpkaboo plushies? So I made a Pumpkaboo and Shiny Pumpkaboo plush! Look under the cut for more details. ♥
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Customs 3

♥ I'm also opening 3 custom slots! Look under the cut for more info! ♥
Cresent Moon Bakery
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