October 9th, 2014

Introduction and wants

Hi all, I'm April! Really new to Livejournal so still figuring it all out! Made an account just to buy Pokemon things! I'm looking for Xmas gifts for my sis so here is a couple things I'm looking for:

Christmas Fennekin (high priority): $T2eC16hHJGYE9nookQNvBSYyvbB(s!~~60_35

Any 1:1 Pokemon Plushies except Fennekin, Froakie and Chikorita :)

Pokemon Christmas plushies or decoration ESPECIALLY the Christmas trees:

Any really big plushies - she loves the huge ones!

Holy Grail: Legendary Dogs (haha I'm not a Pokexpert but even I know this is pretty much impossible)

Thanks for helping out a noob!
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Wanted: Mountain of Eevee

Hi folks, I am in search of the giant Eevee Play By Play plush - it is about 36 or more inches tall when fully stuffed. They are often filled with foam so are saggy, so I have no exact height.

I would like to pay $50-100 for one before shipping, based on past sales and ebay prices I've seen. Please tell me if this is lowballing.

I am in the UK but if you can't ship to the UK, I do have friends in the USA that you can ship to and they will middleman to me.

Here is a pic from Google Images:

Any eBay links or sales of this you find, please PM to me rather than post as a reply. :) I am asleep a lot of the time you guys are awake so would likely miss out on shared links.
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Mightyena Zukan & Sales!

Hello friends ~ /;u;/

Sorry to bring more sales!! I just got a whopping shipping bill from FJ (huehue) and there's an auction on the comm ending tomorrow that I pretty much won't be able to survive losing. <': Click the photo!

There is also my Mightyena zukan up for sale ; u ;

To everyone who bought from me before; I will be leaving feedback in a few days! I have been mad prepping for UK Ponycon and I haven't had time to eat, let alone sit down and sort the feedback. ;A; I am sorry!
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Hello everybody! Long time to chat!!

I return! I have been away from here for a while just catching up on life and the such and forgetting to come update several of my online accounts to say hello, terrible of me. I hope everyone is well! I have missed hanging out on here :) I have gotten a few new things added to my collection in the time I've been away and am looking at adding several more things in the coming weeks! Particularly of the ghost type persuasion ;D ( and some dragons too) I've picked up naturally the love for Mega Shiny Gengar back when my bf got a shiny and stuck the mega stone on it to see what happened. Naturally now with the mega gengar shiny event going on it just further fuels the fire if you will. I'm also going to be looking for the following:
and Mega Charizard X !
this is just the ones I'll be acquiring that I can think of off the top of my head right at the moment. So if you have things of them you might be hearing from me in the next couple months as I slowly acquire things to keep under my "pokemon budget" haha xD

I did want to ask though, is anyone on here going to be setting up an account on the Clectaverse? I got my invite and code today and started my account. When I got there I noticed there was no Pokemon collection group so I made one! So if you sign up on there you can find me there and add your things to the Pokemon "Clect" page I set up over there. I've already had a few people commenting about how they didn't even think to put their pokemon stuff up on there yet! Goodness me xD

In much more pokemon centric news, The biggest haul I had so far this year came while I was at Dragon*Con in ATL this past labor day weekend, I will make a post with pictures about the plush I picked up while there very soon. I just wanted to pop in and say hello again. Until next post! 
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Error cards and Gets!!!

I feel like im being over active on this site but fadkhfldskfhladjkghasd i get so many new shiny things.... my mum says i have a problem D:


Anyways... i was digging through my card folders and re-ordering somethings and found some of my error cards!! Thought some of you might like to see them :D or even share your own. I love Errors and misprints!!

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And some of todays gets :D :D

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Alsoooo i am dying for more tyranitar line stuff!! Promo stuff, flat stuff, figures, plush... anything adn everything... so if you have or know someone with some... i am always happy to throw money at you for them :D

Some spooky wants

Since it's October, and that means a) my birthday and b) Halloween, and c)I've gotten sniped on every single auction I've bid on this month (I'm starting to think that someone's stalking me) I thought I'd work a bit on one of my more neglected collections: Gengar...well, and one or two other things.

Pictures pulled from Google Images; if they're yours and you'd like credit or for me to take them down, let me know.


Banpresto Halloween Plush. Tag would be nice, but isn't necessary.

Pokemon Time Plush. MWT would be nice; don't really mind slightly damaged tags (crushed corners, that sort of thing). Willing to pay up to $50 shipped--I don't really know what's fair, as the only references I have for this guy are eBay, and as far as I can tell, it's overpriced up there.

Not a Gengar:

Banpresto Halloween Espeon and Umbreon. I'd like the tags on these, simply because there are so many booties wandering around.

Finally, a thrilling conclusion to my Pokemon Center saga involving a lost order. As it turns out, PokemonCenter.com doesn't have a replacement policy. After a little over a month and contacting them 3 times, I finally got a profuse apology and a refund. Apparently they contract out their customer service, and the company dropped the ball in getting it to the appropriate department (no kidding). I'm still thinking about ordering a replacement, given my experience.

Sticker Shop update

Hey all, just wanted to share that my shop has been updated with a bunch of the newest Pan Stickers! (I have very limited quantities, so get your orders in quick!) Shipping is $1 domestic, $2 international, and free for buyers in the USA who spend over $10 (automatically applied at checkout).
Click on the preview to go to the shop, Pokemon Panya. Thanks for looking!
Sales permission granted 19 FEB 2013 by entirelycliched.
Feedback: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/mintmittins/

Fairy Ippai Pick up Results

Hi all,

I picked up the Fairy Iappi sets yesterday, so that means payment time... and photos :D
I also have an MIP Vulpix/ Ninetales with Torkoal, and a Shroomish/ Breloom with Kecleon zukan for quick offer!

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Mini Extra Sales and Offer:
Please refer to my sales for general rules.

Straight Sales: Fairy Ippai Loose Figures:
- Dedenne, Marill, Mawile, Gardevoir that are photographed in this post above are $6.5 shipped each, or if you are participating in this pick up, that would be $4 to add to your package.

Update: Something unforunate happened :/ And ends up I have an extra complete set up for sale, price is the same as pick up ($24 shipped).

Thanks as always! And please let me know if anything looks off, my job is driving me crazy and they are getting us to work extra hours every day (without compensation of any sort). Definitely hating that :/


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Hello everyone!
I have some updated sales and auctions!

Some items available are:
    Giant Wailord Pokemon Time Plush
Wailord Plush Slippers
Pikachu/Buizel/Mantyke Drawing Book Tin
Grass Type Focus Spa Bag
Type Focus Photo Albums
Pikachu Monthly Pillow
Pikachu Raincoat
Munna Pokedoll Pen
Coloring book, stickers, and toys

 photo mmsales_zps9cf714c9.png

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wants list 3.0 + question

I went ahead and created a permanent wants list over on my journal, so that I don't have to keep on making one over and over again. You'll be able to find that here, but I'm also going to put it in this post. Th e main reason I'm posting today is for my brother, who for some reason doesn't want to make a Livejournal account to join this wonderful community! He recently lost a couple of some of his wants that he found, but hopefully some of you here will be able to help him out. He's not really looking to get much, but we'll see what happens. I'm putting my wants in here just in case, but I'm not really looking to buy anything at the moment.

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Does anyone here have a collection of various shopping bags from Pokemon Centers? I would love to see a picture, if anyone actually does. What do you do with all of your extras? I currently have five different ones right now.

Thank you!

Raichu collection!

It's been quite a while since I posted anything other than sales here, so I thought I'd do a quick reintroduction ;3
Hello! My name is Ruth! I live in Saitama, Japan, but I'm originally from Dublin, Ireland. My main collection is raichu, with side collections of Manectric and (occasionally) Dedenne.
I've only taken pictures of my Rai's because most of my Manectrics and some of my Dedennes are in Ireland. Basically my collection is divided between Ireland and Japan, and I haven't got a permanent home yet, so it will probably stay that way for the time being. I'm going to visit my family in December, so I'll try to take some pictures of my side collections then.

These are my guys in Dublin. I think some things are actually missing from this picture, but I cant remember what...

And these are my Saitama buddies! My collection has DOUBLED in my time here! :DDD

Here are some flats. I have more in my parents' home.

I'm still looking for a bunch of items (metal figures, the giant Tomy raichu, the raichu Pokemon Time tin...), but I have to say I'm pretty proud of how my collection has grown! :D

Anyway, thanks for looking <3
If you're interested, I'm auctioning some plush over HERE
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Collection Update

Hello! I hope everyone's day has been going well. I kept putting off doing an update, but finally took pictures last night, so now I can show off all of my new Blazikens. :D No idea how many new chickens will appear once the games come out, so I better not wait any longer!
First, a quick reintro: My name's Kaylyn, though I go by Methuselah on the internets. I've been on the comm for four years this past August. I'll be 25 this month, and have been a huge fan of Pokemon since the early Kanto days, and have always loved to collect the merch for it. Blaziken is my favorite Pokemon, and my main collection, which I'll be showing today. Click the cut for pictures!

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I also updated my sales post! Click the banner to see! There are the extras that came with a lot of my new Blazikens, like the rest of the Ichiban Kuji set. CTRL+F "NEW" to find all the newly added items! :D

small collection weeding


Decided to let go of a few more items, mainly some zukan figures and the new Pokedoll metal charms (they're a lot bigger than the older sets :(). Other items include DS/GBA carrying cases, Pitapoke, and some random stickers/plush/figures/charms XD

Click the banner or this link to be teleported to the post! :D

Everything is OBO! :)

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Wants List (Pic Heavy)

About time for me to post a list of items I am looking for in my collection. Don't think I've posted one of these yet.

Looking for these items in particular but if you have something venusaur related that you think I would be interested in (besides flats) let me know! Putting my range for each of these next to them based on what I saw them go for or a rough estimate. If any are too low lemme know.

Photos either came from google, or another collector. If you want yours taken down let me know

Got an update coming soon with a huge grail of mine :D
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New ORAS & Christmas Merch!

I tend to check Pokemon Japan's news daily and they've finally released information about new plush! These aren't Pokedolls like I was wanting, but I'm really liking the Christmas stuff.


I can already assure you all that I'm definitely getting Santachu and Snowpin (these names better click). Speaking of these Christmas plush, does anyone know of the other starters that have been made into snow Pokemon? I know that there's an Oshawott, Torchic, and another Pikachu.

If anyone is interested in keeping up to date with the Pokemon Center news, I follow this link: http://www.pokemon.co.jp/info/cat_pokecen/

There were also other things announced, so please take a look for yourselves!
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PokeCenJP new merch! + Henkei disks added to sales

Big slew of new merchandise coming up!!
New ORAS plush coming to JP PokemonCenter...~~

Link: http://www.pokemon.co.jp/info/2014/10/141010_p02.html?a001=news
Plusle, Minun, Ralts 1,200 Y
Altaria, Salamence 2,000 Y
Latias 1,800 Y
Latios 2,000 Y

...I see I'm gonna end up getting all 4 dragons oh god

They've even announced some Christmas promotions including Pikachu Santa plush for 1,389 Y (haaa promoting Xmas stuff before Halloween is even on lol...). Sweets picnic snowmen plush will be 1,204 Y each (a picnic in winter...)

Also PokeCen exclusive Choco Egg figures.... GAH and I just finally finished getting the original set too! (my extras are in my sales too btw XD) Now there's Eevee, Farfetch'd, and Gengar...want ToT

Finally a quick plug for my Sales post! I've been SUPER busy with my new job, but I'm still updating things nearly on daily basis. Still plenty of things looking for homes! Like recently I have these new Bandai Henkei disks~ Get yours before they're all gone! :D