October 10th, 2014

Noivern time

Sales! Prices lowered and all kids buy 3 get 1 free :)

Hello! I got a huge box from Noppin recently and I'm selling off all my extra things :) Some items from my previous sales have also been lowered!

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Seeking Info and stuff!

What are these posters?

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I've had them since forever! Maybe like the late 90s early 00s, theyre heavy posters made of wood with slots to hang them (though I've never found a nail heavy enough to hang them)! This one got seriously damaged in one of my moves! And I'd very much like to replace it when I move again! So, does this series of merch have an official name? Is there more? What are the right prices for these if I was to go looking for them in the wilds of online?
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New Pokemon food items !

Hello everyone !

Today, while searching on the japanese pokemon website, where all the merch is announced, I found some interesting upcoming food-related merch ! I know some people here collect food-related merch, and if you don't, these are really worth looking !

First, these ! I'm lucky nobody's at home but me right now, because I went crazy when I saw them !

• The Pikachu can is a chocolate-flavored drink. The cans will feature 6 different poses for Pikachu. Already available.

• The Pikachu bottle is a multivitamin fruit drink. It will be available on the third of November !

• The Pikachu and Sylveon bottle is a Vitamin-C filled apple drink ! It will be available on the third of November, too. ( I'm so happy about this bottle ! I hope some will be sold on the Internet ! )

Next !

The new ramen packages. They feature Mega Evolutions and Starters.

And last :

This month's Poke Pan. Featuring Pancham ( White chocolate ) Luxio ( Pizza-something ) and the two Meowstick. (?)

Do you like these items ? Thanks for reading !
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Quick Lotad Get ! And Can you help me ?

Hey guys ! I am terrible at updating all my gets. If you are actually that curious, you can follow me on IG ;)

Anyways, I find Lotad really cute and I have been low key purchasing lotad merch. I don't have much, but I am definitely concentrated on finding his plush :D Recently I got a Lotad plush I have only ever seen on PPP:

It's the reversible Lotad Plush :) !!!!

Here he is with his Lotad Friends:

:) :) :) Yay !

So Anyways ! I have a want:
I am missing 1 more Lotad plush and that's the UFO plush from 2003:
(Pic from google)
I think Lotad only has 4 plush so I would like to complete the set!
If you have this little guy and are willing to let him go please contact me and let me know how much you'd like for this little guy!!! <3 <3

Happy Friday!

question .

hello everyone !!!

after getting a little excited about the new plush coming out , i was clicking around randomly on the pokemon japanese website and found this :

here's the link where i found it :

that slowpoke cushion pillow . what is this ?! can anyone translate ? it looks like a game or a some sort of prize .. I NEED IT IN MY LIFE lol

thanks everyone ... i hope u guys have a awesome weekend

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Hey everyone! on here every once in awhile but wedding and moving has had me tied up! I finally got a stamp for my invites ^_^ yayy! I went with pikachu (snice that seems to be the only one his whole family and my familys knows haha)
But My fiancee and i finally moved into our house! and I have a room to myself to make cosplay and other crafts i do
anyways i did this beautiful thing on Wednesday! our rooms upstairs is like a log cabin and they had shelves build in!

[Clicky here to see!]10384918_10204221094121933_8419975874027269147_n

I'm in love with it! but now i feel i need more eevee plushies! XD

anyways for the time being my hunt for pokemon stuff right now is the BK pokeballs i wanted to get 13 of them for our tables at our wedding so far i have 9. Also looking to get the original 151 old pokemon tomy figures! C:

hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!
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cookie straps quick sale

Pulled these today. I didn't get my Sylveon :<

Selling some of the cookie straps. I'm still trying for a Sylveon :(

Fennekin - 5$
Froakie - 3$
Eevee - 4$

Prices are shipped.

I was given sales permission on Dec. 1st, 2013 by entirelycliched. My feedback is here.

I'm also doing a pick up for the latest Pokemon bread.
Each bread is 4$ + shipping. You have the option of not having the bread mailed or having it mailed (but I highly recommend not eating it since there is a short shelf life). I'll take reservations for bread and accept payment when they are in hand :3


(Sorry, I used the app to post and I can't fix the picture until I'm home :( )

October Commissions

Hey y'all! I finished my last batch of commissions ahead of schedule! And I'm also trying to save up a little money for an anime convention that is rapidly aproaching!So that's good news if you like simplified plush!
Here are examples of the last batch

Collapse )I actually found a bag of larger sized safety eyes so I'm happy to offer this style plush in a larger size

Simplified plush are 3-4 inches tall and range in price from $10 - $15
Big Simplified Plush are 6- 8 inches tall and range in price for $15 - $25
Super Big Simplifieds Plush are 12 -15 inches tall and range in price from $30 - $45 ( I currently only have brown eyes in this size so please note that the plush will have brown eyes.)

Slots are all full up!

slot 1 methuselah31010 Big Simplified Blaziken Finished!
slot 2pachirichu Super Big Simplified Quilava Finished!
slot 3 mizunosakura Simplified Mega Audino Finished!
slot 4 rocket_chick Simplified Pidgey Finished!

I'm also taking commissions for sketches if anyone is interested

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All my plush slots are full thank you!

Nintendo World *International Pickups*

Is anyone outside the US still interested in pickups? Figured I'd still offer it just incase. Nintendo World just restocked with all the current mega formes from the pokemon center website, in addition they also have Giratina Altered forme pokedolls in stock. I will be asking $35 for the mega formes and $25 for the pokedoll +shipping if anyone is interested.

Granted sales permission by denkimouse 6/7/2011
Sales plug
Vulpix PD

Wanted: Flareon and Leafeon Jakks figures, also Sales!

Hello! I am looking for the Flareon(found!) and Leafeon Jakks figures. I'd like to pick them up for $20-30 ish. They must be in good to new condition. The amount I'm willing to pay will depend on the condition. If anyone is selling please let me know! I have a Glaceon Jakks I can use for trade that is in good used condition.

Also, I added a bunch of Jakks figures to my sales post:

As well as I have included a deal for my items on ebay. I want them gone, so if you purchase one of these through my sales post you can take 10% off the price, since that's what I would lose to eBay anyway. All other rules in my sales post will still apply. Here's a preview of what's on eBay the link is in my sales post:

Thanks much friends!

TCG weeding sales - rare stuff/ex etc - also final clear out!

Hi all! I come to you today with some "new" TCG sales. All of the cards below the cut are from my collection or ones I recently picked up doubles of, so there's some pretty sweet finds in there.

I also still have a lot of items left on my main sales page HERE!

But here's an important bit.. I *have* to clear some of this TCG bulk. Chances are if it isn't gone in the next couple of weeks I'm just gonna throw it all out. With this in mind, EVERYTHING that isn't holo/reverse holo etc is subject to open offers. Make a giant list, make an offer. Under 30 cards will be $4 flat rate shipping, 30-50 cards $6 and if you pick more than that we'll figure it out. I need this gone! If there's something you want, now is the time because it'll be gone. If there's something specific you want, ask! I don't have my sales ctrl+f friendly as there's just too many but if you're after certain mons just ask.

For all orders, please link the photo and specify the cards as I don't know the different series well at all. Completely open to all haggling!

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first sales post and auctions!

Hello everyone, this is my first sales post! I have a few items for sale, shiny beasts weeding, kid figures, clearfiles, and more!

I received sales permission on 11th June 2014 by allinia.
You can view my feedback here.


Click the picture or here to go to my sales post!

And now onto the auctions! Items being auctioned:


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Larvitar, tyranitar


Ohkay guys, i wasnt intending to post until i got lots more to show.. but i need advice and help?!!

Wondering how good and how reliable noppin is and if there are any extra fees and such? because im stupid and terrible at finding these things out myself but i have found some things on there i want reallly badly.. so any info and help and stuff would be greatly appreciated.. sorry if there is already a post about it floating around!!!!

Also. a spider just crawled on my face....ewwww..

Thanks Guyys :D :D :D
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Introduction and the arrival of something incredible!

Hey there everyone, I'm Alex! I've been a member for a little over a month now, some of you may have seen me making purchases or bidding on GAs :)

I've grown up with Pokemon and had a small collection develop during my childhood and since I've become an adult I've significantly increased my collection. My major love is of plushes, though I do also enjoy collecting figures, especially kids figures and zukans, so you'll probably see me trying to increase those collections!

Now onto what arrived this morning:


Look at all the pikabags! Under the cut is pretty picture heavy!

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