October 14th, 2014

Halloween Witch Chikorita by magicalondi

Quick rare sales. Edit = Both plushies gone. :3

So to make place for at least a bit of ORAS merchandise I've weeded out two of my rarer Pokedolls. But first of all:

Sales Policies:
- I was granted sales permission by Dakajojo on 09/25/11
- Payment only via PayPal
- All shipped items are international, so no need to ask for the shipping fees.^^ I ship daily, but not on sundays, as german post offices are closed on sundays.
- All the plushies have their hang-tags they are detached though!(with few exceptions where they re still attached.)

- If more than one item is purchased the second one will get a 5$ discount as long they both combined don't exceed a weight of 500gramms.
- Preferably I'd refrain from dealing with people who have negative feedback :( Sorry but I don't like taking risks.
- I don't hold items longer than 24 hours unless clearly asked to do so.
- Considering the condition the plushies are in, none of em are dusty, dirty or smelly, as they are kept in display cases at all times, except when I take photos of em.

So here goes!



Not overly open to haggling at the moment, but you're free to try. :3 I can usually be reasoned with. XD

Soo kinda off-topic question, which version will you get of the remakes and what edition will you choose, normal or steelbook? For me, I've preordered Alpha Sapphire as steelbook edition, since it was the one I had back then, and I kinda like Primal Kyogre's Design. :)
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Takara Tomy News

Was browsing on Amazon Japan, and found out the new MC releases for December-February, and yes there are some new figures in this mix. I also found some new plushes, and these are very interesting.


Regular Figures

062: Hydreigon (Re-release)
063: Goomy

Super Size

029: Mega Sceptile (Also available in January will be a Mega Evolution Pack)
030: Mega Swampert (Also available in January will be a Mega Evolution Pack)


024: Goomy
025: Frogadier
026: Braixen

All December releases come out on 12/26.


064: Salamence (Re-release)
065: Luxio (Re-release)

Super Size

031: Mega Metagross (Also available in March will be a Mega Evolution Pack which of course means Tomy figures of Beldum & Metang will finally be made)

These Come out 1/24.


066: Goodra
067: Luxray (Re-release)

These come out 2/21.

Updated List of Wants :)

Hi again. Back with wants list 2.0 since you guys have helped me get a few of the things I really needed :3

Priority One: Christmas Fennekin$T2eC16hHJGYE9nookQNvBSYyvbB(s!~~60_35

Pokemon Christmas stuffs, especially these ornaments and the Slowpoke tree and original Pokemon stocking and plushies: 752_900m1OVbG2CtkTUTkH1NiK5yyA


Pokepitas, D'arts figurines and Digimon plushies :3

Tomy want post

Hello everyone! I'm searching this Tomys for my collection and Toyphotography:
(not my pics)


I prefer if someone had more than one, cause they are not expensive tomys and I woludn't pay so much in shipping costs ^^
I forgot: I live in Italy ^^
Rattata happy

2nd Year Anniversary Post!

Well, actually I missed it by several days... ^_^; It's actually on the 11th, I think? Last year I thought it was on the 9th but then this year I checked and it said the 11th... I was planning on posting on the 10th just to hit in the middle, but I had papers due. Four days isn't that bad, right?

This is actually going to get a little interesting, cause about half of my collection is here, and the other half is at home, but I have pictures of everything! Almost everything. If you want to see my flats and things, I'll link you to my last collection post.

Two years ago, this was my collection:

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AAAAAAAAAAAAAnnnnnnnnnnnddddddddd: reintroduction!

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quick sales

the kyunmon ga was SUPPOSED to be here today but apparently not, so hopefully i should get it tomorrow and payment 2 will be due then! (i think my pokedoll figure ga will be here tomorrow too eeeeeeeee) so today i have some quick sales~

* Sales permission granted by dakajojo 7/20/2011
* I Ship from MI, USA.
* Feedback: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/herar/
* I accept trades.
* I accept haggling.
* I accept paypal.
* I do holds for 24 hrs.

New PokeCen Groudon Plush MWT (Tag is however slightly bent): $35 shipped in the US, $40 outside the US.
I got a bit overexcited so i ended up ordering 2 since one came faster than the other. Soo now I have an extra.

Custom Primal Kyogre acrylic by ArachStudios: $6 shipped in the US, $10 shipped outside the US.
I got it in a set with a Groudy-in a bottle so obviously I have no use for poor Kyogre.

Link - my wallet/wtf why cry

Surfing Pikachu Auction Reminder! Ends Tomorrow! D:

Just a reminder that my auction is ending tomorrow at 6pm CST!  There are still a lot of items with no starting bids, and cards for sale. :D  Click the banner below to be teleported.

Also, thanks to anyone here that attended the Houston Regionals and bought art from me! <3  Going to turn a few into prints later.  The Gengar commission was my favorite out of all of them.  Almost didn't want to give it up.

*I am not taking more commissions atm (I'm too busy).  So please do not ask.  I only do them at certain events.*

Happy Inktober!

Tomy Wants

I've almost completed catching all my hoenn tomys! I need to update my wants list and begin working on Sinnoh! I've aquired a bunch from Sinnoh from GA's so I need to figure out which ones I'm missing! Hopefully, in 2 days time I'll be a full on Registered Nurse! Wish me luck/Pray for me/Send passing vibes my way! But this is what I need as Far as Hoenn is concerned!

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319 Sharpedo
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Thanks for looking you guys! I've been hiding out in my hole studying, but I look forward to my FIRST Custom Plush coming in the Mail! I CANNOT wait to show it to you guys! Love you all! <3 It's evening here so it's morning somewhere! Have a great day! :D
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Wanted Ghost Pokemon Kids

Hi all!
With Halloween coming up I thought this would be a good time to expand my kids collection. Specifically, I'm looking for spooky, ghostly pokemon kids. I'm open to pretty much any of the ghosts except Shedinja, I've already got one. I'm also interested in picking up a normal Scolipede kid. I'd rather buy multiple figures from the same person and am looking to spend in the range of $3-5 each before shipping. Condition isn't super important as long as they're not super beat up.

I'm also always looking to add to my collection of shiny kids. My current collection is pictured below. Right now I'm most interested in Shiny Roselia, Absol, Tailow, and Swellow.


Plush, pouch, and patches available

I've been really busy with commissions, but here's a reminder there's some things in my Etsy shop for sale!

Sales permission was granted by allinia on 4/5/14
Feedback can be found here; http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/serenitysamaa/
I do NOT accept haggling
I am not doing trades at this time
No payment plans at this time

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If anyone would like to see my work in progress pictures for commissions, my Facebook page is here.
Pokemon - Eevee
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Sales! New stuff added~

Hi all :D I'm super hype because I finally finished my Eeveelu canvas collection this week~~~

So adorable ee <3 ~~~ I ended up with an extra Flareon that I added to my sales below ^^;

My parents are visiting this weekend and it'd help me if I could clear out some space before they see the poke-pigsty my room is in! XDDD They're used to me collecting Pokemon stuff but it doesn't help that I have more items coming in throughout the next few days/weeks anyway... XD

So...I've got new listings up including new plush and figures! A very small preview:

Click here or the image below to go to the sales page!

rules and SALES! )

Thanks for looking :D


So a big surprise showed up in my room right after work.
I was beyond excited so I grabbed a knife and dragged my twin, his girlfriend, and my niece into my room for an unboxing.

Would you like to see a sneak peek?
I'm sure you can guess what this little guy is, hehe, but if you haven't click the cut to find more pictures!

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I also added my sales post; I really want these items gone so let negotiate? :3
Just click the image to be transported to my sales post which you will find on my journal.
I was granted sales permission by: entirelycliched on 8/7/2013.

New Wants: Croagunk

Okay guys so I have been kind of buying a few croagunk stuff to add to my croagunk collection and I've really been trying to find the fuzzy croagunk bank(well I haven't tried that much since I only did a little skim here and there) anyways. Anyone know a place that I can find one that's in an unused condition? Like it can be out of its box if it even came with one-- just no scratches or anything wrong with it asides that. I am also looking for the laying down croagunk plush and that wooden sculpted croagunk that bacon's creation used to have for sale. ;x