October 16th, 2014

Looking for US middleman! :)

Hey guys,
How's it going?
Just a quick post. I am looking for someone in the US to middleman an item from one of the community's sales posts as their post office doesn't ship internationally! I am in Australia 2052. The item is pokedoll-sized, if that gives you any ideas as to how much it would be to re-post it.
Any help would be appreciated! :D
Thanks so much!

Solved! <3

How to collect stickers?

I love stickers!

I'm super excited about adding more stickers to my collection but I'm torn between getting a sticker book or not like the pros are obvi: a cute meowth sticker book, all my stickers in one place and easy to look through, easy storage, no worries about stickers getting bent, damaged, lost, gross

And the cons are like you cant resell the stickers basically and maybe makes them less?? good? in a collection idk does the community care about that?

Input would be great!! Thanks!

p,s, also here have a meowth

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Larvitar, tyranitar

Munchlax and Tyranitars!!!

Hello again everyone....

This weeks there seems to be a lack of mail coming my way </3>first off, my friend recently bought a Munchlax plush, who is around 11 inch, but is not from the line of 12inch bootlegs, and i am curious to know if anyone knows the origins of this plush as i was interested in getting one if it wasnt a bootleg...my friend is curious also..
The plush was purchased from Game Stop on the gold coast, The tush tag is unlike the 12inch bootleg series, and i could not find a similar plush on the plush project site...hes dated 2011... No hang tag was with him...I am really curious about this guy... Original price is $30 but they are on sale for $10...

Any one have any idea?</s>

cut wouldnt work images removed

Anddd moving on to my wants!!

Which i am very keep to get my hands on if anyone has one or knows someone selling...I am only focusing on my Tyranitar line at the moment!!

Highest priority thingies
-Tyranitar Thinkchip+ Figure, Happy to pay upto $100 if a payment plan or hold is available...plus postage
-Tyranitar Chupa Figure.... Not sure on his value but i would really like to add him to my collection
-Larvitar PlushPlush and Smiling UFO, mint is not essentual but would prefer to be good condition.. will take on damaged or loved ones for cheap!!
-T-tar Heartlands of course.. but would have to suit a payment plan as i dont have the spare 6k atm.
-Nakayoshi Mascot Larvitar

Secondary priority
- T-tar Spinning top.... i have only ever seen one... info on it would be nice if anyone knows?
-Game stop promos (cutouts ect)
-2002 Mcdonalds larvitar without the grumble box.
-4th movie promo figures
-Museum figure set

Last priority
-Clear kid set

Id also love to hear about other items you may know of that i dont? and see picks of your T-Tars....ill post some pictures of some of the items under a cut.

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deerling sales!

Hello all. Some of you may remember me as the Marill loving collector. A lot of you probably have no idea who I am because I'm not active like I used to be. I lurk a bit but don't post much. Today I come bearing sales of a cute little deer type Pokemon. I used to collect Deerling a lot but recently got new shelves for my collections and decided to cut out some of the little deers. I am the type that wants every Deerling of every color for eeeverrryything and it's just too much! So I kept my absolute favorite items and now have a good bunch of things to sell! Check it out under the cut!!!

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And that is that! Feel free to ask any questions and thanks so much for looking. I'll be doing a collection update in the near future since my entire collection appearance has changed recently (went from bookshelves to wall shelves). Look out for it if you like Marills! :3

First shiny custom Tomy

Some weeks ago I recieved some tomys but for a mistake, there was a wrong Umbreon but I decided to take care of him anyway.
This is my first custom made and I didn't think repaint tomys was so difficult!
I know it is not Monna Lisa but it looks good for me :)

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What do you think? Any advice for next repaints?

Introducing you my plushies collection!

Hi there!
I haven't post anything about my collection yet so I'll start with my plushie collection <3
I've been a pokemon fan since I was child but I started collecting stuff three years ago. My collection is increasing every month (I buy them usually at manga's expos or events like that but I buy them on internet too.) I prefer big sized plushies so the most of them are big(That's a huge problem because I haven't got any more space xD) so here we are:
Poochyena is the latest that I get at Madrid's expomanga (I'm from Spain) (I went with my Ho-Oh gijinka, I'm a Pokemon cosplayer too, but that is another history(???)
I really love that Lapras plush, it's soft and cute! I love that Piplup plush too, bought it from a Japanese Pokemon collector and It came with a magnemite figure.
Victini plush is the biggest one. It's around 40 centimetres, and it was so cheap too! 30 euros, around 38$ (Probably is because it is fake)
And here is my tiny pokemon plushies! I prefer the others but they look so cute too and I can't resist to buy them <3
Hoothoot plush isn't a real plush. It is made by a friend that I met on twitter (I've got a Pokemon twitter account, if you are interested in that account just say it and I'll give you my nickname!) and he gave me that Hoothoot (I gave him a drawing of his favourite Pokemon /o/) isn't it cute?

Hope you like it! I will post more pics in other entries (I've got a lot of Pokemon stuff)
Have a nice day!

Time for some Gets! Check it out!

Hi guys! Most of you probably don't know me because I've been lurking around most of the time. Maybe you've seen me comment on your posts or bid in a GA. I'm pretty friendly so feel free to talk to me! Reintroduction: My name is Hannah, and I like Pokemon! (Doesn't everyone on this community?) Well that intro sucked. I really should post more often...Haha! Here are the things I got over the past three months.

So many gets! 500

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Introduction Post!

I have just joined this community and I would like to tell you a little about me and my collection. First off, ever since I was little I had fallen in love with Pokemon. My brother aaronmichaeld started collecting pokedolls this year. I had no idea what they were at the time, but eventually I caved into collecting them. It's been about 5 months since I collected them, and now I have about 18 of them.

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I will post my wants list in a few weeks.
Please tell me if I need to fix anything to this post or at least what you thought about this post.
What pokedolls do you have, what are you collecting, etc.?
I hope you guys like this post!

noot noot

$10 Pokemon drawing special! (+$5 for complex poke designs) & $15 Copic ACEO commissions


Feedback Link:http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/yardsalecouch/

~ I was given sales permission by entirelyclichedon Dec 1st,2013

★ Paypal ONLY
★ All prices are in USD
★ When given a quote, please tell me if you are committing or not
★ I take payment up front as a guarantee on my side that I know my time and efforts are not wasted.
★ No haggling,please.
I currently DO NOT accept trades of any kind.
★ Paypal fees will be included with your quote
★ Please include your username + requested pokemon in your notes section of payment

★ I ship Colorado,United States .
★ Domestic shipping is a flat $5 and includes tracking
★ International starts at $10
★ After the commission is completed,it is shipped out within the business week but I will notify the commissioner of any delays that may come up if I cannot ship the same week.(long work hours,emergency,etc.)

Which pokemon you want me to draw and will determine how I will price it and is determined by the complexity of its design.
[All examples provided below are previous commissions]

Pokedoodle Examples
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ACEO examples (You may choose a trainer or gym leader in place of a Pokemon if you wish)
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★The prices are set for each additional character. No haggling, please!

To Commission Me:
★Please comment in this post with the filled out form provided below.
I will respond with a quote and will ask for payment up front as previously mentioned and then proceed to work.
If you have multiple commissions,please fill out this form separately for each individual commission.

Type: Doodle? or ACEO?

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★Please feel free to comment or PM me about any questions you may have they may have not been covered by the Guidelines or the FAQ above.

{I also have a 20% off store-wide sale on my storenvy and a buy 2 get one free sale for prints! When you purchase two prints, just write in the notes section which one free print you want}

Thank you for reading!

Updated wants and sales

I still have a lot of figures for sale and I am also looking for some figures. I will also accept trades.

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·         I received sales permission from entirelycliched in 2013.
·         Here is my feedback: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/suzanneespeon/
·         I ship from the Netherlands and will ship internationally. I accept PayPal only. Please include your username and what you bought in the note. And don’t forget your address.
·         I am not responsible for items lost in the mail.
·         I will let you know when I shipped your figure(s).
·         PLEASE let me know if you are committed in buying or if you’re just asking for a quote. If you don’t say you are committed or ask if I want to hold any items for you, the items will stay available for others.
·         I will hold items for 48 hours when asked. I can also hold them longer but then you have to be sure are committed in buying, otherwise I will have to leave negative feedback.
·         Prices are in USD and do not include shipping or PayPal fees.
·         I accept haggling!
·         Please, ask if you want to see more pictures.

IMPORTANT: Information regarding shipping

Shipping starts at $2.50 for small items. Anything that is smaller than 3.2 centimeters will fit in a bubble mailer. This counts for most Tomy figures. Bigger items have to be shipped in a box. This is a shipping rule in my country because packages smaller than 3.2 centimeters will fit through the letterbox.

Tracking for smaller items that will be shipped in a bubble mailer will be $20.16 regardless weight. (this includes shipping, but not PP fees)

If you’d like to buy a lot or just something big, shipping will start at $11.34 in Europe and $22.68 internationally. This is without tracking. If you want tracking, let me know and I’ll let you know what that would cost to your country.

Tomy figures of which I know don’t fit through the letterbox: Nidoking, Hitmonlee, Lickytung, Blissey, Ho-oh, Groudon, Dialga, Palkia, Giratina

TOMY figures

You can check this list to see which figures are still available and what their prices are.

Close-ups of some of the rarer figures:

Clear Shaymin with sparkles ($15) Clear Pikachu ($10) Metallic Sky Shaymin ($15) Pearly Torterra ($10) Pearly Empoleon ($10)

Ampharos ($22) Azumarill ($35) Corsola ($30) Ursaring ($16) Porygon2 ($30)

Magmar damaged on the 'nose' ($15) Shellder ($18) Mr. Mime ($8) Nidoqueen ($45) Muk ($8)

Drifblim ($14) Magmar near mint ($30) Persian ($18) Mothim ($6) Tyrogue ($17)

Piloswine ($20) Clampearl ($18) Skitty ($12) Delcatty ($18) Granbull ($15)

Magby ($10) Gligar ($20) Sneasel ($12) Qwilfish ($12) Luxray ($12)

Lopunny ($16) Torkoal ($18) Cresselia ($6) Flaaffy ($24) Jumpluff ($12)

I have this clear Celebi that I'd like to trade for another (clear) Tomy. I am looking for the clear sitting Celebi, but I'm also willing to trade for something from my wantlist or other clear figures that are not on my wantlist.

Other figures

$3 each
Sold: Growlithe

$4 each

Random figures. I don't know what they are but they are about as big as Tomy figures.
Darkrai $3
Sleeping Pachirisu $2 (damaged)
Staravia $5 (very nice detailed figure)
Empoleon $3
Rampardos $4 (I think it's the same kind of figure as Staravia)
Chansey $1 (bootie?)

Lot of small figures. $5 for all of them. (some are broken/damaged)

New Pokemon Petit Merch!

I haven't gotten into the Petit line yet, but I do believe there are people here who would appreciate this! More keychain plush (ORAS hype), new charms, and a bunch of other cool stuff!


The plush will be released on October 25th, the key chains will be released on November 1st, and the iPhone 6 cases will be released on November 29th.

Are you a collector of this line? What do you have of it so far and what do you wish to see?

...I want my Pokedoll announcement already.
momozono nanami

Y!J Question

Hello and Good Evening/Morning!

So I have a somewhat weird question to ask.

'v')-Has anyone ever used a deputy servie to pre-order/pre-buy something from Yahoo Japan?

I was wondering what other people do when they find certain items listed on Y!J for pre-order. For example, items such as ones that are only released for expos (can't think of a Pokemon example), specific locations (Sylveon Namco Kid) or PokeCen lotteries/exclusives (Eevee 3DS XL). Sometimes it's best to wait until its released, but in some cases a pre-order listing can be better.

The reason why I ask is because I found something similar to these examples for pre-order while browsing. It's a little strange since it's an item that's set for a short lived promo. I kinda want to pre-order it, but I'm a little hesitant.

I don't really make a habit of pre-ordering from auction sites. I have from ebay and once with a deputy from Amazon.co.jp and Y!J. So far, I haven't had any worries since the release date was less than two weeks. But you never know.

So, I'm a little curious to how someone else's experience was with a Y!J pre-order.

Thank you in advance ^w^

edit: Sorry the formatting looked really wonky >.<
edit 2: Don't know what happened. Looks like it's all fixed now.
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Looking to trade!

Hello all!

Today I bring you all (well actually I think it's mostly all) of my excess plush and figures to be used in trades! :D I have quite the big sum worth of items about 5 grand so will be looking to high end trade :3 I have everything with their worth next to them in my trades section of my journal found here.

I'm hoping, due to the rarer nature of some of my items, that I can flush someone out with a Psyduck Plushplush in any condition. I'm willing to trade $1500 worth of plush just for psyduck.

I'm also looking for a few mirage plush as well and would be willing to trade $300+ worth of plush depending on the mirage :3 These are my highest mirage wants so far:


My other wants can be found here. I'm open to all offers for any of my grails. I would also be open to trading everything I have to trade for any of my house wants. :3

*I have over ten feedback and sales permission from Allinia on March 2013*