October 19th, 2014

Looking For Japanese Unown Cards

Hello Everyone! :D I recently went on a Pokemon card splurge and have decided to collect ALL the Unown trading cards. I believe that of the 86 cards officially released, I have 40.

If anyone has Japanese versions of Unown cards that they would be willing to sell, I would definitely be interested.

Ideally, I would like to buy these in bulk, but if you have only one card from the list, that's fine too. :) I am hoping not to spend more than $5 per card (shipped to the US) as it can add up pretty quickly. I would like them in mint condition, but I can tolerate some slight edge wear. Please no played condition ones--I don't want creases, bends, edge splitting, scratches, markings, stains, etc.

Thank you for your time! :D

I have a couple of cards on the way in the mail, so I will definitely be posting an update in the future. :3

EDIT (12/16/14): I have acquired several Unown cards since this post. To see which ones I am still in need of, please view my Wants post here.


Hey, a quick reminder that my auctions end in less than 24 hours!!! (22 to be exact!)
There are LOTS of nice and rare TOMYS with either no bid or barely anything bid on them.
For example, I have a Voltorb at $40 and a Ditto with a starting bid of $20 with no bids! :O
Also, I've LOWERED the starting bid on the Espeon/Umbreon Glass Set.
You can click on any picture to be transported, or just use this link:

Larvitar, tyranitar


Hello all!!

This year i am working as a an elf/photographer for santaclause!!! How exciting.
So i am definitely feeling the christmas spirit!! Annndd thought i would gift myself something super awesome!!!!!

I am looking for a PLUSH ARTIST that uses minky!!!!!

To do a Tyranitar line project for me!! That will preferably accept a payment plan from sometime soon to over christmas!!

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In other news....

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Introduction post ^_^

Hello! My name is Barbara and I recently joined the community ^_^ I'm a 23 year old French/Brazilian girl living in France, and I've been a Pokemon fan since I started playing Pokemon Blue.

I've been following the community's posts for a while now. At first I enjoyed just looking at the nice collections, but now I caught the collecting bug and started looking for merchandise to buy... I don't have much to show currently, I got back to collecting the cards a year ago and only recently started buying plushies.
I bought my first official Pokemon plush when the Paris Pokemon Center opened in June 2014 and got a Froakie and Fletchling (we couldn't buy more than 2) and more stuff:
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I love these two, I already started ordering more Pokemon toys off eBay to keep them company ;) These last 2 weeks I received 2 Wartortle plushies from France and Germany:
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And a few items from Japan!
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Here's what my collection looks like right now:
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As you can see, I especially like the water starters but my shelf is a bit too blue now :P I also like a lot of electric types and canine Pokemon, and a bunch of others too. I'll have to take a look at what's out there and start making a wants list.

I'm looking forward to buying more plushies from you guys, as well as figurines and other merchandise to expand my collection ^_^
Thanks for reading!
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Lucario 5-8 inch tall Figure Want!

Hello all! Hope everyone is well!

I am currently looking for a used Lucario figure that is reasonbly big (about 5-8 inches tall)

Used condition would be better since I don't want to pay too much for it. And I plan to do something with it after I receive it. =P

But yeah, if anyone has one, that would be great! ^__^

Hmm, maybe this figure or something similar?


So Many Skitty's GA: Payment Two (and a few other things)

It's time for payment two :D

Here are everyone's totals, please let me know once you've sent payment so I can update the spreadsheet~

yellowmudkip $8.24
latias_latios_7 $8.24
shiny_zekrom $12.29
scarity $14.44
silver_disc $11.08
normandyai $4.28

Please send it to ecramer1023@gmail.com <3

Also, in the note, make sure you leave the following:

Skitty GA Payment 2
[Mailing address here]


I'm also opening two more slots for big perler pokemon here: http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/18111274.html

I ran out of beads and need funds to get more so I can continue working on commissions, I figured this was a good way to do it :P

Also, buy two small perler sprites for 5 shipped (US) and get a third one free! If you're interested, please comment on this post- http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/15631554.html

Again, I'll be waiting for supplies to come in the mail, so I can't start until it gets here. But I'm almost done with all my current commissions, I'll try to get those wrapped up in a week or two <3

And lastly, here's a pic of my gets from this week! I had quite a few packages come in~


Wants post

I think this is the first time I've posted here, so hello!
I mainly want to get things related to Raichu, sneasel and weavile, but I might also be interested in scyther, abra, treecko, wartortle, mew and mewtwo.
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some new wants! and question for tcg collectors

Hello! i have some new wants, im open for trading or buying ^__^
for trading you can check the items on my sales post: http://white-chocobo.livejournal.com/3122.html

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And questions for TCG collectors, i checked the yuka morii ilustration web but nothing new, has she done any new work for the latest tcg? the last ones i knew and have were sewaddle and stunfisk, but don't know about the more recent ones.
Thanks for reading!!

FACTS (Belgian convention) gets!

Yesterday I went to FACTS (short for Fantasy, Animation, Comics, Toys, Space), this biggest Belgian convention.
I found Eevee stuff! There was a lot more than what I bought, but my wallet couldn't handle it anymore haha =)
I also bought a Diancie plush, a little Uxie and Shaymin figure, and an Espeon coin <3 Also look at that cute Espeon figure! I couldn't resist taking it with me =3
2014-10-18 21.27.37

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Some sales from Japan!

Hey all, it's been a long time since I posted - moved back to Japan and things have been really busy. Unfortunately I live far far away from a Pokemon Center (for now!) so obviously I'm not doing pickups anymore, but I've collected a little odds and ends and I'm offering them to you now! Including an N figure and a couple of Mega plushies!

Please note: I've been out of the loop for ages so I have no clue about pricing these items. Let me know if prices are too high or too low, I'd really appreciate any help!

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On to the items on my sales journal!

Auction Reminder!

The newest MPC's and an Oversized Rayquaza Pokedoll are ending in less than 48 hours!
Get those bids in while you can :)

To make this post less boring, as ORAS hype takes hold, and X & Y fades into games past, I wanted to take this time to post a list of the new pokemon who never got a plush, in hopes that maybe some love might be shown. Did you have any favorites that got missed?? I am optimistic that eventually the Mega Form line will be completed, but for now it sure has stalled after Mega Gengar :/

ballroom of memories

a few recent gets

I don't know if anyone else gets excited about tins like I do, but there's a new one at the Pokémon Center!

Shown with a couple of new friends for size comparison. ^^ The material is quite a bit thinner than the tins are usually made from. On the good side, that means it's a lot lighter, but I wonder how sturdy it'll be. Inside are delicious langue du chat cookies!

But the get that I've been most excited about lately is this gachapon toy that I didn't even know about until someone else on the comm posted about it recently.

How cute is thissssssssssssssssssss? I love how detailed it is!

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