October 20th, 2014

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Pokécen Pick-Up! ✿ Oct. 25th : ORAS Plush, Hoenn Petit Mascots & Preorders!

Wow it's been a bit…! I'm sorry for the random hiatus and to those who were wondering about pick ups! I've been pretty busy but I'm back now and I'll be doing a pick up this month so check below for the goody details!

Also hooray for new sales banner made by me aaand finally a shop name!♡ (Puchi is slang for small in Japanese!)
prnzssalesbanner fw
I'll be doing a Pokecen pick up for Hoenn plush and Petit Mascots on Oct. 25th and I'll also be taking pre-orders for the straps coming out on November 1st!
I've also listed merchandise from Pikachu OOPS! / Little Tales promo for anyone still looking so check it out!

Payment deadline for this pick up: October 24th, 7:00 PM PST / 10:00 PM EST
To place an order head on over to the pick up page on my LJ by clicking here or click my sales banner above to be transported. Prices as follows:
• ORAS Pokemon Center Plush start at $20
• ORAS Pokemon Petit - Plush Mascots $13.50 each!
• Pre-orders for ORAS Pokemon Petit figure straps
are $10.50 each *Released Nov. 1st

I've also revamped the rules and added a name to the sevice I've been offering along with my pick ups for awhile now called 'FFA Requests', which basically means that you can request anything that's been released at the Pokemon Center within the past 6 months as long as you fill out the form listed in the rules and are placing a promo order! Old and new customers please have a look at the new rules and feel free to try it out!

Thanks for looking!
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Pikachu Giant Plush

Hi all,
I'm in search for this 32" giant pikachu plush (display pic), it was sold in Japan in 2010. If anyone here is selling or willing to sell one for shipping to Singapore, please message me. If you know anyone who are selling, please guide me along too. Preferably new or in good condition.
Thanks much.
Vulpix PD

Gets! Halloweenchu's and Xmas pokés inside! Also, Sales update!

Wanted to show off a couple gets! Eveelution Jakks, cool Pikachu plushes, and some group pics. So here we go....

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Sales update! I have added a couple items including Espeon, and Glaceon Jakks as well as putting the card lots on eBay. I also lowed prices on almost everything, and I have some discounts going on:
*** I also just added some choco egg figures to my sales!
I want this stuff gone so I've decided to accept haggling on orders over $40 for purchases of multiple items, this extends to the items on eBay.

Small Sales, Looking to Trade a Pokemon Time Bookmark, and Choco-Egg Gets

Hello! While saving up for Alpha Sapphire, I decided to update my sales post! I have some eeveelutions, mini lots from my collection weeding, and a few other random things.

Also, there's something I've been looking for, for a while now... Does anyone have a Pokemon Time "bookmark" of Flygon, Blastoise, or Umbreon? I pulled a Latias and I'm looking to trade it!

Lastly I have a small collection update -- I bought two blind-boxed pokemon chocolate eggs (like Kinder Eggs) from caddieneko, and here are the two pokemon I got! :)
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Questions About Pokedolls And Some Wants

I was wondering if you guys could help me with something? I just wanted to put all of my questions I had here about pokedolls and some of my main wants.

1. What bear pokedolls are there?
2. What rodent pokedolls are there?
3. Where do you buy your pokedolls online?

Answers:(I will fill in the answers until I receive them, though if these are filled already and there some things that are missing you can still comment)
1. Teddiursa, Spinda, Cubchoo,Pancham
2. Pikachu, Raichu, Pichu, Plusle, Minun, Dedenne, Bidoof, Minccino, Cinccino, Pachirisu, Emolga, Marill, Bunnelby
3. Ebay, Sunyshore, Y!J, Amazon.

If you guys have any of the following to sell or know where to buy them, can you let me know?
Lapras (pokedoll)
Marill (pokedoll)
Dragonite (pokedoll)
Dragoniar Pokemon Time Plush

A Couple of Gets and Wants I'm searching for

I had a few packages come in this week (and more are on the way...I can't stop...send help!) But I couldn't be happier ^_^

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Now that that is out of the way, I think it's okay to say a certain plush that I'm looking for? Of course I'm still looking for the rest of the starters, but my friends and I have decided to go to a mini con that's held in our town recently. And I really want to find this Purrloin for my cosplay:

(Image is taken from Google images so if its yours, please let me know if you want me to take it down!) But I want to do a Team Rocket Grunt (so original I know), but it's my first con so I rather just start out small and I love these little thieving cats and want to go outside the box and not use Meowth XD

Also, if anyone happens to have a Joltik kid or Cheren Crossed Boundaries Holo card could you please let me know? owo I recently purchased Bianca so I'd love to have his as well. Thanks again everyone!

Looking for...,

Hi yall!! I had ordered from caddieneko from what seems like a month ago and still haven't got the package, so I want to try again! (Which I do not blame her in anyway bc it's beyond her control) so does anyone have a professor sycamore card and a blind packaged pokemon choco egg they can sell? I would love to buy ^^

Btw I ordered from hobby_japan two weeks ago and my package hasn't arrived, should I be worried? 0-0

Important notice: I am temporary closing my shop due to my job but you are more than welcomr to place an order.

Son of a...! There was a local fair and they had this giant Pikachu as a prize! Which brand is it from??
Thanks everyone! Have a..... Classy day aaaahhhh!!!

Quick sales update: UFOs and Pokemodels

Hello community! ^^ I'm here with some quick sales to be able to pay the Bayonetta Frist Print edition xD I have some Eeveelutions UFOs, MPCs plushies I have left, Chibi Pokemodels and some random figures.
All the info of the sales permission is on my page, clicking on the Poochyena banner! All the new sales are under the cut but you can combine with anything of my permanent sales post.

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To make less boring the post, you can see my latest gets:
Blitzle smiling MPC, Ampharos posable, Chibi Pokemodel Growlithe (I'm selling the other one) and my boyfriend's Tyrunt DX UFO

fab, fabliau, fleischauer

Looking for Pokemon Center figure charm pens!

Hello everyone! I'm a little new here, but I will save an intro post for another time.

Right now I need help locating these pens!

(image taken from Ebay! If these are yours, let me know and I will remove the image!)

From what I know, these pens were exclusive to the specific Pokemon Center you bought them!
I don't mind if they're packaged or not, I have no preference! I found them on a website for far to expensive for pens though so I was hoping to find them for cheaper.

Thanks guys c:

Pandaeatworld's New Permanent Sales Post!

Hi all!

I am here with a new and improved permanent sales post! In an effort to shift the bulk, I have now sorted this in to the sets instead, and will be selling the sets in lots. I will *not* be picking out individual cards any more, nor will I be listing each card from the batch.

I have counted up how many are in each set, however there are no holo or reverse-holo cards in the batches. These I am selling off separately for now. Only 2 sets have any trainer cards in, but even then the vast majority is Pokémon specifically. There are NO duplicates in these batches, if it says there's 32 cards you will receive 32 individual different cards. Condition is mostly Good to Near Mint. A couple are more like played but maybe 2-3 cards in this entire post :P

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I also have a few cards from a couple of random sets that I can't identify! Oooh mystery :) If anyone is interested or can identify them I'd appreciate it.

That's all! Thanks guys! If you had my old post bookmarked, delete it as I won't be processing orders from there now.

Sales! Will be good willing all figures in a month!

Hello everyone! Having sales again, I really need the kids and figures gone, this is why everything is buy one get one free except on offers! Which brings me to offers, I am having offers on absol figures/kids and I am having offers on megablocks and a Pikachu plush! Please feel free to ask me questions or for more pictures. I would love to give these guys to loving new homes. Speaking of loving new homes, I brought in from the mail today some awesome vaporeon flats! Like a vaporeon playing card, a super hard vaporeon sticker to find and A vaporeon pog that I have never seen before.

Sales link! I was given permission 4/5/14 by alliana also no international people :(


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Thank you for looking!
Also fun question- what are you dressing up for halloween, pokemon related?
Hello There

A very Quick Want

Hey folks I'm looking for a PC Rayquaza Plush

I was looking to spend around 30 - 40 shipped to 75962
(And I would prefer to buy from the U.S. since I want him as soon as possible)
I don't care if his tag is beat up, or detached
Thanks Y'all

Long Time no see! :)

Been occupied with life and hubby being back from deployment, but wanted to try my luck at finally completing my MIP Kanto Tomy collection. :D I AM ONLY 1 POKEMON AWAY! Be remembered forever as the one who completed my collection! <3

My final Poke you ask?


Forgive me if this photo is yours, got it from google. :)

So, if you're feeling awesome and have access to one of these babies (and not the one listed on YJ! for like 250$ in a badly damaged box for over a year now...) I'd gladly throw money at you! Paying extremely well. Thank you for your time! Have a great week everyone. ^o^

EDIT: I can use a replacement MIP of Oddish, Caterpie/Weedle (2 set), Magnemite/Magneton, Pinsir, Tauros, and Exeggutor. Their packages are either bent, cracked, or sun-damaged.
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introduction and some wants

Hi I'm Hailey from the USA. I have already bought some things on here and I'm very happy with how friendly everyone is and how much I've learned about poke merch! I'm lovin' it!! :D

I'd love to post pics of what I have and what I've gotten, but they're displayed at home and I'm away for the school year. Come Thanksgiving time, you will all be subject to pictures of my stuff though oh-ho-ho. ~

I love Blastoise; he's my number one! But I'm also looking for some kyogre, dragonite, flygon, kyurem, squirtle, and other stuff from certain sets. I'm mostly into figurines, but my blastoise pokedoll has stolen my heart, so I think plushes will win me over one day.
And cards. Lots of cards.

What I'm looking for!! ... with no pics

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Double choco egg GB success!

Hello! Today miss10 and i bring you a double choco egg figure set GB
All items claimed! PAYMENT 1 NEEDED!!
• I was granted sales permission granted on 26 JAN 2012 by entirelycliched and miss10 was granted sales permission on April 2, 2012 from entirelycliched
• My feedback is here: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/white_chocobo/ and miss10 feedback is here: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/miss10/
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• Each claim will be only US$2.17 for USA members and US$2.19 for non USA members

  • Please send payment to misselaineous10@hotmail.com with your username and "double choco egg GB" in the tittle

Set 1:

Pancham kitbug US$2.17 for USA
Zigzagoon echoalias US$5.93 for International (UK)
Slowpoke handmadehail US$5.87 for USA
Pikachu nysaurus US$4.02 for USA
Dedenne o_0digitizdx_x US$4.02 for USA
Froakie megami36 US$2.17 for USA or US$2.19 for International
Eevee jen81489 US$2.17 for USA
Fenenkin shiny_zekrom US$9.57 for USA or US$9.67 for International
Gengar kidgengar US$2.17 for USA
Xerneas shiny_zekrom
Mega blaziken handmadehail
Shedinja chronidu US$2.17 for USA or US$2.19 for International
Yveltal echoalias
Chespin syminka US$7.73 for USA

Set 2 :
Pancham shiny_zekrom
Zigzagoon syminka
Slowpoke classypersian US$2.17 for USA or US$2.19 for International
Pikachu syminka
Dedenne shiny_zekrom
Froakie white_chocobo US$4.06 for International
Eevee splash US$2.17 for USA
Fenenkin syminka
Gengar handmadehail
Xerneas echoalias
Mega blaziken joy_dust US$2.17 for USA
Shedinja o_0digitizdx_x
Yveltal nysaurus
Chespin shiny_zekrom

Thank you!

Plush update! (& legitimacy Q)

Wassup everybody? I'm still around, but have been crazy busy with job applications and other stuff. I went to New York Comic Con for three days, which was exhausting but rewarding! (got tons of "I found you" shouts for my Waldo genderbend, and saw Vic Mignogna try to summon Bill Nye in the autograph area!)

I did get a number of new plush since my last post, especially from multiple trips to Nintendo World and NYCC. Nintendo World stocked a bunch of new plush with English tags, and it was nice to finally see Delphox out there. The Clawitzer plush is really funny, though. It's all about the big claw while the actual body is a tiny side thing made from a rougher fabric!

Also, I'm planning to start my first sale soon, but I have some figures and a plush that I don't know if they're legit or not. (I really wish this comm had a legitimacy check post for all of this.)

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