October 22nd, 2014


I've never bought on Pokecenter online and I'm interested in those cuties:
Sense títol
(Sorry for the bad quality, the first one is a Gourgeist Halloween Poké Plush (Large Size) - 14 1/4", 34.99$ )
And I don't know how much will cost shipping (Spain, exactly)
(I dont even know if they ship to Spain xD)
The shipping cost is per item or is all about the plushies?

Could you help me?


(I don't know if I can post this kind of entries If I can't please notice me and I'll delete the entry! :3)
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auction reminder, limited commission slots, and pickup reminder!

Hey guys, just a quick reminder that my auctions will be ending tomorrow night at 10pm PST! This includes offers for the Raikou mirage plush, an assortment of rare metal swing keychains, rare clear figures, and more. Come check it out, there's a bit over a day to get any last minute bids in, and most things are still either at starting bid or have no bids. :)

Please click the photo to be redirected to the auction page!

I have also been thinking about this for a while, but I am finally ready to take on a few commissions again. I do have some guidelines and preferences behind what I am willing to make at the moment, so please read ahead if you think you might be interested!

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Lastly, I thought I'd post a reminder for my friend's pickups since she's been really busy with work! Just a quick note to anyone on board to have all orders placed and paid for by Thursday, October the 24th (tomorrow). This is for the new third gen merchandise, petit line, and everything else from the big releases from Oct. 25th and Nov. 8th. Click the sales banner to be transported!


Pokemon Red Nendoroid - Get + More Pika stuff!

Well today the mail brought me x2 parcels. One is the Pokemon Red Nendoroid - which started of at a reasonable price. Then it got smacked by a £30 customs charge that turned the air in my house blue >_> Yeees I was not happy at that at all. But at least I have it in my hands. That thing is not getting unboxed now at all.

2014-10-22 15.09.22

The second parcel was a batch of Pikachu~ Don't they look so cute with their little expressions :D they are now chilling on my shelf. Which is getting rather full. I will find more space to put stuff, WILL!!!

Pokedoll Figure auction and a few sales

Hi all!

Today I have a super-rare Pokedoll figure collection for auction!


I also have some figures for straight sale. Here is a preview of some.
All items are combinable with the remaining Kids I have for sale here: http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/18149231.html

I can combine with my pan sticker sales! Please use the code "combine" at checkout to receive free shipping. Make sure to tell me in the note, here and on the sticker order, that you bought kids and are combining the shipping. If you use the code and don't buy kids, your sticker order will be cancelled. It's only for combining with these sales. Go here to see stickers: https://pokemonpanya.storenvy.com

Sales permission granted 19 FEB 2013 by entirelycliched.
Feedback: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/mintmittins/
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Pokedoll collection and other things

If you follow me on Instagram, you'd already know that I received my package from hobby_japan yesterday that I waited almost a month for! I was feeling creative and made this to show off all of my Pokedolls. Keep in mind though, I have Togekiss, Munna, Pansage, and Duskull on the way! I'm 13 Pokedolls away from where I want my collection to be. After I find those 13, I'll just wait for them to release new ones! If they don't release new ones for a while, I made a list for really low priority Pokedolls I might want. I'll share that later, if I ever need to. LOL.

Anyway, look:


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Slakoth Relaxing

Where have I been!? And XY Sales! Tretta/Cards/Movie Merch/ Stickers and More!

Hey all!
It's been a while hasn't it? I've been extremely busy with extreme personal emergancies. Most of it pretty heavy stuff that lead me to no internet for almost three weeks! Being out of town didn't help non either. I know many of you were trying to get a hold of me and I'm sorry for the very long wait in responding. I'm now slowly getting to everyone about trades/pms/purchases/ext. Again! I'm sorry! I'm usually on the ball with this site and try to reply quickly. I'm just trying to get back in gear after such a huge blow. So my apologies!

Anyway, now that I'm back home I have some quick sales! Lots of XY items. Please check it out. Follow Hawlucha under the cut. Sorry for the bad quality pictures, I did these at night and in a rush.

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*Anything from my Want page
*Hawlucha Items I don't have yet. (Can be anything, flats, movie merch, anything that I don't posess.)
*Sylveon items I don't have yet. Show me anything you may have!!

I have a lot of new items on my site but I'm still posting new items up so keep checking for updates!

More soon.


Collection update and get!

It's small, but it's growing! :)

Below we have:

Pumpkaboo banpresto UFO dekkai plush

-this guy is huge and precious, I just wish his little vine swirl stayed up! X3 wonderful snuggly plush!

Pokemon center Spooky party pumpkaboo keychain plush

-went directly on my bag after the photo! He's so soft and cute! the little bowtie killed me xD <3

Sitting fennekin Tomy plush

Vaporeon bootleg (Sadly D:)

- The first plush I purchased myself, I was sadly duped when I purchased it from a hong kong seller on Ebay -.-; I have purchased a regular pokemon center standing vaporeon plush that is on it's way, but I decided to keep her to remind myself to be more cautious when buying! Her name is boots xD

Pokemon center 2013 Sitting charizard takara tomy plush

-My first serious get in plush collecting! Rare little guy, hard to come by nowadays. He's apart of my main team collection.

Enjoy! <3

Flying press on bed!

Happy Birthday to me! :D

Today, October 22nd, it's my birthday!


My bro drew this awesome birthday card for me :D it's such an unique addition to my Hawlucha collection!!! But not the only Hawlucha related gift I got!!

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I also took pictures of the other calendar pages I'm not keeping. Click on them to see bigger pictures. I would be willing to sell or auction these if anyone collects any Pokémon on there. I just know shipping will be difficult since they need to either be folded or rolled up and shipped in a tube. Let me know if you're interested in anything and we'll figure something out!
(I've had sales permission since 2007 and my feedback is here)
IMGP0339 IMGP0335

IMGP0336 IMGP0338

I finally have some desperate wants... D:

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This is all for today! Next collection update will hopefully feature some AMAZING additions to my Hawlucha collection. Here's just a sneak peak, but THERE WILL BE MORE...


almost complete collection! help!

I'm one strap away from a "complete" Pokemon Time collection!

The last strap I'm looking for is...

If anyone has a lead it would be much appreciated <3 Once I finish this collection I can work on my zukan wants ^^

And some recent gets that got me to this point...

Ugh the new Pokemon Petit straps are so adorable it's gonna be really hard to resist collecting them as well...

Wants :3

Hello everyone! :3
So I am after a couple of Little tail wants hehe.
The items I am after are:
pokemon Little Tales calculator
-Pokemon Little Tales Pikachu Figure Calendar
I am hoping to get it for: $50shipped, but if that is too cheap please let me know!

And here are my other little tales wants:
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I can also offer multiple items off my sales post for these items too, just let me know? :3
Just click the image to be transported to my sales post which you will find on my journal.
I was granted sales permission by: entirelycliched on 8/7/2013.
+I can offer a (Jap red-star Eevee pokedoll with tag) for any of these items as well~

My personal grail get + how to get ORAS demo

So... recently I got the chance to get a plush I always wanted from the day I first saw it.
I knew it would be quite expensive, and nearly impossible to get without a bunch of custom fees (Europe, yay...).

BUT my day has come! :D
And fluna_daiyunel is my personal hero here. :) <3 She got two of these for me. One for myself, one for my dear friend boldscheck (she is new to pkmncollectors).

Eevee, will you help me? <3
Photostory start!


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And I may know a very easy way how you can get a ORAS demo code, in case you didn't already. :)
EDIT: Seems to work for European countries only, not for the US. :( Could be a regional code issue.

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Downsizing time! Auction listed~

Hey all! Long time no post. I have decided with Christmas approaching, and always new and cute merch being released (OMG Little Tales I'm looking at you!!!!) that I need to downsize my collection. Zorua is still my #1 home boy, so I need to really tame down everything else. XD

I just posted my lot on eBay. Take a peek if you're interested! <3 If anyone is interested in GAing it, I would be more than happy to help out with any questions, extra photos etc.

Thanks for looking y'all! I guess now that I've downsized, I have to re-arrange. I have some awesome gets too (major grail!!!) so I'll have to post a huge update.

hello again every one ! i've decided to collect a certain type plush !

hello everyone !

recently ive been looking around at different plush , and one 'type' has caught my eye . the kuta laying plush ! i have decided i want to collect these . they have a type of terry cloth material and are 'lazy' looking ! lol =)

i have decided to collect kuta plush !
marill , cleffa , poliwhirl , ditto , elekid , sentret , jigglypuff
slowpoke , mew , wooper , togepi , snubbull , chikorita , quagsire , bulbasaur , squirtle
totodile , cyndaquil , miltank , smeargle , eevee , aipom, meowth
lapras , charmander , pikachu , pichu , sleeping pikachu , psyduck

am i missing some ? please let me know !!! picture was taken from google , let me kno if it is yours . i managed to score a charmander eevee and ditto .
edit:: oh i also think i managed to get a pichu from a groupauctoin that just ended !

looking for the others !

please message me if you have any / know of any one who might any for sale .

also, here is my wants post ---
im still in search of the 1:1 cyndaquil and a chikorita .. already have totodile =)

thanks !!!