October 25th, 2014

WANT: ~~~~Japanese WHISCASH items~~~~

Looking for any whiscash stuff. Heres a short list of some items that I know of and WANT:

-TCG - all except clash of the blue skies (there are only 5 total)
-TOP vs battle cards (there are 2 as far as I know-lanturn vs and marshtomp vs)
-Retsuden stamper***
-Whiscash Kid figure cards/stickers (the ones that come with the packaging)
-Hiragana card
-Ruin maniac Zuril e reader card
-Ruby/Sapphire playing card decks ~~ currently scouting for the complete decks, but if you have just the whiscash.... :)
-Figures (low priority)
-Amada/pan stickers (also low priority)

Whiscash is one of those under appreciated gen 3 pokemon so its dammmmmn hard to find stuff on this guy. PLEASE HELP ME OUT!!!!
ღ Pokémon // Rebirth

Any info on this strap?

Hello everyone! A while back a friend of mine showed me some straps she'd found, that she bought a while ago for cheap from Yahoo! Japan. While I can't find the original picture she showed me, she had Red (Charizard), Green (Venusaur), and Yellow (Pikachu) versions... Today she gave me the Red version one!


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It's absolutely beautiful, but it's origin eludes me. I've never seen such a thing in all my years of collecting, and the most puzzling thing to me is when it was released. You can see both Johto and Hoenn starters on the strap itself, as well as the fact that it was released in 2002, the same year as Ruby and Sapphire. My biggest question is whether these straps exist for games other than Red/Green/Yellow... as a Ho-Oh collector, you can see why this interests me.

collection update & news!

I received a few things in the mail recently I feel the need to share them with you guys!

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Togekiss was one of my ultimate wants and I'm happy that I finally own one. The tag isn't perfect, but the actual Pokedoll is in great condition! I also managed to get a Spinda & a Kyogre Pokedoll, but they're both on their way to my mailbox. Once those two arrive, I will be taking a break from finding old Pokedolls until after they announce new ones & I've collected the ones I want from that. I'm super glad to be apart of this community, but it's definitely hurting my wallet, so I've got to start really saving my money for when I actually need it. I've got almost everything I want out of my collection, so I won't need to spend as much as I've been for when I do find something I want. So yeah, break time for me. I'll still be lurking around here though, so you won't have to miss me. LOL. I will definitely post a photo of my whole collection once Spinda & Kyogre arrive.

I have also put out another Pokemon merch update on my YouTube. I'm sure it's filled with everything you all already know as we're pretty up to date on here, but this is for mainly the people who aren't as fortunate as we are with news, but maybe there's something in it you haven't heard about? We could consider this as almost a merch news recap. I do plan on investing in making these videos better, but that will take some time until I get a computer that can handle something like that and playing games because my poor old laptop can barely handle a YouTube video... Anyway, feel free to watch and give me suggestions of how I can make them better in the future! I'm still working on my voice, but I think I've improved since my last one.

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spiderlizard plushie

Sad day today

I was bidding on a porygon2 plush keychain with a tag on yahoo japan and lost. It is such a shame since Most people who have it tend to not sell it and when one does I get outbidded. At least I saved money but I would rather have the porygon2 plush keychain. If you have a porygon2 plush keychain then I will be willing to buy it, Especally if you need or want to get extra money. I can pay right away and I can pay it where you keep 100% of the money plus shipping. Let me know if you find someone willing to sell their porygon2 plush keychain. Bonus if it has a mint tag.
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Collection Update :D

Since school started back up after my last collection update, it's been a little harder to devote time to expanding my collection from this point..... But that doesn't mean I haven't had tons of stuff I ordered during the summer coming in the mail all this time! :O

Version on my journal with larger images.

Full s
Pretty much no growth overall except for in the Pokemon section. But that's the most fun section anyway ^^

Pokef s
I think the winner for most growth this time around would have to be Lucario. There are just too many nice Lucario items to buy!

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And that's my collection for now! Thanks for taking a look ^^
Feel free to check out my wants if you'd like to help my collection grow and think you've got something I'd be interested in. I'm always looking for that next item to add!

introduction and a few wants

Hello everyone! I'm Ariel and I live in the US. This is my first time actually trying to have a collection, before this it's been getting something here or there. I've already bought a bit from the community, which comprises most of my "collection" now. (maybe I'll post some pictures later, but there isn't much)

I tend to collect the Pokemon that I build my game OCs around. Right now, I'm collecting kids of the team that I'm going to use in OR, as well as other Pokemon that pertain to that character. The decision was more on a whim when I saw that all of her Pokemon were kids. In the past I've gotten a few things of Lopunny, Mudkip, and Eevee. (Lopunny being my favorite Pokemon from Platinum, Mudkip and Eevee being my characters from the Mystery Dungeon games.) I guess, in general, I like cat Pokemon, water types, and psychic types.

Onto the wants:
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Exciting Pokemoncenter.com gets!

Hello everyone! I just ordered the new Venusaur and Charizard pokedolls (and Mega Lucario for a friend) from the Pokemon Center website on the 22nd, and it just arrived today! I definitely wasn't expecting it to arrive so quickly, so this was a nice surprise. Pictures under the cut!

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Thank you all for reading and have a great day! <3

re-intro to the community! and wants

Hii! i thought id make a re-intro post to the community since i dissapeared for a year or so due to moving and getting married ect @_@. Anyway! Im 27 i live in Österreich originally from the US and i collect whismur, wailord, budew and my side is Numel. I love round pokemon in general! but cant collect all the round pokes so i just focus on a few i love!! (also getting into pumkaboo and goomy cant resist! ) Iv been collectig  pokemon for about 3 years now i think on and off! i always feel like collecting makes me feel like a child again and its why i love collecting ^_^.

Here is my collection site (havent updated it in forevers! )

right now im looking for Whismur non flats that i dont own.

My grail!! and what id reallly love for christmas is this guy right here iv been searching for him over 2 years! I saw him on Yahoo japan a couple months back im not sure if anyone bought the lot but if you do have them please contact me i would love to buy him off you! He is a magnetic whismur plush he was released with other magnetic plushes. Looks similar to the whismur pokeball (the one that can change into a pokeball)  but has magnents on his hands and one on his back. rest of my wants list.

Thanks so much for reading ^_^ hopefully i can get a collection update soon!!

Wal-Mart Restocked Their Pokemon Toy Section

So I was at Wal-Mart today expecting to see the usual 3 Froakie plushes and few figures, but low and behold I walked into a complete restock. Sure there was 1 Froakie left, but everything is new. I know it was mentioned before, but the last poster forgot to mention a few things. They also had the Attack Pikachu (the thing that shoots out yellow discs), the Clip & Carry belt with Fletchinder & Klefki, 3 packs with Eeveelution figures which goes Vaporeon, Jolteon & Flareon, Eevee, Espeon & Umbreon & Leafeon, Glaceon & Sylveon. Mine did not not have the latter. As for plushes I saw 2 different Pikachus, Charmander, Dedenne, Sylveon, Pancham & Bunnelby. They also had the single pack Trainer's Choice figures of Pikachu, Cyndaquil & Torchic, the vinyl Xerneas/Yveltal, The Mega 2 packs except for the M Blaziken/M Lucario set & I think that was everything. I bought nothing as I had everything they had that I collect. I may get the 2 vinyl figures as they are nice.
Shiny, Mega Gardevoir

Day-late collection update!

Well, well, well...
I'm a day late with this update, I'm so terrible with procrastinating!
Anyway, hey again everyone!
Mega-Gardevoir here again with another collection update,
this one has a lot of stuff that I love, there's 4 holy grails for me in here too!
(They may not mean something absurdly rare or pricey, but some of the things I've wanted the most for a long time)
Check below the cut, or on my website, for all of the photos!

Visit Mega-Gardevoir.com to see my entire collection & recent updates!

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That was pretty long~
Sorry it was a day late, I spent most of yesterday uploading the photos to my website and playing video games & watching youtube
By the time I had finished the work on the website, I was too tired to write up this post, so not really procrastinating but still procrastinating xD;

Thank you so much for reading and/or visiting my website!
I hope you enjoyed, and I'd love eharing from you all! <3

- Mega Gardevoir

Larvitar, tyranitar

Some pretty pictures and some TFG questions.

Hello all!! First, i shall ask my question!!

I really love the TFG series... and i would love to start collecting them, but im curious, how do you tell if they are a bootleg? as i know that there are bootlegs of them out there... and also if any of the groundbreaker series were actually released or if they are all bootlegged? because i have seen some older posts about it here on the Comm...... so yeah.. mainly.. how do i know if its a bootleg...

Also, I went to Garden city the other day... and there are SOOOOO many stores that now sell pokemon merch by the boat load that is definitely official and very cheap!! (because theyre always having sales!!) when i get sale rights i might compile a list and see if the comm allows me to do some pick ups.. as there is like... gigantic pokemon plush... and bulk of the tomy series figures... and all sorts of other thingy mabobs... which leads me into my pretty picture section of the post....

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Alsoooo, could anyone i have purchased off please leave me feedback (: cause i want to get sales rights soon (: (:

Andd wants the same as usual. Anything Tyranitar, Pupitar or Larvitar you are selling and such.. i am interested in purchasing.. i will not stop until i have them all O.O

Hope everyones enjoying their weekend so far :D

Pokemon Art Academy Sketchpad

Hi all! I came back from the "mini" event they held at Nintendo World today. They were giving away sketchpads. If anyone is interested in them I have 5 and they are $12 shipped EACH within the US. They measure 6X4 IN and come with 25 sheets

I've also updated with more charms like Lugia/Latias/Latios. They are located in my miscellaneous section!

Granted sales permission by denkimouse 6/7/2011
Sales Plug

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Collection update + Youmacon

Hey everybody! I feel like it has been a while since I last showed off my collection, so why not make a collection update as we get towards the end of the year! My collecting has slowed down a bit recently (both for a lack of space and due to a huge repair bill for my car >m>), but I've been doing my best to keep up with whatever new merch I find of my 'Saurs! Here's some pics of my main collections below the cut!

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Also, is anyone else here planning to attend Youmacon in Detroit next week? I'll be staying for the whole convention, and I'd love to see some other collectors while I'm there! I'm excited to see what sort of pokemon merch and customs might be there this year!