October 26th, 2014

Noivern time

Birthday gets and Little tails desktop calendar question

The package of stuff that I ordered for my birthday finally arrived! ;____; My birthday was last week on the 16th! Closeups under the cut ^^

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So I got my little tales callender today and I was wondering if I got a dud or does ever set have 2 yellow dice that are exactly the same. I didn't notice until I tried to do my birthdate, the 16, and noticed there is no 6, 7, 8, or 9 on any of the faces of the dice :\ Is it supposed to be like that or did I get unlucky and someone derped and put the wrong dice in mine :(

Figured it out. It was an error :( I'm sending the solo dice back to hopefully get it replaced >.<

Also, shameless sales plug:
Fang Love

le Sales + Drink Strap Bottle Openers in stores now

Response/Shipping Update 12.5: Saw some comments on how people haven't gotten their packages yet, but it's been almost 3 weeks. I'm going to check at my local post office tomorrow to see if anything came back. Hopefully it's just the holiday mail and nothing being returned. I'll have responded to inquiries after I go tomorrow after noon. I've been trying to get online and comment when I can this past week, but I could be more responsive, which I will try my utmost to be tomorrow. If you are terribly concerned/it's almost at the 35 day mark, I will not be offended whatsoever if you decide you want to put in a paypal dispute in the meanwhile.

*I'll be on Friday , Nov 7th to get back to comments. It's been a really tough two weeks at work. If I don't reply to you by Sat. the 8th, I played comment catchup and I will be sporadically on during the remainder of the day. If I have not gotten back to you, please feel free to email me at Caddieneko@yahoo.com and title the message "Pkmncollectors + your LJ name". That email gets pushed directly to my phone and I have filters on so it should get marked as important :3. If you respond to a comment I've posted today, I will try to get back to you by Monday, Nov 10th, if not sooner. I also had a brief moment of insanity, and thought it was October. If you get a comment referencing October, I meant Nov.*

Sales! I had guests over this weekend and I went shopping and impused bought, whoops, plus some things finally came from YJ for my Flareon collection, so I finally collected some stuff and redid my sales post. I stilll have an overwhelming amount of plush, but for now, maybe I can home these things <3 I took a lot of overtime work this month to pay for my vacation in December plus I had some personal business going on, so that's kept me pretty busy, too. I'll return to my regular shipping schedule this week <3

Shipping Status (if your name is not here after you've paid, please let me know because that means I might have missed you ;____;):

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I also wanted to share some cool bottle openers that are in stores at the moment! I haven't seen them on the community yet, so I hope it's okay to show them here =3

They're Dydo straps! There are 12 variations. I've only seen them in one store so far (a NewsDay), but maybe someone will run a pickup since they're pretty cute =3

I'll be on and off answering comments regularly and getting back to people over the next 24 hrs, but, I will not be on again from Saturday morning until Monday morning regularly as I'm going on a weekend trip =3 - 10.30.14
My friend became very sick yesterday, so I ended up cancelling my weekend trip to Osaka and I'm getting stuff done =3
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One more sales before collection update!

Hello there guys!
I have some super big collection update that I will post either tomorrow or Tuesday, as I need to take a few more photos.

So today, I would like to come to you with some very lovely cards and gorgeous sheets from a Pokemon XY quiz book!


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That is all from me, thank you so very much guys! <3
scrafty pixel

merch hunting help or resources?

Hello, fellow pkmncollectors~

After a couple weeks of saving up, I think I'm more ready to start buying some things, but I'm having some issues. ; A ; I... I don't know what Scrafty merchandise is out there!!

Now, I'd normally do the work for myself, and I've done a bit, but most of the things I'm seeing just look like a lot of bootlegged figures and a bootlegged, somewhat ugly plush u__u I'm just not sure where to look! If someone could aid me with finding things, that'd be amazing. Or, even better, teach a man to fish and show me where I should be looking to see what merchandise exists :D

Here's a list of things I already know exist.

Any TCG card of Scrafty
Scraggy-Scrafty evolution charm line
MPC Scrafty plushie
Scrafty kid figure

I haven't been able to find any information on if there's even a Tomy figure of him... ;__; why is there so little of my favorite /weeps

Please delete this post if this isn't really allowed ;x; I just wanna at least know where I should go for future questions like this! (I want to start a bigger Satoshi/Ash collection, too, so it'd be nice to have a resource!)

In order to make this post more interesting, have a Scrafty I drew a while back /o/
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I Got a Perfect Week

How I Met Your Mother anyone? Anyone?
Anyway, rather than having a perfect week in the Barney Stinson sense, I got a perfect week with gets. A PACKAGE AT MY DOOR EVERY DAY OF THE WEEK. Not counting Sunday xD
This was exactly what I needed this week. Exactly what I needed 0w0
Here's a little preview, the rest is under the cuts~
Oh, and some days have picture stories :D

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Anyway, those are all my gets from this week! <3 Hope you enjoyed the little stories, and congrats if you read the whole post, you get a cookie.

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Clear-Out Sales!

Hey everyone, I'm really itching to ship out the remainders of my previous sales post to make room for other collections, so I've discounted almost everything! Feel free to offer and haggle as well, but don't feel insulted if I decline, since many have been lowered in price already!

A collection update will be coming soon, I'm still waiting on one or two packages before I do so, since I like updating only when I've made significantly large additions to my collection.

*PLEASE NOTE: I have almost all these items listed on eBay, so I will have to take down the listings when someone here commits. I will not accept payment until I take down the listing; so far, none of these items have any watchers nor bids, but if for any reason a bid does appear, I will direct anyone interested in the same item to the listing. It's a matter of first come first serve!

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Thank you! If you have any questions about any of the items, I'm always willing to answer.
Vulpix PD

DX Pikachu Pokedoll quick sale!

Hi there! I went to Nintendo World on Friday, and it was awesome. =) They had tons of Poké plushes including this chubby Pikachu! I bought him on impulse for myself, but I really don't have room for him at all (seriously have no idea what I was thinking -__-). So if someone here wants to give him a nice loving home that would be great.

$55 OBO all the rules from my sales apply (the link is below)
Shipping domestic on this guy will be between $6.70 and $18.10 depending on where you live. I may be able to get it a little cheaper even if I can find a light box for shipping.
Shipping internationally will be between $19.35 and $31.85 depending on where I'm shipping to and also how light of a box I can find to ship him in.
SOLD! Please let me know if you are after this guy though as my dad had bought an extra one specifically to sell. I think he was looking to get $55 as well. The transaction would still happen completely through me, so all my sales rules still apply.

I also got that Bulbasaur at NW. Along with some Sylveons and Char line plushes. I might be willing to part with a Sylveon if someone is looking for one with a US version tag.
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Also sales plug! I added choco figures and I still have discounts going on for stickers or items from eBay:

updated sales + figure identification/offers

More stuff up for sale! ^^ Prices have been reduced as well - gotta start saving up for Christmas shopping! And totally not for Pokemon ORAS haha...

Also taking offers for a possibly rare(?) Lucario figure. If anyone could give me any information about where it's from, I'd really appreciate it!

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Thanks for looking!~ Happy collecting!

My Pokemon Plush Collection

Hey Everyone! I have been a member of this wonderful community for almost half a year now and have never shared my plush collection. (Oh the shame!) XP So, today I finally got all my plushies together and started taking pictures.
As you can see I have no skill with a camera... >_<

In case you're wondering why all my plushies are sitting on that terribly ugly bed sheet, rest assured that that is NOT their permanent home... Where I live, there is so much moisture in the air that things can actually get moldy if left out in the open. Not to mention the infamous blankets of dust that seem to engulf everything over night. @_@ So I keep most of my collection in air-tight stackable bins in my closet. Only a select few stay out and keep me company always. :3

Anyway... Click the cut to see my full collection! Collapse )

Also, I want to give a special thanks to the following people here on the community who helped contribute to my collection:
choppii for my Darkrai pokedoll, my Zekrom pokedoll, my Giratina (Origin) pokedoll, my Palkia pokedoll, and my Raichu pokedoll.
bluehyaku for my 1:1 poseable Tomy Pikachu.
neeko48 for my Reshiram pokedoll.
blue_drag0nfly for my Pokemon Center Kyurem.
tortoises for my Ice-plate Arceus.
hebilea for my canvas Raichu and Pikachu.
Thank you so much for the totally awesome stuffs! :3

Thank you to all who were patient enough to read my ramblings. XD
Until next time, have a great day~! :D
Sir Aaron Lucario

Updated Sales Post and Pikachu Coin Bank for Auction

Sales Post (Small)
Feel free to offer and if you buy multiple items, I can give discounts. I have been busy lately so give me some time to reply to your posts, thank you.
Also, always open to any Lucario line items you have to offer that I dont already have~ =D
[Pikachu Coin Bank]
2014-06-20 11.23.232014-06-20 11.23.35

Link: Pikachu Coin Bank
Auction ends in 7 days.
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Nov. 1st Pokecen Pick-up & Updates from the PC from this weekend!

Hey guys! I've got some updates from the PC from this weekend with loads of pics and I've also got my next pick up available on my LJ! The deadline for this pick up taking place on Nov. 1st is:

Payment deadline: October 30th, 7:00 PM PST / 10:00 PM EST

Click the banner below to be transported or click Here to view the pick-up entry!
prnzssalesbanner fw

I'll be picking up Petits and Pokecen plush released last weekend, as well as Pokemon Petit Figure Straps, Pokemon Petit Stationary line goods, and 2014 Christmas merchandise all being released that day!

The pick up also includes Pre-orders for goods coming out on Nov. 8th including ORAS Pokecen Plush (Kirlia, Gulpin & that beautiful Sableye plush) as well as the awesome New Years merch! :D *Full New Years line up will be available after the 1st.
AAND! ➭ Little Tales merch, Pokemon OOPS!, and Spooky party goods are still fully available for anyone still looking! I also have 2015 Daily planners/diaries listed as well for those looking to stay organized in the new year. :3
For the seasons Pokedolls or charms, file a FFA Request to tag on to your promo order! LOADS to choose from this time around so FFA Requests are encouraged ♡

On to Pics from the Pokecen! Below the cut is mecha (super) image heavy but also super colorful ;D
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Thanks for looking!

Pokedolls, Pikas and Canvas Offers! and butterflies(CLOSED!)

Ok so I've got some more plush i thought id open to offer (just because i have no clue of their worth)

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I also wanted to share some custom vivillons ive got/making myself :)

Ok so Tundra (blue one on the left) is by angelberries super fluffy poseable, head turns and is so well made!!!
to the right is Ice Snow by shuuichi_chan made of minky,poseable wings and antena and beautiful eyes!!!
the small one at the frount is mine unfortunatly the wing you can see is too big for little body so i need to make a new body and some wings for the little guy. mine will be a rainbow vivillon (my own idear). and yes the little guy has a mohawk XD
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OH!! and a Happy Holloween for Friday XD

OFFERS WILL CLOSE 5 o'clock GMT (UK time) 31/10/14
If any offers are made after this time they will NOT be taken into account

Pokemon Zukan Wants

Hello, everyone!
I'm just posting a list of zukan sets I am interested in purchasing from whoever May have them.

Wheezing line
Arbok line
Sceptile line
Cacturne line
Haunter/ghastly/gengar set
Salamence line
Metagross line

Thank you for looking.
If you are interested in selling let me know your price!


So, here are my new wants. I found a couple online, which I'll probably buy today if no one here has one.

Raichu canvas

Raichu pokedoll

Pikachu canvas

Whimsicott pokedoll (high want, but I would prefer used only because it's cheaper. If you're willing to part with a like new one for cheap, be my guest, I'll probably buy from you)

Mismagius pokedoll (same as whimsicott pokedoll)

I know about Yahoo Japan, but I'm looking to buy from the community...THANKS!!!

Take my stuff!! And looking for a new zukan peg :3

Hello everyone!

I have everything in my sales that I really want gone so I have everything at OBO even if it doesn't say it next to it! So feel free to haggle.


I received sales permission on March 2013 from Allinia
My feedback is here.

Zukan pegs
I'm looking for a new peg for my electrode zukan. His broke while putting him on his base and now he's just been rolling around my desk. :/ please help me fix him. Oh and I am looking for the base and pegs for quagsire's zukan line. I have both quaggy and whooper but they sadly have no base.

Thank you in advance everyone! :3

Sales post and Wailmerian Zukans update

Hello everyone!

This time around I come to you with my first sales post, please click on the picture to be taken there c:

About the Wailmerian Zukans GA, I know you all are patiently waiting and my co-host jen81489 and I couldn't be more grateful for it. She's still waiting for the PayPal issues to be solved and her printer is busted (talk about bad luck), so she's currently filling all the custom forms by hand (she's almost done). She'll be shipping our zukans as soon as she's done (sometime this week) along with tracking/custom form numbers in order not to have everyone waiting anymore.

Johto Auctions reminder

Hello community! Just a reminder that my auctions for the rare Johto stamps and coin banks are going to end tomorrow and almost anything have bids! Don't miss this chance! You can find Croconaw, Bayleef or Pikachu with an apricorn stamp or starters banks and even golden Pikachu or glow in the dark Pikachu banks!!
I have reduced the start of most of them! And of course I'm open for offers on my sales post since the next weekend we have a con so it would be cool to get a bit more money :P
I'll ship tomorrow or the next day the last items you bought, so if you want to combine anything, let me know. Thanks!! ^^

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An absolutely gorgeous get (and overall update from me)

Hi all! Haven't posted about any gets in a while. I've had to really cut back on my spending, especially with collecting, but I've gotten some really cool things... problem is that I've lost track of what's new. But I just received something that I'm immensely fond of...

(click for better view) I purchased this lovely watercolor piece from the talented Cari Corene (Etsy/DA/Tumblr). She did a series of Pokemon and posted about them on Tumblr. I was so taken with this beautiful piece that I contacted her right away and asked if I could purchase it. And as an added gift she also sent a postcard-ish print of a mama Ninetales and her two babies! >w< It happens to be a piece of artwork that I've wanted in some form ever since I've been collecting Vulpix.

1) Auctions just finished up, so I'll be shipping those soon
2) I'll be updating my sales soon, so watch for that
3) Always good to remind everyone of my wishlist
4) In case anyone's interested, I run a Vulpix fan blog on tumblr in which I reblog a lot of merchandise and fanmade items. I'd love to have some community members following and submitting!
5) uhhhhhhhhh ORAS comes out soon and it's pretty much all I can think about
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pokemon pan sticker question

Hey community :)

this will be my permanent sales post. I do not use longer my own LJ for my sales, because i don't wanna risk to sell to banned members. So you can check here my sales ^-^ Also i added som Mega Evolution badges, stickers and TCG flip coins.

I hope you have good weather at home! Here in Germany the sun is shinning right through haha. Oh and next week i will start an auction with som rare bell keychains :)

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Thanks for looking and reading guys! Have a nice day <3

my wants
collection site
Suicune Jump

Gets and Memory Lane Trip!

Will start out with my recent gets. WalMart recently stocked some new Pokemon items. They had two different Eeveelution packs, but only had one with Glaceon/Sylveon/Leafeon, so I bought it. I really like the matte color instead of the shiny paint.

Then the kids arrived in the mail earlier in the week as well. Really happy about nabbing the Houndour and Growlithe because I feel like they normally go very fast. Of course happy with the Suicune because Suicune. =3
 photo NewGets_zps3f88bf92.jpg


Today, while digging out my boxes to prepare to move soon(hopefully), I found my box of old Pokemon stuff. I had to open it. I wanted to see just what all I had, but I pretty much knew.

 photo OldPokemonStuff_zps51af9946.jpg
Oh look.. you know my name now!

(WARNING: A LOT OF PICTURES UNDER CUT) - Lots of old stuff from 1998-200?
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My lovely gets from con!

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I got these awhile ago but haven't been able to post them because I've been so busy! They're the pokemon items I got at con and I love them both. Eevee is way too cute! Espeon is tiny but adorable. It's my favorite eeveelution so I'm happy to have this.

Recent get from Wal-Mart trip:

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I was ECSTATIC to find this because I had hard luck finding it. It was never at Wal-Mart or Hot Topic when I checked,  so it's about time! Looks like Wal-Mart restocked.