October 27th, 2014

some of my new sculptures ! :)

I made them myself with super sculpey and hand painted with acrylics :3 I would love to do some commisions for others because is so much fun! :3 If anyone is ever interested let me know

Prices start at $15 it all depends on the size and detail :)

not sure if I would have to post this but just in case....

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In recent order :3

Pumkaboo-made this for my friend as a bday present:

my fav will always be teddiursa xD

I like the zukan there is with the 3 starters but couldn't find one so my goal was to make something similar to it. I still need to work on the base it has taken me awhile to have the finish product :b


Christmas Chespin Plush Auction and Small Sales

Hey guys. I've been trying not to buy as much lately due to hard times monetarily, but I saw the new pokecen plush altaria and I couldn't help myself. It's just so soft and fluffy looking and I was going to have one on my team in alpha sapphire anyway and ASDFHJKL! I'll probably do an update with it when it arrives.
Anyway, in order to make some money back I have some small sales and an auction for you today. The decision to get rid of my chespin was a hard one because he is so soft and cute, but in the end I'm not that huge of a chespin fan in the first place. Maybe he'd be loved a little more somewhere else.


Sales permission granted on 12/9/12 by entirelycliched
Feedback here: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/sigiblue/

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Thanks for looking! :)

question about merch

Hello everyone! I want to find out where everyone gets their news about new upcoming merchandise as far as things like new TOMY figures, Banpresto plush, etc. I'm looking for something that's kind of similar to Pokemon Center Japan's news updates (click here, if you don't know what I'm talking about). I tried visiting Takara Tomy's, Banpresto's, and Bandai's official sites, but wasn't able to find anything on my own. I don't want answers like "Serebii", "Pokebeach", "Bulbapedia", or other fan run sites, but I would greatly appreciate it if anyone is able to share their knowledge. Thank you!

Random Questions!

First things first, does Nintendo World still stock up on White Kyurem Pokedolls? I don't think they do, but I thought that it wouldn't hurt to ask :)

Also! the Reshiram MPC...is it soft? I have one of the larger Banpresto Reshirams and I hate how he's not soft. If it is soft, then I'll be looking to buy one :)

I think that's all >> I have taken most of my Pokemon plushes out of storage so a collection update may be in my future?

hello! (introduction and part of my collection)

hey there! my name is kelsi (though i also go by mitzi on various other places on the internet), and i've been in love with pokemon since as long as i can remember. my favorite pokemon (and therefore, the pokemon i'm most interested in collecting) are cyndaquil, mew, and latias! i'm also looking into starting a sharpedo and torchic collection! under the cut is a bit more about me, a picture of some of my collection, and some wants!

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thank you for your time!!!! i can't wait to buy some cool stuff and maybe one day sell some cool stuff, too! :D

Quick Sales!

Hello community!
How's everyone doing?
I need to sell some things to save up for the Go Pro which I have been planning to buy for a long time~~
and so without further ado here are the things I have for sale AND PLEASE read the rules! thanks!

I was granted sales permission on 4/5/14 by allinia. and my feedback ishttp://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/haepbrosonearth/

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Zangoose Chupa- 15
Ampharos Chupa- 30 or OBO
Houndoom Keshipoke- 30 or OBO


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Thank you~
  • j_ule

Noivern OC and figure gets

Hey guys :)

I wanna introduce Fynn to you :)
He's my OC shiny version of Noivern. He is white with a grey mane and wing spikes and has a dark berry tone for his red parts and has red instead of yellow eyes. And he absolutely loves hot chocolate :D

Here's what I commissioned of him already.
The bookmark is by the wonderful agui_chan <3
And the figure is by wishuponjirachi.


I also got a few other figures, see under the cut :)

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Pokevengers: Gigi

Kentucky Scorchers


(The great irony here is that she's terrified of our actual chickens.)

Long time no update! I don't post here anywhere near as much as I should, but I don't get too much in the way of non-TCG merch these days (and I have a whole site for TCG stuff so it all gets posted there when it comes in) so there hasn't been much to report on here at the hawknest.

With ORAS and Mega Blaziken though one of my big favourites has gotten some amazing figures and plush lately (1:1 Torchic aaaaaa!)

Two big favourites are the very recently released S.H. Figure Arts M-Blaziken, and the Plamo M-Blaziken, so I figured it's about time I posted my ones here. Especially since my Plamo is very different to most...

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Thank you all for looking~

My First Gets Post!

I had these plush since last week, and I never got around to posting them until now.

I've been wanting him forever, but I finally got him, well my brother aaronmichaeld actually bought for me. Thank you!

The Teddiursa was the most expensive($40), but it was worth it. I love it so much now!
The Cubchoo I had found on Storenvy for $18, it goes so well with Teddiursa!
The Minun was $21 it was worth it though because I still need to get Plusle.

I am now waiting in the mail for Groudon, Delibird, Emolga, and Cinncino, which I got for $80 in all!

I am so very pleased with all my new plushes!!!!!!!!!! I can not wait till I get more!!!!!!!
Shiny Charizard

New Gets

I haven't posted anything in a while...so I thought I should.
I got this Special Edition Pikachu Tomy during the Soccer World Cup in Brazil (he was Japan's team mascot) and I got a Zygarde Moncolle super size figure! :D

  • herar

pokedoll figure gets and stuff!

I don't do collection updates often but I thought I'd do one of my pokedoll figure/charm collection cause I got quite a few things. *^*

First, a custom!

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I also got several official ones, including completing my 2003 set of pokedoll figures! ahhhh!

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Finally, I am looking for some things:

Pokedoll Figure base (from the ichiban kuji sets) I would prefer a pink one. If I can't just buy a base, I would be willing to buy a figure w/ base if you have a cheap one!

My wants list is also here: clicky.
Keep in mind that I am looking for ANY type of pokedoll figure or charm - I don't mind if it's on a strap/keychain, stamp, on a tin, or anything else! I know there are a LOT out there but I'd like to get them all!

Bit of normal sales Bit of collection weeding

 hello! i've decided not to collect dedenne anymore so what little i have of him has been included into my sales now :))

please click this cute swablu to be transported :) (or you can click the link below)


on a side note anyone else getting their team ready for ORAS? after about 12 hours i finnaly made a 5IV swablu :)) pretty proud of the little girl lol <3

Introduction post~

Hello! :D My name's Cassandra, and I'm super new to both collecting and LJ, so please forgive me for any stupidity. xD

I've been into Pokemon since first or second grade when I started with Red version, and have played every gen of the main games since. I've also always been unhealthily obsessed with stuffed animals and just rediscovered Pokemon plushes because of that. :D I have a bunch of old toys and plushes from when I was a kid, but they're being stored in another house right now, unfortunately. Hopefully I'll have some pictures to post soon!

I just found out about the Walky line specifically (four years late T_______T), and I think they're the cutest things ever. Mew is my all time favorite Pokemon, so if anyone has any Walky Mew plushes/keychains they're looking to rehome, please let me know! <3 The big one is at the top of my list, but I have no clue what they're worth despite searching ebay, google, and this group up and down. x-x

Thanks for having me in the community, and I look forward to chatting and admiring all your collections~ :D
  • sennrai

Has anyone ever heard of...

I know there are a lot of those Meiji juice battle coins around for gen one Pokemon, but I also see them with gen two Pokemon sometimes. Does anyone know if they ever released an Umbreon coin or anything about how much of gen two the coins covered?

Secondly, I've heard some rumors here and there about a metal collection Absol figure from quite a while back. I've not been able to find any concrete evidence about it, though. Does anyone know of any evidence to support this item or is it just a rumor?

Question: How do YOU feel about these lights?

Hello everyone!! <3

So, I put some lights behind my pokedoll display cabinet yesterday. I wanted to ask everyone's opinion on the lights I used though and have an excuse to show off videos of the color changing.

My personal opinion:

1. I think the stars are a little too much with my pokedolls, and the simplier LED strips would be much cleaner in this case.

2. The LED strips would also be better because the light could be inside of the cabinet. They're currently in the back of the cabinet in the outside.

3. Rayquaza sticks out like a sore thumb. XD

So, what are your opinions of this?

You can check out a video of the color-changing lights here!

...Or even a video of it in the dark here!

Thanks everyone! <3

Just bought a new awesome TOMY lot! + introduction!

Hello boys and girls since i'm new to the pkmncollectors forum I would like to introduce myself!

I'm 20 years old, from the Netherlands,  and I always collected pokemon cards when i was young (10/12 years or so). So last time I was looking in my room and I saw I lost a big chunck of my old pokemon card collection (neo relevation set gone, half of my skyridge, aquapolis and expedition holo's lost and the list goes on.. So I decided to sell the rest of my pokemon card collection for a whopping 600 euro's!! (I needed to money to keep on going with my study as physiotherapist (3rd year now).

But since my love for pokemon is still strong hahah, probably because of the nostalgic value I started collecting pokemon again. But now pokemon figures! I still had some in my room and I bought this lot for 200 euros (250 dollars). It was an awesome lot including almost 250 original TOMY figures. With a lot of valueable TOMY's in it.

My favourite pokemon is Tyranitar, which wasn't included in the lot..

Anyway enough about me, here are the PICS you've been waiting for. I also just bought a new lot For only 50 dollars with awesome tomy figures! It includes a TOMY VOLTORB AND TOMY DITTO!! a gastly, nidorina, nidorina, ponyta, beautyfly and a cloyster. For a perfect price of only 50 dollars.

Enough talk about the stuff, here are the pics.

BTW: I want to sell my doubles, but since i'm just new on the pkmncollectors livejournal I don't think I will be able to get sales permission since I'm not really known on this site! But by this way I hope I will be able to get myself known!
I also will post a journal when the new lot with the voltorb will arive!

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photo 2

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