October 29th, 2014

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Halloween Contest Update! +what are your favorite figures/plushies?

Just letting you guys know that the entries are being judged now but there may be a delay in the results getting posted. I was hoping to have the winners announce on Halloween but some of the votes are coming in a ted slow :P

Anyway check out the lovely entries in the meantime!

Feel free to discuss the constest here or on the contest entry.

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Larvitar, tyranitar

PlushPlush Tin

Hi guys, i have found a curious item that i am very interested in purchasing, but at this point my only option is to go through a payment plan with someone (atm i am talking to Pokelectronics but id really rather not...) Because he is rather expensive, but i have never seen one before and he has my precious larvitar on him.....

So does anyone know of its worth, it is a 2001 PlushPlush Cookie tin...

its selling for $200+ atm....

but i dont know if its worth it ):


EDIT:thanks everyone but I caved!! And will probably be nursing my wallet for it but its on a lengthy payment plan so I dont mind that he is alot more than it should be!

--Im a huge sucker for larvitline goods--
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New Gets and Updated Wants!

Hello everyone! It has been a while since my last post. My collection is growing at a steady pace :) I managed to get all but one of my wants from my previous post. These are my main wants for now but I am always looking for any Absol, Lilligant, Whimsicott, Ralts, Kirlia, and Gardevoir stuff. If you have any of my wants and are willing to part with them, send me an offer :) Shipping would be to US 95128. Thanks for looking!

*If any of these pictures are yours and are not okay with them in this post, let me know. I will gladly removed them!

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First Gen Eraser/Minifigures Sales and Blaziken Choco Egg Auction


I got a little more than what I thought I was getting so before I throw all these into LolBay, would anyone fancy some of these awesome mini figures? There's only first gen Pokemon but I have a lot (some multiples) and I even ended up with multiples of Gengar and its evolutions. They're all mint and came in capsules, except for a few but they're still mint. This dude even threw me in one of those Blaziken secret rare choco figures; most generous seller ever. but y u no throw me a gengar. This sales post is Ctrl+F friendly.
Just an idea of how many of these fricken things I ended up with:
I'm gonna be having capsules for dinner.

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I also completely overhauled my store. My best friend said it looked girly so after I rekt him, it's now much more shadowy and awesome, like it should have been from the start but I didn't have any ideas.
I'm also selling my duplicate Play by Play Gengar backpack there.

You can click the banner to go the store. Anything there can also be combined from these sales; just let me know so I can pull it out the store.

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Question about Turtwig, Piplup and Chimchar Japanese pokedoll releases :)

Hey guys!
How's it going?
Got a quick Pokedoll question for you as I can't seem to find the answers on google. I know Chimchar, Piplup and Turtwig were originally released in Japan in 2006 but there seems to be multiple releases of them afterwards with the 2006 red star tag but a different year on the tush tag? I have so far seen tush tags with the years 2007, 2008 and 2009 and was wondering if they really were re-released that many times and if not, are some of these years made up or ... I dunno! XD. What is going on exactly?? Are they all real or some fake or ... Ugh!

Any help would be greatly appreciated, please! :)
Thanks in advance! :D

Cross Stitch Pikachu

So I had a bit of downtime recently. So I did some cross stitch. I did a Legend of Zelda: Link and a Pikachu face!

Pika Face

Sorry about the poor picture! But i had a lot of fun doing this lil guy!!! He fits with my Pikachu collection as well~

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Quick Sealed Japanese McDonald's Pikachu and Phanpy plush sales!

Hello everyone! Hope all is well!

I just come with a quick sale of two Japanese McDonald's sealed plushies!
-All pkmncollectors rules apply.
-I received sales permission from entirelycliched on April 2, 2012. Feedback here.
-I ship from Florida, USA. Shipping to international places cost more than shipping within the US, obviously ^^;
-I am not responsible for damaged and/or lost packages once they are shipped and out of my hands.
-I live in a smoke-free, cat-friendly home. My cat does not go near my collection but if you have allergies, please be wary about purchasing.
-Not interested in trades at the moment, sorry.

Pikachu and Phanpy! Each are $30 + shipping.

And that's it! Thanks for viewing! ^__^

Looking for Lugia!

Hey everyone! Long time no post XD My sister wanted to know if anyone had these Lugia things. She isn't really a collector but more of a person who loves to play with things like these. So we won't pay too much because it's going to get scratched up anyway.
Looking for:
Hasbro Lugia Talking toy
Posable Lugia figures
  • kinbell

small gets + need more advice

Just a quick gets update.

I bought these charm sets.


If you noticed, I had a friend bought one set and I bought another set so we can trade charms because she only wanted two pokemon from her set and 2 from mine and I only wanted 2 pokemon from my set and 2 from hers. Gengar metal charm is a must. I love Gengar.

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I need some advice!
1) For those of you who collect metal charms, how do you display them? Or how do you keep them? I bought these charms out of impulse and I have no idea what to do with them at the moment lol.

2)This one is custom related. For those who buys commission, what kind of commission do you like? I'm asking this because I MAY be planning to take commission once I have sales permission but I'm not too sure what people might like. I'm more into making stickers or basically drawing digitally and printing them out. Not too sure if people like these but let me know. I'm not good with crafts so that's out of the question.

Thank you so much!

Clear Out Sales

I added some things to my sales post, so check it out :D
Quick preview (there are more items than this):

Click here~ http://latias-latios-7.livejournal.com/3639.html

And some quick discussion topics:
1) what is one item in your collection that you'll keep with you forever?
2) ever had an extremely annoying ebay transaction and if so, what happened?
3) if you could only buy one more plush and figure for your collection, what would you choose?

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Reminder and awesome custom get!!!!!!

Just wanted to remind everyone of the items I have up for offers
I also wanted to share my newest custom plush. This plush was made by 'willowthepixie'. It is so well made and the eyes are just adorable. I love the colours, very unique. All the profits go to a uk charity called 'make a wish foundation' willow doesn't make anything from it only take cost to cover the fabrics. Anyways here she is!

My photo wasn't very detailed so I pinched the artists photos.
Click the pics to link to 'willowthepixie' devianart!
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Newest gets and Awesome Custom! oh my.

Hello again everyone! I have finally obtained my monthly big box from SMJ with new arrivals! Which means that it's time for a collection post <3

Minor update on my collection site too. (The new stuff from this post needs to be added. I'm waiting for a bright sunny day.)

Collection Site: http://mypokedolls.weebly.com/index.html

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