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30 October 2014 @ 12:16 am
I been so busy trying to keep up with this community!
with moving in and planning my wedding its very hectic!
anyways i got two new items that i wanted to show you guys
(i have more figures on the way)
so what are you guys dressing up as for Halloween?
(i'm doing a female Ash at my job)

[My recent gets]One of my friends was at a thrift shop and got this for me for a dollar and mailed it to me
i'm not sure if it's official but its a purse!! and its super awesome.


then i bought a ivysaur figure from slatias
I'm starting to get the original 151 of the Tomy figures C:
Well that's all! thanks for reading ^_^
30 October 2014 @ 12:34 am

UPDATE: Thanks to fueki I have a very affordable option in obtaining this mug! I am going for it! Thank you everybody for your help and comments!

Hello everybody! I still have yet to do an intro post, I'm saving that until all of my shipments come in :DRight now I need some help tracking something down!

I need help finding the Type Selection Changing Mug!(picture reference under the cut)

Picture here!Collapse )

(i hope I did the cut correctly ^^;;)I found one on eBay but unfortunately it would be $80 with shipping :( I was hoping to find one under $40!I don't really even need the box but it would be a bonus!If anyone has a more affordable source or has one they would like to sell please leave a comment

Thanks everyone! !

30 October 2014 @ 09:41 am
Hello all, maybe you remember my somewhat recent sales post. No one seemed interested since I'm selling them in bigger lots (cause Canadian shipping is boo) so I've gone and put them on eBay in case anyone wants to stalk them there! ;P you can click the sales pic to go to eBay

30 October 2014 @ 11:14 am
Happy almost Friday everyone!

I'm trying to rehome my set of 2012 Pokemon Center Eeveelution Standing plush, all MWT.
I bought these guys from Japan back in 2012 when they were originally released.

EV Front

I'm asking $150 shipped (in the US) SOLD - Thank you :)

Sales policies and more infoCollapse )
30 October 2014 @ 12:35 pm
Hi again! Due to overwhelming demand I have stocked up on some of the favorites in the shop. Sylveons, Mega Absols, Noibat and tons more! Click the preview pic to check them out. Shipping is $1 domestic, $2 international, and free for buyers in the USA who spend over $10 (automatically applied at checkout).
Sales permission granted 19 FEB 2013 by entirelycliched. Feedback:http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/mintmittins/

photovisi-download (1)

And also, I got something that makes me happy :)  Crane games are one of my favorite things in life, and I got this mini crane game! Haven't set it up yet, but it comes with tiny balls with figure inside to catch. Can't wait to play with it! :D

photo 1
Other picsCollapse )
Princess ♔
30 October 2014 @ 01:08 pm
I hope its fine to ask this here !

Okay so I have some things coming in from Noppin and my 60 day limit is almost up on 2 items. I would have had it shipped out sooner but another thing I won took like 8 days to arrive to the warehouse and that delayed things.

Anyway, I hit another small snafu where my family and I will be gone for a couple days and there's absolutely no way for us to change the date on that.

Noppin is still inspecting and packaging my items but when they're ready I was planning on delaying when they ship out my package ((If I don't then they package will arrive when we're not home and I do not want that to happen.)) But the 60 days will be up then. My question is, I know they charge you I think like 300 yen per extra day which isn't a big deal to me but how do they bill you this? Is it on the shipping charge or what?

Thanks you guys !
30 October 2014 @ 03:40 pm
You may or may not remember these being announced a while ago, but we finally have pictures! :)

We have Braixen,


And last, but not least....GOOMY!

Unfortunately, I couldn't find any pics of the new Tomy figures (Goomy, Goodra) yet. Maybe they'll release the pics later, as the figures come out in December & January...

Source and picture credit; eBay seller mid_yur

So, what do you think? I think they are all very cute and suprisingly well done, especially Braixen! I'm most exited for Goomy though, as I am planning to collect the Goomy line a little. :3

(I hope my pics are not too large by the way!)
30 October 2014 @ 04:55 pm
Hey guys i have my last sales post before i move (which will end up in a update when my collection is set up). I have some figures, flats and plush for sale as i'm thinning my collection...collecting every legendary pokemon is hard and expensive haha. Please read the rules or i'll have to hug you to death ;)

Give my stuff a new home <3Collapse )
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30 October 2014 @ 06:44 pm
So here is some of my new/old wants that I am still searching for.

My maximum amount I would pay is $25 shipped. It will be shipped to 95843.


Thank you for all your help!
30 October 2014 @ 08:27 pm
Hello everyone!
My order from pokemoncenter.com came in just in time for Halloweenie! I'm so excited because these guys are the beginning of my soon to be pumpkaboo collection! I remember when X and Y began releasing their new pokemon i kept saying that i hoped there would be a pumpkin pokemon someday, and low and behold, pumpkaboo was revealed! :D I tried my darndest not to give in to collecting any more orange or yellow pokemon because my collection is mainly electric types, but i just couldnt help it!
I also found a santa mirage pikachu on ebay! He looks just like the other mirage pikachu i have, just with a santa hat and much smaller. C:
Now enough of my blabbering and onto the photos!


Clicky here for more photos!Collapse )

Thank you for looking! Happy Halloween! :D
30 October 2014 @ 08:45 pm
Hello Everyone! :D

Currently, I am looking for a minky Lucario pokedoll. Mint with tag would be ideal, but I'll accept a tush tag only one (as long as the plush itself is in mint condition) or even a detached hang tag one. :)

I'm not sure if there was a minky American version, but I am almost certain that there was a 2009 and 2010 minky Japanese release. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong. Either way, I don't mind any version or release year as long as it's minky! :3 Shipping would be to the United States.

I have never had much luck when posting my wants here on the community. I'm not sure if I just have bad timing (as demonstrated by the fact that I chose to post this on Halloween when all the sellers will probably be out getting candy. Haha!) or if the things I want are just SUPER hard to come by. XP Nonetheless, there's no harm in asking, right? :')

EDIT (12/30/14): Won this guy in a GA, so I'm no longer looking for him.