October 31st, 2014

Intro to the Community!

Hello Community,

It's actually been a while since I touched Pokemon again. I still remember when Pokemon first emerged, and I was so obsessed with the first 151 Pokemon!! Then things slowed down until I met my girlfriend! She's is more enthusiastic about Pokemon than I thought, luckily with my minimal knowledge of Pokemon, I am still able to answer 10% of her Pokemon questions! Sometimes we are all busy, but hopefully she will understand that I am a noob sometimes too. :p

I am new to collecting to any Pokemon items once again, so I got nothing too fancy, but I love to participate in trading and sharing all these Pokemon items and on and off topics with the entire community? Haha!

For now, I guess I will just share a little of something I made for my girlfriend :)

[Spoiler (click to open)]DSC_4368

Lastly, Happy Halloween!
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Updates Sales & Prices!

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Sales Preview:

Click Pic to be transpoted ;p
Aerodactyl: Om nom nom
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Anniversary post + massive collection update!

Hey, everyone. I'm here with an insanely belated anniversary/re-intro post—as of sometime in August, I've been collecting with you all for three years! Time sure flies, eh?

Heads up, there are a bunch of photos under the cut. Prepare yourself!

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Click on the above banner or this text to visit my collection site.
You can find my wants list there, too.

Thanks for the amazing three years, everybody! Here's to another one. May your Halloween be filled with lots of candy... don't eat it all at once +u+/

Identifying Mirage Plushies

Hi friends! I was wondering how to tell the difference between mirage plushies and vintage bootlegs. I REALLY want to get my sis a mirage plush for Xmas and I think I found a cute one but on it's tush tag it says it was made in China (and no other info). I was wondering if this is just a vintage bootie or if mirage plushies can come from China? I was thinking that the Pikachus with W looking mouths tend to be mirage but I don't know for sure. Here is a pic of what I want to get:
Any help is much appreciated. Thanks and Happy Nightmare Night Halloween!
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auction reminder.

Happy Halloween! I am not good with spooky stuff so here's a reminder for my rare 2005 Trozei Mug (with box)! It ends tomorrow at 7pm EST.

Click here or the picture to go to the auction.

In the same post, I also have sticker sales and plush/figure/movie merch/etc sales!

Everyone's items have been shipped out from earlier this week.
(I have also shipped all GA items for those who haven't received theirs yet, should arrive soon!)
Vulpix PD

Happy Halloween! Gets and moar sales!

Happy Halloween! For Halloween I got a package from FJ! I didn't have time to take pictures of everything but here's a peak:

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Thanks for looking!

Seriously updated sales! I added a TON of new stickers from the 2nd Battle Trozei set, and a bunch of the extra items I got from FJ as well as a bunch of things I am weeding from my collection including a DX banpresto Charizard plush. Lots of kuji figures and things too. I slashed all prices on items that were previously for sale already and I'm doing a discount on shipping for orders priced at $40 or more for this weekend:

I posted this right before going out for the night, so I may not be able to respond until tomorrow!<3<3 Have a great night friends!
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Still Looking for Magikarp Pokedoll

Hello everyone,

I am still on the hunt for a mint with tag (hang tag and tush) Magikarp pokedoll. He can be either version (if there are two, I'm not sure) but he needs to be a more fat, round looking one.

I can pay immediately via Paypal if someone has one for sale. It needs to be shipped to Canada. Not looking to pay an arm and a leg for one but if you would like yours to go to an amazing home where it will be squished and loved every day, this is it.

Thank you so much for reading and please help me find my Karp friend!
Shiny Charizard

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween Everyone!
Watch out for those ghostly pokemon sneaking around.

The Ghost Pikachu I did get from a fellow collector from here.
The Shiny Gengar I ordered.
The Pumpkaboo figure is a custom made.

Key stone/Mega stone bracelet questions :)

Hello fellow trainers! :) Happy Halloween!

I'm so pumped up that my favorite Pokemon is getting a mega evolution in Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire (Pidgeot) so I'm wanting to get some kind of a Mega Ring. :) I know there's that electronic one, but it's kind of bulky so I'm not really interested in it right now. The only other official merch I know of is a silver ring, but it's going for $50, much more than I'm wanting to spend.

So I'm considering getting this rubber wrist band since it's pretty cheap and it matches my original Trainer's outfit (her keystone is on her wristband). Just first wanted to see if anyone else here has one and what they think of it. :) Also, is the keystone completely flat like the rest of the band, or is it raised up at all?

Thanks guys! :)
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Nov. 1st Pokecen Pick-up Reminder :D

Hey guys! Just a mini reminder that I'll be heading on over to the Pokemon Center tomorrow for the 2014 Christmas merch, ORAS Pokemon Petit Figure straps/Stationary line, as well the ORAS Pokecen plush/Petit mascots released last week. Little Tales merch is still available for those still looking, as well as Pikachu OOPS! and Spooky Party. I also have pre-orders up for the New Years merchandise and the Kirlia, Gulpin, Sableye Pokecen plush being released on Nov. 8th ☆ミ

There's a little less than a day left before the payment deadline so anyone interested in having something picked up feel free to claim a slot as long as you can have payment in on time~

Payment deadline is October 31st , 7:00 PM PST / 10:00 PM EST

Head on over to the pick up page by clicking here or clicking the banner blow to be transported!

Thanks for looking and have a happy halloween!
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