November 1st, 2014


I was wondering if anyone would be interested in GAing this lot on Y!J? :D


I've been looking for a Walky Mew and chain found this lot and was kind enough to tell me about it! I am really new both to collecting and this community, so I would need guidance, but I am familiar with spreadsheets and could help with that and the organizing. Let me know!

EDIT: pocketmonstrmeg has also offered to do the spreadsheet/thread side of the co hosting, if any potential bidder/shippers would prefer someone with more experience than me! :D
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Help with Y!J

Hello guys!
I wanted to ask if there's a way to buy from Y!J, other than using FromJapan, since there's an item I want. When I wrote the link to the auction, this legend appears at the top: "This seller doesn't deal with proxy shopping companies, we are not able to help you bid on the item."

mirage pikachu? & a quick question.

Hi guys, I chanced upon this pikachu and I was wondering if it's a mirage plush?
It doesn't have any tushtag so theres no info I can look up ):
The plush seems to be a replica of another plush but the facial features (especially the mouth) doesn't seem to be from any plush I've seen.

Additional info -
It seems that the ear tips and back stripes are all blue.

If you guys have any thoughts on it, I would love to hear it (:

I'm also looking for someone who is living in Korea and would be willing to answer a few questions not related to pokemon ^^;
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bootleg mew pokedoll?

hello everyone! ♥ it's been a while since i last posted (i've been busy with rl and certain games) but i've definitely been checking the community pretty regularly. i would really appreciate any sort of input regarding this matter--i recently purchased a pokedoll and i'm wondering if it's a bootleg or not. i can usually tell the difference and i try to stay informed about it, but i would just like your guys' thoughts!

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thanks so much in advance for taking the time to read my post/offer your opinions! ^-^
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!!! Shiny mega metagross merch coming to the Pokecen! & new POKÉMIKKE Merchandise up!



it's POSEABLE too. So awesome!

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Hallelujah! These will definitely be available for pick up sometime within the next week or so so :D I'll be posting them up when we get closer to the 21st for those interested keep an eye out <3
Ahh I can't wait! ;w; I really want to post a review of the mega metagross plush!

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Anyone interested in buying a lot?

I have 96 leftover Tomy figures from my sales that I'd like to sell in a lot. I know Ebay would probably be a be a better place for selling a lot, but I've never used it before and I've read that it's pretty much impossible to sell something expansive if you have no feedback. So I thought that maybe on the community would be interested. Take a look:
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It includes 96 figures + James. Some of the figures are uncommon or rare, like Nidoqueen. Most of the figures are in good condition, but some of them are damaged. Shaymin is clear with sparkles and Torterra and Empoleon are pearly figures. You can ask for more pictures or details, if you are interested.

I ask $275 including paypal fees and shipping to anywhere in the world. I am also open to any offers.

I received sales permission in 2013 from entirelycliched.
My feedback can be found here:

Figures will be carefully shipped in a box. Shipping does not include tracking, but let me know if you want it.


A little surprise

I saw someone on facebook selling a lot of pokemon toys including some really nice vintage plushies for £5 which is about $8. I was just about to commit to buy but my friend bought them first. Some nice items on there, but I only really wanted the jigglypuff keychain and would have given the others away to some other friends. My friend, Becky had recently injured her leg so she was on crutches and unable to work for some time which made her feel really depressed.

Becky like me loves the ace attorney series so I let her borrow all of my ace attorney manga books including 3 doujins. She returned the books last night and I also got Collapse )

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Would anybody here be willing to trade a Litwick pokedoll for an Emolga pokedoll? Emolga still has its hangtag but it's in pretty poor condition (alot of creases). Also I'm still new to the community so uh do I need sales permission to trade pokedolls?
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Reminder for Auctions plus small update to sales

*I'll be on Friday , October 7th to get back to comments. It's been a really tough two weeks at work. If I don't reply to you by Sat. the 8th, please feel free to email me at and title the message "Pkmncollectors". That email gets pushed directly to my phone :3*

Hi all! I come to bring you a reminder of my current on going auctions for these pretty items:

I also have updated my sales with the new Dydo 2014 bottle openers!

You can find these things here:
I've also updated shipping status. If you paid this week, I either have you shipped or I'm waiting to ship you still because I ran out of mailers and picked up some more.
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Quick Plush Wants: Any help appreciated!!

Hello everyone, I hope you're all having a nice day.

I would like some help in finding a few things. I need something to love and to help myself feel a little happier. I'm not looking to spend to much, as these are things I would like for me and not as "collector's items."

I need help finding the following:
ANY official Shinx plush (preferbably without or with detached hangtag as it will be loved and I don't want to pay mint price)
ANY official Umbreon, Vaporeion, or Leafeon plush (besides the PC Eevee Collection plush, hangtagless please)

Thanks in advance for your comments! Have a nice rest of the day!
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Collection Weeding & 90s Pokemon Sale

Sale Banner
Hi everyone. I've decided to weed out some of my side collections (and a few figures from my main collection) to make room for some new merch including the wonderful incoming Lati merch! This sales post also includes some of my old toys from the 90s which you'll see towards the end of the post. Please click the banner to be redirected to my permanent sales post!
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